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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:40 am 
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Hamilton sat on the stone bed idly, thinking to himself. That... Doctor Funtimes fellow was right, he did have a way back, and it's not like he was exactly enjoying his time out here, alone in the rain, but he just... really wasn't feeling up to the trek, physically or emotionally.

After wallowing for a few moments, he turned his cap around, accessing Pesterchum.

Spoiler: click to show
-- extremeVelocity [EV] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

EV: Hey, Shammy.
EV: Are you there?
EV: Helloooooo?

Hamilton sighed. He supposed he shouldn't expect anyone to answer hi-

Spoiler: click to show

As the large, black text filled the entirety of his vision, Hamilton fell backwards in surprise. As he felt a small rumble, Hamilton quickly leaned his head back up just in time to see an enormous black hand grab on to the ledge. Not another second passed before Hamilton was crouching behind the stone bed, trying his best to hide behind the short slab.

As the large, black creature lifted itself up, Hamilton quivered in fear at the sound of the loud heaving sound, until finally, he saw it, the horrible, dreadful, frightening--

Oh, hey, it's Mysterious Engineer. His left half was kind of just... dangling in the air, there, attached to some robotic bits-- Wait, he wasn't done lifting himself up.

As the lumbering form came into sight, to say Mysterious Engineer's left half was dangling there seemed like an understatement. It seemed practically like a piece of string compared to the enormous chunk of machinery it was attached to.

"F-father?" Hamilton weakly asked, in response to which Mysterious Engineer slumped over, the organic half hanging down near Hamilton's level.

"It's splendorous for our reacquaintance to commence, but what is the directive for your ventures to be this remote?" the father asked.

Hamilton simply stared in response for a few moments. "O-oh," he finally responded, realizing what he was even asked, "I was just... brought here by... a friend."

Mysterious Engineer raised a mechanical eyebrow. "What sort of relationship are the two of you endowed with that they would choose to abandon you at this desolate location?"

Hamilton shifted uneasily before answering, "Uh... I'm... honestly not sure..."

After a pause, the father nodded in response, "Affirmative." With that, he scooped up Hamilton with his enormous robotic hand, and hopped off, back towards home.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:10 am 
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Alex flies through the Incipisphere looking at the Lands and Skaia in awe. He sees the web connecting two Lands, one of them clouded over. Curious, he flies beneath the cloud covering and looks over the land. Eventually he notices what looks like a boy his age being carried away by a spider-like monster.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] flies down on the imp. The imp runs away in fear of the Mysterious Engineer. --
ME: Who approaches us such rancor?
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] turns around to face the duo, and readies Batter Up, whirring with sound of baking fury. --
AP: So the monster speaks.
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] charges him with his advanced cookery. --
ME: There is no monstrosity here but the aggressor here. This is my adolescent who I must chaperon to a more secure section.
-- mavenEnigma [ME] lightly swats Alex away. --
EV: Huh?
EV: What's going on down there?
EV: Who are you?
AP: Alex.
AP: I'm an sburb player.
AP: Didn't this beast capture you?
EV: Oh, so you're one of my new buddies! Awesome, I didn't think we'd actually get to see each other off our computers yet!
EV: Oh, no, this is my father.
AP: Ah.
ME: Indubitably.
AP: Well, I appologize, sir.
ME: It is of little consequence.
ME: This current form certainly does little wonders for my demeanor.
CAP: I'm guessing neither of you would know where I can find some booze?
EV: No, not really. Plenty of water here, though, if you're that thirsty.
AP: Ha ha.
AP: Thirst isn't really the problem.
AP: But thanks.
EV: Yeah, sorry.
EV: How'd you even get here, anyways?
AP: I guess some of these monsters have fairy powers or something.
AP: So I rode one across space.
ME: Most assuredly. I have skirmished with a few of the miscreants myself. Impressive that you managed to domesticate one in such a manner.
CEV: Wow, yeah, that sounds pretty awesome!
AP: Yeah, it was pretty SICK.
ME: So the greater reaches of the unknown are breathable in this... universe, I suppose it is, then?
AP: Oh is that not normal?
AP: I don't really know !#%$ about space, man.
ME: Most assuredly not.
ME: The vaccuum of space would suffocate you in seconds if it didn't freeze you first.
AP: Man, that would BLOW.
EV: Yeah, no kidding!
EV: So, uh... have you met anyone else yet?
AP: Well, I connected with this one dude...
AP: But then he just stopped talking and my sburb screens been acting weird.
EV: Huh, bummer.
EV: Any idea who it was?
AP: His chumhandle was retroSentinel
EV: Huh, can't say I've seen any of him myself.
EV: But yeah, I mean, how's the game been for you so far? Have you figured out what we're even supposed to be doing yet?
AP: Not really.
EV: I mean, I'm sure I can figure it out on my own easily enough, just...
AP: I've been trying to find out myself.
EV: Huh, alright.
AP: Got a question for you now.
EV: What's that?
AP: When I was flying I saw this big tower thing between this world and another.
AP: Any clue whats up with that?
EV: Not really, no.
AP: Dude, maybe thats the goal.
AP: Or a goal.
AP: Like, some big boss monsters hiding there.
ME: I'm not entirely convinced that there is a desired directive of this "game." It could have just been a device with which to transport yourselves to safety, as astral bodies were plunging downwards on the planet before we were transported.
AP: Man, I didn't even notice those things under the canopy.
ME: Well, you have reached safety now, so its importance has since passed.
AP: Like I guess huge ghosts were crashing into the earth then?
AP: Thats pretty weird.
ME: Pardon?
AP: Like astral projections, right?
ME: Negative.
ME: I speak of meteoroids.
AP: Alright then.
ME: A cornucopia of them.
AP: They were made of corn?
AP: This sounds like a pretty goofy apocalypse.
ME: An additional negative.
AP: Huh.
ME: There were a lot of them.
AP: Ah, I getcha.
EV: Yeah, sorry, father has a habit of using... pretty weird words.
AP: Sounds like it.
AP: What have you been up to then?
EV: Erm...
EV: Was just, like, looking around and owning some monsters and stuff out here, yeah.
EV: Totally.
AP: That's cool.
AP: I haven't done much fighting yet.
AP: Too busy looking for some of the good stuff.
EV: O-oh, yeah, I've totally been doing tons of fighting! Only seen spiders so far, but they've been total chumps, let me tell you.
AP: Spiders?
AP: Sounds WICKED.
AP: I might go a few rounds with them if I run into any.
EV: Yeah! They're, like, super tough. I mean, not for me! Just, relatively speaking. Totally destroyed them all no sweat. Yeah.
ME: If this is what you choose to disclose, so be it.
AP: What kinda weapon have you been using?
AP: You've seen mine.
AP: Heh heh.
AP: Still sorry about that.
ME: As I conveyed earlier, it is of little consequence.
EV: Oh, I use this keyboard-chainsaw thing.
EV: It's pretty rad!
AP: Pretty sweet idea, man.
EV: Yeah, just shred right through things!
EV: I mean, still takes some finesse from the user, let me tell you, but, it's still totally great, let me tell you!
AP: Lot of things to tell me, huh?
EV: Hehe, yeah, I guess so.
AP: Hah, but yeah I understand.
AP: Theres a lot of things to GET HYPED about here.
EV: Yeah, definitely!
EV: Meeting new people, fighting monsters, dangers all around, it's TOTALLY GREAT!
AP: See, you're feeling it now.
AP: If you're as good as you say we should check out that boss tower together sometime.
AP: But first I'm going to keep looking for some alcohol.
EV: O-oh, yeah, of course!
EV: Alright, good luck with that!
AP: Haha thanks.
ME: While getting such a substance for one of your age seems questionable, I will also wish you luck in whatever ventures you may partake in.
AP: Thanks again, ro-bro.
AP: I'm going to go looking for that little flying guy again.
AP: Later.
EV: See you!
-- And then Alex walked off somewhere. --

He's back and slower than ever.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:41 am 
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No answer to his inquiry forthcoming was not enough grounds to stop getting dressed, so Michael finished putting on his clothes first, before checking his pockets quickly.

Phew. Phone's there. No telling how awkward and annoying it'd be if I woke up in this kind of absurd situation without it. He sighed with some relief before flicking the switch at the top. It lit up with that same old picture back from New Years - that is, before the cataclysmic end of the world and all of that. His brother had insisted on the two of them taking it together back then while both of them were visibly intoxicated. He couldn't quite suppress a sigh - some habits died harder than others, after all - as he flicked the arrow to the left to bring the lapcell to life.

As it opened, he couldn't help but notice some stray pixels that weren't loading right at the edges of the screen. Huh. That isn't right. Did I sit on it or something...? He would have continued further down that path of inquiry had his head not started up again, which did a fine job of turning him off of dwelling on it too intently. Maybe contacting someone would clear things up. With that in mind, he tapped open his Pesterchum app.

All of his chums were offline.


Strange, a little surprising, but perhaps not entirely beyond the realm of possibility. Besides, they had set up a failsafe in the event someone needed to convey information to people who weren't logged into Pesterchum. Or at least, Tom had set it up and everyone else had thought it was silly. Whatever. He could ruminate or joke about it later when he was getting an eyeful of "I told you so," because this did seem to be a situation where it would come in handy. He tabbed over from Pesterchum's chat client to its memo board client - the fact the two functions were separated within the program was one of those stupid things Michael would let slide considering the software developers had probably all died horribly - and looked and yep there it was. There were a few more of those pixelly/grainy things at the edges and some spots inside of the phone's screen, which Dammit, this was a nice phone, but okay sure whatever

Spoiler: click to show
pensivePerfectionist opened a memo on board Some Jerks


Spoiler: click to show
PP: Hey guys, I dunno if anyone's around or will be soon, but something's kind of
PP: weird.
PP: I am
PP: fairly sure
PP: that I was going to Juan's world, but I'm not getting sugar plum vibes from this place.
PP: May be nothing, but it'd be cool if someone would drop me a line when they can.
PP: Assuming anyone reads this thing anyways, mirite?
PP: Anyways, gonna check things out, sop][]\

A creaking sound from behind caused him to spin around on his feet quickly, holding his cell up like it was some kind of weapon and


it was just the door situated at the top of a staircase leading up out of the room.

Michael eyed his phone. And fumbled that like a pro. That was probably enough memoing though. He flipped over to the chat again. Still nothing. Maybe it was just the reception? He shrugged. It would be strange since he seemed to be able to use the memo just fine but, well... There was only one way he was going to find that one out. He made a quick visual check around the room to be sure that he wasn't forgetting anything, but the basement was just as empty as when he'd first come to. That just left slipping the phone back in one of the pockets of his jacket and heading up those stairs. Hopefully to some answers.



What was on the other side of the door was...well, not right was a good choice of words for starters. For one, it was really dark. Michael had never seen a night so oppressive and heavy in his life, but that was because most nights had moons or stars that abated the darkness with natural light. Even Sburb, in his experience, usually had Skaia or the twin moons as some kind of celestial sign that there was something up there. There was no such thing in the sky above at all; only absolute black. The only sources of light that kept things from being dark as pitch were four brightly burning torches, two at the sides of the door he had exited out of the basement through, and two set in front of him. The flames wavered at the exact same even pace to a slow, chilly wind that drifted through the area.


Not that actually being able to see was much use. The area he had come out onto was a small circular enclosure paved with what looked like concrete in a square formation, although it was all cracked up and weathered by this point. The rounded edges where the paved area wasn't reaching were dirt, which led out into the forest that surrounded the enclosure. Actually, forest was only slightly appropriate as a word for it. While the light from the torches didn't reach nearly high enough to discern what was up at the top of the trees, there was not a branch or any single spot Michael could see on any of them that had any observable sign of growths, be they leaves, fruits, anything. On that note, the bark seemed really strange, although he couldn't articulate how. The best way he could put it was that...it had this weird, lifeless sheen to it that you didn't see on the typical tree. As far as he could tell, the trees were all dead. Aside from that, there was some sort of narrow path that opened and looked as though it cut through the woods, which was what the two torches opposite his starting destination were illuminating.

Speaking of where he'd exited-


It was weird enough he'd just exited straight into the outdoors from what he had assumed was a basement. But as for said basement...


It was white. Very white. He had seen ivory before, and based off the color and the way it reflected the torchlight, that was his best guess for what the material the slabs and bricks composing it were made from. But more to the point, the shape he was looking at was roughly square in overall shape, had two slim pillars at the front, what looked like a cross carved over the entryway, and most importantly of all to his understanding was undoubtedly, as far as he could tell, absolutely, unmistakably a tomb.


He almost jumped when he heard a beeping tone. Wait. Stupid. It was just the phone. Someone was messaging him, which was a comfort. He opened his phone - Oh, it's the memo.

...Wait, it's actually the memo?- oh well, miracles abound, etc. It was the same thing, Michael supposed.

Spoiler: click to show
tellurianMaestro responded to memo:
TM: Good my lord,

Oh. Of course. It made sense now. Michael couldn't suppress a slight smirk before answering.

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Spoiler: click to show
PP: Or at least, you're being sarcastic about acknowledging my greatness.
PP: Whatever.
PP: I've used the memo, you win.
PP: But only this once.
PP: Look, I need to ask if
PP: perhaps

TM: [Sings]
PP: what
TM: They bore him barefaced on the bier;
TM: Hey non nonny, nonny, hey nØnny;

PP: no really what
TM: And in his grave rain'd many a tear:--
TM: Fare you well, my dove!

PP: ...
PP: What, is it amateur night at the Shakespeare fest or something?
PP: I didn't peg you for an English major.

TM: [Sings]
TM: You must sing a-down a-down,

PP: Dude.
TM: An you call him a-down-a.
PP: What is this.
TM: O, how the wheel becomes it! It is the false
TM: steward, that stole his master's daughter.

PP: Seriously, are we just copy-pasting
PP: Look
PP: ...Hello?
TM: [Sings]
PP: What the !#%$
TM: And will he not come again?
TM: And will he not come again?

PP: Tom, if this is a joke, it's dumb.
TM: No, no, he is d̺̹̱e͖à͉̬d͏̥.
PP: Cut this !#%$ out
TM: No, no, h͔̖e̮͎͕ͅ ̭í̲̺̘̰̯s͚̦̭͍̀ ̨d͇̠̘ea̴̰d̙̣.
PP: seriously. hello?
TM: Go to thy Image
PP: what part of stop being a !#%$
TM: He never will come again.
PP: I can't tell if I should be annoyed or just assume that it's my phone
PP: Although if it is my phone
PP: I'm still annoyed!

TM: who are you
PP: ...
PP: Okay, seriously.
PP: Knock it off, Tom.
PP: You know damn well who I am.

PP: for the love of

Michael instinctively held his celltop away from himself as it began to pulse erratically with green light coming out of all ports and vibrate so much harder than its specs were ever meant to hold up. He couldn't help but imagine all the expensive equipment that was probably being shredded inside the phone as the thing hammered hard enough that it almost ached to hold it and Oh my god why haven't I let it go what in the !#%$ am I doing I


Wait a moment.


It had stopped.

The series of reactions running through Michael's head were pretty complicated but could probably have been summed up roughly with Oh thank God, Brahma, whoever wants to take credit, my phone isn't going to explode, I think, because when he reflected on all the effort it took to get the phone, how inconvenient it would be to lose it and and and

It had turned off. He made a silent note to himself to thank the foresight of the almighty Steve Jobs. His software was apparently resilient enough, even fused with a laptop by way of some really strange reality-altering game, to resist...whatever the balls had just happened. If I ever see Mom again, she was right, I apparently should never have poo-poo'd the miraculous and life-altering works of- oh hey

And it flashed back to life. The stylized white rounded fruit appeared as the phone's backlit screen came to life.

Alright. When it powers back on, well

Honestly he had no idea what he planned on doing when it powered back on, but opening it and reopening that memo was either a great start, a horrible idea, or both. This naturally meant that he clearly had to do exactly that. It didn't really matter in any case probably, but whatever had just happened was enough to confirm that something incredibly bizarre was going on. The game apparently held quite a few surprises that he hadn't been warned about.

But it's not as though I'm going to figure anything out by gawking at my phone and questioning myself about whether I really need to open it or not.

The phone's background picture lit up after a moment of the screen powering off as it loaded the software. It was like a standard power-down, really. Michael slid the arrow to the left and wait hold on, this wasn't the screen or his apps at all, it was

Spoiler: click to show


And then the vibrating resumed and the green light poured back out at full force.

No, it was all so much more intense this time and it was almost like a strobing green glowing jackhammer was bouncing around the insides of the celltop and


Without thinking for even a moment about it, Michael reared his hand back and chucked the shaking, iridescent, pulsing-with-light thing as far in the forest as he possibly could and it wasn't even a moment too soon because

green light all over the forest force everywhere dancing around the trees and colliding against them, casting shadows everywhere wildly even as the damned thing was making audible whumping and shuddering noises against the ground and probably the roots and oh my god was it far enough away from him, the only way to be sure was to get behind the ivory thing he was trying really hard not to think of as a tomb and

and then


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As Hamilton and his giant cyborg-father made their way back home, they spied some brown fellows. The Mysterious Engineer quickly leaping over to the cliff they resided on, they got a closer look to see that they were birds--hawks, to be a bit more specific. As the two stopped to greet these avian creatures, though, one simply gave a friendly wave before diving off the cliff. Not flying off, no--diving.

Moving swiftly, the Mysterious Engineer placed Hamilton down on to the ground and swung down, catching the bird before it could land in the harsh waters below.

"What was up with that guy?!" Hamilton said in a slight state of shock to the other hawks.

"There's some totally righteous waves down there, dude! How could we not want to take a swim?!" one excitedly spouted back.

Hamilton simply blinked, vacantly staring back for a few moments in response. "Because... they're so... righteous that they'd overtake you? And, you know... you're birds? The things that fly?" he finally responded, seeming a bit confused as to why he had to point this out.

"Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff." all the hawks spat in unison (which sounded a bit awkward due to their lack of lips). The first one spoke up again with "Have you seen the skies lately, brah? Ain't nothin' flying in this weather, even if we wanted to. Besides, dude, like, flying? Do we look like we got rockets strapped on our backs, dude? Who ever heard of a little chickadee flyin' by their own power? And here you are, tellin' us dudes that swimmin' is ridiculous, when there's water literally everywhere. Pffffffff!"

Hamilton's confused, vacant look only managed to intensify. "So, you birds... have never flown before?" he managed to get out, really unsure of how to continue this conversation.

The spokeshawk was about to retort, looking indignant, but stopped itself, looking to the side as it brought its wing to its beak, considering the question for a moment. "Now that you mention it, I think I remember hearin' somethin' about a King Brah who used to give us flight. I always just assumed he had a bunch of spare mini-jets laying around or somethin' rad like that. Haven't hearda that dude since the weather went hazy, though." it explained.

The Mysterious Engineer finally chimed in with "So the status of the atmosphere wasn't always like this? At what point was there a juncture?"

The hawk let out a small laugh, replying with "I'm not sure about any junk, brah, but I can't remember if I was even around when the sky got all wet. Somethin' about... the web bringin' the waves, or somethin'."

The Mysterious Engineer nodded to himself, as unapparent with his hulking frame as it was, as if he expected that answer. "So we need take little caution in hypothesizing that it came with the arthropods, then." he affirmed.

It was the hawk's turn to blankly stare and blink this time. "Dude... wha...?" it finally managed to have stumble out of its beak.

"It is of starkly miniscule consequence. Perhaps you avian folk would like to climb aboard and join us on our venture to return to our humble semi-abode? This aquatic environment seems to be providing nothing but methods of self-harm, no offense." the Mysterious Engineer went on, shaking his limp organic hand dismissively.

More blank stares and blinking.

"He said climb on his back and we'll take you to our house." Hamilton chimed in with.

"Ohhh, dude, righteous! There'll be pizza, right? And nachos. Gotta have the nachos, brah." the bird replied, seeming to understand all at once (and not at all), now suddenly much more cheery.

"Uhhh..." Hamilton stuttered, thinking back on if any of that was in the fridge--or, Hell, if they even still had the fridge.

"I assure you we can conjure up something of the sort." the Mysterious Engineer said, taking his turn to interject.

"Sweeeet!" the hawks all said in unison, climbing atop the hulking metal frame and nesting amongst its various edges and crannies.

As Hamilton climbed back into his father's large metal hand, the group leaped off into the distance, heading back towards home.

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Ali continues exploring buildings with Shammy and the tiny Dersite Prospitian. In between talking with the two new friends she made today she would pick up books and begin flipping to random pages. She didn't understand what any of it meant but a lot of it said neat things.

She picked up yet another book and opened it to somewhere in the middle.

Spoiler: click to show
Skaia's visions become ever bothersome. I wonder what will become of our heroes once they do arrive. I do not see many good things in store for them.

Beauteous Skaia shows me that our Witch will lose her Light.

Our Seer will become infatuated with Doom.

The Theif will steal our Time.

The Prince will be removed from Space.

The Rogue will steal our Life.

The Page will serve himself and the Maid will serve nothing.

All that will be left is for the Heir to inherit these problems to fuel his great Rage.

The cloud's predictions look grim for us. Though perhaps that is because we are removed of their context. Yes, I'm sure of it. I am simply viewing Skaia's noble gifts wrong. Perhaps if I... yes, almost certainly. Next time I will squint and turn my head at a different angle and it will most certainly give me better results.

He's back and slower than ever.

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Michael couldn't help but gawk a little at the magnitude of the explosion, which, nevertheless, did not appear to have disturbed any of the trees in the slightest. Well. That happened. He looked down at the hand that had been holding the phone. ...Damn it. He clenched his teeth and gritted them in agitation. That had been an expensive phone. And a useful phone too. !#%$ A. Now I can't contact anyone. Although for all the good trying that did me...

No. There was no point in thinking that way. Or in thinking about the - tomb - structure that he had been hiding behind and putting a hand on which he pulled away although it was for no reason, because it wasn't like it was anything to be worried about. And it had kept him from getting knocked onto his ass, so maybe that was something to be grateful for.

Michael sucked on his teeth and stared off down the forest path. Now that he knew he wasn't about to get help sticking around here, it was fairly obvious what he was going to have to do next. Although now that he was looking more closely, it seemed like there were some large shapes off in the distance through the trees. They were hard to make out, but they loomed quite high from what he could glean from so far away.

He didn't like it but at least whoever had designed this game had apparently felt like linear pathways. I mean, if they weren't leading me around like this, I'd have to look around for treasure chests or something. The thought made him chuckle a little to himself. Alright, so my phone's gone. I don't know where I am. I'm kind of pissed about that but... He put one foot forward. "At least I know what I apparently should be doing."

And so he set off into the forest and away from the light.

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"I can't believe you convinced me to do this." Alex said to the brown hawk beside him. They were both falling at an alarming rate toward the harsh sea below.

The consort reassured him, "But dude, check out those gnarly waves. It's gonna be radical!" Alex looked up to see what was directly below him. The waves did seem pretty gnarly. If only there was a way he could ride them. But wait! Maybe he could? After communing with the bird, he climbed onto the back of the animal. He pulled the avian forward, so it would be in the position a bird normally flies in as opposed to spiraling downward. After that he stood on top of it and held his arms out.

He was going to catch some waves.

He's back and slower than ever.

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You've been pacing your room for what FEELS like half a year.

I mean, you know it's only been like a couple hours but that's not the point! Your life is on the line here after all! Waiting to enter the one ticket to your continued existence sure is boring though. Everyone seems so busy being "servers" or whatever. Oh man, is this like one of your BROTHER'S weird maid games? Hopefully not, yuck!

Everyone is so busy you feel a bit left out of the loop. You decide to glance out your window yet again, watching the skies light up red.

So it really is real... You still were doubtful until the TV reported all the strange meteor impacts! And even then, you thought maybe it was some candid camera stunt until you saw them for yourself hours back.

Now the dark clouds are stained red from the constant fire of those space rocks. And it seems to be getting closer and closer the more you watch. T-They did get your name down right? Who's in charge of this thing?! Why hasn't anyone talked in OMEN for so long?!

You're really running out of patience here!

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Location: Neptune
As Hamilton and company finally arrived back at his house, he hopped off his father's back, making his way inside--or trying to, as he was quickly trampled by the horde of hawks. As he looked upward, he was greeted by his father. With a small frown, the Mysterious Engineer explained "I'm going to require you to procure nourishment for these sojourners, as my ability to do so is a bit lacking due to my girth. You should be able to attain the necessary components for such an endeavor in our nutriment-cooling apparatus. Whilst I'd ordinarily not institute such an undertaking to you, my options are limited. Consider it a bit of tutelage for you, as you are maturing, after all."

Hamilton stared vacantly for a few moments before finally snapping to attention, his brain finally catching on to what he was told. "Right, sure." he affirmed, making his way into the half-house and eventually, the refrigerator. As luck would have it, there was some pizza and nachos inside, just sitting there, waiting to be taken. Just gotta pop them in the microwave, and--

"Dude, we found the grub!" one of the hawks shouted, having apparently been peaking over Hamilton's shoulder, and quickly snatching the food out of Hamilton's grasp.

"Righteous!" another one cheered, quickly snapping up a small handful of nachos. "Wait, dude, these are cold."

"Pffff," the first one retorted, "Whatever, brah, everyone knows cold pizza's just as radical, I'm sure nachos are no different." The rest nodded in unison, seeming to think this logic was sound, and in seconds, they were all stuffing their beaks full of the stuff.

Hamilton simply sighed, feeling a bit overburdened by these hawks. Just wanting to get away from all the commotion, he made his way up to his room, choosing to sit on his bed and think. After a few moments, he opted to turn his cap forwards again and spin the propeller, seeing if he missed anything important, or if there was anyone to talk to. Wait, was that his server player on? Oh, man, Hamilton hoped she was actually there, now. Stopping himself before he could get carried away, he let in a deep breath, recalling the advice he had gotten from that abscondingHazard fellow. Wear stupid things, make them feel like they're your property, make the worst faces imaginable, and tell them about your cool buddy, abscondingHazard. Got it.

Not wanting to waste another moment, he started a conversation with her, hoping for the best.

Spoiler: click to show
-- extremeVelocity [EV] began pestering taterSalad [TS] --
EV: Hey, helloooo! Are you there? It's been a while since we've talked! I mean, you're my server player!
EV: That... that means you're supposed to do things for me. Yeah!
TS: Yeah, I'm wandering the desert right now. My land or whatever. It's really fascinating.
TS: Lots of...sand.
EV: Oh, there you are!
EV: Sounds... great, I guess?
TS: Grand glass structures, as well.
EV: Huh.
EV: I mean, yeah, you're my server player! You're supposed to help me get to the... gate thing! Because you're mine! Yes.
TS: Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it.
TS: But all this /sand/!
EV: Yeah, I'm sure the sand is interesting, and all, but...
EV: I mean, I'm having a party! Yeah, that's right! One of those things.
EV: It's great! And exciting!
EV: And we all look totally stupid, it's amazing, right? Right! Yes.
TS: With who?
EV: Uh...
EV: Some talking birds I found on some cliff.
TS: ...Sounds squawk-y.
EV: Y...yes?
EV: Well, I mean, they don't really squawk, they talk pretty normal... Well, wait, no, they don't.
EV: They talk... I don't even know how they talk.
EV: But yeah, I mean, we're all making dumb faces and wearing stupid clothes! And you're my server player! And, yes!
EV: Oh yeah! Another thing!
EV: I talked to this one guy, abscondingHazard, he's pretty rad.
TS: Oh, him?
TS: He's my server.
EV: Oh.
EV: Then you'd know how rad he is! We're totally buddies, and it's great! Yeah!
TS: He can be a bit of an ass, though.
TS: I bet it's a bit of an overcompensation, though.
EV: Yeah, I guess so, but... I guess he's going on some tough times.
EV: And he pulled through in the end.
TS: Yeah, that's true.
EV: But yeah, I mean, I know all the coolest dudes, yeah! It's true!
TS: Like?
EV: Uh
EV: Well, abscondingHazard, for one! Also, uh...
EV: Well... there was this other guy I met.
EV: I think...
EV: Said to call him Doctor Funtimes.
TS: ...Who?
EV: Well, I mean...
EV: He had these sweet sunglasses, and this weird jacket, and an awesome hat!
EV: And looked kind of like me, I guess, but...
TS: Hm.
TS: Most interesting.
EV: Yeah! He was really rad.
TS: Well, anyway, I'll get to it and it'll be ready by the time your party is up.
EV: Oh.
EV: That's okay, I guess.
EV: Er, I mean, you're my server player, mine, yeah! You should be at my beck and call! Right? Yes.
-- taterSalad [TS] eyeroll. --
TS: Yeah, let me just try that on my server and see how it goes.
EV: Alright, awesome!
EV: Thanks!
-- extremeVelocity [EV] proceeds to make the dumbest face he can manage, bulging his eyes, flaring his nostrils, and tightening his mouth into the most exaggerated position possible, holding the face for as long as he can. --
-- taterSalad [TS] isn't looking at him at the moment, so. --
-- extremeVelocity [EV] will try his hardest NO MATTER WHAT JUST YOU WAIT SHE'LL SEE IT I SWEAR!! --
TS: What is it like over there?
EV: Uh...
EV: Wet.
EV: Very wet.
TS: Wet, I see.
EV: Like, a really violent ocean below, with some cliffs here and there, and it's raining constantly.
TS: Huh. Have you explored it at all?
EV: A bit. I found that Dr. Funtimes guy and these brown hawks out there.
EV: Aside from that, it's mostly the same elsewhere, from what I saw.
EV: Oh, yeah. And there's web. Lots of it.
EV: Connecting the cliffs, and even coming from the sky!
TS: Hm.
TS: I wonder if there's anything hidden in here.
EV: In where now?
TS: The places we're in.
TS: Like a video game.
EV: Oh. Yeah, that'd make sense.
TS: You should try and find whatever is hidden in yours. It could be, like, a cool weapon or something.
EV: I guess. Only place it seems like they could really hide things here, though, is in the water.
EV: Which doesn't exactly look safe to swim in.
TS: Hm.
TS: Well, that's probably why it is hidden. Not being obvious.
TS: Maybe the web leads somewhere.
EV: Oh, yeah, maybe.
EV: I mean, of course! It's like a path, it'd only be natural, I totally knew that.
TS: ...Right, well.
TS: Are you properly armed?
EV: Yeah! I got this keyboard-chainsaw thing, it's great!
EV: I've totally killed some spiders with it.
TS: That should work.
EV: Like, giant monster ones! Not normal spiders.
TS: Uh-huh.
TS: I wonder if I could break into one of these...
EV: Into what now?
TS: These big glass things.
EV: Oh. Right, yeah.
EV: Maybe. I wouldn't really know. I mean, this party, yeah! Totally distracting, let me tell you. It's great. Yep.
TS: ...Are you okay?
EV: Yeah! I'm great!
TS: You sure?
EV: Always! How could I not be great? I mean, I know rad people, I'm in stupid clothes, making a dumb face, and you're my server player!
TS: ...
EV: Oh yeah, and this party. It's awesome! I think I hear someone at the door now!
TS: O...kay.
EV: Actually, wait, yeah, there's someone at the door. That's... weird. I'm going to go check on that.
EV: Have fun with your sand and stuff, I guess, my server player! Yep! See you!
TS: See you.
-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering taterSalad [TS] --

Hamilton strode up to the door. That conversation had left him feeling... odd. Almost as if he did something wrong, but that couldn't be right. Regardless, he couldn't let it bother him: he had a guest to attend to! As he opened the door, he... was more than a bit confused at who he saw.

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