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Author:  Raxy [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  RP Rules

The RP board is pretty relaxed with rules. These are more guidelines than anything. Really, you won't get in too much trouble unless you're hurting, offending, or generally ruining someone else's day. You will generally get a warning before any serious punishment is doled out.

1. Minimal Sexual Content. We're adults here, and I expect you all to act like it. Nothing severely explicit, and just remember that kids may read what you write at some point. General forum rules apply for images posted, no porn or any sort of thing like that. If you want to have an adult RP, mark it from the start.

2. Language Usage. Cursing is actually fine! We have optional censors that can be accessed in the User Control Panel. Just don't go overboard with it. Always try to be tasteful or make sense in character. A poor kid raised on the streets would probably curse more than a noble king.

3. No God-modding. God modding will be defined here as using your character(s) to steer someone else's story in your direction through overuse of powers and unwillingness to cooperate. If your posts are found as this, we might either edit your post or talk to you about it. As a rule of thumb, whoever started the thread is the one steering the story, unless stated otherwise before thread was made, in the topic, or multiple people are running the thread.

4. RPs Are For Everyone. Everyone is allowed to create threads and everyone is allowed to post in RPs. No one is allowed to prevent people from joining RPs or making RPs for only a select group of people.

5. Chat Threads Are Allowed. You can make Chat, Out of Character, Discussion, Planning, or whatever you call it threads to prepare for RPs, but only one per RP. If you need to ask something directly relevant to a recent post in an RP or comment on one, you can use the OOC tag in the RP thread.

6. Page Limit. All RP board threads have an 100 page limit. Once this is reached the thread will be locked and archived. If you think the thread is not finished, you may make a new one continuing where the last one left off. You may want to link to all previous threads in the first post. New threads should only be made by the original creator of the RP unless it is decided by the creator that it is okay for someone else to make one or it is an RP ran by multiple people.

7. Be Informative. If you make a RP be sure to write detailed rules, standards, and descriptions. If you don't want people posting right away, mention that in the first post. Keep the roleplaying in the RP thread and keep out of character talk in the chat thread ((OOC: or using the OOC tag.)) If the talk does not pertain to the RP at all, perhaps it might belong in RP General Discussion.

8. Structure. Try to use punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar to the best of your ability. No one is going to get mad if you misplace a comma but at least try to use correct spelling. There are multiple ways to make sure you do this. You could type it out in a program with spell check, use an online spell checker, or Firefox/Chrome's built-in spell checkers. This is less strict in chat threads.

Rules will be added, changed, and updated as seen fit by the forum staff.

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