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 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:04 pm 
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"Wh- WOAH." Hamilton shouted, stopping himself just short of falling out of what was now half of his house into the vast ocean below. "Where am I?!" he shouted to no one in particular.


It was at that moment that Hamilton's thoughts were interrupted by an incredibly loud scream. It was deafening, but more than that, it just... wouldn't... stop, ongoing for what felt like way too long.

After a few moments, Hamilton was finally able to judge that it was coming from below, and took it upon himself to go downstairs (oh, how thankful he was that he still had stairs) to investigate. Unfortunately, once he was down a level, he realized it was even lower still. After a bit of hesitation, he went over to the edge of the half-house, slowly and carefully hanging down to peak under. What he saw was... was...

Enough to make him faint.

Spoiler: click to show
??: WAKE UP, sleepy head!

With that, Hamilton jolted awake. His vision was quickly assaulted with a barrage of purple, but more pressing than that was the girl sitting atop his chest.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Wh
EV: What's going on?
??: Oh hey, you actually got up this time.
EV: Who
EV: Why
??: Sorry, I've just been waiting for someone to wake up.
??: The dark gods told me today's the day!
EV: I-I, of course, I mean, it's only natural I'd wake up, I mean, I-I just, erm.
EV: Wait, dark gods?
??: Yes, those wriggling sky-things.
??: You'll meet them soon enough.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: S-so, uh, who are you?
??: I'm...
??: the horror
??: that flutters in the dark!
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: But, yes! Nice to meet you! So, uh, where even is this?
??: This is Derse.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: And, u-uh, why are you sitting on me? N-not that I mind or anything, but, I mean, uh...
??: I was waiting for you to wake up.
EV: I was asleep?
??: I was always curious about the Prospit get up.
??: Yes! Your entire life!
EV: Oh man, so I've been living in a Matrix world?
EV: And I wake up to the real world with a girl sitting on me, things are off to a good start.
EV: Wait, Prospit?
??: Whats a may tricks world?
EV: Oh, uh...
??: Yeah, the other moon.
EV: Wait, we're on the Moon?
EV: Wait, there's more than one moon?
??: A moon.
??: Yes.
EV: Man, that Matrix world I was living in was crap compared to this.
EV: Double the moons and all this nonsense, this place seems pretty cool already.
??: That may tricks world must be like the place I dream about.
EV: Oh, so even after waking up, people still visit it sometimes?
??: I guess.
EV: That seems kind of counter-intuitive.
EV: Is this place secretly some horrible post-apocalyptic world or something?
EV: It is awfully purple.
??: Oh, I dunno. I hardly remember my dreams.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: I do have a bit of trouble remembering what I was doing last, myself...
??: And I dunno, I don't think this place ever ended. But yeah, its always been purple. Just as Prospit is gold.
EV: I can remember most of it just fine, though.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: Oh, so that's what you meant, I guess my clothes are from there.
EV: Wherever I got these...
EV: Who even dressed me?
EV: ... W-Was it you?
??: No. That would be weird.
??: You were born with them on.
EV: Oh.
EV: Yeah, that would be pretty weird.
EV: Hahaha.
EV: So what even is it like here? Aside from purple?
??: Violent. And kind of weird since people started dressing like spiders.
EV: That... sounds horrible.
??: That's why I wanted someone else to wake up!
??: I've been kind of scared...
??: .///.
EV: Yeah, I would be too...
EV: Er, I mean.
EV: I'll be sure to protect you from all the violence and stuff!
??: Oh thank you!
??: Heehee, a prince protecting a princess. Its just like a fairytale!
EV: No problem! It isn't any issue for a cool guy like me, let me tell you!
EV: Exactly!
EV: So what do you even usually do around here?
??: Well, normally I'm in my tower but I get bored alot so I'll just fly to the other towers.
??: Mostly this one, since its so close.
??: I don't go on the streets because the Dersites are pretty violent people.
EV: Alright, well, we're still safe up in these towers, right?
??: Yes.
EV: Okay, that's good.
EV: N-not that I'm scared or anything! Just, good that you're safe, and good my tower's so close, all the better to protect you! Like it was meant to be!
??: Yeah, I'm surprised how brave you are!
??: Most people would be scared of knife weilding shadows when they aren't armed...
??: But not you, my prince!
EV: Hahaha... yeah...
EV: That's... that's certainly not anything... for a cool guy like me.
??: Come on, we should go for a walk right now! I've been itching to get out, and nows the perfect chance!
EV: Erm...
EV: Y-yes, sounds like a... like a great idea!

With that, Hamilton quickly jolted awake once again. Oh, how thankful he was for that. Things were about to get really awkward, really quickly. As he began to lift his arm to get up, though, he realized it was met with a bit of resistance, being stuck. As he surveyed his situation, he wasn't sure what he was more scared of: the slightly-transparent web that he was stuck to, or the blood it was drenched in that he was soaking in.

Either way, he managed to faint again in record time.

What a cool guy.

 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:52 am 
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Jack started climbing another building, thinking about what his mentor told him. Or rather, what he refused to tell him. His mentor wasn't a very secretive person. He'd straight out tell him anything he wanted to know usually. He even came forward with being an 'alien' the first time they met. Of course, Jack was very young when that happened. He didn't remember it too well either.

He didn't remember a lot of things too well. A lot of his past was a mystery. He wasn't an amnesiac or anything lame like that. No, he just couldn't remember anything before...Bluh. He didn't want to think about that right now. He had work to do. Jack reached the top of the building, equipping his claws. If the world was going to end, there was one last thing he needed to do. He needed to get revenge on the people who were constantly trying to kill him. The people who had put a hit out on him three years ago. He stood in front of a penthouse suite that was situated on top of this building. The glass doors reflected the deep orange sky, and he could see people scrambling around inside.

He equipped the girl's body, the body he neglected give to Jack once he saw the city on fire. He threw it, shattering the glass doors as it tumbled over a couch and landed in front of a chair, where the leader of the city's mob sat. Several goons turned to watch Jack walk through the broken door, raising their weapons.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: recognize her?
MB: I should. You always recognize family. You dare come here, throwing around the body of my own daughter?
AH: surprise !#%$, shouldn't have sent her to kill me
MB: No matter, she was a drugged up useless whore anyway. Another damned soul taken away by our local freak.
MB: Did I strike a nerve?
MB: Did the little freak suddenly grow a pair? What do you think you are going to do about it?
MB: Get lost, mutant, we're busy.
MB: Boys, take care of this nuisance once and for all.

Jack ducked as one of the grunts fired his gun, which hit the second grunt. The third goon took cover, but the thin wall he hid behind didn't protect him at all as Jack plunged his claws through the wall, into his skull. Jack leapt over the wall, grabbed the goon's gun, and used his body as cover as he unloaded a full clip into the remaining goon's body.

He then turned to the mob boss, who was trying to run away. He picked up the first grunt's gun, and shot him in the leg. Then he shot him in the other leg. Completely crippled, the boss tried to pull himself away from Jack, dragging himself over the glass from the door, and outside. Jack calmly followed him, walking alongside him.
Spoiler: click to show
AH: You know, Maury
AH: what you do, you know

MB: hgg...please....uf....
AH: yeah, i know, we both steal from people
AH: and believe me when i say, i always admired the houses you lived in, while i only got to live in !#%$ slums because you were always trying to kill me

MB: augh....oh god...i.....i'm sorry.....please
AH: no, Maury, you aren't sorry.

Jack kneeled down next to Maury as he dragged himself towards the building's railing, having nowhere else to go. He grabbed at the railing with his bloody hands, barely able to breathe having cut his throat on the glass he dragged himself through, whimpering and trying his hardest to escape Jack.
Spoiler: click to show
AH: you never were sorry
AH: not when you hired those hitmen to kill SS's gang
AH: and not when you tried to personally kill me multiple times

MB: it...huuurkkk....was just business.....
AH: yeah
AH: just business

Jack shoved his claws into Maury's back, listening to him scream as he picked him up over his head. He turned to face the railing, and threw Maury down the 20 stories.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: nothing personal.

Jack stood on top of the roof for a few more minutes, before he realized that he still had things he needed to do. Even if the world was burning around him, his mentor demanded that he play this game no matter what. And that was what he was going to do. Jack located his home, and started making the trek back, starting with the climb down the building.


 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:28 am 
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Hamilton woke up (?) again, finding himself in a familiar situation.

Spoiler: click to show
??: Are you still there?
EV: Oh
EV: I guess I am.
??: We still going for that walk?
EV: guess we are.
-- The girl grabs his hand and begins walking down the stairs. --
??: Lets go!
EV: S-Sounds good!
-- The girl walks out the door with him. --
EV: Wow, this place is more vast than I thought.
??: Yeah, I don't know how big it really is.
EV: Huh, how long have you been around here?
??: I'm guessing I've been here just about...
??: Forever.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
??: We'll have to try not to draw much attention.
EV: Yeah, good idea.
EV: I mean, not that it'd matter for a cool guy like me!
EV: But, we wouldn't want you getting hurt before I have time to react, or something.
??: I'm sure you could take twenty guys at once, at least.
??: But the princes and princesses of the moon are kind of celebrities here.
EV: Princes and princesses?
??: Yes, us that live in the towers.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: You weren't kidding about the prince thing, then.
-- The girl walks down the dark alleys of Derse with Hamilton. --
??: I think there are about four of us on Derse.
EV: Oh, so there's two others? And they're still asleep, you said?
??: I think they are.
??: They've at least been asleep when I've been there.
??: Though I went to theirs the least.
EV: O-oh.
??: The dark city is rather nice, isn't it?
EV: Yeah, it really is beautiful.
EV: W-wait
EV: is someone there?
??: Where?
-- Hamilton looks towards a shady-looking Dersite in a black trenchcoat in the alleyway, beckoning the two kids. --
EV: Over there.
??: I see him now.
??: What do you think he wants :?
EV: I'm... not sure I want to know.
-- The Dersite proceeds to quickly flash open his trenchcoat. --
EV: oh
??: I think hes trying to sell us stuff.
EV: Yeah, I guess he is.
-- The girl looks at his wares. --
EV: Looks like some clothing... made out of silk, I guess.
EV: Wait, is that a... a...
-- Hamilton stares at a codpiece. --
??: We could use the clothing to disguise our selves better.
??: I mean, purple doesnt stick out that much but...
-- The girl looks over her friend. --
??: Yellow kind of does.
EV: ...
EV: OH! Yeah, of course.
-- The girl hands some boondollars to the Dersite. --
??: We'll each need some clothes.
-- The Dersite nods in approval, handing over some clothing. Shiftily looking around, being sure that no one else is there, he carefully hands the codpiece over to Hamilton, giving a wink. --
EV: I...
EV: Thanks...?
??: Oh maybe its a buy one get one free deal?
EV: I-I... I guess so.
-- The girl looks confusedly at what he gave him. What even is that? --
-- Hamilton just blushes and quickly puts it away. --
-- The girl throws on the cloak and puts the hood up. One might notice that the hood has a distinct spider like design to it with with spots representing eyes and the hood is cut like a spider mouth. --
-- Hamilton put on his own clothing, consisting of a shirt with an angry spider face on the chest, the sleeves coming to closed points, so as to look like spider legs. Less than convenient, but darn if they weren't STYLIN'. By Derse standards, anyways. --
-- Hamilton very purposely keeps the codpiece away, earning an odd stare from the Dersite. --
??: Thanks mister!
-- The girl waves to the salesman. --
-- The Dersite simply nods, a cheerful look on his face as he closes his trenchcoat and waddles along on his way. --
-- The girl looks at Hamilton's hands and giggles. --
EV: E-er... hehe, yeah, that sure is pretty silly!
EV: And, nothing else I got.
-- They continue walking. --
EV: Well, for the first guy we met, that one didn't seem so bad.
??: Yeah, that went way better than expected.
-- The girl picks up a newspaper lying on the ground and continues walking but not looking at it yet. --
EV: Yeah. Clearly he was just too intimidated by me to try anything.
-- The girl smiles. --
??: Of course.
EV: But, uh, yeah, you totally look great in that cloak, by the way!
??: Thanks.
??: Your outfit looks nice too.
EV: Th-thanks!
-- The girl walks with him silently but comfortably for a while --
??: Hey, I just wanted to say...
EV: Hm?
??: Thanks for coming with me.
EV: Oh, no problem!
??: Its so nice to get out of the tower.
??: I'm honestly pretty scared of the city.
??: But I also don't like being cooped up all day.
EV: Yeah, I can imagine.
??: Just promise me you won't leave, okay?
EV: I won't.
-- The girl smiles again. --
??: Thanks.

And with that, Hamilton woke up (for reals this time) again, to find himself in another familiar situation. As he turned towards what he was laying in, he quickly snapped his head back, closing his eyes shut tight. He tried his best to get up, albeit with some difficulty as he wrestled with the wet, sticky webbing. Finally managing to get on his feet, he opened his eyes again, nearly stumbling down from the shock of finding himself dangling precariously over the ocean that lay below. After regaining his balance, he slowly and carefully made his way back into his half-house.

It was then that he noticed something on the floor of his father's half-lab. It looked like... well, more blood. But it wasn't just that: it was smudged into specific shapes. No, letters. It was a message, literally written in his father's own blood.

"To my Masculine Descendant,

Do not be vexed over my current status, as I will subsist without issue. Your ethereal araneae companion is quite the abettor, so I'm sure your likeness will also be more than adequate in its survival. May we see each other again at a more felicitous time, my little neonate.

With due regard,
Thine Pseudo-Progenitor"

It took Hamilton a few minutes to even understand what he just read, but finally, he settled down, albeit slightly, as no matter what you say, having a note written in your own blood isn't exactly promising.

Not wanting to waste another moment, Hamilton climbed back up to the next story (with some difficulty, but he managed), then rushed up the stairs to his computer. At first, he tried contacting his server player, but got no answer. While he was contemplating what to do next, though, another message popped up, this time from someone he wasn't familiar with...

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Ali watched her new friend on the screen as she scampered off. She's doing pretty good but it seems like there are a lot of spiders. I wonder if I can do anything, Ali thought. She clicked on things and dragged them at the spiders but nothing seemed to happen. She tried dropping bigger things on them and noticed they were disappearing and turning into gushers.

Spoiler: click to show
-- trivialCelebration [TC] began pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

TC: alright im back
TC: that was quite a fight!
TC: i had no idea casper had it in him
TC: or her
TC: im not really sure
TC: ghost spiders are weird
CO: i helped out some too!
TC: yeah i saw that!
TC: thanks a bunch!
CO: yw
CO: i guess i can crush the spiders with big objects
TC: yes
TC: drills are also as good as on anything else
TC: tends to leave glass shards everywhere though
CO: i would clean but
CO: i can only pick up one shard at a time
TC: yeah thanks anyways
TC: its no big deal
CO: yw again lol
CO: i cant wait until i get to play
TC: yeah im sure itll be great
TC: do you know your server dude yet?
CO: not really ):
TC: aw that sucks
CO: i havent talked to anyone but you in the group yet
TC: hm well
TC: if you can get a hold of him, maybe you can have my brother extremevelocity do it
TC: itd be nice to have someone hear from him
CO: oh that would be sugoi!
TC: yes it would be that!
CO: domo arigato ^_^
CO: ill go talk to him right now
TC: uh
TC: yes!
TC: sounds good

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

She immediately began to pester her client player's sibling.

Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] began pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

CO: konichiwa
EV: Um
EV: Hello?
CO: im your sisters friend
EV: Oh, you've seen my sister?
EV: Is she okay?
CO: yes and yes!
CO: i was helping her fight spiders
EV: Awesome.
EV: Wait, spiders?
EV: That's slightly less awesome.
CO: yes they were made of glass
CO: super easy though
CO: like lv 1 monsters or something
EV: Okay, good.
CO: she said you could connect to me
EV: What?
EV: Oh, the server thing.
EV: Uh, I guess I could.
CO: arigato!
EV: What?
CO: it means thank you in japanese
EV: Oh, alright.
EV: No problem then, I guess.
EV: Okay, I think I'm connecting now.
EV: And...
EV: This sure is dark.
CO: sorry my room is dark
EV: I think I see you, though.
EV: No, wait, that's a toy.
CO: sorry youre probably zoomed in on one of my figurines or something
CO: btw those arent toys for the record!!!
EV: Er, right, sorry.
EV: Anyways, I guess I have stuff to deploy here, but...
EV: There's not really room to do so.
CO: try the hallway
CO: its really big
EV: Ah. Yeah, that would make sense, wouldn't it.
EV: Alright, that should be everything.
EV: And here's the card, I'll just give it straight to you.
CO: ok
EV: Or what I assume is you.
EV: It's still pretty dark.
EV: Oh yeah, and I guess I gotta just... bonk this thing over here.
EV: Whoops, that might've been connected to something.
CO: im sure its fine
EV: I hope so.
EV: Anyways, there's your... ghost thing. I'm still not entirely sure what that does.
EV: You got a whole one, though! That's an improvement. I think.
CO: oh yeah your sisters was half a sphere too
CO: it turned into a spider
EV: Oh, yeah...
EV: That thing...
CO: hmmm now what should i feed it
CO: i think this will work

She took the figurine off her shelf and ran into the hall to throw the toy figurine into the sphere. It turned into the head of a young girl with pigtails and bows in her hair. She then returned to her computer to find EV had been going on about something.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: The Godless Abomination that WATCHES ME FROM THE CORNER, always STARING with its LARGE ARRAY OF HORRIBLE EYES, waiting, PLOTTING...
EV: Oh, uh, yeah.
CO: my online friend sent it to me as a gift
EV: Cool, what is it?
CO: Wonderful Weapon Sailor Robin
EV: I... see.
CO: oh youve seen it?! =D
EV: Uh... sure!
CO: whats your favorite episode?
EV: Uh...
EV: The one where she, uh... dances. Yes.
EV: But yeah, do you know what to do with the card?
CO: oh that one is pretty good but i liked the one where she had to face the doppleganger of her self that was pretending to be her at school and being mean to her friends and the boy shes likes and then the doppleganger became buddies with the jerky popular kids and the real robins friends wouldnt speak to her anymore cause they thought she was the fake one but she wasnt. but then her friends saw how sad she was that they didnt believe her and gave her the benefit of the doubt because they trust her so much so she proved to them that it wasnt her but the clone got mad and revealed that it was really a monster that feeds on peoples anger sent by dread queen nihilia to get rid of her enemy and then she won the fight and everything was great and back to normal again
EV: Holy !#%$.
EV: I mean, uh... yeah! That one was great. So yeah, the card.
CO: oh um... i guess ill run off and do that stuff before we continue talking about it
CO: its fun to meet someone else whose seen it but i also want to get in the game

She ran back and forth between the machinery and her game as she continued to talk to TC's brother.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Yeah, that'd definitely be a good idea.
CO: alright i got the sprite to eat my figurine
CO: itll be so sugoi being friends with the real sailor robin!
EV: Oh, yeah, I'm sure!
EV: Also, I had no idea you were a girl.
EV: I mean, no offense or anything, it was just, dark.
CO: oh yeah im sorry about that
CO: my bookcase is blocking the lightswtich
EV: Oh, it's no problem!
EV: But yeah, you look really... unique.
EV: In a cool way!
CO: oh thanks
CO: i was scared you would think my skin condition was weird
EV: Oh, is that what it is?
EV: Well, it looks cool regardless!
EV: It's not contagious or anything, is it?
CO: oh no i was born with it
EV: Oh, okay, that's good.
CO: so um ive got to go make the thing on the card one sec

She left him momentarily to finish the chain of events she needed to do in order to enter the game.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: I mean, not that you were born with it, but, I mean, it still looks cool, so, I mean, um.
EV: Yes!
EV: The card.
CO: ohgodohgodohgodohgod
CO: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
EV: What?
CO: its a bomb
EV: Oh
EV: Oh my.
EV: Erm...
CO: its about to

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

And suddenly Ali was blinded by a bright flash of light. She noticed her computer seemed to have turned off so she hit the button and walked away while it booted again. The building had no windows so she immediately headed toward the nearest door. She walked out side to find that the ground was green and felt like a water bed. She looked up at the sky to see that it was covered in massive thorny vines. It appeared to be night time or cloudy behind the blanket of foliage in the sky, she wasn't sure which. She looked around to notice more large lily pads and weeping willows everywhere. In the distance it looked like she saw small green people on tiny wooden boats. She glanced around and realized she didn't know how she was going to navigate the area.


He's back and slower than ever.

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Hamilton just kind of sat there nervously. Was she dead? First taterSalad was nowhere to be seen, and now the second person he's met from this was already dead. Not exactly the best start.

Or was it the third? That girl from the dream... It certainly didn't feel like a dream, but...

Hamilton shook his head, now wasn't the time to think about that, he still needed to try contacting his sister.

Spoiler: click to show
-- extremeVelocity [EV] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

EV: Hi sis!
TC: oh!
TC: yo bro!!
EV: Good, you are there!
EV: Probably should've tried this sooner.
TC: yes its great to see youre ok!
TC: i guess i didnt think to try this either with all thats been going on
TC: first losing you and mom is was there...
TC: ...
TC: its great to see youre ok!
EV: Yeah, same to you!
EV: Things have been pretty crazy.
TC: oh so you fought those spider-things too?
TC: mustve been tough you dont even have a weapon!
TC: i had my drill at least
TC: i mean not that thatd be any problem for you of course hehe
EV: Oh, uh... yeah!
EV: It was no issue.
EV: More than that, though, I met someone!
EV: It was... in my sleep, I guess.
TC: oh so you had a dream?
EV: Well... I don't think so.
EV: I don't know why, but it didn't seem like one.
EV: I mean, I guess dreams don't half the time, but still!
TC: its ok i believe you
TC: crazier stuff has happened already
TC: what was this not-dream place even like?
EV: Well, purple, mostly.
EV: But like I said, I met someone!
EV: A girl, even!
EV: I woke up with her sitting on my chest, and she's totally my girlfriend now!
TC: wow that was fast
TC: to be expected from a smoothtalker like you though hehe
EV: Hehe, yeah, I guess so!
TC: whats even her name
EV: Uh...
EV: She didn't tell me.
TC: and shes your girlfriend??
EV: Yes!
EV: She didn't want to tell me for some reason, I don't know why.
EV: Just said she's the "horror that flutters in the dark."
TC: wow that makes her sound scary though
EV: Well, she's not! I think it was just a joke or something.
EV: That whole place was a dark purple, and I guess we could fly there, so it fits.
EV: She's certainly no horror though.
TC: i should hope not
TC: and you can fly there?
TC: are you sure this wasnt a dream??
EV: Yes!
TC: ok just making sure
TC: geeze that did just happen so fast though
TC: what did you even talk about??
EV: Well, about the not-dream world, mostly.
EV: It's apparently a pretty scary place. She had been there for a while and was waiting for someone to wake up, mostly me.
TC: you were asleep there?
EV: Apparently.
EV: I told her I'd protect her, though, and we went for a walk.
TC: hehe yeah im sure the place isnt scary for a guy like you
EV: Exactly!
EV: I intimidated this weird black guy out of attacking us, even!
EV: Black as in, like, literally black, it was pretty strange actually.
EV: I'm not sure he was even human.
TC: huh cool
TC: but yeah i doubt any of them would want to mess with you!
EV: Yeah!
EV: Then after that, she made me promise...
EV: Oh...
TC: what?
EV: Um... nothing, don't worry about that.
TC: ok
TC: if you say so
EV: Yeah. I actually met another girl in this world, too!
EV: She said she was a friend of yours.
TC: oh yeah my server player!
EV: Yeah, I guess. I'm her server player, now, so yes.
TC: oh cool!
EV: Yeah! Her room was really dark, and she seems a bit weird, but... she's cool!
TC: hehehe yeah
TC: so wait did you teleport her house too?
EV: Oh, well, she...
EV: Uh...
EV: Erm...
TC: what??
EV: Oh! She's contacting me again now, actually!
EV: Hold on a second!
TC: oh ok

Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] began pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

CO: i guess im in the game now
EV: Oh, good!
EV: So the bomb didn't kill you?
EV: Well, I guess I can see that, actually.
EV: But yeah, that's good.
CO: im in this weird swamp now
EV: Huh, no kidding.
EV: Could be worse, at least the water looks pretty calm.
CO: yeah but these little small guys keep bugging me
EV: Oh, yeah, those guys.
CO: but me and sailor robin have been taking care of them
EV: Oh, right, that, yeah!
EV: Great.
EV: I'm sure I could help, too.
CO: i guess shes also my mom now??
EV: Wait
EV: what?
CO: well she lead me to this glass tube thing and there was a dead woman in it, and i guess the sprite wanted her
CO: so i gave her to sailor robin and now shes tooks kind of different and tells me shes my mom
EV: Oh...
EV: Well, she's alive now! That's the BOUNDARIES being BROKEN ALREADY!
EV: Boundaries between LIFE and DEATH! That's a pretty big deal.
CO: oh wow i guess it is
EV: Yeah!
EV: Cool boundaries and a cool sprite for a cool girl!
EV: Well, they were broken, so I guess they're not that cool, but...
EV: I mean...
EV: The boundaries, I mean, because, you and your sprite are too cool, but, um...
CO: anyway im not sure what to do about these green guys
CO: i guess they wanted to fight so ive been shouting at them with my collectors edition sailor robin starwand with real soundeffects
CO: but they just look confused and walk away
EV: Oh, well, at least they're not hurting you.
EV: I could probably squish them or something, though, I guess.
EV: Although that seems a bit harsh if they're just walking away anyways.
CO: i was helping your sister fight some and i guess they drop gushers
CO: and then the gushers make the gushersmeter on my screen go up
EV: Oh!
EV: In that case, those things are delicious, let's KILL THEM ALL!
CO: yeah but when you touch it they just disappear
EV: Oh.
EV: Well, that seems pretty counter-productive.
CO: i think you can uses the gushers to build things on the clients house
EV: You can do that?
CO: sailor robin says we have to
CO: reach for the stars!~
CO: like on the show but i dont know what she means right now
EV: Maybe we can build a rocket.
CO: maybe i couldnt figure out how to do much with it
EV: Alright, I have some experience with games, let me see if I can figure something out.
EV: That should do it.
CO: i think you broke it
EV: Nonsense!
EV: Just have to hop in, press some buttons, and it's OFF TO THE STARS!
EV: Oh.
EV: It fell through the floor.
CO: I guess thats a deeper part of the lab but its so dark i cant see anything
EV: Well, let's not worry about that for now.
EV: I wonder if there's any other use for the gushermeter.
CO: i dunno
CO: i think you can use them to make things with the machines
CO: if im looking at the manual right
EV: Oh, cool, what kind of things?
CO: like you can combine objects if you punch your captchalogue cards
EV: Awesome, so you could combine, like...
EV: Uh...
EV: One of your toys, and...
EV: Another toy.
EV: Er, figurines, sorry.
CO: i could let me try that
CO: ...it looks weird
EV: That... yeah, that's pretty weird.
CO: like it just mixed the traits of each character into a new figurine
EV: Maybe you could make it an original character and sell it as a new line of toys?
CO: sell it to who
CO: the green guys?
EV: Uh... sure.
EV: Maybe that's all they want.
EV: Just some toys.
EV: Figurines.
CO: well ok ill try
CO: back
CO: just made like 10 boondollars
CO: thats what robin calls them
EV: Awesome.
EV: Although I guess there's not really a way to mass-produce them or anything.
EV: Since this would basically half your collection as it is.
CO: i think i can just make it again with the code
EV: Oh, cool.
EV: I think it makes the gushermeter go down, though.
EV: Not by much, though.
CO: im going to try mixing my wand with some science thing...
CO: which makes me wonder where father went
EV: Yeah, I haven't seen anyone else yet.
CO: the labs big i think theres actually a large part of it under the water so he could be anywhere
EV: Guess I could look around down there.
EV: Or not. That makes your room look like the Sun.
CO: yeah its pretty dark down there just looking through that hole you made in the floor
EV: No kidding.
CO: i guess i got this wand called supernova
EV: Awesome!
EV: Does it do anything special?
CO: i guess im just like blasting imps with starpower now or something
CO: its really fun shout robins attack names
EV: Oh, so you can actually fight them now, sweet.
CO: yeah pretty easily
EV: Also, we can build more stuff.
CO: sounds good
CO: are you building anything
EV: Oh, no, I haven't even seen any imps yet.
CO: doesnt mean you couldnt have fun with it!
EV: I guess that's true.
EV: Haven't seen my server player in a while, so I don't even know how high my gushermeter is.
CO: hey ive got an idea for something you can make
EV: What's that?
CO: try combining belts and clothes
CO: trust me
CO: ;)
EV: Um, alright.

And so, Hamilton scurried off to do just that. After a bit of digging around in his closet a bit, he managed to find a belt and made his way off. Thinking nothing of it, he decided to use his own shirt, flashing its many colors, as it defaulted to white when he took it off, as if it were actually working.

A few moments of tinkering later, and Hamilton quickly found himself wearing what could only be described as a horrible hodgepodge of belts put together in some sort of cruel imitation of a shirt. Much to his dismay, they kept the "mood-detecting" aspect of the shirt his father had given him so long ago, and it worked just as well, each belt now flashing rapidly between every color of the rainbow as he wore them.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: This is... entirely inconvenient.
EV: I probably shouldn't have used the shirt I was wearing.
EV: I really need to get some clothes that don't flash different colors, this is hurting my eyes just wearing it.
CO: one sec dont look at me on the screen
CO: i want this to be a surprise
EV: Alright.
CO: here have this code bIg5w0Rd
EV: Sounds good.
EV: A giant metal sheet?
CO: thats a sword
CO: see the handle
CO: its nimbus' breakerblade from Hindmost Historia
EV: Oh, yeah, there it is.
EV: I can't even lift the thing though!
EV: I mean
EV: Yeah, it's great.
CO: ):
CO: just
CO: try a little harder
CO: ok?
EV: I'm sure I can kick all kinds of butt with it!
EV: Yeah, I totally have it just fine now.
CO: oh cool!
EV: Was just messing with you before.
EV: Yep.
CO: you probably look super extra awesome
EV: Oh, definitely.
EV: Thanks for the gift!
CO: youre welcome lol
EV: I'm sure I'll get... lots of use out of this.
EV: Yep.
CO: so did you make anything for yourself then?
EV: Not yet.
EV: I'm sure I'll come up with something to go with the... ensemble you've given me.
CO: maybe a portable computer?
CO: actually i think ill do that too
EV: Good idea.
EV: Think I can combine it with my hat.
CO: oh that sounds cool
CO: i need something to combine mine with
EV: Uh... How about one of your toys again?
EV: You have a lot of those, so.
EV: Not entirely sure how it'd work, but...
CO: their not toys!
EV: Right! Figurines. That's what I meant.
CO: i told you that remember
CO: okay well i tried it but...
CO: i just got this monitor with a colorful wig stuck on top and big sparkling anime eyes on the screen
EV: Does it... work?
CO: well as a monitor
CO: its not portable at all
EV: Ah, dang.
CO: okay i think ive got it
EV: Awesome, what is it?
CO: i ordered this online once itll work great
CO: their my nekomimi brainwave cat ears
EV: Oh, that's cute!
CO: and they have this eye scanner thing that works as a computer on them now that i combined them
EV: Sweet.
EV: Alright, I'm going to try mine now.
EV: Switched over to it now. Seems to work great, and

-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

Hamilton cursed to himself as the little holographic screen coming down from his hat's bill disappeared. Whacking the hat a few times made it flicker slightly, but it stayed off for the most part. Frustrated, he just walked over to the edge of his hallway, sitting on the edge as he looked out over the ocean. As terrifying as it was, it was kind of pre-

There it goes! The screen was finally actually on again. Hamilton excitedly sprang up and ran back towards his room, ready to chat some more... and then it went off again. Cursing to himself once again, he began heading back and- oh there it goes again. He stepped back towards his room, and off it went. Then towards the outside--on. Inside--off. Hmm.

Was it water-powered, from the rain? No, that made no sense. What else... the wind? What, did he have windmill on his head or something?...

Realization striking, Hamilton quickly used his finger to spin the propeller atop the hat. Yeah, that did it.

With that, he decided to contact his sister again.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Yeah, I guess she did get teleported!
EV: She's in some swamp place, apparently.
TC: oh huh cool!
EV: I guess we all get teleported to different places, then.
TC: i guess so
TC: where are you then?
EV: Ugh, it's terrible.
EV: There's raging water everywhere, I'm only safe because I'm on some high-up cliff pillar thing, which there are a bunch of, but they're really spread out.
EV: Plus, it's raining constantly, and most importantly, there's this huge web everywhere!
EV: They might end up being my only way of getting around here, actually.
EV: Although I don't even see anything on the other places, so exploring doesn't really seem worth it.
TC: wow that does sound pretty terrible
TC: i have no water here at all though
TC: its actually really hot
TC: like the ground is super dry and cracked and stuff
TC: i thought it was sand at first but no its just really dry dirt!
TC: i also have giant webs everywhere though thats weird
EV: Huh. That girl I'm servering for doesn't have any in her place, so that's very weird indeed.
TC: i guess its just special to us then!
EV: Yeah, I guess so.
EV: Wish it was something else though. I just hope whatever made them isn't around.
TC: oh yeah geeze thatd be scary
TC: im sure you could handle it just fine though
EV: Oh, yeah, of course!
EV: I'd just... rather not risk the half of the house I have left.
TC: oh yeah that reminds me
TC: did you get half the dairy queen too?
EV: I haven't checked.
TC: you definitely should then there might be people in it!
TC: mine had some weird guy that was surprisingly ok with the whole thing
EV: Oh, wow, so you've actually met someone already, too?
TC: yeah i guess so
TC: hes definitely not my boyfriend though hehe
EV: Hehe, well, cool.
EV: I'll go check really quick though, yeah.
TC: ok cool
EV: Alright, checked.
TC: sweet!
TC: did you find anyone?
EV: No, but I did find a note.
EV: It just said "DEAR CUSTOMERS ;)" and had some ice cream by it.
EV: Not really sure who could've left it.
TC: huh thats really weird
TC: well
TC: was the ice cream good at least?
EV: Well, yes.
TC: hehe thats good
EV: But yeah, that aside, the girl helped me make some stuff.
EV: Apparently one of the machines from the game can let you combine items to make cool new items.
EV: I got this new... shirt, I guess you could call it.
EV: And a big sword weapon from her, although it's so big I can barely even drag it around.
EV: I mean, I can swing it around if I really want to, of course! But it's kind annoying.
TC: huh that does sound like kind of a pain
TC: you might want to make a weapon you can use more easily in case a big spider thing does come
EV: Yeah, probably.
TC: im sure you could handle it either way but still it doesnt hurt to be careful
EV: Exactly!
TC: well you could try combining the sword with something youre more comfortable with i guess
TC: whats something youre really experienced with using?
EV: Uh...
EV: My keyboard, I guess. Don't really need it anymore, anyways, since I also made this new hat-computer I'm using.
EV: It's why I took a bit to come back, as I apparently have to keep spinning the propellor to keep it running, and I have to wear it normally when I want to use it since the display comes down from the bill, but aside from that, it's great!
TC: oh huh that is cool
TC: can use it wherever you go then
TC: i should make something like that too
TC: then we can talk to each other whenever we want!
EV: Hehe, yeah!
EV: Huh, the Wordgrinder.
TC: what?
EV: That's what the machine called the result of the sword and keyboard.
EV: I guess it's, like... some kind of keyboard chainsaw.
TC: haha wow that sounds amazing!
EV: Yeah, it does seem pretty great.
EV: Sure as heck a lot lighter than the sword was.
TC: can it actually even cut anything though?
TC: i dunno how good a keyboard would be at that
EV: Yeah, it cuts just fine.
EV: Makes a bit of a mess though.
TC: hehe yeah my drill is the same way
EV: Well, I'm going to see if I can get back with counterfeitOrigins, her ghost thing seemed to have a good idea of what we should be doing next.
TC: oh huh, reminds me i havent seen casper in a while
EV: Casper?
TC: yeah my ghost thing turned into a spiderghost but its still friendly!
TC: so i call it casper
TC: i dont know where she went though
EV: Oh... I think it came to me.
EV: I refuse to trust that thing, though!
TC: hey she doesnt appreciate that
EV: It's a spider! How would you even know?
TC: she just told me
TC: i guess she just now teleported back to me or something
EV: Oh...
EV: Yeah, he's gone from here now.
TC: yeah she helped me fight the other spiders even so shes cool by me
EV: I guess that's good, but still...
TC: hehe well as long as you dont try to kill her
TC: im telling you shes nice though
EV: Yeah, sure.
EV: Well, I'm going to contact counterfeitOrigins now and see if I can figure something out.
TC: ok bye!
EV: See you.

-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --


"Well that was a pleasant surprise!" Shammy cheered to herself, happy to find out her brother was okay. With that done, though, she turned to Casper, thinking maybe her ghost would have some wisdom on where to go from here, as well. "So where do I go from here?" she asked. Yep.

"Fortifying one's web would be the way to go for now." the spidersprite hissed, "Strengthening the web you have, and stretching it further into the sky."

Shammy just kind of stared in reply. "Well, I guess I can mix some stuff together like Hammy was doing." she finally said to herself, making her way over to the game's machines.

Cut to a few minutes later and she'd have computer-pants (yes) and a new drill by the name of I Scream that looked like a large ice cream cone and was cold to the touch. Satisfied with these, Shammy decided now was a good a time as any to go explore outside and see what those pink bugs in their hives were up to.


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Spoiler: click to show
FUTURE extremeVelocity [FEV] 8:15 HOURS FROM NOW opened memo on board DOCTOR FUNTIMES CHAT.

FEV: Yo, dogs, I figured I'd save you all a bunch of time and just bring you together.
FEV: Seriously, it'd take you dudes way too long otherwise, trust me, it's embarassing.
CURRENT counterfeitOrigins [CCO] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CCO: oh ok?
CURRENT trivialCelebration [CTC] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CTC: woah what?
CTC: youre from the future?
CURRENT extremeVelocity [CEV] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CEV: Yeah, I mean, that seems a little crazy, even for me.
FEV: Haha, don't kid yourself.
CCO: so are you here to warn us of our doom or something?
FEV: Nah, don't worry about how I'm doing it, that's not the point.
FEV: While I'm sure you'd love to be graced with my wondrous presence, a rad dude like me has important things that need doing, this was only one of them.
FEV: Just take comfort in knowing you'll eventually partake in the pleasure of being me, me.
FEV: See you dudes later.
FUTURE extremeVelocity [FEV] ceased responding to memo.
CEV: Uh...
CCO: what was that all about
CEV: No idea.
CEV: However, I was going to contact you!
CCO: yeah you cut out last time
CCO: everything ok?
CEV: Oh, yeah, just had a bit of trouble figuring out how my new computer works.
CEV: I wanted to ask if you got any idea of what we're supposed to be doing next from your sprite.
CTC: ok yeah thatd be nice to know i guess
CCO: well they keep talking about the stars
CCO: so i looked up and saw this ring above my house
CCO: but i dont know how to get there
CTC: im just checking out these pink things in my land so dont mind me if i dont talk much or something sorry
CEV: Oh, huh.
CEV: Well, I'd suggest a rocket again, but I'm not so sure that'd go any better than last time.
CTC: wow you guys are building rockets already?
CCO: not...
CCO: really
CEV: Uh...
CEV: Yeah, don't worry about it.
CCO: hey tc
CTC: eh?
CCO: hows your mother doing?
CTC: oh
CTC: i havent her yet seen...
CCO: alright
CCO: best wishes and all
CEV: Wait, you saw father, too?
CTC: I guess...
CCO: wait what
CCO: i didnt see your father there
CEV: Well, I mean...
CEV: I don't really know what's up with him at the moment.
CTC: yeah...
CTC: so hey those stars!
CTC: maybe you should try building up your house or something?
CCO: i guess i could just place a lot of stairs on your house
CTC: haha yeah that could work!
CEV: Sounds good to me.
CCO: but
CCO: watch out
CCO: stairs work a strange and treacherous magic
CTC: what
CCO: kekeke
CCO: sorry that was a joke i had with my online friends
CCO: about this old low budget anime
CTC: um
CTC: sure!
CEV: Hahaha, yeah, of course!
CCO: yeah i thought ev might of seen it
CCO: since hes seen Sailor Robin
CCO: its called Samurai Buro and Herra Jefu
CTC: youve seen these things hammy?
CEV: Yeah, apparently! I mean, obviously!
CCO: we were talking about our favorite Sailor Robin episodes a moment ago
CTC: oh wow
CTC: i never heard about this you shouldve told me
CTC: i couldve totally watched them with you!
CEV: Uh, well...
CCO: ive got all the episodes
CCO: maybe we can all get together and watch them
CEV: It's what I did when you were away! Obviously. That makes sense.
CTC: yeah that sounds great!
CEV: Erm... yes.
CCO: hmm reminds me
CCO: i really should see how my online friends are doing
CCO: they started their own game of sburb
CTC: oh cool!
CEV: Well, I'll just try building up your house. Maybe use some of these elevators or something.
CCO: will they even work?
CCO: i just made some stairs on tcs house
CTC: ok sweet ill be sure to check them out when i get back!
CCO: theyre kinda thin but they should work for now
CTC: also these bugs in this area seem pretty cool
CEV: Alright, well, I think the elevators work.
CCO: i guess ill go try those then
CEV: You might have to climb out and up into the next one each time one reaches the top, though.
CEV: I couldn't really find a way to combine them all into one big elevator.
CCO: its not like i can get anywhere else in this dumb swamp
CCO: oh um
CCO: im not sure i can do that
CEV: Ah. Well, I think I can add some stairs going from each one to the next.
CEV: Okay, yeah. It seems a bit unstable, but I think that should work.
CCO: oh ok that sounds fine
CCO: alright im in the first one
CEV: Yeah! That's... progress.
CCO: alright in the second one...
CCO: its getting a little wobbly the higher i go up
CEV: Yeah...
CCO: alright im up
CCO: this is the third one
CCO: im getting a little nervous
CEV: Yeah, just... be careful.
CCO: uhh hey can you get me down from here
CCO: somehow?
CEV: Alright, yeah.
CEV: Let me just...
CCO: because if i move
CCO: i am going to fall
CEV: Okay, I went ahead and just made the stairs go all the way up to that point next to the elevators.
CEV: Those should be more stable.
CCO: alright ill just go to the ground then
CEV: Alright.
CCO: you need to delete all this and build a new way up
CCO: sorry
CEV: Yeah, sorry about that.
CCO: its ok
CCO: i dont know how but
CCO: i just knew that if i moved i would fall
CCO: no matter what
CEV: Probably a safe bet.
CCO: i hope tc wont have any problems with my stairs
CTC: oh im sure theyll be fine!
CCO: thanks!
CCO: hows the bug talk going
CTC: well theyre apparently blind for one thing
CCO: awww poor them ):
CTC: yeah
CTC: they say this place used to not be so dry and bright
CCO: thats interesting
CTC: their hives are reflective because it used to make pretty rainbows and stuff but now theyre just blinding
CTC: literally
CCO: i wonder if the swamp used to be not terrible and smelly
CTC: haha maybe
CTC: oh yeah and most importantly they gave me some super sweet shades!
CCO: yeah i was going to ask if you were blind yet
CTC: apparently they were holding them because they were expecting me for some reason
CCO: sweet
CTC: they had a lot to say about that actually but its weird
CCO: well i mean their blind bugs
CCO: how would they even recognize anyone they wait for
CTC: haha yeah thats a good point actually!
CTC: but yeah something about someone who will void out the light
CTC: i dunno
CCO: hey ev youre good at video games right?
CEV: Uh, yes!
CEV: Of course!
CCO: do you know whats up with the bugs?
CEV: Oh, well...
CEV: If they were waiting for you to save them and gave you shades, then...
CEV: You'll probably have to fight like a million virtual clone agent guys, and you'll learn to dodge bullets.
CCO: no wait i think
CCO: tc will need to burst through the sky with her drill
CTC: im not sure the sky works that way
CTC: or my drill for that matter
CCO: nonsense
CCO: just need to believe
CTC: id like to but im not sure i can
CCO: no thats not how believing works
CCO: you believe with all your heart
CCO: and then it stops being fake forever
CTC: well ok i guess ill try!
CCO: look i met Sailor Robin
CCO: i just had to believe!
CEV: Uh... I really don't think it works that way, though.
CTC: well hey no point in not trying!
CEV: I... guess.
CCO: i also believed that i would meet Nimbus
CCO: and here he is
CCO: right now
CCO: thats two for two
CCO: i win
CTC: see you cant argue with results!
CEV: But...
CEV: Okay.
CEV: Alright, I think I got something now.
CEV: I copied a lily-pad from outside and made a series of jump-pads.
CTC: sounds fun!
CEV: Yeah. Also sounds dangerous, but fortunately, this time I also used the lily-pads to make a safety net below them all.
CCO: ok thanks
CEV: No problem!
CCO: well
CCO: im going to bounce my way to victory
CCO: ill talk to you guys later
CTC: ok bye!
CEV: Yeah, see you!
CEV: Good luck!
CCO: boing~
CCO ceased responding to memo.

And then Ali bounced her way to victory. Going through the ring in the sky, she ended up standing a destroyed board walk, with crushed houses. Now that she was further away from her house she saw that not only the small green guys were here but bigger guys of shades of green too. She saw what looked like a standing turtle, also green, being chased by the monsters. Everything was so leaf colored she had trouble telling where the monsters were. It all just blended together. She thought back to Robinsprite. If she really was her mother, then who was she? Father never mentioned her, why was she frozen? Her head buzzed with questions but she was too nervous to ask them. Even if you can make your hero's come to life, it doesn't make it any easier to talk to them! Especially when they're now also the mother you never knew you had. If she waited the answer would come. She knew it would. Ali's thoughts then jumped elsewhere as she explored what appeared to be a tiny broken village. Her friends still needed to get back to her about their session. Maybe they were just having too much fun to bother talking to her? After wandering and losing herself in thought she came up to the end of the dock.

Looking in the distance she saw a large building and unlike the smaller surrounding huts it was completely unharmed and almost looked like it was from Earth instead of the game. It took a second to even realize it was there as the building was green. The coloring almost camouflaged it in the natural hues of the swamp. In a curious daze, she walked towards it.

He's back and slower than ever.

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Jack climbed through a building, getting closer to his home. He turned to see a small black kitten in the building, pinned under some burning debris. It was crying softly, and looked up at Jack with pleading eyes. Jack jumped through the fire and lifted up the debris, grabbing the kitten, and jumping out the window. He ran into the church, and dunked the kitten in the holy water, putting out the fire with minimal harm to the cat.

Jack then noticed that his hoodie was on fire. He picked up the bowl and dumped it on himself, cursing loudly, catching the cat in his mouth. He put the bowl down, and then jumped up to his room, putting the kitten down on the floor as he quickly changed hoodies. He swapped out screens on his PC, and quickly replaced his router.

Listening to the screams outside, he felt stupid just sitting here playing a game. But....

Before he could continue that train of thought, two chat windows popped up with messages from offline people. They must have needed something, and then left to do other things?

Spoiler: click to show
[CG] began messaging abscondingHazard [AH]

-- abscondingHazard [AH] is now an idle chum! --
CG: !#%$

[CG] ceased trolling abscondingHazard [AH]

Huh, you missed a chance to talk to CG. !#%$. You'll have to catch them later.

Spoiler: click to show
FUTURE abscondingHazard [FAH] 1025 HOURS FROM NOW is pestering you!

FAH: hey
FAH: hah
FAH: i guess pesterchum has a limit on how far in the future you can be
FAH: well
FAH: in any case
FAH: you need to connect to taterSalad and bring them into the game
FAH: if you don't
FAH: bad !#%$ goes down
FAH: trust me
FAH: !#%$
FAH: i have to go

FAH ceased.

You haven't quite seen a conversation end with ceased before. That made Jack somewhat nervous, actually. Everything about this game was starting to make Jack feel a little off. He was starting to have second thoughts about participating. But, then again, he really had no other choice at this point.
The kitten starts crying at his feet, and he picked it up and let it curl up in his lap while he contacted this TS person they were talking about.

Spoiler: click to show
-- abscondingHazard [AH] began pestering taterSalad [TS] --

AH: who the !#%$ is this
-- taterSalad [TS] whoever the !#%$ it is does not seem to be immedietely replying. --
AH: whatever i don't give a !#%$
AH: look assbag
AH: i'm sure you are super busy being an idiot about meteors or whatever
AH: but i've got like 2 people pestering me at once that i need to get you into this game
AH: i don't even !#%$ know one of them
AH: hey
-- taterSalad [TS] is no longer idle! --
TS: Oh, hello. Sorry.
TS: I was busy dealing with the moon rocks.
AH: !#%$ YOUR !#%$
TS: That sounds painful.
AH: yeah well it would be if i was still on fire
TS: ...So you're burning to death without being on fire.
AH: i WAS burning
AH: but there was some holy water and
AH: wait your not religious or anything are you
AH: psyche i dont give a !#%$
TS: Okay, what does Internet Tough Guy want?
AH: you know that sturd game that the omem chat is on about
AH: i need to get you in that game
TS: Yeah.
AH: apparently, right the !#%$ now
TS: Hm. Seems like a bad time, but I suppose it can't make fiery death any worse.
TS: Allow me to fetch the disk.
AH: allow me to tell you to hurry the !#%$ up
TS: Request denied.
TS: Anyway, got it.
AH: i don't need your permission i do what i want
AH: good
AH: pop that !#%$ in
TS: Now installin'.
AH: i've already got the server stuff running
AH: OH !#%$
TS: This shouldn't take long, at least.
TS: Yeah, suuuuure you weren't.
AH: as soon as i can see you im going to drop a crate on your head
-- taterSalad [TS] eyerolls. ALSO WHOOPS IT'S DONE INSTALLING. --
AH: cool
AH: okay lets see
-- taterSalad [TS] there are no nearby crates. --
AH: alright its connected
TS: Great.
AH: why'd you pick a girl for your avatar
AH: what is this !#%$
TS: ...
TS: First off, I am a girl.
TS: Secondly, you don't know anything about this game do you.
AH: well
AH: i know i can pick this thing up
-- abscondingHazard [AH] picks up a pillow and drops it on TS --
TS: ...
AH: haha what is this sims !#%$
-- taterSalad [TS] the pillow plops on her head comically. --
AH: this is much better than burning to death
TS: Okay, I already did this in your situation, so let me give you a quick walkthrough.
TS: Which is to say, this game actually allows you to affect reality.
AH: hey i've got thingos up here
AH: which one do you need first
TS: For example, this is my actual room.
AH: hurr oh man a girls room
TS: Just deploy the machinery things in any order. Make sure they're easily accessible, though.
AH: ive never seen one of those before
AH: hmmm
AH: they're all pretty big
TS: I have a guest bedroom, that could be a place to start.
AH: okay
AH: lets put the big machine with the arm thing in there
TS: Feel free to chuck the bed to make room.
TS: The guest bedroom's bed, obviously.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] deploys the device --
AH: hang on i've got an idea
AH: i bet i can put that bed
AH: on top of the platform thing
AH: and get more of these gushers
AH: okay cool i can
TS: Mmmm. Gushers.
AH: yeah
AH: thats what they look like
AH: hang on i'm gonna
AH: make your guest room bigger
TS: While you deploy those, I'm going to get some gushers from the kitchen.
AH: cool
-- taterSalad [TS] hops off of her chair and goes to get GUSHERS --
-- abscondingHazard [AH] expands the size of the room --
AH: ugghhhh
AH: it looks like !#%$
AH: on the outside
AH: i bet i can like, make some pillers to go underneath it later
-- taterSalad [TS] is getting like two damn boxes of gushers. --
-- abscondingHazard [AH] deploys the rest of the devices --
-- abscondingHazard [AH] deploys the card on top of TS --
AH: hey when you get back
AH: this whole process would probably go a lot smoother if you were naked
AH: just fyi
-- taterSalad [TS] blinks and grabs the card. --
-- taterSalad [TS] she soon returns to the computer. Eyeroll. --
AH: i saw that
TS: I'm sure your fountains of knowledge will make up for that minor inconvience.
AH: i deleted the bed and got more gushers
AH: nothing is happening
AH: i think you need to open that capsule thing over there
AH: but
AH: i have a weird feeling about that thing
TS: Slam something big against it.
TS: That's what I did.
AH: what
AH: you can't just open it?
TS: No.
AH: oh
TS: I used a Dairy Queen sign myself.
AH: hang on i've got this
-- abscondingHazard [AH] picks up toilet and rips it out of the ground making a loud crashing sound --
TS: ...
AH: i didnt think i could do that
AH: !#%$
TS: Try putting it back.
AH: that sounds like a horrible idea, but okay
TS: The worst that can happen is horrible maiming leading to a slow and painful death followed by bodily descreation by sewage.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] shoves the toilet back into its hole, breaking the floor and sending water everywhere --
AH: no wait
TS: ...
TS: And I thought I was bad.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] closes door --
AH: THERE !#%$
TS: You'll need to find a way to stop the water later.
AH: yeah yeah
TS: For now, let's focus on the...capsule thing.
-- taterSalad [TS] rips open a gusher bag and pours all of it's contents into her mouth. --
AH: hmmm
AH: oh
AH: duh
-- taterSalad [TS] DELICIOUS DEVOURING. --
-- abscondingHazard [AH] picks up the nice-looking desk and starts to bash it into the capsule --
TS: ...
TS: What are you using now.
AH: some desk i found in a dark room
TS: ...
-- taterSalad [TS] facepalm. --
TS: That my sister's desk.
TS: It has some very important detective-y paperwork in it!
AH: MAN I'M SO SORRY wait no i'm not wait
AH: wait wait
-- taterSalad [TS] DID THE CAPSULE OPEN --
AH: your sister is a detective?
-- abscondingHazard [AH] the capsule pops open --
TS: Yeah.
AH: Oh
AH: Like
AH: working with the police department detective?
TS: Yes, that kind of detective.
AH: Oh
TS: I'm in training to become one, too.
AH: thats a shame
AH: i mean
AH: good luck
AH: !!!
AH: hey whats that deal that popped out of the tube
AH: it looks angry
TS: Ah, yes, that thing. Let me go check it out.
-- taterSalad [TS] GOES TO THE GUEST ROOM. --
-- taterSalad [TS] the sprite continues flipping all kinds of !#%$. --
AH: hey don't touch that thing
AH: i remember what that is called
AH: !#%$ you cant hear me
-- taterSalad [TS] suddenly deploys what appears to be an OLD LAPTOP. --
-- taterSalad [TS] after a long bootup she gets on it and connects to the previous chat. --
AH: hey, my mentor warned me about that thing
AH: don't touch it
TS: Okay.
TS: I won't.
AH: we need to put something into it
TS: How about this laptop?
AH: that could work
AH: from what i can remember though
AH: the enemies you are going to fight will get the powers of whatever you put in that
TS: I see.
TS: A laptop isn't too harmful though, is it?
AH: i don't know??
AH: i'm not a !#%$ nerd
TS: Of course you aren't.
-- taterSalad [TS] EYEROLL THE THIRD. --
AH: hehe, yeah
AH: spoilers im just some fat nerd from new york
AH: you got me
AH: i'm totally not some dangerous criminal or anything
AH: that would be dumb
AH: hey
AH: whats that timer
TS: Oh, most certainly. That's not why you reacted adversely to the reveal of detectiveness at all.
-- taterSalad [TS] examines the TIMER. --
AH: okay you are examining the hell out of that timer kid
AH: whats its deal
TS: It's a timer.
AH: HOLY !#%$
TS: Shocking, I know.
TS: It doesn't seem to really connect to anything.
AH: i dunno
AH: its making me nervous
TS: So I can only presume it is counting down to a predetermined event.
AH: what about that card you got
-- taterSalad [TS] examines the pre-punched card. --
TS: It's got holes in it.
TS: I think I stick it in this machine right here...
AH: it looks like something else goes in that
TS: No, I think it goes in that.
AH: no i mean
AH: two things go in there
TS: Oh.
AH: yeah see
TS: Hm.
AH: the card triggers that spinny thing
AH: you need something to go there
AH: it looks like it may carve something
-- taterSalad [TS] looks around for something like that. She presumably finds the CRUXITE DOWEL. --
AH: pffff
AH: what the hell is that
AH: can you make infinite of those?
TS: I don't know yet.
-- taterSalad [TS] seems if it fits into the carve-y thing. It does. --
AH: oh
AH: thats pretty neat i guess
AH: where do you put that?
TS: The card?
AH: no
AH: get the thing carved
AH: and then figure out where you need to put the carved deal
TS: Hm.
AH: also, make sure you feed your sprite a thing
-- taterSalad [TS] throws it at the Totem Lathe. This works. --
TS: Yeah, I'll feed it before I put in the card.
TS: Hm, or perhaps it would be wiser to see what the card did, but not do anything after that.
AH: okay kid, whatever you say
TS: I believe I will do that.
-- taterSalad [TS] puts the card in. The totem now looks sort of like an hourglass. CARVED. --
AH: i'm noticing that the timer is steadily ticking down while we piss around with doodads and deals
TS: Oh, nonsense. We've got plenty of time.
-- taterSalad [TS] not really. --
TS: Anyway, tossing the laptop in.
-- taterSalad [TS] TOSS! --
-- taterSalad [TS] suddenly LAPTOPSPRITE? --
AH: wow great job kid
AH: hey not to alarm you or anything
AH: but the bathroom situation has not improved
TS: ...
AH: i think maybe you should probably go in there with a white shirt on and try to fix it
-- taterSalad [TS] raises an eyebrow at the sprite. --
AH: wait
AH: wait am i talking from the sprite
TS: ...Yes. Yes you are.
AH: i can't really tell, but i'm assuming i have some !#%$ microsoft sam voice
TS: Not really.
AH: thats a shame
TS: Hm. This greatly reduces the ability for amusing references.
AH: it greatly increases my chances for literally yelling at you to get a move on
-- taterSalad [TS] eyeroll. She places the hourglass dowel on the thing. --
TS: Yes, that was so very time consuming.
AH: okay so
AH: what
AH: okay
AH: its doing a thing
-- taterSalad [TS] AND THEN WHAT APPEARS IS --
-- taterSalad [TS] AN --
-- taterSalad [TS] HOURGLASS. It's big. --
AH: what
AH: what is that
TS: ...
AH: is that what i think it is
TS: It's an hourglass.
AH: yeah
AH: thats what i thought
AH: why is it an hourglass
TS: Well, the thingy was shaped like an hourglass.
AH: well
AH: okay yes but
AH: what the !#%$ are you going to do with that
TS: Hm.
AH: hey not to nag
TS: Well, I could wait to see if all of whatever is inside getting to the bottom does something, or...
TS: I could do this.
AH: that timer is really getting down there
-- taterSalad [TS] proceeds to take out a pistol and shoot the hourglass. --
AH: jesus kid
-- taterSalad [TS] presumably this causes WEIRD MEDIUM ENTERING !#%$? --
AH: hey kid?
AH: i can't see you anymore
AH: kid?
-- taterSalad [TS] is now an idle chum! --
AH: !#%$


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Alight, it seems we're about to get this game going, just have to find someone to connect to me...

He glances at the OMEM chat and picks the first name he sees.

Sure, you'll be fine.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

TC: oh, hello!
AP: Are you servering for anyone yet?
TC: no im not
AP: Alright cool.
AP: I need you to connect to me then.
TC: ok i can do that!
TC: ok i think i got it
TC: wow this place is kind of a mess
TC: no offense
AP: Yeah sorry.
TC: its fine!
AP: Damn thing knocked me out for a bit.
TC: wait what
TC: oh wow
TC: that thing looks nasty
TC: you fought that?
AP: A few times.
AP: It just won't stay down.
TC: yes id imagine!
TC: geeze you must be a tough guy!
AP: Yeah, I'm tough as nails.
TC: and man this place is huge too!
TC: er sorry i should probably be giving you the things
TC: just got so caught up
AP: Its cool. Theres a lot to take in.
TC: no kidding!
AP: But we can talk about it once I'm in the game.
TC: yeah good idea
TC: ok so
TC: theres a lot of room actually
TC: anywhere specific you wanted these things?
AP: Just throw them downstairs somewhere.
TC: ok cool
TC: done
TC: heres your card
AP: Thanks.
TC: no problemo!
AP: Don't you need to open that metal thing?
TC: oh right
TC: ok i just used the body of that monster thing
TC: ok i just used an elephant body that was lying around
AP: Yeah, I was about to stuff that. Don't know how it ended up in the rainforest.
TC: oh huh
AP: Now I just need to
TC: oh cool your ghost is light blue!
TC: wait what was that
TC: is your ghost angry or something?
TC: wait no thats no ghost
TC: oh god i think the thing is moving
AP: Okay sorry that took a bit.
AP: I guess that ghost thing !#%$ ATE IT.
TC: wow that was cool!
AP: Now theres this floaty monster head.
AP: And... I've got another problem.
TC: whats that
AP: It called some friends.
TC: oh
TC: um well
TC: if we hurry you should be fine!
AP: I'm trying to work the equipment but
AP: Its kind of hard to when you're brain is being assaulted.
TC: oh man that sucks!
TC: um you just put the card in the thing and then the thing in the other thing and um
TC: im probably not helping im sorry
TC: god some of its getting through and i dont envy you
TC: ow im sorry
AP: What is this !#%$.
TC: thats a good question!
AP: It gave me a blender and I dunno some fruits or something?
AP: Am I making a fruit smoothie?
TC: uhhh
TC: possibly!
AP: What the hell is UP WITH THIS GAME?
TC: either that or throwing fruit at the monsters and trying to awkwardly slice them with a blender
TC: i dunno
TC: it is pretty weird
AP: Well either way I'm pretty thirsty after all those fights.
TC: haha ok sounds good!
AP: Might as well drink this thing while a horde of ungodly abominations destroy my home.
TC: yeah cant fight if youre not refreshed!
AP: This smoothie tastes like !#%$.

-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --


Alex noticed things had changed. He found his house was high in the air, on some sort of stone pillar. Looking below he saw a sprawling labyrinth. The sudden heat pounded down on him as he exited his home. But it was better than the pounding headache he had before.

He wondered if he'd ever get a chance to knit again. I mean, its not like he liked it or anything. It was just something to do when he was bored. And living in a jungle can get pretty boring sometimes. He thought that if the others saw, they would probably laugh at him.

He also thought about the dreams he's been having lately. Vaguely remembered dreams. They permeated him with feelings of wrongness. A wrongness that stood out from a life of fighting things that should not be. It's always been there, that uncomfortable itching feeling that hes never understood.

He went back into his home where he ran into the ghostly image of Ol' Charlie. It tried speaking but he still could not understand it. He could feel the headache returning. He needed something to dissipate its voice static. Something more earthly. He looked around his collection of animals from hunts he stuffed. Strong beasts he did battle with. He wonder if any of them would even work. He couldn't imagine the creatures he slayed thinking kindly of him.

And that is when the assault began. The monkeys he had forgotten about must have been hiding in his house. They jumped on him and climbed his head and pulled hair when he heard something happen. He gazed upon the sprite and saw that one of the monkeys had jumped into it.

This is going to be a long a game.

He's back and slower than ever.

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Drill chilling her hair, computer pants at the ready, Shammy was set for adventure. As she did so, however, her sprite hissed a call, telling her "I'll keep my web invisible; the threads of fear need not be woven now." to which Shammy nodded, even if she wasn't entirely sure she understood. Regardless, Casper disappeared without another trace as Shammy stepped forward into the great unknown, the heat baring down on her like a tidal wave of sweat. Just as she was finally making her way out, though, her pants rang aloud with an assortment of beeps and boops. Didn't she just get off that thing? Well, whatever, she pulled the screen back out from the pants' crotch, not thinking anything of it, the keyboard dropping down from the underside. A memo, huh, nothing too pressing, then. She just gave her two cents now and again, but continued on her way; she was really starting to get curious about these pink things now.

Suddenly, though, with a sharp "BZZZ," a pink hornet sprang up right in front of her from seemingly nowhere. "You--" it buzzed, "how many fingers am I holding up?" With that question, it held up a thin bug leg.

"Uh... no offense, but you don't have any fingers." Shammy replied, a bit confused.

With that, the hornet buzzed and hovered around excitedly, seeming very pleased with that answer. "Excellent! So you really are the hero we've been waiting for!" it cheered, pulling out what could only be described as sunglasses and handing them over to Shammy, "Then you'll need these."

Shammy was happy to oblige to this and quickly put the shades on, but was still confused all the same: "Um, I can try, I guess, but I'm not much of a hero; that's more my brother's territory. He's great at video games, I'm sure he could solve your problem no sweat."

The hornet shook its head, replying with "No, the Heart can't help us." Grabbing Shammy's hand, the hornet began walking her towards a nearby hive before continuing on with, "Come with me. But yes, the Heart can only clear the skies. Ours have burned away any remnant of skylife long ago. Besides, he is nothing without your nothing. What we need is you to Void out the light that's blinded our hope. We used to be a people of beauty; our hives would reflect the light into the rain around us to make the most beautiful of rainbows and light shows, the likes of which could impress any being. Now, the clouds are cleared, leaving only searing light and flaming smog. The Infernal Trickster has drank all our water, devoured our queen, and burned our eyes out, leaving us only with the hives that set us ablaze should we stay inside too long, and its horrible children to slowly devour what remain of us." With that last line, he turned back towards Shammy, as they had apparently arrived outside the hive, where many of the hornets were gathered, "So, will you be our Queen of Void?"

"Uh..." Shammy stumbled out, a bit taken back from this bomb of exposition as she tried to split her attention between it and the chat taking place on her computer, "I can try to help, but I don't know about being a queen. I can just, like, serve you guys, or something, y'know?"

The hornet sighed, but still seemed pleased enough. "We'll need a queen to keep us from dying out, but we'll take what we can get." it said, "Regardless, all hail the Void of Light!" With that, the hornets cheered.

It was at that moment that Shammy noticed someone that was considerably less hornet: the good ol' mysterious engineer, maven enigma, it was her mother! Happy as ever, Shammy squealed and ran at her parent, hugging her as tightly as she could manage, which was made a bit awkward by the computer screen sticking out in between them. "Good to oculify you, too." Mysterious Engineer said with a smile. She was a bit different now, though; her entire left half was replaced with a robotic half. Not just a symmetrical robot half, though: the body of that half hung lower, having three small, almost spider-like legs that scuttled along the floor, but moved in unison with the single, organic right leg just fine. On top of that, from a small opening on the neck area, a tiny, stick-like arm hung out, looking like a silly, small tyrannasaurus rex's arm, holding a cup of refreshment that the Mysterious Engineer drank from.

"You're okay!" Shammy cheered.

"It was an assuriance. But yes, I figure you'll need to go on some personiable adventurlative quest to save these blinsects, as anything I've come up with would only make this place 20% cooler, and that just won't cuttify." the Mysterious Engineer replied.

"Oh, I... see." Shammy said back, not entirely sure what to make of that sentence.

"Yes, a personal adventure!" a bug buzzed in with, "if you go into this hive, you should be able to find a way to underground where you might find some interesting things. Just be quick; staying on the surface will result in you burning alive if you take too long."

Shammy nodded cheerfully, "Sounds great! Hopefully it's cooler down there." she said, running off with the Mysterious Engineer. As they lowered into the depths, it quickly got darker and darker; Mysterious Engineer compensated, though, as her eyes lit up, serving as flashlights. The walls seemed to have strange carvings.

It was then, though, that she got a message from someone else.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --


And thus, this conversation that you've already seen went on. As Alex entered the medium, Shammy saw the nonsense he had to face, and they went on to have a conversation that you haven't seen yet.

Spoiler: click to show
-- trivialCelebration [TC] began pestering audaciousPrizefighter [AP] --

TC: oh are those monkey things bothering you?
TC: oh i guess theyre gone now
AP: Yeah but they left.
AP: I'm in the game now.
TC: well thats good!
TC: this place looks really dry
TC: just like mine actually
AP: I can't really see whats going on below.
TC: yeah youre really high up
AP: Looks like there are walls everywhere.
TC: no kidding
TC: well if you ever get down there you could probably just punch the walls or something i mean geeze
AP: Eh.
AP: I don't think I'm THAT strong.
TC: hehe fair enough
AP: So does this machinery do anything else?
TC: still though im amazed how tough you are and how big your house is!
AP: Haha
AP: I guess I am pretty tough.
TC: from what ive heard so far you probably have the best bet at this game out of us so far
TC: except maybe my brother
AP: Huh reminds me...
TC: hm?
AP: Did some scotish guy join our game or anything?
TC: i dont think so
TC: i dont think ive talked to everyone yet though
AP: Oh I thought he said he was playing.
AP: Or maybe he said waiting?
TC: huh i dont know about any scottish guy
TC: well if hes a friend of yours i hope he shows up!
AP: Yeah we're buds.
AP: He was always getting me hyped for the game.
TC: well im sure hes in here somewhere!
AP: I might have to ask him about it.
TC: ok cool
TC: did you need anything else?
AP: Well I guess I just need to know what to do next.
AP: You know what the goal of this game is?
TC: oh
TC: i need to build up your house to the sky!
TC: i can do that with some stairs or something
AP: Then...
AP: What do I do?
TC: uhh go through some ring or something i guess
TC: after that i dont really know
AP: Is that the goal of the game?
AP: Seems pretty simple.
TC: i guess so yeah
AP: What no fights or anything?
AP: No weapons?
TC: well i had to fight some glass spider things
TC: and you can use one of the machines to combine stuff including weapons
AP: I guess there are monsters and !#%$ then.
TC: yeah i guess so
AP: Weapons? SIGN ME UP.
TC: hehe alright sounds good
TC: youll want this machine over here
AP: I'm going to try out these machines then.
TC: yeah
TC: you can combine pretty much any two things
TC: ill build your house up in the mean time
AP: Ok.
AP: I just made a ton of things.
AP: I'll try them all out in time.
TC: ok sweet!
TC: ive just been getting a bit caught up with building up this house
TC: theres so much to work with hehe
TC: dont want to ruin your decor or anything since its pretty fancy
TC: not really counting your messy room hehe
TC: it has its own charm though
TC: fitting for a tough guy like you
AP: The room WAS better
AP: before I got in a fight with a monster.
TC: ah yeah thatd do it
TC: i could help clean it up if you want
AP: No.
AP: I'd rather my room stay personal and all.
TC: ah ok
AP: Even if you have a magic window into it.
TC: yeah ill try not to look too much then sorry
AP: It's cool.
AP: Thanks for being considerate.
AP: Hey actually...
AP: I've got a question.
AP: Do you think the game effects our dreams?
TC: uh maybe
TC: i dont think ive been asleep yet since i started it
TC: why what have your dreams been like?
AP: I can hardly remember them but they're haunting to say the least.
AP: What about before you entered the game?
TC: oh wow that sucks
TC: uh dont think i can remember much anything from my dreams
TC: although there was this one time
AP: Huh?
TC: i dreamed that my brother was an ice cream cone
TC: but he ate me
TC: it was pretty weird
AP: Oh ha. That just sounds like a regular nightmare or whatever.
TC: yeah pretty much
AP: What I'm talking about is hard to describe.
TC: huh bummer
TC: well i hope it gets better
AP: Thanks.
TC: no problemo!
AP: Do you see anyone around my house other than me?
TC: hm well
TC: i think i see some of those monkeys from earlier partying with some little gremlin monster things
TC: theyre grey
AP: I went to check it out.
AP: The new guys don't seem to like me.
AP: I guess they're monsters or something so I OWNED them.
TC: yeah you were great!
TC: i thought about helping but you were doing such a great job taking them out i didnt want to interfere
AP: But yeah, you didn't happen to see my father anywhere did you?
TC: sorry no i didnt
AP: That's cool.
AP: I'll have to try and get ahold of him.
TC: sounds good
TC: i got good progress on building up your house though!
AP: Oh sweet.
TC: yeah its great!
TC: just gotta put this part here and

-- trivialCelebration [TC] ceased pestering audaciousPrizefighter [AP] --

And without another moment, Shammy found a rock crumble down from above and smack her on the head, making her pass out cold.

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Jack kept trying to find a way to refresh his page, looking for his new female "friend." He actually felt somewhat worried about her condition, and oh god dammit another !#%$ !#%$ wants to talk to him.

Spoiler: click to show
-- solitaryHighlander [SH] began pestering abscondingHazard [AH] --

SH: Och, well, if this dunnae be a new one here...
SH: Dinnae see ye before...
SH: In both senses o' the term I suppose.
AH: what in the high holy !#%$
SH: Righ', I guess thes does look a wee bit strange.
AH: jesus what
SH: Name's Rupert Flammeus, an' unless I'm drunk off my ass, ye're enterin' the game, aye?
AH: its like he's trying to communicate with me i know it
AH: something about a game
AH: yeah sure
SH: Och.
SH: Lessen, I jes' saw yer name on the chat client, and saw ye yerself on this viewport thingy
SH: jes' though' I'd communicate.
SH: No need ta take tha' kinda tone.
AH: i don't even
AH: wait
AH: viewport
AH: so you can see me right now
SH: Och, yes, right, I can.
SH: Nice hooded doowhatey outfit by the way.
SH: No' much fer a man I cannae see but
SH: if tha's yer thing...
-- abscondingHazard [AH] flips you off --
SH: I'd return the gesture bu' it wouldnae mean much from your end o' things.
SH: I introduced meself, lad. How about you? What do they call ye?
AH: i'm god himself
AH: descended from heaven
SH: Och, is tha' so. Well then, Yer Holiest of Holies, ye seem somewhat shorter than I imagined.
SH: Little less o' a grand beard.
AH: yeah i get that a lot
AH: so what the hell are you supposed to be anyway
SH: Och, well, I'm one o' the lads in the game same as ye and yer soon ta be compatriots.
AH: nahhhhhhh
SH: I've been waitin' on tha thing ta start fer quite some time.
SH: Ye're actually the second person I've been able ta communicate with.
AH: ever?
SH: Well
AH: was the first a soccer ball?
SH: no, not...exactly. Bu' the second since I've been here.
SH: Och, I'm beginnin' ta get the sense ye don't like me.
SH: Or that ye're jes'
SH: angrier than man whose kilt caught fire in tha mornin'.
SH: Naturally.
AH: don't take it personally kid i don't like many people
AH: so your in the game right
AH: who was your server player
SH: Well
SH: hmm
SH: ye see
AH: no wait
AH: stop
SH: I dinnae have one.
AH: god
AH: dammit
AH: here we go
AH: !#%$ exposition
SH: I know tha's a normal thing, but I was here jes' fine withou' one.
AH: auuugh
AH: im dying
AH: this is it
AH: this is how i die
SH: Actually if anyone is closer to death, it'd probably be me.
AH: i doubt that but ok
SH: Jes' got done taking a fortress, expectin' the remnants to come back any time now.
SH: 's been all kinds of bloody fun
SH: bu' I guess ye cannae ever rest in a place like this.
SH: Bu' then I noticed a name I hadnae seen before.
SH: Which would be ye.
SH: I dunnae know if ye'd be the person to ask, but how goes the progress?
SH: In gettin' in tha game, I mean.
SH: I figured my chat client would be addin' ye all as you entered, but tha' may not be the case?
AH: i'm still waiting on someone
AH: wait
AH: your getting people on your viewport thing as they enter?
AH: so you can see taterSalad
SH: No, lad, I thought that would be tha case, bu' that is not so.
AH: god dammit
SH: Righ' now my only viewports are to ye
SH: and to a boyo who goes by audaciousPrizefighter.
SH: bu' seein' ye on my viewport robs yer noddin' off ta my explanatons of
SH: some of the subtlety.
SH: Assumin' tha' ye aren't doin' it so I see, that is.
AH: dude no way im !#%$ enthralled over here
AH: tell me more about your first world problems
SH: No' so much problems. Thes is actually quite excitin'.
SH: although tha lack of
SH: brandy or any other stuff what one migh' drink of in this place is somewha' distressin'.
SH: I mean unless I've just missed it.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] takes a drink from a bottle of whiskey --
SH: Och, tha' stings a bi'. There's some back a' the keep I started in
SH: bu' if there is nae a steady supply, I guess I might run out.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] takes another sip --
SH: Stop it.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] SIIIIP --
SH: Och, lad. Tha'. Ow it hurts me.
AH: quit your whining lightweight
AH: you couldnt handle this proof anyway
SH: Och no, I could drink ye under tha table any day.
AH: !#%$
SH: Believe me there is no !#%$, from a bull or otherwise.
SH: And I would prove it to ye if there was some meaningful way ta do so right now.
AH: no one has ever made that claim and survived through the alcohol poisoning
SH: Maybe once ye get in the game.
SH: Whether it's poisonin' or my dance skills under tha influence that ye be questionin;
SH: ye would be surprised.
AH: kid you think you can dance
AH: i dont give a !#%$ dancing is for girls
SH: Och, tha's one o' the most fun things to do. A merry jig and several huge frothy mugs o' grog is
SH: one o' the greates' pleasures in life.
AH: pff
AH: fun
SH: Extremely.
AH: only babies have fun while drinking
AH: i bet under that kilt your wearing a plaid diaper
SH: I think tha one whose undergarments are more in question here would probably be ye
AH: hey
AH: dont
SH: no I think I will.
AH: !#%$ peek all up at me
AH: look at my treasures instead
AH: look im distracting you with my phat loot piles
SH: Your treasures? Is tha' what ye call those? I mean they are awfully big and full of stuff, bu'
SH: I imagine there's plenty of tha' on this quest.
AH: yeah maybe
SH: I'm raidin' castles. Fightin' wars. I's jes' gotten underway for me bu' there is so much on the horizon
AH: but !#%$ shiny ass gold dude this stuff rocks
AH: ugh
AH: you actually like fighting?
SH: and ye're pointin' at the piles of gold you have in this normal world den?
SH: Och, definitely.
AH: mnh
SH: I said grog and jigs were one o' tha best things bu'
SH: nothin' beats puttin' tha enemy under rout and tha sword.
SH: Well
SH: unless ye add some grog to that as well!
SH: I assumed ye migh' as well.
SH: Where else would ye get all tha loot from?
AH: stole it
SH: ...
SH: Really.
AH: you could say im a cat burgler
SH: A thief, are ye?
AH: a bit of one
AH: just a little bit
SH: Bahahahaha, then perhaps it IS ye who has the diaper on.
AH: dude
AH: you see those jewels over there
SH: Och, sorry, sorry jes'
AH: the !#%$ crown jewels
SH: lemme remove thes solitary tear from me eye
SH: tha' came up as I was laughin'
AH: ugh
SH: I'm sure es a very ennoblin' profession
AH: not really
AH: keeps you alive
SH: ta slink aroun' like a women tryin' not ta wake up her husband
SH: in tha middle of the night
AH: alright
AH: yeah
AH: first off
AH: i havent stolen during the night in years
AH: no challenge to it
AH: secondly
SH: Oh?
AH: i could break you in an instant
SH: Is tha' righ' now?
AH: yes
AH: but i wont
AH: because fighting is for loser babies
SH: Och. Lad. Ye dunnae know what ye're talkin' abou'.
SH: Fightin' is everythin' good in life all in one package.
SH: Well
SH: not so much the dyin' part necessarily
AH: i'm not too sure you even know what girls are?
SH: What.
SH: Of course I do.
AH: so your saying that fighting is better than sex
AH: hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
SH: Depends. Although I will say tha' post-battle sex would probably be quite incredible.
SH: Haven't found tha womenfolk here though to test it.
SH: Horses are nae really my thing.
AH: you sure about that
AH: i'm sure you'd love to ride a horse or two
SH: Around 90%.
SH: Actually these horses dunnae take so well ta bein' ridden.
SH: I think they expect a fight or two more behind my belt before that's in the cards.
SH: Hard tae tell. This game designer musta fancied him some puzzles.
SH: A lot of 'em speak in crypticisms, if they have anythin' useful ta say at all.
SH: Besides, ye say ye hate fightin'
SH: wha' exactly do ye expect in this game anywhoo?
AH: survival
AH: like to not !#%$ die in a fire
SH: Och I guess that does explain some of the smoke.
SH: Thought ye had some exceptionally rowdy kitchenwork goin' on.
AH: i live in a church dude
AH: i dont even think this place has a kitchen
SH: Really?
SH: Seems bloody daft to me.
SH: How do ye eat withou' a kitchen?
AH: i'd agree with you but
SH: Actually more to tha point
AH: then i'd have to agree with you
SH: I'm jes'
SH: assumin' here tha' yer home isnae ordinarily on fire.
AH: yeah it does that
AH: i just pray really hard and it goes away
SH: Och, does it now!
SH: Tae yerself?
AH: yes
SH: I mean, God and all, righ'?
AH: right
AH: full circle
SH: And how do ye utilize yer divine will tae put tha flames ou'?
SH: Blow on i' some?
AH: no i throw holy water on it
AH: though i think i ran out a few fires ago
AH: ran out putting this cat out
SH: Och, I dunnae know wha' kinnae world tragedies a god's world would be classified as, bu'
SH: the life ye lead mus' be difficult.
AH: alas, my life is hard and the rewards are few
SH: Between stealin' and puttin' out felines.
SH: I'm assumin' taterSalad ye mentioned earlier is yer server player then?
AH: no
AH: other way around
SH: Och. So ye're still waitin'.
SH: Does that have somethin' ta do with yer
SH: seemingly imminent death by flamin'?
SH: Ye know unless ye begot a son and
SH: resurrect yerself of course.
AH: i'm not too sure
AH: you know
AH: i havent heard a meteor hit down in a while
SH: Meteor?
SH: Wha'?
AH: and all the screaming died down a while ago
SH: Is tha' a thing tha's happenin'?
AH: yeah
SH: !#%$.
AH: wow hey rude
AH: dont !#%$ swear man
SH: !#%$. Bloody !#%$' !#%$.
AH: hey now
SH: so what name should I furnish ye with? God's gonna get a little old soon.
AH: i guess you can call me Jack
SH: Och. Jack then. Nae a bad name.
AH: whats your name
AH: scottish stereotype?
SH: I mentioned i' before bu' I suppose ye probably dinnae notice in tha midst o' lampoonin' my accent.
SH: Rupert's tha name.
SH: Rupert Flammeus.
AH: Rupert
SH: Aye.
AH: that is surprisingly not as scottish as i would have expected
SH: Och, I get tha' sometimes.
SH: Och hey, tha person I was expectin' came on. I will hold ye to tha drinkin' when ye get in tha game, Jack.
SH: Best o' luck to ye in survivin' yer impending demise.
AH: yeah sure
SH: Try not tae die.
AH: good luck being useless
SH: Och, dunnae know abou' that one.

-- solitaryHighlander [SH] ceased pestering abscondingHazard [AH] --

Jack sat in front of his computer for a few seconds, pondering on what to do next. The cathedral would be fine for a few more hours. It was mostly made of stone, and even the roof was a sturdy material that didn't burn that easily. He knew that there was a large supply of holy water in the sub-basement, but that would require navigating down !#%$ wooden stairs that were more than likely on fire at this point.

Jack played with the kitten in his lap, pondering what to do next. Might as well see who some of these other chums are...


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Hamilton just SAT THERE, TALKING TO PEOPLE, like the DOOFUS HE IS. Also, because he has nothing better to do at the moment. I mean, he hasn't had his server player around in a while, and he lives in a half-house on a cliff overlooking a raging sea, what's he supposed to do? Climb the web to another cliff? Maybe later.

Regardless, it was at this point in time that he got a message from a new buddy. Yes, buddy is definitely the right word. 100%.

Spoiler: click to show
-- abscondingHazard [AH] began pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

AH: who the !#%$ is this
EV: It's, uh, extremeVelocity.
EV: It says right up there.
AH: i don't give a !#%$
AH: !#%$ you
EV: But you just
EV: well, alright.
AH: are you in the game yet
EV: Yeah.
EV: I was one of the first.
EV: I am pretty good at games, yeah!
AH: holy !#%$ this is precious
EV: Th
EV: Thank you?
AH: have you seen taterSalad
AH: don't !#%$ ignore me i hate that !#%$
AH: your probably off in gameland
AH: playing with yourself
AH: hey
AH: !#%$
EV: Oh, sorry, yeah, I've seen him, he was my server player.
AH: she
EV: He's a girl?
EV: Er
EV: She?
AH: yes i can confirm that he is a she
EV: Oh my.
EV: Erm, but yeah, I was just getting distracted by things, sorry.
AH: first world problems kid
EV: I don't think this place really counts as first-world, but sure.
EV: It's actually pretty terrible here.
AH: no look see
AH: you suck
AH: and your problems are insignificant
AH: so i hate you
AH: and shut up
EV: This place is actually pretty dangerous, so, I don't think it's that insignificant!
EV: Apparently there's even spiders around here.
AH: spiders?
AH: no one gives a !#%$ about spiders are you kidding
AH: spiders are just little bugs
EV: No, I mean really big spiders.
EV: Like, really, REALLY big!
AH: yeah im over here !#%$ shaking
AH: they're still bugs, just ignore them
EV: But they're hostile!
EV: Like, really hostile.
AH: tame them
AH: you could also kill them
AH: with weapons
AH: or whatever
AH: again
AH: i dont give a !#%$ about your first world problems
EV: Well, I did make this cool keyboard-chainsaw thing recently.
EV: But that still doesn't really make them less dangerous.
EV: Even if I haven't actually fought any myself yet, but...
AH: what are you
AH: scared of spiders
EV: Well, I mean...
EV: Of course not!
EV: But these ones are pretty dangerous!
EV: I mean, yeah, of course they shouldn't be a problem for me, like you were saying!
AH: oh yeah
AH: a big tough guy like you
EV: Exactly!
AH: mister scared of itty bitty little bugs
EV: I didn't say that!
EV: I mean, they are pretty dangerous, and HORRIBLE, GODLESS KILLING MACHINES!
EV: But, I mean
EV: Like I said, I'm good at games, so it's no big deal! Yes!
EV: Yes.
AH: sounds to me like your a !#%$ baddie and you don't know how to play video games
EV: Of course not!
AH: oh
EV: I beat them all the time!
AH: so you dont know what games are
AH: but you just said
EV: I'm good at games, I swear!
AH: what the !#%$ are you doing right now kid
EV: Uh...
EV: Was just talking with some people.
EV: Because they needed help, of course!
AH: im sure
AH: and it wasnt the other way around
AH: for sure
AH: right
EV: Yes.
EV: For sure.
AH: mm hm
AH: so.
AH: let me get this completely straight
AH: right
AH: this wrap up right here
AH: okay
AH: the jist of this story is
AH: you !#%$ suck at games
EV: No!
EV: I'm great at them!
EV: I was even making a guide for one before I got into this one.
AH: oh man
AH: lets see it then
EV: Well
EV: I didn't get the chance to make it.
EV: It was going to be great, though!
AH: so
EV: And it's a game lots of people have been having issues with!
AH: you made the idea of a guide
EV: A text-based adventure game sylladex, to be specific.
AH: wow that sounds like a super !#%$ system
AH: only losers would use that
EV: It's great!
EV: I mean, it's hard to use, but it's no issue for someone like me.
AH: prove it
AH: get something out of your dex right now
EV: Uh
EV: Sure thing!

With that, Hamilton nervously looked to his sylladex. This was going to be quite the adventure, he realized. Climbing around on those webs and exploring the land sounded like a pretty nice quest in comparison right about now.

Regardless, he knew he had to do it. His dignity as a gamer was at stake.


The room is dark. Dark as the heart of every soldier here, and you are no exception. The terrorists are moving in, and your comrades are dropping like flies, and you're practically just sitting in their web, waiting to be injected by their venom. You're on the 66th floor. Fitting, since you are indeed just one number away from Hell.

What will you do?

>Reload gun.

The gun clicks loudly as you reload it, shattering the deceptively serene silence around you as it shatters hopes and dreams every day with every pull of the trigger.

This click, however, also shatters hopes and dreams, for it let the enemy find you.

You are eaten by a terrorist grue.


Well, that ended quickly.

Time to do what gamers do best: lie about your achievements.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Yeah, I totally got something from it.
AH: what was it
EV: Uh...
EV: A magazine! Yep.
AH: what was the magazine
EV: Uh
EV: GameBro, sure.
AH: really, what issue
EV: Number 23.
AH: oh wow
AH: what a coincidence
AH: i have that issue
AH: let me turn to page 43
AH: could you read whats a the top for me
EV: Uhhh
EV: Whoops! It accidentally fell out of my house.
AH: what a shame
EV: Did I mention half my house is missing and hanging over a cliff? Because it is!
AH: first world problems kids
AH: i dont care about them
EV: But that's like the exact opposite of a first-world problem!
AH: so are you telling me that everyone has a house
EV: Well, no.
EV: Technically, I only have half a house at this point.
AH: wah wah
AH: i only have half a house
AH: talking to the guy who doesnt have a house at all
EV: Oh, I'm sorry.
AH: i bet
AH: you have a guardian too
EV: Well...
EV: Half a guardian, actually...
AH: so what you are saying is
AH: you still have one
AH: which
AH: again
AH: is more than i have
AH: and you are complaining about it to me
EV: Well, I mean...
EV: Half of one, but he said he'd be alright, but...
EV: I mean, I guess I'm sorry.
AH: man i don't need your apologies
AH: i dont need your !#%$ SYMPATHY
AH: god
EV: Alright, sorry.
AH: man im just !#%$ messin with you kid
AH: calm down
EV: Oh.
EV: Okay then, cool.
AH: dude what the !#%$ im homeless and my parents sold me, and you think thats cool? !#%$ you kid
EV: Erm
EV: I'm sorry!
AH: hahahaha
AH: jesus christ kid
AH: so when do i get to play this game
EV: Well, do you have a server player yet?
AH: no
EV: You need one of those first.
EV: I guess I could do it if you want.
AH: did you already bring someone into the game
EV: Yeah.
AH: !#%$ you can only server for one person
AH: well
AH: your only supposed to anyway
AH: you need a new disc if you wanted to server for me
EV: Oh.
EV: Right, of course!
EV: But yeah, you'll have to find someone to do it, then, I guess.
AH: so if you have half a house i guess the other half went somewhere else
EV: Oh, yeah.
EV: I mean, I don't think my sister's brought anyone in yet, but...
AH: sister huh
AH: hmm
EV: Yeah.
AH: yeah
AH: so what do you think about her
EV: Oh, she's really rad and nice.
AH: oh yeah
EV: Yeah!
AH: do you spend a lot of time together
EV: Yeah, all the time.
EV: I mean, not now, I guess...
AH: so i bet you guys do a lot of stuff together
EV: Yeah, all kinds of stuff.
EV: I help her with stuff all the time!
AH: interesting
AH: okay so this is important
AH: about how many times a day do you two make out
AH: on a scale of one to a lot
EV: What!
AH: makeouts
EV: She's my sister, I'd never make out with her!
EV: That's weird!
AH: why?
EV: Well, because... she's my sister! That's incest!
AH: and?
EV: And... that's weird!
AH: in case you havent noticed, the world is !#%$ exploded
AH: she's gonna be one of the only girls left
EV: Well, there are quite a few girls in the game with us, actually.
EV: Even before I knew taterSalad was one!
AH: like who
EV: counterfeitOrigins, I brought her into the game.
EV: And...
EV: One that became my girlfriend even!
AH: oh yeah?
EV: I mean... I was asleep, but...
AH: did she say that specifically
EV: It was real! I think...
EV: Oh, uh...
EV: Well, when I woke up, she was sitting on my chest! And we went on a walk together! And she said I was her prince even!
EV: I said I'd protect her!
EV: Oh... I said I'd protect her...
AH: great job kid your doing a fine job
AH: keep up the good !#%$
EV: Erm...
EV: Yeah, I did !#%$ that up...
AH: and just because you had a !#%$ romantic moment doesnt mean you can make out with her just yet
AH: you gotta smooth talk her
AH: look kid im pretty much an expert about this !#%$
AH: listen to me
EV: Oh really?
AH: yeah
AH: okay
AH: rule number one
AH: make sure you look like a huge !#%$ 100% of the time
AH: slick your hair back
AH: wear a leather jacket
EV: Well, I wear a hat.
AH: what kind of hat
EV: Uh...
EV: A backwards cap!
AH: mmhm
EV: I did just get a new... shirt, I think it is, from counterfeitOrigins, I don't know how well a jacket would go with it.
AH: wear it
AH: girls love !#%$ that looks dumb
AH: also make sure to make stupid faces all the time
EV: Yeah, I'm wearing it.
EV: Really?
AH: yep
EV: Like, what kind of stupid faces?
AH: the worst kinds of faces you can do
EV: That seems kind of weird, but alright.
AH: rule number two
AH: girls love it when you say you own them
AH: they love feeling like property
EV: Huh.
EV: That's also pretty weird, but I guess girls are pretty weird.
AH: yep!
AH: okay
AH: this is the most important rule
AH: make sure to give them my pesterchum and tell them that im really cool
EV: Haha, very funny.
AH: no no look kid
AH: if you say you know cool people
AH: then they will think you are cool!
EV: Oh, I guess that makes sense, actually.
EV: More than any of the other stuff, even.
EV: Thanks!
AH: it was the most important rule
AH: your welcome
EV: I'll be sure to use all of this next time.
AH: alright kiddo
AH: you better get going
AH: you have a great adventure ahead of you
EV: Oh, yeah!
AH: lots of spiders to cry about
AH: and girls to
AH: heh
EV: I'll be sure to beat them!
EV: The
EV: The spiders, not the girls.
AH: oh
AH: yeah
AH: sure
EV: I mean, unless they like that too?
EV: No, what am I saying, that's terrible!
AH: no don't hit the girls
EV: Okay, yeah, good.
AH: especially in the face dont hit them in the face
EV: Yeah, I won't.
EV: Thanks again!
EV: See you!
AH: yeah sure kid

-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering abscondingHazard [AH] --

See? I told you buddy was the right word.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: !#%$ idiot

-- abscondingHazard [AH] ceased pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

... Yep.

Regardless, Hamilton was eager to try out these new... tactics. After a moment of thought, he decided the best course of action would be to try going to sleep.

So he plopped on his bed and did just that.

ssshh only dreams now

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Ali continued walking toward the strange house, almost in a daze. It wasn't until she noticed the cat ears on her headband computer were twitching that she snapped out of it. I guess that means I have a new message.

Spoiler: click to show
-- catgirlCutie [CC] began pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

CC: Hiya <3
CC: ...Are you alive?
CC: I hope you made it in a session
CC: It would be bad if you didnt </3

CO: oh no im here
CO: sorry about that
CO: this swamp is dis-orient-ing

CC: Oh you made it in!
CC: Thats good <3

CO: i cant believe you guys didnt let me in ):
CC: Were sorry!
CC: We thought that guy that told us knew you...
CC: It sure seemed like they did

CO: well its okay now i guess
CC: So tell me... who did you end up playing with?
CO: i just got thrown into a random game
CO: ive been making friends with some of the other players

CC: Thats cool!
CC: Whats it like?

CO: i dont like this world im on very much
CO: but fighting is kinda fun
CO: and meeting new people too!
CO: weve been making weapons and building houses and fighting monsters

CC: Woah really?
CO: yeah, havent you?
CC: Not exactly...
CO: what do you mean?
CC: Well
CC: Building houses is too expensive
CC: And even then there really isnt any where to build to
CC: Alchemy is also kind of expensive but its more affordable than building
CC: Fighting skeletons is the worst part
CC: Theyre really hard to kill and they dont drop much build grist

CO: build grist?
CO: dont you mean gushers?

CC: Yeah they kind of look like gushers
CO: what do you mean by skeletons?
CO: arent their other types of monsters?

CC: No just different types of skeletons
CO: thats really weird
CO: anyway im checking out this weird place
CO: so ill get back to you later
CO: next time we talk invite me to the group memo

CC: Ok see ya! <3

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering catgirlCutie [CC] --

As Ali finished the conversation she realized she was at the door to the green building. I guess I'm not seeing things.

Despite being on an alien world without other humans, she still felt compelled to knock on the door.


O-oh, my, this won't do. I think Imagethe Imagemaster is not ready for company. Not yet.

Spoiler: click to show
A single rap-rap-rap echoes through the hill.
The echoes produce a slight thrill
For aside from them, the land felt...still.

Ali could look around, but would notice nothing but silence. This log felt unneeded, as only the readerImage would see it. As if, for the moment, the time was not yet here for this building to become relevant.

The silence would continue for a long time. Yet, the building definitely felt it was...occupied. Would Ali be content to continue her investigation into this building? Would the occupier open up with frequent harrassment, with repeated annoyance, with a lady hell bent on finding the truth within this mysterious mansion of unknown machinations?Image

((OOC: Maybe. Shall we find out, dear reader?Image
Oh shut up, I am aware.))


Alex noticed his conversational partner had stopped responding mid-sentence. As troubling as this would normally be, he just assumed something had came up.

The previous talk with trivialCelebration had him thinking about his Scottish friend, the supposed other player. He messaged him to see whats up.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] began pestering solitaryHighlander [SH] --

AP: Hey, bro!
AP: I'm in the game.
SH: Och, lad, is tha' so now?!
SH: Wonderful!
SH: How's it been so far?
AP: Pretty cool. Got this sandy maze place.
AP: What about you? Thought you said we were gonna meet.
SH: Och, a maze. Tha' sounds kind of interestin'.
SH: Och I thought so myself
SH: although mebbe I dunnae know thes game as well as I thought.
SH: I was actually lookin' to speak with ye myself, boyo.
SH: Jes' got done takin' over a fortress!
SH: Though' it'd be a good time ta check in.
SH: Ye know before the celebratory grogdrinkin'.
AP: So are you in my session then?
SH: Aye, lad.
AP: Cause I guess you didn't connect to anyone?
AP: Oh, alright then.
SH: I did nae, this is true.
SH: Although I confess this is a wee bit strange.
SH: Are ye tha only one in the game?
AP: Uh, I guess most of us are.
SH: ...Curious.
AP: Yeah so, you remember that beastie I was fighting?
SH: Och, right, I totally forgot!
SH: How did tha' go? Did yae rip it a new !#%$?
AP: Haha thought I did, but it wasn't as down as I thought.
AP: I guess its my sprite now.
SH: ...Och. Hahahahaha. Must be quite a sprite I'll bet.
AP: Yeah its also...
AP: Part monkey I guess?
AP: Damn things keep annoying me.
SH: ...Ha. A monkey and a beastie.
SH: An interestin' combination.
SH: I suppose tha's one way ta end a rivalry.
AP: Hes... still a trouble maker.
AP: Just a less deadly one.
SH: A troublemaker, hmm? I suppose tha's possible.
SH: Mine's a bi' less fer tha hijinks.
SH: More of a dignified sort o'
AP: Yeah, I getcha.
SH: if I do say so myself if I can call myself tha' yet
SH: vice-general.
AP: So how are we gonna meet anyway?
AP: After the day I've been having
AP: Booze is sounding pretty great.
SH: Ye know, I dunno. I'd certainly like tae. I wonder if our areas are connected somehow.
SH: Although I confess
SH: I've yet ta here of any sort o' desert.
SH: Or even sand.
SH: Still trees, castles, an' thes bloody fog as far as the eye can see.
AP: I haven't got any of that either.
AP: And I guess other people have got their own places.
SH: Huh.
SH: Curiouser and curiouser.
SH: I confess other than tha battle I jes' waged
SH: thes game doesnae quite seem to operate as I expected it might.
AP: I'm still trying to figure out what the goal is.
AP: Best idea I got involves these portals over my house.
SH: Och I guess a maze wouldnae have a ready goal, huh.
SH: Portals huh?
SH: I dunnae know anythin' about that.
SH: Sounds kinda excitin'.
AP: I've yet to check it out.
AP: My house is on this big pillar.
AP: It overlooks everything.
SH: Ha. A precarious position then, huh?
SH: Ye're okay though, righ'?
SH: It's nae abou' ta fall?
AP: A little battered, but no worse for the wear.
SH: Whew.
AP: And the house is perched fine too.
SH: Sorry, jes' talked ta someone who was blabbin' about meteors and his house on fire.
SH: Was almos' like a woman fer a momen' there.
AP: Oh !#%$, that sounds pretty bad.
AP: He okay?
SH: I'll say. Dunnae remember any of tha' sorta thing myself.
SH: Seems ta be in good shape.
SH: Waitin' on his server player.
SH: Hope he gets through to him soon.
SH: If nae, then I cannae drink his hooded ass under tha table!
AP: He's probably waiting on my client player to connect.
AP: I'm not really sure what happened to him.
AP: I think I'm having problems with the viewing window.
SH: Is tha' so? Soun's a wee bit rough of a game fer ye lot.
AP: Haha, yeah.
SH: Perhaps it's fer tha best I dinnae have ta wrangle with thes.
SH: 's far as I can tell, my goal doesnae involve any portals or the like
SH: apparently there's some beastie or somethin' of tha like out there
SH: goes by tha name
SH: Balor
AP: Wow, sounds hardcore dude.
SH: and apparently I got ta fight him or somethin' of tha' sort after I conquer enough of the people here.
SH: Or befriend them through combat.
SH: Dunnae wanna soun' like
SH: an iron-fisted tyrant here, har!
AP: Maybe I'll be able to help if I figure out a way over there.
AP: I'm about to head out actually.
AP: I'm just making some weapons and !#%$.
SH: Och, what kind o' weapons?
SH: Fer tha' matter
SH: makin' weapons? I dinnae know ye were a blacksmith.
AP: I'm just mixing my bat with things and seeing what happens.
AP: Haha, nah.
AP: I'm using the game's machines.
SH: Machines? Huh. I dinnae know those things were usable.
SH: I've seen some lyin' around myself bu'...
SH: Och. Guess i's a good thing I'm well-armed then.
AP: Well, its always cool making weapons better.
AP: I can show you the ropes once I get over there.
SH: Would ye now? That'd be bloody great.
SH: Nothin' like a bigger boomstick.
AP: Yeah.
SH: Well I dunnae wanna keep ye if ye're at work. I imagine if I let ye go we'll meet up soon enough anyways.
SH: Jes wanted ta touch base with ye
SH: while I'm still able tae easily.
AP: Good timing, I was just about to head out.
SH: Things migh' get more rough once the real fightin' starts.
SH: Plus I think I hear my men
SH: horsemen tha' is
AP: Going to see what these lizard dudes have to say about the game
SH: makin' some sorta commotion.
AP: Since they don't look too monstery.
SH: Lizards, eh?
SH: Stranger and stranger.
SH: Ye're conditions do sound so much different.
SH: Mebbe it's part of that server player thing or somethin'.
AP: Yeah, I don't really gets whats up with this game.
SH: In any case, ye tend to yer lizards, and I'll tend ta my grog. I'll touch base with ye as soon as I can
AP: I'll see ya around, hopefully.
SH: hopefully it'll be fer real
SH: instead of over thes chat client.
SH: Farewell, laddie!

-- solitaryHighlander [SH] ceased pestering audaciousPrizefighter [AP] --

Alex gathered his weapons and then began attempting to ascend what parts of the house TC built while they were still online.

He's back and slower than ever.

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Hamilton jolted awake, jerking upright as he tried to call out the name of his "girlfriend," only to realize he still didn't even know it. With a frown, he stood up, looking around to find himself in the same street he was in with her last time. At least, he assumed so. They all looked purple and samey to him. The girl herself, however, was nowhere to be found, nor was anyone, for that matter.

It was then that Hamilton finally noticed the one thing that did accompany him on this street: a post-it note attached to his chest. After a bit of fiddling in trying to grab it with his closed sleeves (those spider-leg sleeves never stopped being a thing), he quickly read over it.

It was... less than pleasant.

I'd say Hamilton donned a depressed expression, but no, he already had one. It didn't intensify, either, no: his face did not move one bit. Indeed, it stayed perfectly still, staring at the note. His eyes did not move over it, no, he had easily finished reading it already. He simply... stared. Eventually, however, there was one change: his eyes grew watery.

"Way to screw it up, loser."

Surprised, Hamilton stood up, turned around, wiped his eyes, and pocketed the note, all in one motion. His surprised didn't stop there, however, for the source of voice was quite alarming in itself.

It was himself.

Albeit considerably... cooler. He wore a slick leather jacket combined with the crazy belt shirt Hamilton wore as his awake (?) self, but it looked far less crazy on this individual, seeming much more composed as it buckled the two sides of the jacket together, while still remaining open like a cool guy. The individual, the cool guy also adorned some roughed-up jeans, an incredibly rad pair of shades, and most eye-catching of all (at least to Hamilton) was his hat. It was the same propeller cap as his own, worn backwards and all, but rather than the faded vivid colors his own had, the Cool Guy's hat was a sleek black.

"Yeah, I know I look swag as !#%$, but seriously, take that goofy look off your face, it's embarrassing." the cool guy said with a smirk.

Oh man. Hamilton didn't even know what swag was, but it sounded amazing.

The cool guy shook his head with a sigh, but his smirk stayed ever-present all the same as he went on, "Probably is better that you keep silent, less chance of saying something stupid that way." The cool guy looked back up towards Hamilton, now, his smirk evaporating in favor of a much more serious expression, now speaking much more sternly with, "Seriously, though you !#%$ up with her. Just like you've !#%$ up with pretty much everyone. Your server player abandoned you, and you didn't even know she was a girl. Hell, that's probably WHY she abandoned you! You nearly killed counterfeitOrigins with your !#%$ building, and then made her use some stupid gimmicky !#%$, and now she's no doubt running off to abandon you, too. And that's not even mentioning how even your sister's gone. Your damn SISTER! Jesus, it's great that that angry dude helped you out so much, but it's probably too late now. You're already all alone."

Hamilton simply stood there, taking it. His solemn expression certainly returned, and it wasn't long before the tears started to also make their grand reappearance. Before they could leak out, though, they were wiped away once again as he took a much more confidant-looking stance, stepping forward with one fit and raising a fist as his face grew angry. "That's not true!" he shouted, "That's... not true."

The cool guy sighed and shook his head once again, the smirk also making its own grand reappearance. Looking up again, he answered, "I guess you're right. Sure as Hell's not by choice, though." With that, he pointed straight up.

Confused, Hamilton looked upwards. Upon seeing what the cool guy was referencing, he stumbled back on to his bottom, his face lighting up with shock. Horrorterrors.

The cool guy chuckled. "Relax, they're harmless. As far as you're concerned, at least." he explained, "Go ahead, try to talk to them."

Confused and still a little shocked, Hamilton let out a meek, "... Hello?" to the sky.

In reply, it seemed as though all the horrorterrors looked in unison directly at him. Hamilton's eyes widened, and if he could, he would've fallen back again. After a moment of complete silence, however, they all seemed to turn away in unison.

"Exactly." the cool guy said, crossing his arms, "Not even monsters want to associate themselves with someone as pathetic as you."

And thus, Hamilton's expression returned once again to its solemn state. After another moment of staring into the sky, he looked back down to the cool guy. "What do I do, then?" he asked, his voice devoid of emotion.

"My advice?" the cool guy rhetorically asked, holding out his arms as if he were about to shrug, "Kill yourself."

Hamilton winced at that... but he did not object. "How would I even do that?" he went on to ask.

The cool guy's smirk returned stronger than ever as he moved his fingers into a snapping position, then answered with, "Well, there's a !#%$ of ways, but I know the perfect one for you. First, though, we need to..." Snap.


"... wake up."

Suddenly, Hamilton jolted awake for about the hundredth time today, finding himself back in his bed in the waking (?) world. The cool guy, however, was still there, standing right next to the bed. Not wasting another moment, he grabbed Hamilton by the shoulder, pulling him up and dragging him along into the hallway, stopping at where the house had split. "Take a good look." he said, placing Hamilton in front of himself.

And a good look Hamilton did indeed take. Water, cliffs, webbing... what else was there to see? Wait... were those birds in the water? They were! He hadn't noticed those before. Still, though, Hamilton wasn't sure what he was supposed to see in a bunch of drowned birds.

"For you're going to be sleeping with the birdies." the cool guy finished, pushing Hamilton off the edge.

Hamilton tried his best to recompose himself from the shock of the push, feeling a bit annoyed. That feeling evaporated in an instant, though, when his brain finally realized what just happened, leading to nothing short of an ear-splitting scream. As he fell, though, Hamilton saw something below him, a bit off to the side. It was coming up towards right below him, though, and quickly, leaving a silvery trail behind it. "Wait, is that the abominable--" he began to think, but quickly shook his head as he reached his hands out towards the trail, grabbing on to it as he found himself reaching it much more quickly than he realized.

Fortunately for Hamilton, this trail was incredibly sticky, doing most the gripping for him, since he'd no doubt slip off it with how fast he was going, although he found himself still going down all the same. He was starting to arc, now, though--indeed, he was swinging. The confusion of the trail's appearance finally moving aside, Hamilton was quick to go right back to that horrible scream as he realized he was still far from safe and still moving incredibly fast. As he began to straighten up from the swing's arc, he realized he was running out of space between him and the water, and fast, which did nothing to alleviate his scream--quite the opposite, really. As the swing reached the middle of its arc, Hamilton closed his eyes shut tight, feeling his feet skid the water. The feeling leaving, he peaked out of one eye (still screaming, at that), finding himself now on the up-swing. Still didn't stop the screaming, though.

A few more moments of this later, Hamilton finally found himself swinging right over another cliff, the momentum finally stopping him just over it, and the web (yeah, I didn't mention it was web, but who am I trying to kid, you know it's web) loosening out just enough for him to gently fall right on to it. Well, relatively gently--his back was probably going to be feeling that for a while, but he wasn't splattered like a bug.

"Yeah, this'll do." the cool guy said, suddenly standing right over Hamilton. As he looked around, Hamilton realized he was laying on a strange structure: it was some kind of large stone slab that vaguely resembled a bed, four tall poles on each corner. Most curious of all, though, was that it was pink in color. "So you gonna off yourself or what?" the cool guy asked, getting a bit impatient.

Hamilton simply stared for a moment with a look of bewilderment before finally working up the will to say, "Wha--, I survived the fall, how would I even kill myself at this point?"

The cool guy rolled his eyes, letting out another sigh. "You have a weapon, right? It's about time it saw some use." he replied, sounding annoyed.

"Oh... yeah..." Hamilton practically muttered, pulling out his chainsaw keyboard. After a slight hesitation, he yanked on the cord, revving it up. The next moment seemed to last for an eternity, the chainsaw keyboard tearing at the air mere inches above Hamilton. After what at least felt like infinite deliberation, he finally...

... threw the keyboard aside, sitting up on the mockery of a bed. "N-no!" he shouted, tears once again forming in his eyes, but this time actually leaking down his face, even if it was impossible to tell amongst all the rain. "I won't do it!" he continued to shout, letting out a sob.

The cool guy let out yet another sigh, this one far heavier than any of his previous ones. "I guess I should've known you're too pathetic to even kill yourself." he said with audible disappointment, turning and walking away.

"W-wait!" Hamilton shouted with a sniffle, "Who even are you?! And how am I supposed to even get back from here?!"

The cool guy stopped in his tracks, letting out a chuckle. "Now you ask." he began. "You can call me Doctor Funtimes. And you're still attached to that web, I'm sure you can climb back or something, even you couldn't manage to fall from that thing." he explained, his voice suddenly back to its usual apathetic tone, "But enough of that. Smell ya later."

And with that, Doctor Funtimes jumped off the edge of the cliff, at which Hamilton simply stared.

Stared, and cried.

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Raxy wrote:
O-oh, my, this won't do. I think Imagethe Imagemaster is not ready for company. Not yet.

Spoiler: click to show
A single rap-rap-rap echoes through the hill.
The echoes produce a slight thrill
For aside from them, the land felt...still.

Ali could look around, but would notice nothing but silence. This log felt unneeded, as only the readerImage would see it. As if, for the moment, the time was not yet here for this building to become relevant.

The silence would continue for a long time. Yet, the building definitely felt it was...occupied. Would Ali be content to continue her investigation into this building? Would the occupier open up with frequent harrassment, with repeated annoyance, with a lady hell bent on finding the truth within this mysterious mansion of unknown machinations?Image

((OOC: Maybe. Shall we find out, dear reader?Image
Oh shut up, I am aware.))

Ali stood at the door for a moment or so before realizing that no one would answer.

What a strange place, she thought.

Behind the 'mysterious mansion of unknown machinations' the young girl found a small back door. She walked up to it and knocked once again, thinking she will have better lu--
Spoiler: click to show
It would only be a split second, but when the door suddenly opened right into Ali's face, it would be all that was needed. The blunt force would cause her to fall to the ground in a heap, as everything around her faded to black.

She would not hear the alarming shriek.
She would not feel the gauze being tenderly adjusted over her small wound.
And she would not see the enveloping mist surrounding the building.
She would only see darkness.

For a time.

For light doth tend to shine far and near in the city of light,
If one simply opened their eyes.

He's back and slower than ever.

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Time is an imovable hourglass. And so too is the lifetime of every thing, living and not, like one.

It flows like sand eternally. And as with all hourglasses, only a limited amount of sand exists. Over time, less and less sand is able to move...until eventually, even the seemingly limitless hourglass of the universe is snuffed out.

But what if the hourglass was not imovable? What if one could, with a single grasp of a mighty hand, pick up their hourglass?

If one could turn the tides of fate, if one could reverse the hourglass of time...then they would be as immortals.

And if one could recieve access to every hourglass...

Then they would be unto a god.

How was it that she had gotten here?

It had been a normal day in the life of HEATHER MILES. She was relaxing like she tended too when her sister be gone. She was a bit more excited than usual, though, since her sis was going to also bring her freshly arrived game with her. And so it did arrive.

But what a mess it had been after that! Falling moon rocks, silly boys, Internet Tough Guys who may or may not be hardened criminals of the highest caliber and, of course, wild and reckless gunplay that could easily result in the irrevocable loss of life simply as a lifestyle choice.

And thus was how we arrived here...


What happened? Heather asked herself. She had shot that weird hourglass, which she noted was now gone, there was a bright flash and...

Laptopsprite continues to just kind of stand around. Well, nothing seems to have happened. Maybe you should go look outside your w-

...A desert?

She rushes outside of her door, pistol at the ready, as this is all something gratuitously suspicious that should not be taken lightly or unarmed. Checking her blindspots as she advanced, she came to the front door, opening it up...

The Land of Sand and Glass

...This is...

Wind blows, kicking sand into her face, Heather bringing her arm to attempt and shield her eyes. What the hell was a desert doing in New York?

This was a serious issue. A serious issue that required serious action. With serious thinking. The kind of serious thinking one can't do while sand blows in their face and they're panicking. And so Heather ran back to her room at a breakneck pace, quickly devouring some packs of gushers. This reminded her of her conversation with Internet Tough Guy. This also reminded her of the fact that that piping still needed to be fixed.

Which then reminded her, oh yeah, she should probably at least tell that guy she was okay. Good thing her computer was right there!

Spoiler: click to show
-- taterSalad [TS] is no longer idle! --
TS: Hello?
AH: whoa hey its you
AH: and your not dead
TS: Indeed. I am as surprised as you are.
AH: i wasnt worried at all
AH: you can handle yourself
AH: your a grown-up
AH: etc
TS: Right...
TS: ...I am quite flummoxed, though.
AH: oh yeah?
TS: I appear to be surrounded by a desert.
AH: i can see that
TS: There are not a lot of deserts in New York.
AH: wait
AH: new york?
TS: That's where I live.
AH: state or city
AH: or are you a long island snob
TS: Pfff, Long Island. Not a chance.
TS: Manhattan.
AH: Oh yeah?
AH: !#%$ i could throw stones through your window i bet
TS: You're from New York yourself, then.
AH: yeah
AH: you know that big cathedral that was condemned?
AH: the one that gangs used to hang out around, right in the bronx
TS: Vaguely.
AH: yeah
AH: thats me
AH: !#%$
TS: Huh. I see.
AH: well whatever no use whining about it now
AH: your in the game
AH: hey did your sister or whoever make it in?
TS: I believe so. She was in the house, at least. I haven't checked yet.
TS: I basically ran outside, freaked out, ate some gushers and came in to tell you, yeah hey I'm alive.
AH: hm
AH: well you should assess that situation in a bit
AH: i heard from one of the other chumps that there are some enemies in the game
TS: Hm.
TS: I should take some spare ammunition, then. Just in case.
-- taterSalad [TS] opens a drawer in her desk the computer on. That is far too much spare ammunition for a sane young adult person to keep in their desk. --
AH: seems legit
TS: And how is everything on your end?
-- taterSalad [TS] grabs about 5 spare cartridges to bring with her. --
AH: burning to death, etc
AH: you know, great stuff
AH: still trying to figure out how i'm gonna get into this game
TS: I presume you just need to find somebody to play with you. Anyone will work.
AH: can i get you to play with me
TS: I don't think so, since I'm a player already.
AH: s'okay
AH: maybe we can play with each other later
TS: I think you need a lot more practice before you're ready for this difficulty level.
AH: yeah whatever kid
AH: anyway
AH: once your done pretending you know what your doing grabbing 9mm ammo for a 10mm gun
AH: you should go over to that alchewhatever machine
-- taterSalad [TS] checks her ammo to make sure she did, in fact, get the right ammo. --
TS: What does it even do?
AH: well
AH: you can clone stuff first off
AH: and make more gushers by deleting stuff
AH: you can also
AH: like
AH: combine your cards
AH: i
AH: dont really know what that means
AH: i just remember my mentor talking about, and I quote
AH: "stupid card !#%$ no one cared about"
TS: I see.
TS: I will muck around with it then. And check on my sister.
AH: right
AH: hey so
AH: you are alright, right
AH: you dont have like
AH: radiation or whatever
AH: or you dont have 6 toes now
AH: because if you havent !#%$ noticed kid
AH: your in the middle of a desert
AH: and you used to be in new york
TS: I seem to be unharmed.
AH: you sure
TS: Yeah.
AH: i think
TS: I thought you weren't worried? :)
AH: you should get undressed
AH: and we can make sure you are ok
-- taterSalad [TS] eyeroll. --
AH: hey i wasnt worried alright
AH: it doesnt effect me either way if you were ok or not
AH: but
AH: you seem like a nice enough kid
AH: even if your career choices are !#%$
AH: i wouldnt want to wish death on you
TS: Thanks. I think.
TS: ...
TS: By the way, my name is Heather.
AH: Jack
AH: but you can call me God
TS: Alright then, Dog.
AH: euh
AH: euuuugh
AH: if you are going to refer to me as any kind of animal
AH: don't call me dog
TS: Alright.
AH: anyway
AH: hey i want to test something
TS: What is it?
AH: get up on the alchething
AH: i want to see if i can delete you
TS: ...
TS: That seems horribly dangerous.
AH: humor me
TS: Assure me I'll be undeleted first.
TS: I like existing.
AH: i'm not actually going to do it
AH: i want to see if i have the option to
TS: Okay, sure, why not.
AH: i want to see what this game does
-- taterSalad [TS] TO THE ALCHETHING! --
AH: hm
AH: thats interesting
AH: so the game recognizes that you are a player, and won't allow me to delete you
AH: man
AH: i just wanted to get you up here so i could delete your clothes, but i cant do that either
TS: Seems logical. It'd be bad if the players all just deleted each other.
TS: I presume you can't unless they're already off.
AH: yeah
TS: Did you try selecting the clothes and not me?
AH: it treats you as one entity
TS: Ah.
TS: ...
AH: probably why this game is still a beta
TS: Why did I just try to help you with that, anyway?
AH: the interface is a little !#%$
AH: well
AH: it helps me realize what i can and cant do with this system
AH: for instance
AH: i can't just carry you everywhere
AH: and i cant see too far out from your house
AH: so if you go too far away, your on your own
TS: Hm. I see.
AH: i also can't
AH: just encase you in block
AH: or seal off any rooms you are in
TS: Presumably because it would make the game unwinnable.
AH: yeah
AH: but this is just basic game stuff
AH: okay look
AH: i'm gonna start building your house upwards
AH: because theres a glowy up there
TS: Can you fix the water problem?
TS: I'd prefer not to be flooded.
AH: yeah i got it
-- abscondingHazard [AH] a loud crashing sound is heard from the bathroom, and the tub is set next to Heather --
AH: !#%$
TS: ...
TS: You're a horrible plumber.
-- abscondingHazard [AH] cleans the bathroom up --
AH: okay so
AH: there
AH: uh
AH: sans a few working
AH: items
AH: the bathroom is fixed
TS: We can worry about those... later.
AH: you need to start crafting an arsenal
AH: hang on
AH: i have a few explosive items laying around
AH: let me send you a txt file of all the captchas
AH: oh !#%$
AH: i have a tank shell?
AH: where did this come from
TS: A tank, I'm guessing.
AH: yeah uh
AH: i totally fought one of those
AH: and beat it
AH: one handed
TS: With a box of scraps.
AH: okay here
-- abscondingHazard [AH] sends file !#%$.txt --
-- taterSalad [TS] recieves it. --
TS: Thank you.
AH: i added a few codes for some clothes too
AH: some designer stuff
AH: you know, things i had lying around
TS: They're going to be horribly sexual, I presume.
AH: well
AH: no actually
AH: well okay there is one outfit that is basically strings
AH: but
AH: the rest is all main brand designer !#%$
AH: that i
AH: "bought"
AH: for just such an occasion
TS: That is, of course, the first thing somebody would buy for...I dunno, moon rock death.
-- taterSalad [TS] is looking out a window as they talk now. --
AH: well
AH: i was thinking more of
AH: a girl needs new threads so she doesnt look like she just stepped out of a noir film
AH: whats so interesting out there
TS: Well, the sky is like...daytime, but the only thing out is the moon.
TS: It's weird.
TS: Not to mention it looks shattered...it's like somebody painted a sky on glass.
AH: i cant see it
AH: maybe it is glass?
TS: It could be.
TS: ...Anyway, thanks for the clothes. I'll see what they look like, I guess.
TS: Might as well do that now.
TS: We have a good supply of gushers, right?
AH: uhhhhh
AH: yeah
AH: for some reason
AH: your bed gave us loads of gushers
TS: Alright. Let's see here...
-- taterSalad [TS] looks at some of the codes. Quick question: Are the codes marked or is it just INPUT !#%$ AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS? --
AH: i didnt mark any !#%$ kid, its all you
AH: go nuts
AH: also im hoping you try them all on
AH: every last one
TS: You just want to see the one that's strings.
AH: no
AH: yes
TS: Alright, well, here goes...uh...something.
-- taterSalad [TS] slaps the captcha code in to create something. She, of course, creates one of the OUTFITS first. In particular, she creates the DARK STRINGED BIKINI. In normal Homestuck alchemania, the outfit is of course previewed on it's user and kept on until another outfit is put on. Or it's changed. --
TS: ...
AH: screenshot
TS: Why would you need a screenshot?
AH: uh
TS: Oh, I suppose you mean you taking one.
AH: yeah
AH: i mean
AH: no
AH: never
AH: thats
AH: nah
AH: not me
TS: I suppose I have something for if I run into any water in this place, though.
AH: god damn you do
AH: i mean
AH: yeah whatever
-- taterSalad [TS] laughs. --
TS: You don't know how to actually react to this, do you?
AH: i'm trying to not be a !#%$ right now
AH: mostly because this could very well be the last thing i see before dying to meteors
AH: just savoring the moment kid, thats all
TS: I see. Well, anyway, next code...
-- taterSalad [TS] the next code creates a beautiful, somewhat sparkly, long black dress. Heather whistles. --
TS: This is nice. Not very practical, but nice.
AH: oh
AH: yeah uh
AH: that one is
AH: special
TS: Special, hm?
AH: yeah uh
AH: nevermind
AH: its nothing
TS: No, go on.
TS: I'm interested.
AH: ugh
-- taterSalad [TS] she even does the interested eyebrow raise. --
AH: look
AH: i'm a theif
AH: i steal !#%$
AH: thief
AH: whatever
AH: i
AH: didnt steal that dress
AH: i bought it
AH: with money that i earned
AH: alright
AH: thats it
TS: That's it?
AH: well
AH: its
AH: its a nice dress
AH: whatever
TS: Did you buy it for someone?
AH: no
AH: look
AH: just put on the next damn thing
AH: !#%$
AH: nosy detectives
TS: Well, it is my job to be nosy.
-- taterSalad [TS] NEXT CAPTCHA PRODUCES...a tank shell. --
AH: heh
TS: ...Hm. You said something about combining cards, right?
AH: yeah
AH: i bet you can make like
AH: tank 10mm bullets
TS: I'm going to try something stupid.
TS: Let's see...
-- taterSalad [TS] combines the TANK SHELL and the LONG BLACK DRESS to create...the TANK SHELL DRESS. It's a dress made out of a bunch of small tank shells. --
AH: hm
AH: i bet
AH: if you spin really fast
AH: you can throw those everywhere
AH: and it wont backfire and explode on you
TS: Let's not test that theory.
-- taterSalad [TS] in goes another code. It creates a slick skirt, a sweet black shirt and a kickass jacket. --
AH: huh
AH: i forgot about that outfit combo
TS: It's pretty nice.
TS: Seems great for killin' some...whatever the enemies in this game are.
AH: yeah, you got me kid
AH: all i know is they get stonger
AH: stronger
AH: let me just continue to miss all my keys
TS: Well, hopefully I can level fast enough to keep pace.
-- taterSalad [TS] the next code creates some...goggles. They look useful for keeping sand out of her eyes. --
AH: sweet goggles
AH: i bet you can find a hat to combo those with
TS: ...Hm. I was actually thinking of something else.
TS: Excuse me a moment.
-- taterSalad [TS] leaves the alchemiter room. --
-- taterSalad [TS] captchas her computer, checks the code, then uncaptchas it. She returns to the room, combining the COMPUTER and the GOGGLES to create the COMPUGOGGLES. --
TS: Sweet. Portable.
AH: put them on
-- taterSalad [TS] is already wearing them! --
TS: Bluh!
-- taterSalad [TS] turns the brightness down. --
AH: hehehe
TS: Very funny.
-- taterSalad [TS] the next few codes are some of those explosive items Jack sent her. --
AH: make yourself some different kinds of bullets
AH: or
AH: just use the explosives
TS: Explosive bullets.
AH: yep
-- taterSalad [TS] and thus began the melding of bullet and boom. --
-- taterSalad [TS] might be having a bit too much fun making these. --
AH: yeah you sure as hell look like you are having fun
AH: but just remember
AH: you are on somewhat of a clock here
TS: Yes, yes.
AH: i've finished building a few tiers to your house
AH: so you can go look at the glowy in the sky
AH: or
AH: you can go explore outside your house
AH: whichever
TS: Exploring is probably important.
TS: They wouldn't give you a big, open world like this if you weren't meant to explore it.
AH: maybe
AH: to be honest
AH: it just looks like empty desert to me
-- taterSalad [TS] while talking gets the captcha code to one of her pistols. She combines it and the COMPUGOGGLES to... create the COMPUGOGGLE PISTOLS. They have a targetting system built in to the goggles! --
TS: There's some glass stuff, too.
AH: pff
AH: you should first probably check on your sister
TS: Right, yes.
TS: And you should get back on, you know, not dying a fiery death.
AH: well
AH: first i have to make your house look like a death fortress
AH: actually
AH: i think i can use the malfunctioning bathroom to make some water pool around the house
AH: but yeah
AH: i also need to save my own life
AH: good luck kid
TS: I wonder if there's a way to clean that water...anyway, talk to you soon.
AH: yeah whatever

-- abscondingHazard [AH] ceased pestering taterSalad [TS] --


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As Shammy wakes up, she finds her vision overwhelmed with a golden shine from all sides. Squinting from the brightness, she rubs her eyes a bit before getting up, looking at her surroundings. "Is where this...?" she mutters to herself as she walks over to a nearby window. Her mind still a bit hazy from having just awoken, she climbs out the window and jumps up and out without another thought, suddenly finding herself hovering in the air. "Oh!" she exclaims as her mind snaps into reality, more than a bit surprised at this result. As she looks around, she spots a rather odd-looking girl floating towards her.

Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] flys up to TC. --
CO: hi!
TC: oh!
TC: hello!
CO: recognize me?
TC: no...
TC: im sorry
TC: should i?
CO: kekeke
CO: i recognize you
TC: oh
TC: so i do know you from somewhere?
CO: yes
CO: you're...
CO: trivialCelebration
CO: arent you?
TC: oh!
TC: yeah!
TC: kind of weird to hear that name out loud, though
TC: you can call me shammy!
TC: who are you then?
CO: well shammy
CO: you see
CO: i am
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] spins around --
CO: counterfeitOrigins
TC: oh cool!
TC: awesome to meet you then!
TC: whats your actual name? or is that your actual name? hehe thatd be pretty weird
CO: what no
CO: its Ali
TC: oh cool!
TC: speaking of weird
TC: you also look kind of odd
TC: whats up with that?
TC: like youre pretty pale
TC: are you sick or something?
TC: i mean i guess its more of a grey really which is even weirder
TC: are you dead or something? hehe
CO: no
CO: its because i have a skin condition
TC: oh im sorry!
TC: is that why your hairs white too?
TC: or are you secretly like a hundred years old? hehe
CO: ...im going to say yes
CO: to the first one
TC: ah alright
CO: is white not a normal hair color?
TC: no i dont think so
TC: its nothing serious or anything right? youre going to be okay?
CO: yes
TC: okay whew good
CO: though while were talking about odd things
CO: do you see those pictures in the clouds?
TC: oh
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] looks up toward skaia --
TC: yeah! that one looks kind of like... a marshmallow
TC: and that one looks kind of like...
TC: a slightly bigger marshmallow
CO: no not like that
TC: oh
TC: what do you mean then?
CO: i mean do you see images in them?
CO: like a tv or something
TC: oh
TC: no not really
TC: maybe if i squint really hard...
TC: oh! that ones a bunny!
TC: a marshmallow bunny
CO: like right now i see one that i showing me standing near...
CO: a huge block of shaving cream cans?
TC: wow that does sound pretty weird
TC: i definitely cant see that
TC: you must have a crazy good imagination
CO: no its like
CO: looking into a crystal ball or something
TC: wow yeah thats definitely weird
TC: and not something i see
CO: its showing people and places that i think are all in the game
TC: huh thats really cool!
TC: maybe its a super power from your skin condition!
CO: just like in my japanese animes!
CO: this could be my...
CO: secret bloodline technique
TC: hehehe of course!
TC: you see anything else interesting up there?
TC: oh
TC: do you maybe see where my brother is?
TC: or maybe this... guy other met i...
TC: erm
TC: he had pretty messy dark hair and a tank top
TC: and he looked pretty strong!
TC: well
TC: he was pretty strong!
CO: i dont think i see any of that
CO: im not really sure what im looking at any more
TC: oh huh bummer
CO: so whats with your clothing?
TC: oh
CO: this weird city place and my dress are both yellow
TC: yeah i guess it does stick out a lot more than yours around here
TC: yeah
TC: i dunno
TC: i just kinda woke up here with them
TC: i dont even know what this place is
CO: yeah i dont either
CO: now that i think about it
CO: im not sure how i got here
CO: or these clothes
TC: yeah me either
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] looks down. --
CO: or how im flying
TC: hehe yeah thats also a good point
TC: i dunno this place is kind of weird
TC: i was just going underground in this desert place i was in and suddenly i was here
TC: i was with my mom too actually
TC: i wonder she where is...
CO: last thing i remember was finding some weird green building
TC: huh weird
TC: come to think of it
CO: ?
TC: my brother mentioned seeing some big weird place too
TC: when he was asleep i guess?
TC: he said it was purple though
CO: hm maybe were asleep?
TC: i guess so
TC: i certainly dont remember falling asleep
TC: i guess it was pretty dark down there
TC: maybe i was more tired than i thought after fighting
CO: maybe as a part of the game we have to go on some sort of dream quest too?
TC: huh thatd be cool
TC: we can fly so how hard could it be!
CO: it could be anything
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] looks at Prospit below --
-- trivialCelebration [TC] does the same. --
CO: What are those little chibi guys?
TC: uhh i dunno
TC: ive never seen a chibby before
CO: you see the tiny people running around right?
TC: yeah
TC: i see the chibbies
CO: maybe we could ask them where this is?
TC: yeah good idea!
-- trivialCelebration [TC] falls down. Not floats down, just, falls. --
CO: oh
CO: what
CO: be careful
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] chases after her. --
TC: its cool im okay!
CO: alright
TC: i just wanted to get down to them fast
CO: i see
-- trivialCelebration [TC] goes over to a Chibb- a Prospitian. --
TC: helloooo!
-- The Facetious Subject is dressed in what looked like a magical girl's dress with parts made of snakeskin, all of it white and yellow. --
TC: hehe wow thats some crazy clothes
TC: erm but yes good madame! sir! chibby!
CO: hello miss
CO: do you know where we are?
TC: yeah what she said!
-- FS grumbles before informing them that they're on the moon Prospit. --
TC: praw's pit huh
TC: is praw like the king chibby?
-- The confused carapacian tells them that the King is on the Battlefield. --
TC: theres a battlefield?
TC: is there a war or something?
TC: is praw fighting shrim or something?
-- FS tells them that the glorious armies of Prospit do battle against the nefarious legions of Derse. --
TC: wow sounds crazy
TC: hopefully we never run into this durrs place
TC: then again you said we might be on a crazy dream quest
TC: maybe we have to help fight it or something?
-- As he says Derse the color of TC's outfit dawns on him and he seems to nervously scamper off. --
TC: awww
TC: he was so nice too
CO: i dont know what her problem was
TC: yeah that was pretty weird
CO: so what do we do now?
TC: hmm well
TC: could try talking to another chibby
TC: hehe that one looks nice!
CO: oh we could try?
-- trivialCelebration [TC] walks over to a... "Prospitian." It has a very short and stubby body, but its head is covered by... a lot of things. Where the actual head would be is a television screen, or computer monitor, or something, with the screen painted white, and atop that is a silky white sheet messily placed over what must be a very tall, lumpy hat. --
TC: hello funny little chibby!
TC: do you know where this battlefield or durrs place is?
CO: oh wow this guy looks strange
CO: i mean
CO: what is that
CO: a tv?
TC: hehe yeah i guess so
-- The "Prospitian" looks around nervously, at least, as much as someone with a painted screen over their face can. --
CO: hello?
-- The "Prospitian" finally perks up, pointing and then making its way over to a nearby building, bumping into the door and falling down backwards. --
TC: i think he wants us to follow him?
TC: either that or he needs some help up
CO: aww
CO: so kawaii
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] grabs TC's hand and pulls her along. --
TC: sounds like a weird kind of cow
CO: lets go see what he wants
TC: yeah!
-- trivialCelebration [TC] makes her way over, then peaks into the doorway. --
TC: hellooooo?
TC: anybody home?

Shammy's voice echoed through the surprisingly dark building. Curious as ever, Shammy stepped inside.


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Michael stood proudly atop the defeated body (or was bodies a more apt term) of the enemy he had been facing. It had been a difficult struggle but, as he placed his staff, Electra's Mourningstar, back inside his Vaultdex, he reflected that it had been invigorating and almost entirely worth it. He panted as he stepped off of the carcasses of his foe and rolled back down his sleeves slowly, straightening them out with his hands to be sure he hadn't wrinkled his shirt unnecessarily.

The dreaded Witchpile of the Ireland Yard. While he had never been to Ireland, Michael was fairly certain (only fairly, mind you) that this was probably not even remotely accurate to the rich culture of whatever-it-was that they had there. Nor was it really a yard either so much as a bog. ...And not so much a bog either as it was a fake bog.

That was neither here nor there he supposed. The Witchpile had been the adversary he had been building up to face as yet another cobblestone on the long, long, long track to meet up with his Denizen, a creature he knew only as Kronos. He wasn't entirely sure where all of these monsters were coming from, but it seemed like the goats just kept finding new ones to shout about. First it was the Big Giant Snake-y Thing, and it had just kept going from there. Michael was wondering at this point whether these things were all part of some overarching lore to this place or if the game was just making them up as it went along or something. Given how things had played out up until this point, it could easily have been both.

Still, it wasn't for the goats that he'd slain the Witchpile, but rather for what was behind it: A shimmering pink door with Sburb's logo on it, floating above the misty ground by around a foot or so. It was going to be his ticket off his Land for a bit, and straight into-

His cellphone vibrated - it had been a nice touch fusing it with his laptop, because who had time to lug around weird computers all over the place? Honestly, it had been rough going when his session had first kicked off, but between finding the Vaultdex, stumbling across the combination for the Mourningstar early on in the game, and working out his Celllaptop, Michael was somewhat pleased to note that he had managed to cut down on a lot of the !#%$ that had been plaguing some of his friends.

Right, phone doing the ring-y text client-y noise thing. He took a look at who was trying to contact him and couldn't help but smile a little.

Spoiler: click to show
-- calienteMilkshakes [CM] began pestering pensivePerfectionist [PP] --

CM: Oh !#%$ its luck
PP: Hahaha. Hey Milkshakes, how's it hangin'?
CM: Oh you know awesome just wondering
CM: been messaging you like fifty times now
PP: Oh, is that so? Sorry. Just sort of had to defeat a giant heap of witches.
CM: oh is that all? that sounds like no sweat
PP: You'd think so, but these were some seriously angry witches!
PP: Large breasted ones too.
PP: Like, really big.
PP: ...Not that I was looking at witchtits or anything, it was totally 100% epic battling, but you know they just had that big boobied witch feel.
PP: And you know what they say about that specific type of witch.
CM: Well !#%$ forget what i said before
CM: michael I am taking my hat off right now
CM: in honor of that.
CM: (ps incredibly fashionable hat, matches everything pretty much perf)
PP: (Naturally.)
PP: I hope you're at least also crying too. Some manly tears are called for.
CM: Oh ttly baby
CM: Man its funny how this was all getting away from the stuff back home
PP: Yeah, you'd think after slaying a few epic monsters and
PP: you know, whatever it is you've been up to in cotton candy land
PP: that one of us would have lost our excellent sense of humor.
CM: and here you are still making boobie jokes
CM: probably still waving that stick with the girl mounted on it
CM: youre the one with the psych classes or w/e so while Im not gonna analyze it
CM: well
CM: it speaks for itself
PP: Hey now.
PP: Electra is a classy lady, and her Mourningstar is a classy staff.
PP: And the fact that it is an extremely elegant ivory pole that may have an effigy of something that resembles the female body positioned on top of it does not mean anything.
PP: And any passingly competent student of the mind and such histories as that could tell you
PP: That Freud guy is full of !#%$.
PP: !#%$.
CM: crying
PP: I definitely meant !#%$.
CM: just crying right now
PP: Agggggggggggggh
CM: fhsihfsihhahahahaha
PP: ANNNNNNYWAYS, I don't really wanna hear about criticizing my epic level, totally awesome warstick from a guy running around with pony throwing stars.
CM: !#%$ don't go talking !#%$ bout the My Little Ponikens
PP: What if I do?
PP: Stupid hoe?
PP: No arguments there.
PP: hrrgh phone
CM: hahaha still having problems with it?
PP: Eh, from time to time. Sticky shift key can be a pain.
PP: Anyways, I was just about to open it until you TOTALLY RUINED IT AND CONTACTED ME
CM: oh sry plz forgive me
PP: ...
PP: Aw, I can never stay mad at you, Milkshakes.
PP: But yeah, anyways, it actually is a good thing you're free to talk because I just want to make sure
PP: that this door
PP: isn't gonna lead me somewhere totally stupid, you know?
CM: Nah Im pretty sure it opens over this village where my comfortd
CM: cnosrts
PP: Consorts?
CM: Yeah those things
CM: its where they mostly hang out
PP: But you're only pretty sure?
CM: Well I told you before that this place is pretty weird
CM: totally fab too but <_< >_>
CM: def weird
CM: who knows if its even a village anymore after all the friendship Ive been spreading???
PP: Okay. Fair enough. I guess I'll just figure it out.
PP: Also, have you heard from any of the others?
PP: Seems like it's been ages since anyone else has contacted me.
CM: oh really?
CM: seems like everyone ever always has some new thing to talk to me about
CM: well except ER but i'm SORT OF okay with him keeping quiet
PP: Really? I feel kind of on edge about that myself.
PP: I mean, he could be dead or something like that...
CM: would that really be so bad though? >_>
PP: dude
CM: right I know we need everyone to finish the game
CM: or at least thats waht tom said
CM: still feels weird using real names even now
CM: well except you MICHAEL
CM: you get what I mean
PP: Yeah, he does kind of seem iffy.
PP: Last time he talked he just wouldn't stop laughing about something or another. Some deal he made. He wouldn't talk about the specifics, but he seemed very...pleased, with himself or something.
PP: I'm sure you know what he's like when he's in that sort of mood.
PP: You know, if he HAS any other mood.
PP: ...Right, wasting time. I'll be coming through the door shortly. We can talk about our friends, insane or otherwise then.
PP: Looking forward to seeing this place you've kept mentioning.
PP: It'll be a nice change of pace.
CM: alright. looking forward to finally meeting up too
PP: Hahaha, yeah. See you on the other side, pendejo.

-- pensivePerfectionist [PP] has ceased pestering calienteMilkshakes [CM]

Well, this was it. Michael felt kinda nervous about this, since it was like this game always had some new surprise it was anxious to try on you, but he knew it had to be done. The King had told him that he was going to have to check out the other Lands if he was ever going to make any headway on his own, and 'the key which unlocks the glittery gate' wasn't about to find itself.

He wrapped one hand around the knob and prepared himself to go through. There was no telling what would be on the other side, or even how it would do him any good because, after all, how was going off to someone else's land which apparently consisted of radically different challenges going to do him much good in a place that seemed to involve beating up a lot of weird enemy monsters? Oh well, he was constantly being reminded that the only way to know what was going to happen was to try.

It took a few deep breaths, but soon enough, the door was open and he was off in his way to

tototototototo visit to to onhisway off
off off offvisit off on way
Sssssssss ssssss sss ssssss!
~have a nisssse daydaydaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~
Adventure = ftsave
012345678159 parsing parsing parsing parsing

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A dersite stood in a cell on the moon prospit, currently pressing his face against the windows while reaching for one of the ornate decorations littering the side of the building he was in. His name was Jack Noir, and he had been in jail for quite some time now after a series of events including one of the kids and the black queen. Whatever. The point is you are past the point of being pissed, and you've already killed a number of Prospit guards, to the point where the white queen just leaves you alone.

Jack slumped against the window, sighing, as he watched two kids prance around on the surface of Prospit. Ugh. Coffin Stuffers. What he wouldn't give to be down there right now, and show them the real sharp end of his knife. That is, if he hadn't already shown it to three other guards and lost it in a fourth. So he sat in his cell, waiting for his next meal, and the next wave of paperwork that DD would send him.

Jack then did a double take, looking at one of the kids. Huh. She's wearing the Derse clothes. He tried to get her attention by being horribly rude, but she walked into a building.

This did nothing to improve Jack's tempter at all. Jack proceeded to bang on his cell door. The door swung open and a very happy guard answered Jack, asking what he needed. Jack stabbed the guy in the torso several times, and then in the face. He quickly retrieved his makeshift shiv, and wandered down the halls to find the kids and murder them.

Or anyone, really.


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Alex grabbed a weapon that he had just alchemized called Batter Up, the latest in Betty Crocker baseball/cooking technology and great for mixing ridiculously large cauldrons of batter. It appeared to be a white plastic bat handle with a button on it and a compartment for batteries. The other end of the bat appeared to be a long beater of a mixer and when the button was pressed it spun around fast. Armed and dangerous, he ascended the extravagant expansion to his mansion and entered the first gate. Before he left, his sprite approached him with advice but he left as soon as he saw it. Seeing it reminded him how much he needed a drink.

Towering stone walls surrounded him as he appeared at a dead end of the maze, one of many to be sure. The only place to go was forward. He stared ahead down the path and saw the occasional red cactus. He also noticed that there were tents strung about the desert maze and some of them even on the top of the labyrinth's walls. It was to be assumed that consorts lived in them. He noticed in or around the tents would be dark blue salamanders. Alex continued walking the sandy lanes of his land with heat pounding down on him. What was he looking for again? Oh yeah, a drink. He used to break into his father's supply, but that was long ago before ol' dad wised up and found a better place to hid it. Now, grey creatures stood before him. Small ones who looked ready to fight. This was what he was waiting for. He held the button on his weapon and began beating the imp senseless. After he realized the creature had became grist he looked around to notice that more were coming. In this new wave of monsters he noticed flying imps in colorful dresses and this had given him an idea. This imp appeared to be holding some thin, stick wand in one hand and a toy of a person that looked like a rainbow vomited in the other.

Alex climbed the rocky wall beside him, high up but not close to the top as it was still hard work to climb it. The flying monsters approached him and sent out spells with its wand. He closed his eyes and flinched preparing the powerful magyyks that would be assaulting him. When he realized nothing was happening he opened his eyes. The wand was shooting out colorful streams of light and sparks that were pretty but other wise harmless. Alex took this chance to jump on to the disapointed imp. The monster quickly changed to a look of surprise as he awkwardly shuffled around onto the back of something smaller than him, wrapping his legs around so he wouldn't dangle off of its head. With a better position he pointed and yelled, "ONWARD, TO ADVENTURE." The dejected imp flew into the Incipisphere at his command.

He's back and slower than ever.

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You're Both WrWrWrWrWrWr
YOu KNow?!.: ?/??!!!@
Spoiler: click to show
Sssssseemsss assssss though you're in a bind.dnib.diresssssstraitstroubletraptrickstroubletriflingtruthstrytrystsstopstopstop

Spoiler: click to show
I dunno how many times I've been telling you guys, what we need to do is GO !#%$ YOURSELfES. IN FAkT, DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DOITDOITTOITTOID DO ITXXxXxXxX

Spoiler: click to show
welp welp welp welp//////welp/hahahahaha/welp\/\/\/plewp

Spoiler: click to show



and good luck to you




Michael sat up screaming, his entire body coated in a layer of cold sweat. For a moment, it felt like his body wouldn't move right, but as his hand rose almost mechanically to his face, he realized that his skull was absolutely pulsing with pain. It was so intense that the whole !#%$ subsided so that he could properly hiss. Goddamn does my head ever hurt! "Ugggggggh" Before he could properly take anything in, his eyes reflexively shut as he pressed fingers into his temples and massaged them as roughly as possible.

That was almost like a sort of floodgate, as sensations began to wash over him. First and most pressing, his stomach was growling and roiling about in protest. It was a sort of perfect mixture of feeling the aftertaste of some kind of intense nausea, and unbelievable hunger. Second, he felt some kind of chill coming on - he could feel it in his bones, which seemed odd considering- Wait. Where the hell is my shirt? That thought was also on hold because, to top all of that off, he had something that felt like a splitting migraine. Ugh... What the hell was I doing last night...? No shirt, head's killing me, can barely even see... He thought dumbly as his eyes started to open in incremental slits. I feel absolutely hammered in every possible negative sense of the term.


Wait a moment.

Last night...? Something about that felt wrong. It felt like it was true from a certain point of view, because, well, circadian rhythms and !#%$ like that, but... Now why does that not make any sense...?

Then it all came back to him. Of course there wasn't a last night. Night and day would require suns and moons, and he was in Sburb, where neither of those things existed in the conventional sense of the word. Right. I was playing a game. ...Wasn't I? "Unnnnnngh..." It was with reluctance that he slowly removed his hand from his face. Right. Where am I...?


A basement. That was the best term he could devise for the space he found himself in when he finally opened his eyes. Dank yet dusty, illuminated but only in the poorest possible sense of the word, cold stone floor. Even down to a dripping sound, this was unmistakably a basement of some kind. Not a well-furnished one though. As far as Michael could tell, there wasn't actually anything in it whatsoever. Just what looked to be stone walls composed of a variety of precisely carved and separated stone blocks only blemished by an incredible amount of moss that covered almost all of the surface, save bits of stone at the top and bottom of the room that made it easy enough to infer how the rest of the wall probably looked. There were vents along the sides of the room on the floor and ceiling - Probably to let in air - both floor and ceiling being, you guessed it, gray stone. The only thing to be seen was a black wooden chair, which had hanging from the back

"Oh!" My shirt. Michael stumbled up to his feet and, after getting his bearings, walked over to the chair, pulling free his black t-shirt, red button up, and brown leather jacket. They were all hanging there neatly and seemed to be in surprisingly good shape considering this was a muggy basement in the middle of... of...

He stopped as he had pulled one sleeve of the button-up on.

...Just where in the hell am I...?

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Hamilton sat on the stone bed idly, thinking to himself. That... Doctor Funtimes fellow was right, he did have a way back, and it's not like he was exactly enjoying his time out here, alone in the rain, but he just... really wasn't feeling up to the trek, physically or emotionally.

After wallowing for a few moments, he turned his cap around, accessing Pesterchum.

Spoiler: click to show
-- extremeVelocity [EV] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

EV: Hey, Shammy.
EV: Are you there?
EV: Helloooooo?

Hamilton sighed. He supposed he shouldn't expect anyone to answer hi-

Spoiler: click to show

As the large, black text filled the entirety of his vision, Hamilton fell backwards in surprise. As he felt a small rumble, Hamilton quickly leaned his head back up just in time to see an enormous black hand grab on to the ledge. Not another second passed before Hamilton was crouching behind the stone bed, trying his best to hide behind the short slab.

As the large, black creature lifted itself up, Hamilton quivered in fear at the sound of the loud heaving sound, until finally, he saw it, the horrible, dreadful, frightening--

Oh, hey, it's Mysterious Engineer. His left half was kind of just... dangling in the air, there, attached to some robotic bits-- Wait, he wasn't done lifting himself up.

As the lumbering form came into sight, to say Mysterious Engineer's left half was dangling there seemed like an understatement. It seemed practically like a piece of string compared to the enormous chunk of machinery it was attached to.

"F-father?" Hamilton weakly asked, in response to which Mysterious Engineer slumped over, the organic half hanging down near Hamilton's level.

"It's splendorous for our reacquaintance to commence, but what is the directive for your ventures to be this remote?" the father asked.

Hamilton simply stared in response for a few moments. "O-oh," he finally responded, realizing what he was even asked, "I was just... brought here by... a friend."

Mysterious Engineer raised a mechanical eyebrow. "What sort of relationship are the two of you endowed with that they would choose to abandon you at this desolate location?"

Hamilton shifted uneasily before answering, "Uh... I'm... honestly not sure..."

After a pause, the father nodded in response, "Affirmative." With that, he scooped up Hamilton with his enormous robotic hand, and hopped off, back towards home.

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Alex flies through the Incipisphere looking at the Lands and Skaia in awe. He sees the web connecting two Lands, one of them clouded over. Curious, he flies beneath the cloud covering and looks over the land. Eventually he notices what looks like a boy his age being carried away by a spider-like monster.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] flies down on the imp. The imp runs away in fear of the Mysterious Engineer. --
ME: Who approaches us such rancor?
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] turns around to face the duo, and readies Batter Up, whirring with sound of baking fury. --
AP: So the monster speaks.
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] charges him with his advanced cookery. --
ME: There is no monstrosity here but the aggressor here. This is my adolescent who I must chaperon to a more secure section.
-- mavenEnigma [ME] lightly swats Alex away. --
EV: Huh?
EV: What's going on down there?
EV: Who are you?
AP: Alex.
AP: I'm an sburb player.
AP: Didn't this beast capture you?
EV: Oh, so you're one of my new buddies! Awesome, I didn't think we'd actually get to see each other off our computers yet!
EV: Oh, no, this is my father.
AP: Ah.
ME: Indubitably.
AP: Well, I appologize, sir.
ME: It is of little consequence.
ME: This current form certainly does little wonders for my demeanor.
CAP: I'm guessing neither of you would know where I can find some booze?
EV: No, not really. Plenty of water here, though, if you're that thirsty.
AP: Ha ha.
AP: Thirst isn't really the problem.
AP: But thanks.
EV: Yeah, sorry.
EV: How'd you even get here, anyways?
AP: I guess some of these monsters have fairy powers or something.
AP: So I rode one across space.
ME: Most assuredly. I have skirmished with a few of the miscreants myself. Impressive that you managed to domesticate one in such a manner.
CEV: Wow, yeah, that sounds pretty awesome!
AP: Yeah, it was pretty SICK.
ME: So the greater reaches of the unknown are breathable in this... universe, I suppose it is, then?
AP: Oh is that not normal?
AP: I don't really know !#%$ about space, man.
ME: Most assuredly not.
ME: The vaccuum of space would suffocate you in seconds if it didn't freeze you first.
AP: Man, that would BLOW.
EV: Yeah, no kidding!
EV: So, uh... have you met anyone else yet?
AP: Well, I connected with this one dude...
AP: But then he just stopped talking and my sburb screens been acting weird.
EV: Huh, bummer.
EV: Any idea who it was?
AP: His chumhandle was retroSentinel
EV: Huh, can't say I've seen any of him myself.
EV: But yeah, I mean, how's the game been for you so far? Have you figured out what we're even supposed to be doing yet?
AP: Not really.
EV: I mean, I'm sure I can figure it out on my own easily enough, just...
AP: I've been trying to find out myself.
EV: Huh, alright.
AP: Got a question for you now.
EV: What's that?
AP: When I was flying I saw this big tower thing between this world and another.
AP: Any clue whats up with that?
EV: Not really, no.
AP: Dude, maybe thats the goal.
AP: Or a goal.
AP: Like, some big boss monsters hiding there.
ME: I'm not entirely convinced that there is a desired directive of this "game." It could have just been a device with which to transport yourselves to safety, as astral bodies were plunging downwards on the planet before we were transported.
AP: Man, I didn't even notice those things under the canopy.
ME: Well, you have reached safety now, so its importance has since passed.
AP: Like I guess huge ghosts were crashing into the earth then?
AP: Thats pretty weird.
ME: Pardon?
AP: Like astral projections, right?
ME: Negative.
ME: I speak of meteoroids.
AP: Alright then.
ME: A cornucopia of them.
AP: They were made of corn?
AP: This sounds like a pretty goofy apocalypse.
ME: An additional negative.
AP: Huh.
ME: There were a lot of them.
AP: Ah, I getcha.
EV: Yeah, sorry, father has a habit of using... pretty weird words.
AP: Sounds like it.
AP: What have you been up to then?
EV: Erm...
EV: Was just, like, looking around and owning some monsters and stuff out here, yeah.
EV: Totally.
AP: That's cool.
AP: I haven't done much fighting yet.
AP: Too busy looking for some of the good stuff.
EV: O-oh, yeah, I've totally been doing tons of fighting! Only seen spiders so far, but they've been total chumps, let me tell you.
AP: Spiders?
AP: Sounds WICKED.
AP: I might go a few rounds with them if I run into any.
EV: Yeah! They're, like, super tough. I mean, not for me! Just, relatively speaking. Totally destroyed them all no sweat. Yeah.
ME: If this is what you choose to disclose, so be it.
AP: What kinda weapon have you been using?
AP: You've seen mine.
AP: Heh heh.
AP: Still sorry about that.
ME: As I conveyed earlier, it is of little consequence.
EV: Oh, I use this keyboard-chainsaw thing.
EV: It's pretty rad!
AP: Pretty sweet idea, man.
EV: Yeah, just shred right through things!
EV: I mean, still takes some finesse from the user, let me tell you, but, it's still totally great, let me tell you!
AP: Lot of things to tell me, huh?
EV: Hehe, yeah, I guess so.
AP: Hah, but yeah I understand.
AP: Theres a lot of things to GET HYPED about here.
EV: Yeah, definitely!
EV: Meeting new people, fighting monsters, dangers all around, it's TOTALLY GREAT!
AP: See, you're feeling it now.
AP: If you're as good as you say we should check out that boss tower together sometime.
AP: But first I'm going to keep looking for some alcohol.
EV: O-oh, yeah, of course!
EV: Alright, good luck with that!
AP: Haha thanks.
ME: While getting such a substance for one of your age seems questionable, I will also wish you luck in whatever ventures you may partake in.
AP: Thanks again, ro-bro.
AP: I'm going to go looking for that little flying guy again.
AP: Later.
EV: See you!
-- And then Alex walked off somewhere. --

He's back and slower than ever.

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No answer to his inquiry forthcoming was not enough grounds to stop getting dressed, so Michael finished putting on his clothes first, before checking his pockets quickly.

Phew. Phone's there. No telling how awkward and annoying it'd be if I woke up in this kind of absurd situation without it. He sighed with some relief before flicking the switch at the top. It lit up with that same old picture back from New Years - that is, before the cataclysmic end of the world and all of that. His brother had insisted on the two of them taking it together back then while both of them were visibly intoxicated. He couldn't quite suppress a sigh - some habits died harder than others, after all - as he flicked the arrow to the left to bring the lapcell to life.

As it opened, he couldn't help but notice some stray pixels that weren't loading right at the edges of the screen. Huh. That isn't right. Did I sit on it or something...? He would have continued further down that path of inquiry had his head not started up again, which did a fine job of turning him off of dwelling on it too intently. Maybe contacting someone would clear things up. With that in mind, he tapped open his Pesterchum app.

All of his chums were offline.


Strange, a little surprising, but perhaps not entirely beyond the realm of possibility. Besides, they had set up a failsafe in the event someone needed to convey information to people who weren't logged into Pesterchum. Or at least, Tom had set it up and everyone else had thought it was silly. Whatever. He could ruminate or joke about it later when he was getting an eyeful of "I told you so," because this did seem to be a situation where it would come in handy. He tabbed over from Pesterchum's chat client to its memo board client - the fact the two functions were separated within the program was one of those stupid things Michael would let slide considering the software developers had probably all died horribly - and looked and yep there it was. There were a few more of those pixelly/grainy things at the edges and some spots inside of the phone's screen, which Dammit, this was a nice phone, but okay sure whatever

Spoiler: click to show
pensivePerfectionist opened a memo on board Some Jerks


Spoiler: click to show
PP: Hey guys, I dunno if anyone's around or will be soon, but something's kind of
PP: weird.
PP: I am
PP: fairly sure
PP: that I was going to Juan's world, but I'm not getting sugar plum vibes from this place.
PP: May be nothing, but it'd be cool if someone would drop me a line when they can.
PP: Assuming anyone reads this thing anyways, mirite?
PP: Anyways, gonna check things out, sop][]\

A creaking sound from behind caused him to spin around on his feet quickly, holding his cell up like it was some kind of weapon and


it was just the door situated at the top of a staircase leading up out of the room.

Michael eyed his phone. And fumbled that like a pro. That was probably enough memoing though. He flipped over to the chat again. Still nothing. Maybe it was just the reception? He shrugged. It would be strange since he seemed to be able to use the memo just fine but, well... There was only one way he was going to find that one out. He made a quick visual check around the room to be sure that he wasn't forgetting anything, but the basement was just as empty as when he'd first come to. That just left slipping the phone back in one of the pockets of his jacket and heading up those stairs. Hopefully to some answers.



What was on the other side of the door was...well, not right was a good choice of words for starters. For one, it was really dark. Michael had never seen a night so oppressive and heavy in his life, but that was because most nights had moons or stars that abated the darkness with natural light. Even Sburb, in his experience, usually had Skaia or the twin moons as some kind of celestial sign that there was something up there. There was no such thing in the sky above at all; only absolute black. The only sources of light that kept things from being dark as pitch were four brightly burning torches, two at the sides of the door he had exited out of the basement through, and two set in front of him. The flames wavered at the exact same even pace to a slow, chilly wind that drifted through the area.


Not that actually being able to see was much use. The area he had come out onto was a small circular enclosure paved with what looked like concrete in a square formation, although it was all cracked up and weathered by this point. The rounded edges where the paved area wasn't reaching were dirt, which led out into the forest that surrounded the enclosure. Actually, forest was only slightly appropriate as a word for it. While the light from the torches didn't reach nearly high enough to discern what was up at the top of the trees, there was not a branch or any single spot Michael could see on any of them that had any observable sign of growths, be they leaves, fruits, anything. On that note, the bark seemed really strange, although he couldn't articulate how. The best way he could put it was that...it had this weird, lifeless sheen to it that you didn't see on the typical tree. As far as he could tell, the trees were all dead. Aside from that, there was some sort of narrow path that opened and looked as though it cut through the woods, which was what the two torches opposite his starting destination were illuminating.

Speaking of where he'd exited-


It was weird enough he'd just exited straight into the outdoors from what he had assumed was a basement. But as for said basement...


It was white. Very white. He had seen ivory before, and based off the color and the way it reflected the torchlight, that was his best guess for what the material the slabs and bricks composing it were made from. But more to the point, the shape he was looking at was roughly square in overall shape, had two slim pillars at the front, what looked like a cross carved over the entryway, and most importantly of all to his understanding was undoubtedly, as far as he could tell, absolutely, unmistakably a tomb.


He almost jumped when he heard a beeping tone. Wait. Stupid. It was just the phone. Someone was messaging him, which was a comfort. He opened his phone - Oh, it's the memo.

...Wait, it's actually the memo?- oh well, miracles abound, etc. It was the same thing, Michael supposed.

Spoiler: click to show
tellurianMaestro responded to memo:
TM: Good my lord,

Oh. Of course. It made sense now. Michael couldn't suppress a slight smirk before answering.

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Spoiler: click to show
PP: Or at least, you're being sarcastic about acknowledging my greatness.
PP: Whatever.
PP: I've used the memo, you win.
PP: But only this once.
PP: Look, I need to ask if
PP: perhaps

TM: [Sings]
PP: what
TM: They bore him barefaced on the bier;
TM: Hey non nonny, nonny, hey nØnny;

PP: no really what
TM: And in his grave rain'd many a tear:--
TM: Fare you well, my dove!

PP: ...
PP: What, is it amateur night at the Shakespeare fest or something?
PP: I didn't peg you for an English major.

TM: [Sings]
TM: You must sing a-down a-down,

PP: Dude.
TM: An you call him a-down-a.
PP: What is this.
TM: O, how the wheel becomes it! It is the false
TM: steward, that stole his master's daughter.

PP: Seriously, are we just copy-pasting
PP: Look
PP: ...Hello?
TM: [Sings]
PP: What the !#%$
TM: And will he not come again?
TM: And will he not come again?

PP: Tom, if this is a joke, it's dumb.
TM: No, no, he is d̺̹̱e͖à͉̬d͏̥.
PP: Cut this !#%$ out
TM: No, no, h͔̖e̮͎͕ͅ ̭í̲̺̘̰̯s͚̦̭͍̀ ̨d͇̠̘ea̴̰d̙̣.
PP: seriously. hello?
TM: Go to thy Image
PP: what part of stop being a !#%$
TM: He never will come again.
PP: I can't tell if I should be annoyed or just assume that it's my phone
PP: Although if it is my phone
PP: I'm still annoyed!

TM: who are you
PP: ...
PP: Okay, seriously.
PP: Knock it off, Tom.
PP: You know damn well who I am.

PP: for the love of

Michael instinctively held his celltop away from himself as it began to pulse erratically with green light coming out of all ports and vibrate so much harder than its specs were ever meant to hold up. He couldn't help but imagine all the expensive equipment that was probably being shredded inside the phone as the thing hammered hard enough that it almost ached to hold it and Oh my god why haven't I let it go what in the !#%$ am I doing I


Wait a moment.


It had stopped.

The series of reactions running through Michael's head were pretty complicated but could probably have been summed up roughly with Oh thank God, Brahma, whoever wants to take credit, my phone isn't going to explode, I think, because when he reflected on all the effort it took to get the phone, how inconvenient it would be to lose it and and and

It had turned off. He made a silent note to himself to thank the foresight of the almighty Steve Jobs. His software was apparently resilient enough, even fused with a laptop by way of some really strange reality-altering game, to resist...whatever the balls had just happened. If I ever see Mom again, she was right, I apparently should never have poo-poo'd the miraculous and life-altering works of- oh hey

And it flashed back to life. The stylized white rounded fruit appeared as the phone's backlit screen came to life.

Alright. When it powers back on, well

Honestly he had no idea what he planned on doing when it powered back on, but opening it and reopening that memo was either a great start, a horrible idea, or both. This naturally meant that he clearly had to do exactly that. It didn't really matter in any case probably, but whatever had just happened was enough to confirm that something incredibly bizarre was going on. The game apparently held quite a few surprises that he hadn't been warned about.

But it's not as though I'm going to figure anything out by gawking at my phone and questioning myself about whether I really need to open it or not.

The phone's background picture lit up after a moment of the screen powering off as it loaded the software. It was like a standard power-down, really. Michael slid the arrow to the left and wait hold on, this wasn't the screen or his apps at all, it was

Spoiler: click to show


And then the vibrating resumed and the green light poured back out at full force.

No, it was all so much more intense this time and it was almost like a strobing green glowing jackhammer was bouncing around the insides of the celltop and


Without thinking for even a moment about it, Michael reared his hand back and chucked the shaking, iridescent, pulsing-with-light thing as far in the forest as he possibly could and it wasn't even a moment too soon because

green light all over the forest force everywhere dancing around the trees and colliding against them, casting shadows everywhere wildly even as the damned thing was making audible whumping and shuddering noises against the ground and probably the roots and oh my god was it far enough away from him, the only way to be sure was to get behind the ivory thing he was trying really hard not to think of as a tomb and

and then


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As Hamilton and his giant cyborg-father made their way back home, they spied some brown fellows. The Mysterious Engineer quickly leaping over to the cliff they resided on, they got a closer look to see that they were birds--hawks, to be a bit more specific. As the two stopped to greet these avian creatures, though, one simply gave a friendly wave before diving off the cliff. Not flying off, no--diving.

Moving swiftly, the Mysterious Engineer placed Hamilton down on to the ground and swung down, catching the bird before it could land in the harsh waters below.

"What was up with that guy?!" Hamilton said in a slight state of shock to the other hawks.

"There's some totally righteous waves down there, dude! How could we not want to take a swim?!" one excitedly spouted back.

Hamilton simply blinked, vacantly staring back for a few moments in response. "Because... they're so... righteous that they'd overtake you? And, you know... you're birds? The things that fly?" he finally responded, seeming a bit confused as to why he had to point this out.

"Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff." all the hawks spat in unison (which sounded a bit awkward due to their lack of lips). The first one spoke up again with "Have you seen the skies lately, brah? Ain't nothin' flying in this weather, even if we wanted to. Besides, dude, like, flying? Do we look like we got rockets strapped on our backs, dude? Who ever heard of a little chickadee flyin' by their own power? And here you are, tellin' us dudes that swimmin' is ridiculous, when there's water literally everywhere. Pffffffff!"

Hamilton's confused, vacant look only managed to intensify. "So, you birds... have never flown before?" he managed to get out, really unsure of how to continue this conversation.

The spokeshawk was about to retort, looking indignant, but stopped itself, looking to the side as it brought its wing to its beak, considering the question for a moment. "Now that you mention it, I think I remember hearin' somethin' about a King Brah who used to give us flight. I always just assumed he had a bunch of spare mini-jets laying around or somethin' rad like that. Haven't hearda that dude since the weather went hazy, though." it explained.

The Mysterious Engineer finally chimed in with "So the status of the atmosphere wasn't always like this? At what point was there a juncture?"

The hawk let out a small laugh, replying with "I'm not sure about any junk, brah, but I can't remember if I was even around when the sky got all wet. Somethin' about... the web bringin' the waves, or somethin'."

The Mysterious Engineer nodded to himself, as unapparent with his hulking frame as it was, as if he expected that answer. "So we need take little caution in hypothesizing that it came with the arthropods, then." he affirmed.

It was the hawk's turn to blankly stare and blink this time. "Dude... wha...?" it finally managed to have stumble out of its beak.

"It is of starkly miniscule consequence. Perhaps you avian folk would like to climb aboard and join us on our venture to return to our humble semi-abode? This aquatic environment seems to be providing nothing but methods of self-harm, no offense." the Mysterious Engineer went on, shaking his limp organic hand dismissively.

More blank stares and blinking.

"He said climb on his back and we'll take you to our house." Hamilton chimed in with.

"Ohhh, dude, righteous! There'll be pizza, right? And nachos. Gotta have the nachos, brah." the bird replied, seeming to understand all at once (and not at all), now suddenly much more cheery.

"Uhhh..." Hamilton stuttered, thinking back on if any of that was in the fridge--or, Hell, if they even still had the fridge.

"I assure you we can conjure up something of the sort." the Mysterious Engineer said, taking his turn to interject.

"Sweeeet!" the hawks all said in unison, climbing atop the hulking metal frame and nesting amongst its various edges and crannies.

As Hamilton climbed back into his father's large metal hand, the group leaped off into the distance, heading back towards home.

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