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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:29 pm 
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In just a few short weeks, a brand new entry in the Monster Hunter franchise will have reached Western shores once more, and far quicker than usual. This thread is more going to look at the what's new in Generations as opposed to being a general Monster Hunter thread, but feel free to look back at the 4 Ultimate one if you're still new to the series as a lot of what is detailed there is still relevant here.

Hunter Arts and Styles


No doubt the biggest change to the game is actually controlling your Hunter yourself. While a lot of the precision and techniques you've come to expect from the series are still in-tact, the new Styles let you customize your game in a way like nothing previously!

Guild Style - This is your standard grade Monster Hunter style of gameplay. If you've played a previous title, you will feel right at home with this one. Can use 2 Hunter Arts.
Striker Style - Need to go right on the offensive? Try out Striker! Their attacks are a bit more long winded, but have much greater power and are more focused on performing Arts, filling the gauge more quickly as a result. Can use 3 Hunter Arts.
Aerial Style - Feel like putting a spring in your step? Aerial Style puts more emphasis on dodging and bouncing about than any other style. Great for reaching hard to hit monsters or if you'd like to make more use out of MH4U's mounting system. Can use 1 Hunter Art.
Adept Style - Sometimes a good defense is the best offense. This is where Adept Style. As the name suggests, they're good at letting you adjust should you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and are capable of doing Instant guards and dodges to avoid damage. Can use 1 Hunter Art.

All four styles play distinctly different and have various different combos and controls. One top of choosing a weapon the feels comfortable to you, you also can now make a choice as to what style best suits you as well. Experiment and have fun choosing!

On top of these new styles are also a new thing called Hunting Arts. These are special skills that are tied to your weapon of choice. They come at different levels and can do a variety of things depending on what you are wielding, such as dealing a large, powerful attack, putting you in a state that will never drain your Stamina, and many other features, some of which work in tandem with one another if you're going Guild/Striker Style.

Being a Hunter has gotten a lot more flashy!



Felynes have been as much a staple to the franchise as monsters such as the Rathalos have been. And now, in Generations, you can run around as one such furball thanks to the new Prowler system.

They can take on any job a Hunter can and can even mingle about in Multiplayer! Playing as a Felyne has its own strengths and weaknesses, much like choosing a different weapon and style would:

+Prowlers do not have a Stamina meter, meaning they can run, dodge, and climb to their heart's content without feeling tired or needing to eat food.
+They can gather and carve much faster than Hunters, making them ideal choices for farming items.
+Another reason they are such good gatherers? Unlimited pockets! They can collect as much as they want and it'll be instantly sent to your box!
+In place of the standard Hunter Arts and Items, you have your own set of Support Abilities. What they are vary from Felyne to Felyne and can range from healing yourself and allies to throwing large bombs.
+They can hide underground to recover health and avoid monster attacks.
+They have a "life" counter, so to speak, due to their weaker health and are required to be KO'd 3 times before it counts as getting carted.
+Immune to all weather effects.

-On average, they aren't even close to being as strong as your traditional Monster Hunter. Taking down a monster is going to take a lot more effort as a Prowler.
-Because they don't carry items in the traditional sense, you can't come supplied with your own Potions, Traps, etc. as a Felyne and are at the mercy of the Support Gauge.
-Healing mid battle, especially when soloing, can be really tricky due to the aforementioned lack of carryable items.

Now you, too, can be a Meowster Hunter!

Dangerous Deviants

On top of all the new Monsters introduced in Generations, there are a few special cases of classic Monsters having a specialty about them, and I don't mean in the "altered colour" kind of way usually reserved for Ultimate/G editions.

These special monsters have survived a previous encounter with a fellow Hunter and have now changed and adapted their attack style to add an extra dose of challenge to your usual hunts. These guys may look similar to others of the same species, save for a few subtle hints here and their, but watch yourselves! You can't attack these guys like you could any of their kin!

However, should you fell one of these "Red Baron"-esque creatures, you will gain some valuable rewards in the form of rare carves used to make some exceptionally powerful weapons and armor. Weapons made from these beasts can fill your Hunter Arts faster and full armor sets give you a very special bonus if you happen to have everything from that set equipped. (ie. You can have one that gives you both the Speed Eating +2 Skill and the Hiqh-Quality Earplugs Skill at the same time, both quite useful Skills on their own that would usually require mixing and matching armor sets)

Four Flagships

Every Monster Hunter title has a Flagship monster on the cover that showcases a baddie that happens to be one of the tougher hunts you'll need to climb before calling yourself a true Monster Hunter. For example, last time, it was the Gore Magala. However, this time, you've got yourself Four nasty brutes to deal with across your entire Generations career!

Gammoth - The Largest Fanged Beast by a large margin, this woolly guy prefers the colder climates and uses its incredible girth to show who's boss. It has many ice based attacks and can cause Iceblight and Snowman.

Mizutsune - Before anyone asks, no, swimming isn't coming back, but the Leviathans are, and chief among them is Mizutsune. Unlike most Leviathans, this one is far more adapt on the land and can move quite swiftly, though it isn't usually very aggressive. With the element of water on its side, it can cause Waterblight to targets.

Astalos - You thought that was just mere lightning up in the skies? No, that is the thundering claps of an Astalos taking flight and seeking prey and new territory! Aggressive to just about everything, it is not something you want to see come barreling down on you! Capable of causing Thunderblight and Paralysis.

Glaverus - After not getting any new Brute Wyverns last game, out comes to king among them, Glaverus. As the name implies, its tail is incredibly sharp and capable of slicing down any sort of threat it comes across, especially Hunters. It can also breathe fire and can cause Fireblight to any enemies in its way.

Think you can take these guys on, tough guy?

Other Changes

-More food combos than ever before, including things such as types of sauces to help push you towards a specific playstyle (such as bullets dealing more damage, or making it easier to mount monsters)
-Holding A now let's you continuously gather/carve.
-The Multiplayer hub now includes an equipment box, a smithy, and a bed, so no more leaving the lobby to make adjustments.
-Making equipment has changed quite a bit. Rather than pulling your hair out looking for that one specific carve, you can now exchange for parts of equal value for the one you want.
-Equipment also have levels, letting you get more powerful stuff easier at a bit of a slower pace (with more skills getting added as your equipment "levels up.")

Feel free to try out the Demo today!


PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:56 pm 
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PLAYED THE DEMO WITH A FRIEND TODAY; HUNTER ARTS ARE KINDA EXCITIN'. I've never owned a Monster Hunter game before, and was plannin' to do so with 4, but with the announcement of Generations, I decided to move onto this one.

You can mix styles together? I'd imagine there's SKILLSETS for particular styles, but I know nothin' about CROSS-STYLE SKILLIN'.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, THIS IS GONNA BE A FUN ENTRY; I'm sure people have wanted to play as Palicos for AGES.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:46 am 
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Image I decided to compile a list of all the Large Monsters in Generations for you to see what to look forward to. If you don't want to be spoiled, I'll leave it under a spoiler tag, but I thought it'd be fun to organize nevertheless.

For the record, there is about 4 fewer Large Monsters here than there are in MH4U, but considering this one doesn't have a G-Rank and there are almost no subspecies (ie Brute Tigrex, Tigerstripe Zamtrios, etc.), it does allow for a much more varied roster. Have a gander, if you'd like:

Spoiler: click to show
1st Gen (MH1, Freedom) - These are the Monsters that have been around since the beginning
Silver Rathalos
Gold Rathian
Yian Garuga
Yian Kut-Ku

2nd Gen (MH2, Freedom 2, Freedom Unite) - These are the ones introduced when the PSP was starting to pick up steam and Monster Hunter began leaning towards handhelds
Daimyo Hermitaur
Furious Rajang
Shogun Ceanataur
Kushala Daora

3rd Gen (MH Tri, Freedom 3) - These are the ones introduced when Capcom decided Nintendo was a better place for the future of the franchise
Savage Deviljho
Royal Ludroth

4th Gen (MH4U) - These are the ones that were once brand new last year in NA
Gore Magala
Kecha Wacha
Seltas Queen
Shagaru Magala

New (Regular) - These are the new ones from Generations that don't have anything that really makes them stand out plot wise
Great Maccao

New (Fated Four) - These are the Flagship Monsters of Generations and drive much of the main plot and are, thus, a big deal

New (Elder) - This is our sole new Elder Dragon, which is reserved for those that are the strongest monsters in the game

Deviants - This special set of Monsters are variations of ones seen previously, but with new twists added to them due to them surviving a previous Hunter encounter; Their carves make for unique equipment
Redhelm Arzuros
Stonefist Hermitaur
Hellblade Glavenus
Snowbaron Lagombi
Silverwind Nargacuga
Dreadking Rathalos
Dreadqueen Rathian
Drilltusk Tetsucabra
Grimclaw Tigrex
Crystalbeard Uragaan
Deadeye Yian Garuga
Thunderlord Zinogre

Alpha StevO wrote:
You can mix styles together? I'd imagine there's SKILLSETS for particular styles, but I know nothin' about CROSS-STYLE SKILLIN'.

I'd like to correct this though. I probably didn't word it properly. I meant you can mix and match hunter styles with arts and your own personal playstyle, not that you can combine multiple styles. Sorry for the confusion, I was a bit tired posting this.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:50 pm 
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I spent my first mission finding a dead dinosaur and taking it's poop.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:44 pm 
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Behold! My Meownster Hunters! Don't let their cute and cuddly appearance deceive you. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Bias: Fighting

The de-facto leader of this bunch. Binx is always at the ready to take the charge against even the most dangerous of monsters out in the wild. You might even say that he jumps at the chance!


But rushing in headfirst without a plan is a quick way to end up as monster chow, but Binx has come purr-pared. He has taken on some secret training arts to really shine on!


His skills with the boomerang are second to none! And combined with his moves, he can increase their size and even pierce right through monsters, dealing heavy damage!


There is no challenge to great for the little Felyne. With enough determination, he could even bring down mountains!


Binx takes great pride in his strength, and he will always be willing to lend a paw to rookie hunters.


Bias: Assisting

Very calculating, Poe brings her full support when it comes to bagging monsters.


She doesn't have quite the strength to be a fighter like Binx, but she more than makes up for it with her smarts


There are many dangerous foes out there, and Poe knows that brute force isn't always enough. She comes packing with the latest and greatest in Felyne technology!


Traps! Various different kinds of them! Pitfalls, Shock, and a specially designed Poison Pitfall that not only brings a monster down, but also infects them with a deadly venom that eats away at their health!


She even comes packed with a lifetime supply of Tranq Bombs if the quest specifically requires the target to come back alive, as showcased above.

Bias: Healing

With a position like Healer, Sonnet's role isn't exactly the most exciting, but it is no less vital for any hunter out there for she is key in keeping everyone alive!


She usually spends the majority of the time, holding back, possibly picking herbs and flowers, but don't get too upset. This is all vital to her role.


By playing a more passive role, her support gauge fills much faster, allowing her to use one of her several different healing horns! Whenever anyone is greatly injured, Sonnet is right there to pick you right up!


And with a cheer of "Go! Fight! Win!", she can even provide much needed moral support, which gives hunters unlimited stamina and her fellow Meownster Hunters cheaper support moves, allowing them to use powerful attacks more often!


With that said, she isn't completely adverse to fighting. If worst comes to worst, she can still hold her own like any other. It's just better to leave it to the others so that she can focus on her role instead.


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