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 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:08 am 
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Jack leaned back in his chair, frowning at his computer. He suddenly didn't feel like he was in the mood for video games. He quickly looked at the chat, shaking his head at all the idiots, and quickly responded to the chat.

Spoiler: click to show
abscondingHazard [AH] is responding to OMEM.
abscondingHazard [AH] is an active chum!
AH: You guys are !#%$ useless, literally sitting here waiting for a !#%$ game you couldn't be bothered to buy.
AH: I was pretty psyched about not playing this game, and now...
AH: Some !#%$ online RPG !#%$ with gay elves and whatever, I dont gvie a !#%$.
abscondingHazard's [AH's]
head is now in his computer!

Glass shards and sparks flew from the computer screen as Jack struggled to get free from the hand that was shoving his face into the computer. Jack suddenly stood up, kicking his chair back into the person behind him, finally breaking free. Jack then quickly whipped around, slashing the assailant's throat.

Jack held his face, feeling around for something to clean himself up. He wiped his face with a shirt off of the floor, pulling glass pieces out as he looked at his broken screen. The screen was trashed. Not that it mattered too much, he could easily replace the screen. Jack turned to look at the girl who had attacked him. She wasn't that old, probably lured here by some ass from that game. Whatever, didn't matter much now. He dropped the shirt over her face, and then captchalogued her body, making a mental note to dispose of it later.

Jack walked over to a mirror, and took note of the burns on his face from the screen. He waited a few moments, and walked over to one of the bottles of booze he picked up, dumping some on another shirt and dabbing it on his face while he also drank from the bottle. He felt his skin slowly start to heal over itself, and figured his face would be better in a few hours.

The joys of being a mutant freak.

Jack put the bottle down, and picked up a phone.

Spoiler: click to show
abscondingHazard [AH] is making a call.
AH: hey. we need to meet.
SS: where, when
AH: the usual place, 2 hours. can you get me a
SS: computer screen?
AH: Never know how you do that. Yeah, bring me one that won't !#%$ break when someone slams my head into it. also, be ready to dispose of some things.
SS: yeah yeah. see you.
SS has hung up.


 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:12 am 
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Shammy was simply sitting there, her hand placed quizzically over her chin as she stared at the chat window, as if that would somehow help her come up with a solution.

Fortunately, it was at that moment that another window popped up.
Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

CO: konichiwa
TC: oh hello
TC: i think?
CO: do you even know what were doing with this game? you seemed knowledgeable
CO: ...is it a jrpg?
TC: i do?
CO: except with like
CO: multiplayer or something
TC: and uh
TC: i dont think its a jeep
CO: no baka a J R P G
TC: oh okay
TC: whats that
CO: a japanese roleplaying game you know like Hindmost Historia
TC: oh of course!
TC: those are things which are great
TC: yes
CO: yeah they are the best!
CO: not like dumb shooty things where everything is the color of my text
TC: yes those are things which im sure are dumb!
CO: so um how do we start playing this game thing
CO: i dont really get this server/client thing
TC: well my brother said something about a server player
TC: but i dont really know what that is
CO: um does it have to do with these two disks i have? i think i installed one maybe
TC: oh it might
TC: well maybe serverings one for something or...
CO: okay so i put in the disk and now i guess i have to connect to someone?
TC: yeah that sounds good!
TC: you can try connecting to me i guess
CO: let me just look at the manual
TC: ok cool
CO: hmm it says
CO: クライアントプレーヤーのアホに接続
TC: erm
TC: yes!
CO: i think maybe i should not of ordered overseas
TC: oh i see
TC: yeah that could be a problem
CO: looking at the pictures it says you need to use the client disk i guess
TC: errrrrmmmm
CO: ?
TC: i might not have disks
CO: oh did you lose them?
TC: uh
TC: yes!
CO: awww that sucks ):
CO: how are we going to play now?
TC: um maybe i can find something hang on
TC: ok client.exe maybe this will work
CO: maybe!
TC: hey its working
CO: alright so now ill connect
TC: ok awesome!
CO: woah whats this screen?
TC: uh i dunno whats it look like?
CO: theres a person on the screen i think its my character
TC: oh cool!
TC: i think im connected too but i dont see anything
CO: hmm you might need to connect to someone else with your server disk
TC: maybe
CO: oh huh i can look around the area but i cant seem to make the character move
TC: thats weird
CO: let me try clicking on things
TC: ok
CO: oh i can move things let me just try uh
CO: oops ill just
TC: woah
CO: set this down near the character
TC: i think
TC: my toilet is having issues one second
CO: oh thats funny i just set a toilet next to my character
TC: what
CO: yeah i clicked on it and then i moved it
CO: it has really realistic graphics
TC: oh huh
TC: yeah my toilet just landed next to me somehow
TC: i dont really how happened know...
CO: hmm
CO: did it move just now?
TC: yes!
CO: i think im moving it
TC: !#%$ i think my house is haunted!
TC: oh
TC: or it could be that
TC: i
CO: i did not realize games were this advanced
TC: think that makes more sense?
CO: i guess thats you?
TC: oh i guess
TC: what does it look like?
CO: its just a girl near a computer with these odd looking twintails
CO: oh wait its just a ponytail ):
TC: oh yeah i think thats me!
TC: can you see me waving?
CO: oh yeah i can!
TC: holy cow thats cool!
TC: so i guess it worked
TC: now what?
CO: well i was expecting to play a game with a character like Nimbus from Hindmost Historia Shichi

 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:14 am 
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Ali found the girl interesting. She hadn't really talked to many people outside her friends before so talking to someone who did not really seem to get what they were saying was a new experience. That just means that there are loads of cool things she can show her! Making friends is great.

Also she really wants to replay HH7.

Spoiler: click to show
CO: but i guess its cool to get to see you
TC: yeah hopefully i can eventually see you too!
CO: it looks like i have all these options and menus
TC: oh cool
TC: what do they do?
CO: but i cant read all this hirogana
TC: oh
TC: well maybe just click around and see what works
TC: my mother says most the time fixing computers just ends up being messing around until things work
CO: oh alright ill just
CO: i guess i can place these big things
TC: ok
TC: wait
CO: ?
TC: placing big things
TC: im suddenly not so sure this is a good idea
TC: oh god whats that
CO: thats a 配布行列 i guess?
TC: that
TC: ill assume that means big clunky thing
CO: probably!
TC: does it do anything?
TC: i mean
TC: i guess i could just try and
TC: touch it myself but
CO: um im looking at the manual
CO: i think you have to take the lid off
TC: theres a lid?
TC: oh yeah
CO: but im not sure what happens after that
TC: i guess that kind of looks like a lid
CO: im just going to drop the rest of these things around your house
TC: ok i tried but that lid aint going nowhere
CO: hmm clicking on it isnt really doing anything let me just
TC: oh god
CO: yeah that did it
CO: oh i think its glitching now theres this weird ball floating around
TC: no i see that
TC: ok so i was right
TC: my house is haunted
CO: oh you do? weird maybe its a chir batti
TC: a what
TC: i mean yes!
TC: of course
CO: like
CO: a ghost light thing
TC: yeah thats what id call a ghost light thing
TC: now that i look closer though its missing half
TC: thats weird
TC: maybe thats what the goal of the game is, find the other half?
CO: yeah i see it too thats why i thought it was glitching
CO: maybe you need to build a new half
CO: with the rest of this stuff
TC: that makes sense
TC: wait rest of what stuff
CO: yeah the big stuff i placed around your house
CO: i put it all near your room so you can get there fast
TC: oh ok
TC: well
TC: thanks i guess!
TC: ok i looked at the other stuff
TC: im not really sure what any of it does
CO: oh wait i think you have to use
CO: this thing?
TC: oh god
TC: oh
CO: its smaller than i expected
TC: thats not a giant machine
TC: thats good
CO: hey whats that timer on the metal thing the half sphere came from
TC: oh maybe thats a time limit for the game or something?
CO: its kind of a low number dont you think?
TC: maybe the halfball just disappears at the end i guess
CO: thats only a few minutes
TC: oh shoot youre right
TC: well one sec
TC: okay i think i found a slot for the card in one of the machines
TC: and i guess its doing something now?
CO: oh whats it doing?
TC: i think it made some kind of
TC: weird can thing
TC: maybe i use it on the halfball?
CO: sounds like a plan
TC: ok no
TC: the halfball very obviously wants no business with it
CO: maybe thats what you need to
CO: put something in the ball?
TC: maybe
TC: im going to try this can thing with the other machines though
CO: oh okay
TC: ok i got a watering can now i guess
TC: i saw my brother in the hallway too though and he was doing stuff like this too it looks like
TC: i think i might ask him about this
CO: alright is he good at videogames?
CO: cause that might be a good idea
TC: oh yeah hes the best
CO: i dont play them often
CO: alright see you in a bit i guess!
TC: probably shouldve asked him sooner honestly
TC: alright cool see you!

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

He's back and slower than ever.

 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:58 am 
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"Perhaps if I...no, no then that would, but then it'd just, I don't know...Hmm"

A Young boy sat alone at a table, starring at a small, outdated laptop. He was currently locked in a battle of wits (read: Avian Tactics, 2000 Edition) with an "associate" of his. Yes, that's it, maybe he thinks as he sends his Peaclock to attack his rival's Pelidan. Nothing will go wrong with this move, nothing. That's what he assured himself at least while he emailed his move out. Play by email, what a new and interesting concept, he mused.

This lad's name is Rhis Cardor. Mentioned by well, no one, he is spending the summer living in his Uncle's RV in the middle of the woods. His uncle isn't actually here right now, although he never really is. He's gotten pretty use to being left all alone for extended periods of time. Sometimes for an entire month. His uncle was at least kind enough to leave him a special video game before he left. He never really said /what/ it was, just told him that it was something special. Now Rhis is just, mucking around until the game finished installing. You even had a stint where you did an imaginary drug bust with your pet python Crime Lord H Two. You can't prove anything he said. But hah, you could prove it all with your 3D Glasses X-Ray Laser Specs. And so another South American farm was liberated from the hands of the the armless drug lord.

brrr bee boo bop

Oh hey, that sounds means your uncle's gift has finished installing. That was some pretty good time, especially since you started it 3 weeks ago. That extra Bop there also means your associate has emailed you back with his counter move. I'm sure he never could have anticipated your specticle of flocking wit! ... Son of a, darn it you quietly say to no one as you watch his Pelidan simply wreck not only your Peaclock, but also your Sparrowmancer. That unit is OP, it really needs a patch 12 years ago. Well anyway, let's see what this game even is!

....once the game stops freezing up at least. Ah well, might as well connect to this address you got with the game. 815sburb.tfr112.org, or something....

Connection....complete..? you can't tell, the window froze up. Gosh darn it. Oh wait, there it goes, maybe, perhaps, not really.

Spoiler: click to show
retroSentinel [RS] is responding to OMEN

oh wait it froze again. Humbug.


 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:10 am 
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Alex sat bored by his computer when someone messaged him. This better be good.

Spoiler: click to show
-- solitaryHighlander [SH] began messaging audaciousPrizefighter [AP] --

SH: Well, it's about bloody time!
AP: Yeah, I'm so close to playing and I'm STILL waiting.
SH: Och, sorry, boyo. I mean ta say that I finally see you.
SH: Although I'll be damned if the prospect of this game kickin' off fer you slowpokes
SH: doesn't get my whiskers up.
SH: I guess ye weren't all talk!
AP: Ah, I'm pretty excited. Although these other guys are just bumbling along.
SH: Tell me abou' et.
SH: 's a bloody fine head on the wall there.
AP: Yeah, that was a fun one. My ears may have been bleeding but he couldn't handle the ol' one two
SH: Ahahahaha, I'll bet not! Looks like a damn fine hunt.
SH: I regret that I've not seen the like since I've been here.
SH: Not that I regret many things, mind ye.
AP: I heard there are bigger ones somewhere. Like waaaaay bigger. Hope I meet one of them someday. Meet them and beat them.
SH: Och, definitely. This game's s'posed te have a lot o' crazy stuff runnin' about.
AP: Yeah, its going to have some sickass monsters right?
SH: Absolutely. I've no' made much progress since tha last time we spoke, but these damned horsemen keep talkin' up a storm about all kinds o' crazy things out there in the wilderness.
SH: Got my blood fit to boilin', it does!
AP: Oh, so you're already playing? How awesome IS it anyway?
SH: Och, laddie, it's beyond description. I told ye about tha weird creatures before.
SH: I dunnae know what ye'll run into out there but
SH: the horsemen I told ye aboot have been right bloody excited since I left the castle.
SH: Well, were right bloody excited after I beat some sense into a few of 'em.
SH: Ha! That was quite a show.
SH: Apparently there's some kinda war brewin' out in this misty forest.
AP: Those dudes sound like my kinda guys.
SH: Haha, it'll be nice having some lads and lassies around ta scope this place out with.
SH: The horselads have been shoutin' aboot how we need to get out and wage war.
AP: I think some of them are connecting as we speak. I'm so HYPED, man.
SH: Och, !#%$, lad, it feels right contagious, it does. I just cannae wait to get out there.
SH: I've been holdin' back a little waitin' for ye all to show up.
SH: But it's been so hard.
SH: Horse lads say we have to go fight and keep yellin' at me.
AP: Haha, those guys seem like CRAZY fun.
SH: Granted, like any sensible man, they calm down when we get to drinking, but I dunnae know if I can hold 'em back much longer.
SH: Ah, hell yes they are. I think we've fought every night since I've gotten here.
AP: Man, don't drink it all. Save some for me, bro.
SH: Och, there'll be plenty, laddie
AP: Wait, !#%$.
SH: the stores here are pretty sizeable.
SH: What is it, lad?
AP: I think I just heard something crash.
SH: Och, ordinarily I'd blame it on the missus, but it occurs to me that there ain't no lassie in yer house as I recall.
SH: Maybe ye ought ta go check.
AP: Oh, just looked out my window.
AP: It's Ol' Charlie again.
AP: I took his tentacle, but I guess hes back for more.
SH: Guess ye cannae keep a good hunt down, eh laddie?
AP: Ahaha, right? Anyway, I'm going to go handle this fella.
SH: Sounds like it'll be a good preview for tha show to come!
SH: Alrigh', but ye hurry back now.
SH: After all, sounds like this party is kickin' off
AP: I hope. Then when I get back, I'll probably connect and we can chill.
SH: ye wouldnae wanna miss it.
SH: Sounds great!
AP: Later, man.

-- audaciousPrizefighter[AP] ceased pestering solitaryHighlander [SH] --

He grabbed his trusty bat. This one was going down this time. He glanced out the window again. It appeared that somehow, he was able to simultaneously get past the defensive runes, the sonic wall, and was now working on the iron gate. I always wondered how he slipped by the first two so easily but always had problems with the fence. The beast let out a painful screech and he ran to the door, his ears bleeding again. Monkeys be damned, I can at least take on this thing. As he approached it, the writhing mass blasted him back with its raw psychic power and screeched again. "Is that THE BEST YOU'VE GOT?" He yelled out at it. Ol' Charlie flailed about ramming one of its beaks against the fence, the nub where one of its larger tentacles used to be healed and scarred over. The young hunter rushed towards his foe and took a wide swing with his back, cracking it across the face it was using to lead its charge on the mansion's defenses. The small horrorterror loomed over him and tried to crush Alex beneath its beak but he jumped out of the way. He then smashed one of its many eyes in with the bat, getting splattered by strangely colored blood. He didn't care, this was the thing he lived for.

The thrill of the hunt.

He ran out into the jungle, hoping it would give chase. It was too angry about the eye, the tentacle, and just being hit to focus on the mansion and went after him. Alex had been expecting this and he was ready. It was surprisingly agile for a mass of alien flesh so it was catching up fairly quickly. They ran past tree and rock and beast, the child leading the way just like he wanted to happen. He smacked animals out of his way just so he would not be slowed down because if he stopped for even a second Charlie would get him. Deep in the jungle a trap had been set in preparation of this. The lumbering creature tripped a wire trap hidden under the foliage and a large, strangely shaped rock with even stranger carvings in it dropped upon the beast. After that, the eldritch thing did not move. Alex dragged it back to his home using a carrying device he had left in the jungle by his trap. He dumped the beast in his living room and returned upstairs only to find his window open and some things pulled out from under his bed. Alex saw his things messed with and tiny primate paw prints on the floor and flushed red with anger and embarrassment. Though there was no one around, he hated the idea of someone finding out he owned a cookbook and knitting supplies. That's not the kind of things a MANLY HUNTER likes. He's just holding them for someone, that's all. He closed the window and got back to his computer desk.

He's back and slower than ever.

 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:29 pm 
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It was a dark and stormy night...

Rain fell upon the window like a million bullets from a crossfire raining down on glass, a symphony of succulently timed maelstrom keeping beat to the pulse of life like a grand conductor, every moment carefully timed to flow seamlessly from the last and to the next. The girl twirled the lollipop inside her mouth as she gently sucked at it, a hardboiled expression on her face as she peered into the foreboding sky above.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." She said to nobody in particular, glancing down at the watch in her hand. 14 minutes 57 seconds. 14 minutes 58 seconds. 14 minutes 59 seconds. 15 minutes. That's how long had past since her informat, codename Sister, dropped off her new game before buggering off to a quiet sleep.

A clash of thunder, the surprise beat of a drum in a stringed orchaestra. Perhaps the rest would not be as peaceful as she anticipated. 15 minutes 10 seconds.

She had taken the time earlier to prepare for the awaiting trials. Chips, for consumption. Beverage, for stamina. But most certainly not a plushie, for luck.

Speaking of luck, connection was finally established. The memo of OMEM. sounds like an Area 51 institution. Or maybe a secret government amnesia project. Perhaps a senility prevention drug.

But with the ability to talk, she have a simple "hello" to the OMEM, taking a moment to dramatically push up her hat as she did so. Her name is HEATHER MILES. And her story is only just beginning...

A while later some entirely uninteresting things would happen that will most certainly not be gotten to later and Heather did connect-y things. This was most certainly not done out of being tired and not having much to say.

Have a log.

Spoiler: click to show
-- taterSalad [TS] begins pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

TS: Hello.
EV: Oh, hello.
EV: Are you this server player thing?
TS: *The detective nods*
TS: That's correct.
EV: Awesome! Then you can do the, thing, which starts this, I guess.
TS: Acknowledged. I shall insert the disk at this moment.
TS: The disk is being inserted.
TS: It's in.
EV: ... So now what?
TS: I think you insert the other disk.
TS: I think?
TS: Then we wait for installation.
EV: Erm.
EV: I did that already! For sure, I'm just, doing this thing, waiting for a server player now, that means I did it, right? Right.
TS: Oh, okay.
TS: Then we just wait for it to install.
EV: Okay, it should be installed now.
TS: Yep! It just finished as you said that.
TS: I see...a room.
EV: Okay, cool. Am I supposed to see one too?
TS: *Rubs her chin in thought while wondering why her character has a propellor cap.*
TS: I don't know.
EV: Oh man, propellor caps are the raddest.
EV: Let me tell you.
--taterSalad [TS] attempts to poke propellor cap man with the cursor. --
EV: That's weird, it felt like something just kind of shoved me just now.
TS: How bizarre. Hm.
-- taterSalad [TS] attempts to spin propellor cap man's propellor cap. --
EV: And now my hat's propellor is spinning for no reason.
EV: This is kind of weird.
EV: Is this part of the game or something?
EV: Does it haunt your house?
TS: Hm.
TS: I think I have an idea to postulate forward. I need one last test to confirm, however.
-- taterSalad [TS] chucks some random thing in the room at EV. --
EV: Oh god, and now there is a flying frying pan.
TS: ...
EV: Yeah, I'm pretty sure this thing's haunted.
TS: I believe that this game allows the server player to interact with the room of the client player.
TS: Fascinating.
TS: ...
TS: Apologies for the frying pan.
EV: Wait, really?
TS: Well, I did just chuck a frying pan at you when you said that.
TS: After I had spun your propellor cap.
EV: Oh wow.
TS: So it is either that or this game gives me access to the world of spirits.
TS: And I am mind controlling a ghost.
EV: So you can see me? And move my stuff? Holy crap, this is awesome.
EV: I was right, we really ARE breaking boundaries we didn't even know existed.
-- taterSalad [TS] puts the frying pan back where it was. --
TS: It's puzzling, though.
EV: How's that?
TS: How does it accomplish this?
EV: Uhhh...
TS: By what force am I causing these objects to be strewn about?
TS: Why is your toliet broken?
EV: By the might of sheer GLORIOUS WILLPOWER!
EV: And
EV: my toilet's broken?
TS: I think so?
EV: Any idea what caused it?
TS: I am not sure.
TS: Hm. Perhaps I should test the weight limits of this program.
TS: Please hold while I find something suitable.
EV: Alright, I'll check on the toilet in the mean time.
-- taterSalad [TS] attempts to find something heavy. --
-- taterSalad [TS] finds a Dairy Queen sign. --
-- taterSalad [TS] attempts to grab the Dairy Queen sign. --
EV: Okay, yeah, I guess my sister's doing the same thing with someone else. Apparently they also have some crazy machines and stuff.
EV: And... wait, what's that noise?
-- taterSalad [TS] proceeds to break it in half thanks to SHENANIGANS. --
-- taterSalad [TS] proceeds to accidentally drop the sign outside EV's window. --


 Post subject: Re: Homestuck RP
PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:42 am 
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Spoiler: click to show
TS: ...
TS: Oops.
EV: That is
EV: a sign.
TS: Don't worry.
TS: I can fix this.
EV: Okay, good.
-- taterSalad [CTS] attempts to turn the sign around and put it back. --
-- taterSalad [CTS] this demolishes the wall. --
TS: ...Right.
TS: Depth.
EV: Well, uh
-- taterSalad [CTS] attempts to put the sign back on the Dairy Queen sign half. --
EV: I think we should just ignore that for now.
-- taterSalad [CTS] it understandably fails to stay on. --
-- taterSalad [CTS] it probably partially crushes the Dairy Queen. --
EV: I think
EV: I think we should definitely ignore that for now.
TS: Yes.
TS: Yes that would be wise.
EV: So do you have access to any crazy machines or something?
TS: Let me check.
-- taterSalad [CTS] looks at all these CONKSUNK MENUS --
TS: Yes, it would appear I do.
TS: Should I deploy them?
EV: Yeah.
EV: Or wait.
EV: That might be a terrible idea.
EV: Just, be very careful with them.
EV: Please.
TS: Okay.
TS: Let me just...
-- taterSalad [CTS] attempts to deploy one next to EV. --
-- taterSalad [CTS] proceeds to deploy one on top of EV. Fortunately, plenty high enough he has time to get out of the way before it crushes him. --
EV: Okay, that was dangerously close to crushing my all of me.
TS: Dammit.
TS: I knew I should have purchased a new mouse before I started this.
TS: Let me just...deploy the rest away from you.
EV: That would be appreciated.
-- taterSalad [CTS] deploys the rest a safe distance away from EV. --
-- taterSalad [CTS] at the same time, they are deployed in a logical fashion. --
-- taterSalad [CTS] it should be easy to use all of them. --
EV: Alright, so I guess I just have to do... something with these.
EV: Any idea what?
TS: Hm.
TS: Try hitting them.
EV: That kind of hurt.
TS: That did not work.
TS: Maybe if I just...hit them with the cursor...
EV: Okay no, that nearly crushed me again.
TS: Sorry.
TS: I'll get this.
TS: One moment.
TS: ...You know what.
TS: Screw this.
EV: That is the most terrifying thing I've ever heard someone say.
-- taterSalad [CTS] grabs the Dairy Queen sign again and attempts to crush the machinery. --
EV: I was right.
-- taterSalad [CTS] this results in half of a sprite coming out and the sign being sent flying away. --
EV: That was terrifying.
TS: Ha!
TS: It worked.
EV: And now my house really is haunted.
TS: ...It looks glitched.
EV: Well, it's a ghost, I think it can look like whatever it wants to look like.
EV: Who are we to judge if a ghost feels like being half a ball today?
TS: Well.
TS: I am judging it.
TS: This is me being judging.
TS: It isn't even making spooky noises.
EV: Every ghost has to start somewhere.
TS: It's the worst at being a ghost I have ever seen from a ghost.
-- taterSalad [CTS] also card deployment --
EV: And if that ghost has to RISE UP from making Casper look like a terrifying monster, then SO BE IT!
EV: Oh hey, a card.
EV: Is this from a trading card game or something?
EV: I mean, not that I'd know anything about those.
TS: I don't know. It let me deploy it, so I did.
TS: You probably stick it in one of the machines
TS: .
EV: Oh, I guess that makes sense.
EV: Yeah, I found one it fit in, and I got this... cylinder... thing, I guess?
EV: Any idea what it's for?
TS: Hm.
TS: It looks like it could fit in that other thing. On that...circle-y bit.
EV: Oh, yeah, that works.
EV: Now the cylinder has a funny shape.
EV: Is this game part of some weird art class or something?
TS: Maybe you are supposed to play the role of an art critic.
TS: Is that a class in the game?
TS: Art critic?
EV: Uh... maybe?
EV: I don't know. I'm no artist, but this thing looks kind of awkward.
TS: Perhaps you should give it a numerical rating?
EV: I'd say it deserves a six out of ten.
EV: It's unique, at least.
TS: I see.
TS: ...Did anything happen? A level up noise, perhaps? Experience bar?
EV: Nope.
TS: Dissapointing.
TS: Can it fit into any of the other machines?
EV: I guess I could try.
EV: Yeah, I found one that works, and now I have some... weird-colored plant pot, I guess.
TS: Hm.
EV: Oh, hold on, I think my sister needs to talk to me for a second.
TS: Okay.

-- taterSalad [TS] ceased pestering extremeVelocity [EV]. --

"What is it?" Hamilton asked, slightly anxiously, as he turned to his sister.

"Well, you got those machine things, too, right? So you started as well. I was thinking you could help me since you're so good at games!" Shammy replied cheerily.

Hamilton practically beamed with pride, "Of course I can help. How far even are you?" he asked.

"Great!" Shammy exclaimed, "I just got an item from the machine that took that...shiny...carved...can...thing."

"Ah, right." Hamilton replied, nodding his head, "The result of the shiny-carved-can-thing step." He was pretending as hard as he could that he knew exactly what he was talking about. "Well, I'm ages beyond that, of course, but I believe we'll have to do something with both our shiny-carved-can-things-results that'll test all the experience we've obtained from our sylladexes. It'll be a puzzle to boggle minds for centuries to come, I'm sure, but we can do it. So show yours to me, and I'll show you mine." he went on.

And with that, they stared at each other for a moment, waiting, and suddenly both pulled out their respective items, the plant pot and watering can, simultaneously.

And thus, they stared at the items.

And stared.

The intensity of their stares were mind-boggling.

"I got nothin'." Shammy finally admitted, seeming disappointed.

Hamilton frowned. "I dunno, maybe we should take them back to the machines in the hallway, see if there's more we can do." he offered. And so, they went and did that.

"Maybe if I just put it on this thing..." Hamilton thought aloud, as he placed his pot on the middle-most machine.

"And then maybe if I hang this above it!" Shammy cheered as she went reached up, holding the watering can by its handle, and then, who would've thought, water came out.

"Oh." they both uttered as the water made the plant grow.

And then POOF, they were gone.



Spoiler: click to show
mavenEnigma [ME] forced extremeVelocity [EV] and trivialCelebration [TC] to respond to memo on board QUALITY FAMILY TIME.

ME: Whilst I don't mean to alarm either of you wonderful munchkins, this whole "game" endeavor seems quite the disastrous pickle if you're not the utmost careful!
ME: But of considerably more importance, there seems to be not a mere loner, but a duo of meteors heading straight for us!
ME: And I do mean meteor, not simply asteroids! These wretched rocks have left the depths of the void that is space and are mere minutes from clashing down on our fragile mortal coils!
ME: Hello?
ME: This is neither the time or place in which to ignore my presence! I'll ascend the stairs if I have to!
ME: If you two don't respond soon, I'll
's computer has split in half.

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After the fight he decided that he was tired of waiting and began hitting up that new guy that just joined the group.

Spoiler: click to show
-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] began pestering retroSentinel [RS] --

AP: HEY! Whats up?
RS: Ah, oh. Hello sir.
AP: I saw you joined OMEM. You looking to connect?
RS: I, suppose? When I joined it just, froze up, on me.
AP: Have you tried restarting?
RS: Oh, this chat, just had a seizure, when I hit enter.
RS: I, have not.
RS: Because it take 10 hours to, boot this machine up.
RS: That's, hyperbol.
RS: It seems fine, now. Maybe.
RS: Kinda.
AP: Hm... that MIGHT be a problem. Here, how about I hook up with you and we'll see what happens.
RS: I'm fine with that, sure.
RS: Oh, I suppose I should ask, what this even is.
AP: Its sburb, dude.
RS: ...Bless you?
RS: Didn't actually see what this was, called. My uncle just gave it to me.
AP: I've heard its supposed to be this hyper-real simulation adventure thing.
AP: It just came out so I don't know much.
RS: I, see.
RS: Adventures are fun.
AP: Everything I've heard about it has got me HYPED.
AP: So, I'm just going to connect as your server player.
AP: That means you won't need to do much, just have the disk installed.
RS: Alright, I just finished
RS: that.
RS: That was, quite a freeze up.
AP: Well, I'm connecting RIGHT NOW.
RS: Hopefully my, old machine won't, ruin everything in the world.
RS: More Hyperbole.
RS: Oh, something is, happening.
RS: aaaah, lag spike.
RS: I see a message on screen at least
RS: "yo this dude is connecting"
AP: Okay, I have a thing called a 'viewport' up.
RS: to quote.
AP: I see this dude in a huge coat, standing near a computer.
AP: Doesn't seem adventurey, I can't control him.
RS: Maybe it's, click controlled?
RS: Written commands?
AP: I'm clicking on everything.
AP: It appears I can move most objects, I've knocked down nearly everything.
RS: oh dear
RS: I think, a mini tornado just ripped through, the room.
AP: Yeah, kinda like that.
AP: Still can't move this guy though.
RS: Didn't knock over, H2's cage at least. He's a bother to catch.
AP: Huh? You got some problem on your end?
RS: Yeah everything just, spontaniously fell over
AP: I bet I did that.
AP: Since that was probably what the connecting was for or whatever.
RS: Why is, the tv stuck in the toilet now?
RS: Oh, this is, your doing?
AP: I guess, man.
AP: Hey check outside.
AP: You see a bunch of big metal things?
RS: Yeah, I see them, out the window.
RS: Bit hard to see in the, snow though.
AP: That's all the stuff the game let me deploy. I think you need to do things with them.
RS: also I suppose I should be, somewhat distressed that you can do these things but,
RS: I was told something like this would happen.
RS: And I, see.
RS: Well, let me just, find my boots and I'll go out there.
AP: Yeah, I got the idea this game was going to do some crazy !#%$ too.
AP: Sorry about the snow. Didn't see any room in your place.
RS: Oh, it's fine.
RS: I kinda like the cold.
RS: Also I think you, threw my boots up on the bookshelf over there
AP: I'll... get them down.
RS: I'd appriciate that.
AP: There we go.
RS: Thank you, uh... you person.
AP: Man, just call me Alex.
RS: Alright then, Mr/Mrs/Ms Alex.
AP: MR. Alex.
AP: Also, have this card thing from the game.
AP: It looks important.
RS: My apologies and, I see. I'll hold onto it.
RS: ANyway, think you can, tidy up a bit? I don't know when my Uncle will be back.
AP: Uh... I'll try.
AP: Its approximately clean.
RS: Well I went out there and I saw a thing the card can fit inside. Can't really, bring the laptop with me.
RS: Then it made like,
RS: Some sort of pottery thing, but it looked like a funky hoop box, thing.
RS: can't describe it.
AP: Oh alright. I'm thinking I need to do something with the bigger metal thing.
AP: I just slammed a big thing into it and the top came off.
RS: There's a, wisp out there now.
RS: Hm actually, it looks kinda familar.
RS: But
RS: Not important.
AP: I think this is everything you need to get started.
AP: Just gotta be wary of that timer I guess?
RS: Oh I, didn't even notice that.
RS: Hm it's, kinda low. I suppose I should make haste.
RS: Alright I, found this, little note from my uncle inside the game case
RS: Has a list of, instructions I'm gonna sume are for, these silly things.
RS: Just
RS: Give me a moment to, decode his ciphers.
AP: I'll wait.
RS: Alright so, I guess we need to put something, inside that Wisp thing.
RS: I assume that's what it means, since it says "kernel thingy"
AP: Well, I just picked up a random object to feed it and it keeps zipping away.
AP: Like WOOSH and its gone.
RS: Gone is, not a word I'd like to hear but, sure.
RS: Hm...
RS: I have a, idea of sorts.
AP: Let's hear it.
RS: Think you can break open my Uncle's cabinet? The key to, H2's cage is in there.
RS: Just
RS: Mind the rifles.
AP: I think that did it.
RS: Wow there was, lots of amunition is there. I hope the vacuum will pick that up.
RS: Alright, found the key.
RS: If, H2 decides to swallow my head, think you can pick him up for me?
AP: I make no promises.
AP: But I'll try.
RS: Alright he's, not as heavy as I remember him. Give me a sec and I'll go, throw him in.
RS: Hopefully without the woosh.
AP: Did it work?
RS: Okay sorry, I kinda, slipped coming out. It seems to have, worked.
RS: The, wispy corn kernel thing, changed shape.
RS: Looks like a, snake head.
AP: That might be all you need to do with it.
RS: Although it's just kinda, sitting there now.
AP: Hey, what about that weird OBJECT you got a while back?
RS: The, hoopy box thing? I still got it.
RS: I noticed it had like, a lock on it.
AP: Yeah try throwing it at things.
AP: That seems to solve everything in this game.
RS: Well,
RS: Throwing wood and bullets at it, doesn't work.
RS: Hold on though, I have, an idea.
RS: There we go, this Fire Axe should, probably, break it open.
AP: Did it do anything?
RS: Ah!, hold a sec I think I see, my uncle coming home.
RS: I'll, talk to you in a sec.
AP: 'Ight.
RS: He may be, a bit confused by all this junk.
AP: Hahah, well, say I'm sorry.

-- audaciousPrizefighter [AP] ceased pestering retroSentinel [RS] --

He's back and slower than ever.

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Shammy stood there vacantly for a moment, before recoiling in surprise. What just happened? Where'd Hamilton go?... Better question, where did the other half of the house go?!

She didn't have time to ponder either of these things, though, as her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a shrill scream. She had no idea where it was coming from, but it was definitely close enough to give her a headache, to say the least.

Trying her best to ignore the screaming, Shammy turned towards the hole that used to be half her house, and looked out to the area around her. The incredibly dry ground, the strange, shiny pink formations, and most jarring of all, the huge webs everywhere... What even is this place...?


Pulling her attention from the strange land, she tried looking around for her brother some more. He didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. Just before she was about to look downstairs, it came to her. That server player! Surely she'd still be there, and maybe she'd have some answers! Yes, Shammy could just calmly ask her about the situation, no need to panic, and everything will be perfectly fine.

Spoiler: click to show
-- trivialCelebration [TC] began pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

TC: what the !#%$!
TC: where did half my house go?
TC: where did my brother go??
TC: and why is there screaming???
CO: oh youre back
TC: you could say that!
CO: im looking at the screen and...
CO: i dont see it anywhere
TC: and why is it so bright outside!
TC: where even am i!!
TC: and god that screaming is horrible!
CO: i guess the sun is bright because youre in this sandy place
TC: yeah but what even is this sandy place!
TC: and I still want to know where my brother went!!
TC: youre the server right shouldnt it say something?
CO: im sorry i dont know ):
CO: oh
CO: oh god
TC: what?
TC: did you find something?
CO: i wish i didnt
TC: why?
TC: what is it??
CO: i think i found your brother
TC: oh sweet!
TC: where is he?
CO: i think hes dead
TC: what!!!
TC: thats not funny!
CO: theres someone who got torn in half
TC: what the !#%$!
TC: where??
CO: i cant even look at the screen
CO: its downstairs
TC: ok one second
CO: ...

Shammy stepped away from her computer, making her way down the hallway. She noticed that the screaming had stopped, but considering what she'd been told, that wasn't exactly calming. On her way to the stairs, she quickly realized that her house kind of didn't have stairs anymore. Peaking over the edge, she quickly determined she could swing down to the next floor. She didn't see anything, but noticed that she did still have the stairway down to her mom's laboratory. She hesitated for a moment, dreading what she might find down there, but eventually made her way down anyway.

Red. Red is what she found.

The Mysterious Engineer noticed Shammy come down, and quickly tried to face away its... bad side. Slowly, and with difficulty, the Mysterious Engineer began talking in a strange way, making an even stranger gurgling noise as it did so. "What's driven your curious intramind to... come to my laboratorium? " it asked, trying its best to hold its balance as it scooped up some intestines with its only arm, stuffing them away.

A pause.

Finally working up the will, Shammy responded with "I just... came down to check on you."

The Mysterious Engineer let out what one could assume was an attempt at a laugh, but sounded more like it was attempting to hock a loogie. "I am... I will be fine. You should just skipicate back up to your room, I'm working on an exasecret project." it replied, scrambling to push buttons on a nearby machine as the Mysterious Engineer leaned against the wall.

"I... alright." was all Shammy could manage to say before turning away and making her way back up. After a bit of climbing, she eventually made her way back to her computer.

Spoiler: click to show
TC: ok that was
TC: thats brother my not...
TC: that was my mom
TC: she said shell be ok though!
CO: oh wow sorry i couldnt tell because
TC: and that i should
CO: well
CO: they were everywhere
TC: never go down there for a long time
TC: i think
CO: im glad theyre alright though
TC: so whats this new like place in im
TC: new place im in like
TC: sorry
TC: can you see much of it?
CO: not really, just slightly around your halfhouse
TC: hm ok
TC: wait
TC: is that the dairy queen?
TC: or
TC: half the dairy queen i guess
CO: oh wow are there any people in it?
TC: hold on ill go look
CO: oh hey, i can interact with it

Making her way to the half-Dairy Queen just behind her half-house, Shammy quickly found that it was mostly empty. Mostly. There was one guy sitting at a table, eating some ice cream, and seeming awfully content for the whole situation. "Um... hello?" she said, a bit confused.

Just now noticing that Shammy had come in, the man suddenly perked up with a smile, turning towards her. "Yo, man, I thought everyone was gone! They all ran away because of some crazy meteors or something, but that !#%$ was hot, yo. Needed to get my ice cream on, y'know? Could never live without it, so hey, if the meteors killed me, then hey, I'd never want to die any other way than with some ice cream in my hands, and in more importantly, in my belly. But hey, enough about that, you want some ice cream?" he explained all at once, finally holding out an ice cream cone to Shammy.

In response, Shammy simply stared. And stared. This man was strange, and taking sweets from strangers, especially strange strangers, was never a good idea. On the other hand, she never did get anything to eat this morning...

"Thanks!" she said happily, taking the cone and taking a lick. "By the way, do you know where we are? Or what happened? And have you seen a cool guy wearing a backwards propeller cap around?" she asked, thinking that maybe, just maybe, she could finally get some answers.

To this, the man laughed. And... laughed. And laughed some more. That must've been the funniest damn joke she ever told. A full minute later, the man finally managed to calm himself down, replying with "Haha, yeah, I have no idea about any of those things you said. All I know is ice cream. Y'know? Because I don't. Only thing I've seen is those crazy pink dudes out there."

"Erm... alright" Shammy said a bit awkwardly, "thanks anyways. Well, I should be off for now, maybe I'll talk to you later!"

Starting to make her way back, Shammy noticed these "pink dudes" the man described. They weren't so much "dudes" as "creatures" by the looks of things. They mostly hung around those pink formations, and some of them even seemed to be flying, albeit not very high. Thinking better of confronting them (especially in this heat), Shammy made her way back to her computer again, stuffing her ice cream in her pants for later.

Spoiler: click to show
TC: ok there was some guy in there that seemed awfully relaxed for this whole situation but
TC: i also got a better look outside
TC: and there are some really weird looking pink things out there
TC: they dont look mean but
TC: i dunno
TC: kinda look like bugs i guess
CO: oh huh...
CO: im just wondering what were supposed to do now
TC: that is a very good question!
TC: oh !#%$
CO: woah whats that thing
TC: a spiderghost i guess
CO: maybe its an enemy?
TC: its pretty nice actually apparently!
TC: it says
TC: that we should weave many things i guess
TC: weave up to the sky to continue on
CO: hm well im looking at these options i have
TC: weave friendships with prey to help them rather than eat them
CO: i guess new ones opened but i still cant read anything
TC: which i have no idea what it means by prey but sure
TC: do i have to help the ice cream?
TC: oh you have more options now?
CO: ok lets see it seems i can change the house
CO: but it costs me gushers
TC: gushers?
CO: like the fruit snack
CO: that isnt nearly as good a snack as pocky is
TC: ummmm
TC: yes!
TC: is that like ice cream?
TC: because we still have plenty of that
TC: building things with ice cream might be weird though
CO: no its not i think the gushers are like
TC: especially with how hot this place is
CO: money
TC: oh
CO: like when i add stuff to the wall the number goes down
CO: and when i delete stuff the number goes up
TC: huh okay
TC: spiderghost says i should bare my fangs at the incoming competitors for that
TC: but
TC: i dont really have fangs
CO: i think he just means to kick lots of butt
TC: oh
CO: like extremely adequate soldier rax!
TC: im not fighter a though much...
CO: im sure youll get some sort of super special power or something
CO: have you tried shooting lightning out your hands
TC: ok
TC: no i cant shoot lightning
CO: i bet youll find out when you need it most
CO: the hero always does!
TC: spiderghost says no weapon works better than your own spinneret
TC: i have no idea what that means
TC: but
TC: i guess my ponytail-drill spins
TC: thats like a spinneret right
TC: oh !#%$
CO: i didnt know your ponytail was a drill?
TC: there might be more spiders
TC: and they dont appear to be friendly ghosts
TC: one sec
TC: or
TC: many secs
CO: oh okay

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

Indeed, looking towards the edge of her half-house, Shammy could see some spider-creatures crawling up. They were transparent, but... not like her friendly spiderghost. They were shiny, more like... glass.

Looking up to the spiderghost, she noticed it was now hissing and baring its own fangs. Not quite sure if she was ready for what was to come, Shammy took the drill off her hair, powering it up. "Please come help me soon, Hammy..." she muttered before holding the now-spinning drill up towards the oncoming abominations. Here went everything.

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Jack walked out of the room in the cathedral, looking outside to see the light glow of what he assumed to be the sun setting. It hit the stained glass windows just right, and decorated the wall with a variety of colors and patterns. Jack spaced out, watching the window light up brighter occasionally. Suddenly, he snapped to his senses, realizing that the sun had set some time ago and walked outside, looking to the horizon.

The city was burning, casting a heavy orange glow on the smoke billowing into the air. Meteors were cutting through the smoke and smashing into buildings, the ground, into the water. Jack looked up, and jumped out of the way in time to avoid getting crushed by one, watching it bounce off the ground and into the bar he was in a few hours ago. Jack started running, easily jumping over barricades that had been put up and leapt over a fence in one jump, landing on a dumpster and hopping up to a fire escape. He got up to the top of the building, and started running across the rooftops, leaping over the huge gaps inbetween the buildings.

Jack paused at the last roof, looking down at the long drop ahead of him. He looked behind him, seeing that some of the buildings had caught fire, and one had collapsed. He looked down again, watching the people scramble in a panic, some of them getting caught in the meteors crashing to the ground, or getting set on fire, or even getting trampled by the crowd. He stood there for a few more seconds, panning the crowd, before locating a black hat moving through the crowd, calmly heading towards the only remaining bridge in the city that hadn't collapsed due to damage from falling rocks. The person under the hat couldn't be seen from this height, but they continued to the bridge, and went under it, as if they were waiting for someone.

Jack looked down, watching as the windows of the building he was on explode, showering glass down onto the crowd of people. Fire erupted out of the windows, and the building slowly started to shift. Jack sighed, backed up, and then jumped off of the building. People screamed and moved out of the way as he landed on the ground from 7 stories up, on all fours. He stood up, brushing ash off his hoodie, and then climbed up onto the crowd and made his way over to the bridge, as the building collapsed behind him.

Jack walked under the bridge, noting all the cars that were stopped, and people were climbing out of them to escape the city. He walked over to his mentor, who was looking across the water. Jack avoided looking at the horrible water, leaning against the bridge support.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: hey
SS: hey
AH: so, world's ending huh?
SS: yeah sure. you want this screen or not?
AH: whoa hey yeah sure, nice
AH: but come on man
AH: i know you know something about this
AH: you were always telling me about how you weren't from this world.
AH: and how you HATE humans, and you obviously aren't !#%$ human

SS: do you really care, kid?
AH: i care about answers
SS: then you came to the wrong guy. here's a new router too, since !#%$ internet is going to be the least of your problems
SS: this is going to be the last time we see each other
SS: well, actually
SS: you'll see me again
SS: and technically i'll see you again
SS: you know what, nevermind, you'll figure it out later

AH: SURE, okay
SS: hey kid?
AH: yeah?
SS: for what it's worth
SS: i'm sorry

AH: for what?
SS: you'll figure it out, i already said

Jack stood with his mentor for a few more seconds, trying to actually get a good look at his face. He then turned away, and started making his way back to the cathedral. Jack's mentor watched him walk away, then turned back to the water.

Spoiler: click to show
SS: good luck kid


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"Wh- WOAH." Hamilton shouted, stopping himself just short of falling out of what was now half of his house into the vast ocean below. "Where am I?!" he shouted to no one in particular.


It was at that moment that Hamilton's thoughts were interrupted by an incredibly loud scream. It was deafening, but more than that, it just... wouldn't... stop, ongoing for what felt like way too long.

After a few moments, Hamilton was finally able to judge that it was coming from below, and took it upon himself to go downstairs (oh, how thankful he was that he still had stairs) to investigate. Unfortunately, once he was down a level, he realized it was even lower still. After a bit of hesitation, he went over to the edge of the half-house, slowly and carefully hanging down to peak under. What he saw was... was...

Enough to make him faint.

Spoiler: click to show
??: WAKE UP, sleepy head!

With that, Hamilton jolted awake. His vision was quickly assaulted with a barrage of purple, but more pressing than that was the girl sitting atop his chest.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Wh
EV: What's going on?
??: Oh hey, you actually got up this time.
EV: Who
EV: Why
??: Sorry, I've just been waiting for someone to wake up.
??: The dark gods told me today's the day!
EV: I-I, of course, I mean, it's only natural I'd wake up, I mean, I-I just, erm.
EV: Wait, dark gods?
??: Yes, those wriggling sky-things.
??: You'll meet them soon enough.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: S-so, uh, who are you?
??: I'm...
??: the horror
??: that flutters in the dark!
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: But, yes! Nice to meet you! So, uh, where even is this?
??: This is Derse.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
EV: And, u-uh, why are you sitting on me? N-not that I mind or anything, but, I mean, uh...
??: I was waiting for you to wake up.
EV: I was asleep?
??: I was always curious about the Prospit get up.
??: Yes! Your entire life!
EV: Oh man, so I've been living in a Matrix world?
EV: And I wake up to the real world with a girl sitting on me, things are off to a good start.
EV: Wait, Prospit?
??: Whats a may tricks world?
EV: Oh, uh...
??: Yeah, the other moon.
EV: Wait, we're on the Moon?
EV: Wait, there's more than one moon?
??: A moon.
??: Yes.
EV: Man, that Matrix world I was living in was crap compared to this.
EV: Double the moons and all this nonsense, this place seems pretty cool already.
??: That may tricks world must be like the place I dream about.
EV: Oh, so even after waking up, people still visit it sometimes?
??: I guess.
EV: That seems kind of counter-intuitive.
EV: Is this place secretly some horrible post-apocalyptic world or something?
EV: It is awfully purple.
??: Oh, I dunno. I hardly remember my dreams.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: I do have a bit of trouble remembering what I was doing last, myself...
??: And I dunno, I don't think this place ever ended. But yeah, its always been purple. Just as Prospit is gold.
EV: I can remember most of it just fine, though.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: Oh, so that's what you meant, I guess my clothes are from there.
EV: Wherever I got these...
EV: Who even dressed me?
EV: ... W-Was it you?
??: No. That would be weird.
??: You were born with them on.
EV: Oh.
EV: Yeah, that would be pretty weird.
EV: Hahaha.
EV: So what even is it like here? Aside from purple?
??: Violent. And kind of weird since people started dressing like spiders.
EV: That... sounds horrible.
??: That's why I wanted someone else to wake up!
??: I've been kind of scared...
??: .///.
EV: Yeah, I would be too...
EV: Er, I mean.
EV: I'll be sure to protect you from all the violence and stuff!
??: Oh thank you!
??: Heehee, a prince protecting a princess. Its just like a fairytale!
EV: No problem! It isn't any issue for a cool guy like me, let me tell you!
EV: Exactly!
EV: So what do you even usually do around here?
??: Well, normally I'm in my tower but I get bored alot so I'll just fly to the other towers.
??: Mostly this one, since its so close.
??: I don't go on the streets because the Dersites are pretty violent people.
EV: Alright, well, we're still safe up in these towers, right?
??: Yes.
EV: Okay, that's good.
EV: N-not that I'm scared or anything! Just, good that you're safe, and good my tower's so close, all the better to protect you! Like it was meant to be!
??: Yeah, I'm surprised how brave you are!
??: Most people would be scared of knife weilding shadows when they aren't armed...
??: But not you, my prince!
EV: Hahaha... yeah...
EV: That's... that's certainly not anything... for a cool guy like me.
??: Come on, we should go for a walk right now! I've been itching to get out, and nows the perfect chance!
EV: Erm...
EV: Y-yes, sounds like a... like a great idea!

With that, Hamilton quickly jolted awake once again. Oh, how thankful he was for that. Things were about to get really awkward, really quickly. As he began to lift his arm to get up, though, he realized it was met with a bit of resistance, being stuck. As he surveyed his situation, he wasn't sure what he was more scared of: the slightly-transparent web that he was stuck to, or the blood it was drenched in that he was soaking in.

Either way, he managed to faint again in record time.

What a cool guy.

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Jack started climbing another building, thinking about what his mentor told him. Or rather, what he refused to tell him. His mentor wasn't a very secretive person. He'd straight out tell him anything he wanted to know usually. He even came forward with being an 'alien' the first time they met. Of course, Jack was very young when that happened. He didn't remember it too well either.

He didn't remember a lot of things too well. A lot of his past was a mystery. He wasn't an amnesiac or anything lame like that. No, he just couldn't remember anything before...Bluh. He didn't want to think about that right now. He had work to do. Jack reached the top of the building, equipping his claws. If the world was going to end, there was one last thing he needed to do. He needed to get revenge on the people who were constantly trying to kill him. The people who had put a hit out on him three years ago. He stood in front of a penthouse suite that was situated on top of this building. The glass doors reflected the deep orange sky, and he could see people scrambling around inside.

He equipped the girl's body, the body he neglected give to Jack once he saw the city on fire. He threw it, shattering the glass doors as it tumbled over a couch and landed in front of a chair, where the leader of the city's mob sat. Several goons turned to watch Jack walk through the broken door, raising their weapons.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: recognize her?
MB: I should. You always recognize family. You dare come here, throwing around the body of my own daughter?
AH: surprise !#%$, shouldn't have sent her to kill me
MB: No matter, she was a drugged up useless whore anyway. Another damned soul taken away by our local freak.
MB: Did I strike a nerve?
MB: Did the little freak suddenly grow a pair? What do you think you are going to do about it?
MB: Get lost, mutant, we're busy.
MB: Boys, take care of this nuisance once and for all.

Jack ducked as one of the grunts fired his gun, which hit the second grunt. The third goon took cover, but the thin wall he hid behind didn't protect him at all as Jack plunged his claws through the wall, into his skull. Jack leapt over the wall, grabbed the goon's gun, and used his body as cover as he unloaded a full clip into the remaining goon's body.

He then turned to the mob boss, who was trying to run away. He picked up the first grunt's gun, and shot him in the leg. Then he shot him in the other leg. Completely crippled, the boss tried to pull himself away from Jack, dragging himself over the glass from the door, and outside. Jack calmly followed him, walking alongside him.
Spoiler: click to show
AH: You know, Maury
AH: what you do, you know

MB: hgg...please....uf....
AH: yeah, i know, we both steal from people
AH: and believe me when i say, i always admired the houses you lived in, while i only got to live in !#%$ slums because you were always trying to kill me

MB: augh....oh god...i.....i'm sorry.....please
AH: no, Maury, you aren't sorry.

Jack kneeled down next to Maury as he dragged himself towards the building's railing, having nowhere else to go. He grabbed at the railing with his bloody hands, barely able to breathe having cut his throat on the glass he dragged himself through, whimpering and trying his hardest to escape Jack.
Spoiler: click to show
AH: you never were sorry
AH: not when you hired those hitmen to kill SS's gang
AH: and not when you tried to personally kill me multiple times

MB: it...huuurkkk....was just business.....
AH: yeah
AH: just business

Jack shoved his claws into Maury's back, listening to him scream as he picked him up over his head. He turned to face the railing, and threw Maury down the 20 stories.

Spoiler: click to show
AH: nothing personal.

Jack stood on top of the roof for a few more minutes, before he realized that he still had things he needed to do. Even if the world was burning around him, his mentor demanded that he play this game no matter what. And that was what he was going to do. Jack located his home, and started making the trek back, starting with the climb down the building.


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Hamilton woke up (?) again, finding himself in a familiar situation.

Spoiler: click to show
??: Are you still there?
EV: Oh
EV: I guess I am.
??: We still going for that walk?
EV: guess we are.
-- The girl grabs his hand and begins walking down the stairs. --
??: Lets go!
EV: S-Sounds good!
-- The girl walks out the door with him. --
EV: Wow, this place is more vast than I thought.
??: Yeah, I don't know how big it really is.
EV: Huh, how long have you been around here?
??: I'm guessing I've been here just about...
??: Forever.
EV: Oh.
EV: Of course.
??: We'll have to try not to draw much attention.
EV: Yeah, good idea.
EV: I mean, not that it'd matter for a cool guy like me!
EV: But, we wouldn't want you getting hurt before I have time to react, or something.
??: I'm sure you could take twenty guys at once, at least.
??: But the princes and princesses of the moon are kind of celebrities here.
EV: Princes and princesses?
??: Yes, us that live in the towers.
EV: Oh, huh.
EV: You weren't kidding about the prince thing, then.
-- The girl walks down the dark alleys of Derse with Hamilton. --
??: I think there are about four of us on Derse.
EV: Oh, so there's two others? And they're still asleep, you said?
??: I think they are.
??: They've at least been asleep when I've been there.
??: Though I went to theirs the least.
EV: O-oh.
??: The dark city is rather nice, isn't it?
EV: Yeah, it really is beautiful.
EV: W-wait
EV: is someone there?
??: Where?
-- Hamilton looks towards a shady-looking Dersite in a black trenchcoat in the alleyway, beckoning the two kids. --
EV: Over there.
??: I see him now.
??: What do you think he wants :?
EV: I'm... not sure I want to know.
-- The Dersite proceeds to quickly flash open his trenchcoat. --
EV: oh
??: I think hes trying to sell us stuff.
EV: Yeah, I guess he is.
-- The girl looks at his wares. --
EV: Looks like some clothing... made out of silk, I guess.
EV: Wait, is that a... a...
-- Hamilton stares at a codpiece. --
??: We could use the clothing to disguise our selves better.
??: I mean, purple doesnt stick out that much but...
-- The girl looks over her friend. --
??: Yellow kind of does.
EV: ...
EV: OH! Yeah, of course.
-- The girl hands some boondollars to the Dersite. --
??: We'll each need some clothes.
-- The Dersite nods in approval, handing over some clothing. Shiftily looking around, being sure that no one else is there, he carefully hands the codpiece over to Hamilton, giving a wink. --
EV: I...
EV: Thanks...?
??: Oh maybe its a buy one get one free deal?
EV: I-I... I guess so.
-- The girl looks confusedly at what he gave him. What even is that? --
-- Hamilton just blushes and quickly puts it away. --
-- The girl throws on the cloak and puts the hood up. One might notice that the hood has a distinct spider like design to it with with spots representing eyes and the hood is cut like a spider mouth. --
-- Hamilton put on his own clothing, consisting of a shirt with an angry spider face on the chest, the sleeves coming to closed points, so as to look like spider legs. Less than convenient, but darn if they weren't STYLIN'. By Derse standards, anyways. --
-- Hamilton very purposely keeps the codpiece away, earning an odd stare from the Dersite. --
??: Thanks mister!
-- The girl waves to the salesman. --
-- The Dersite simply nods, a cheerful look on his face as he closes his trenchcoat and waddles along on his way. --
-- The girl looks at Hamilton's hands and giggles. --
EV: E-er... hehe, yeah, that sure is pretty silly!
EV: And, nothing else I got.
-- They continue walking. --
EV: Well, for the first guy we met, that one didn't seem so bad.
??: Yeah, that went way better than expected.
-- The girl picks up a newspaper lying on the ground and continues walking but not looking at it yet. --
EV: Yeah. Clearly he was just too intimidated by me to try anything.
-- The girl smiles. --
??: Of course.
EV: But, uh, yeah, you totally look great in that cloak, by the way!
??: Thanks.
??: Your outfit looks nice too.
EV: Th-thanks!
-- The girl walks with him silently but comfortably for a while --
??: Hey, I just wanted to say...
EV: Hm?
??: Thanks for coming with me.
EV: Oh, no problem!
??: Its so nice to get out of the tower.
??: I'm honestly pretty scared of the city.
??: But I also don't like being cooped up all day.
EV: Yeah, I can imagine.
??: Just promise me you won't leave, okay?
EV: I won't.
-- The girl smiles again. --
??: Thanks.

And with that, Hamilton woke up (for reals this time) again, to find himself in another familiar situation. As he turned towards what he was laying in, he quickly snapped his head back, closing his eyes shut tight. He tried his best to get up, albeit with some difficulty as he wrestled with the wet, sticky webbing. Finally managing to get on his feet, he opened his eyes again, nearly stumbling down from the shock of finding himself dangling precariously over the ocean that lay below. After regaining his balance, he slowly and carefully made his way back into his half-house.

It was then that he noticed something on the floor of his father's half-lab. It looked like... well, more blood. But it wasn't just that: it was smudged into specific shapes. No, letters. It was a message, literally written in his father's own blood.

"To my Masculine Descendant,

Do not be vexed over my current status, as I will subsist without issue. Your ethereal araneae companion is quite the abettor, so I'm sure your likeness will also be more than adequate in its survival. May we see each other again at a more felicitous time, my little neonate.

With due regard,
Thine Pseudo-Progenitor"

It took Hamilton a few minutes to even understand what he just read, but finally, he settled down, albeit slightly, as no matter what you say, having a note written in your own blood isn't exactly promising.

Not wanting to waste another moment, Hamilton climbed back up to the next story (with some difficulty, but he managed), then rushed up the stairs to his computer. At first, he tried contacting his server player, but got no answer. While he was contemplating what to do next, though, another message popped up, this time from someone he wasn't familiar with...

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Ali watched her new friend on the screen as she scampered off. She's doing pretty good but it seems like there are a lot of spiders. I wonder if I can do anything, Ali thought. She clicked on things and dragged them at the spiders but nothing seemed to happen. She tried dropping bigger things on them and noticed they were disappearing and turning into gushers.

Spoiler: click to show
-- trivialCelebration [TC] began pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

TC: alright im back
TC: that was quite a fight!
TC: i had no idea casper had it in him
TC: or her
TC: im not really sure
TC: ghost spiders are weird
CO: i helped out some too!
TC: yeah i saw that!
TC: thanks a bunch!
CO: yw
CO: i guess i can crush the spiders with big objects
TC: yes
TC: drills are also as good as on anything else
TC: tends to leave glass shards everywhere though
CO: i would clean but
CO: i can only pick up one shard at a time
TC: yeah thanks anyways
TC: its no big deal
CO: yw again lol
CO: i cant wait until i get to play
TC: yeah im sure itll be great
TC: do you know your server dude yet?
CO: not really ):
TC: aw that sucks
CO: i havent talked to anyone but you in the group yet
TC: hm well
TC: if you can get a hold of him, maybe you can have my brother extremevelocity do it
TC: itd be nice to have someone hear from him
CO: oh that would be sugoi!
TC: yes it would be that!
CO: domo arigato ^_^
CO: ill go talk to him right now
TC: uh
TC: yes!
TC: sounds good

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

She immediately began to pester her client player's sibling.

Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] began pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

CO: konichiwa
EV: Um
EV: Hello?
CO: im your sisters friend
EV: Oh, you've seen my sister?
EV: Is she okay?
CO: yes and yes!
CO: i was helping her fight spiders
EV: Awesome.
EV: Wait, spiders?
EV: That's slightly less awesome.
CO: yes they were made of glass
CO: super easy though
CO: like lv 1 monsters or something
EV: Okay, good.
CO: she said you could connect to me
EV: What?
EV: Oh, the server thing.
EV: Uh, I guess I could.
CO: arigato!
EV: What?
CO: it means thank you in japanese
EV: Oh, alright.
EV: No problem then, I guess.
EV: Okay, I think I'm connecting now.
EV: And...
EV: This sure is dark.
CO: sorry my room is dark
EV: I think I see you, though.
EV: No, wait, that's a toy.
CO: sorry youre probably zoomed in on one of my figurines or something
CO: btw those arent toys for the record!!!
EV: Er, right, sorry.
EV: Anyways, I guess I have stuff to deploy here, but...
EV: There's not really room to do so.
CO: try the hallway
CO: its really big
EV: Ah. Yeah, that would make sense, wouldn't it.
EV: Alright, that should be everything.
EV: And here's the card, I'll just give it straight to you.
CO: ok
EV: Or what I assume is you.
EV: It's still pretty dark.
EV: Oh yeah, and I guess I gotta just... bonk this thing over here.
EV: Whoops, that might've been connected to something.
CO: im sure its fine
EV: I hope so.
EV: Anyways, there's your... ghost thing. I'm still not entirely sure what that does.
EV: You got a whole one, though! That's an improvement. I think.
CO: oh yeah your sisters was half a sphere too
CO: it turned into a spider
EV: Oh, yeah...
EV: That thing...
CO: hmmm now what should i feed it
CO: i think this will work

She took the figurine off her shelf and ran into the hall to throw the toy figurine into the sphere. It turned into the head of a young girl with pigtails and bows in her hair. She then returned to her computer to find EV had been going on about something.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: The Godless Abomination that WATCHES ME FROM THE CORNER, always STARING with its LARGE ARRAY OF HORRIBLE EYES, waiting, PLOTTING...
EV: Oh, uh, yeah.
CO: my online friend sent it to me as a gift
EV: Cool, what is it?
CO: Wonderful Weapon Sailor Robin
EV: I... see.
CO: oh youve seen it?! =D
EV: Uh... sure!
CO: whats your favorite episode?
EV: Uh...
EV: The one where she, uh... dances. Yes.
EV: But yeah, do you know what to do with the card?
CO: oh that one is pretty good but i liked the one where she had to face the doppleganger of her self that was pretending to be her at school and being mean to her friends and the boy shes likes and then the doppleganger became buddies with the jerky popular kids and the real robins friends wouldnt speak to her anymore cause they thought she was the fake one but she wasnt. but then her friends saw how sad she was that they didnt believe her and gave her the benefit of the doubt because they trust her so much so she proved to them that it wasnt her but the clone got mad and revealed that it was really a monster that feeds on peoples anger sent by dread queen nihilia to get rid of her enemy and then she won the fight and everything was great and back to normal again
EV: Holy !#%$.
EV: I mean, uh... yeah! That one was great. So yeah, the card.
CO: oh um... i guess ill run off and do that stuff before we continue talking about it
CO: its fun to meet someone else whose seen it but i also want to get in the game

She ran back and forth between the machinery and her game as she continued to talk to TC's brother.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Yeah, that'd definitely be a good idea.
CO: alright i got the sprite to eat my figurine
CO: itll be so sugoi being friends with the real sailor robin!
EV: Oh, yeah, I'm sure!
EV: Also, I had no idea you were a girl.
EV: I mean, no offense or anything, it was just, dark.
CO: oh yeah im sorry about that
CO: my bookcase is blocking the lightswtich
EV: Oh, it's no problem!
EV: But yeah, you look really... unique.
EV: In a cool way!
CO: oh thanks
CO: i was scared you would think my skin condition was weird
EV: Oh, is that what it is?
EV: Well, it looks cool regardless!
EV: It's not contagious or anything, is it?
CO: oh no i was born with it
EV: Oh, okay, that's good.
CO: so um ive got to go make the thing on the card one sec

She left him momentarily to finish the chain of events she needed to do in order to enter the game.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: I mean, not that you were born with it, but, I mean, it still looks cool, so, I mean, um.
EV: Yes!
EV: The card.
CO: ohgodohgodohgodohgod
CO: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
EV: What?
CO: its a bomb
EV: Oh
EV: Oh my.
EV: Erm...
CO: its about to

-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] ceased pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

And suddenly Ali was blinded by a bright flash of light. She noticed her computer seemed to have turned off so she hit the button and walked away while it booted again. The building had no windows so she immediately headed toward the nearest door. She walked out side to find that the ground was green and felt like a water bed. She looked up at the sky to see that it was covered in massive thorny vines. It appeared to be night time or cloudy behind the blanket of foliage in the sky, she wasn't sure which. She looked around to notice more large lily pads and weeping willows everywhere. In the distance it looked like she saw small green people on tiny wooden boats. She glanced around and realized she didn't know how she was going to navigate the area.


He's back and slower than ever.

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Hamilton just kind of sat there nervously. Was she dead? First taterSalad was nowhere to be seen, and now the second person he's met from this was already dead. Not exactly the best start.

Or was it the third? That girl from the dream... It certainly didn't feel like a dream, but...

Hamilton shook his head, now wasn't the time to think about that, he still needed to try contacting his sister.

Spoiler: click to show
-- extremeVelocity [EV] began pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --

EV: Hi sis!
TC: oh!
TC: yo bro!!
EV: Good, you are there!
EV: Probably should've tried this sooner.
TC: yes its great to see youre ok!
TC: i guess i didnt think to try this either with all thats been going on
TC: first losing you and mom is was there...
TC: ...
TC: its great to see youre ok!
EV: Yeah, same to you!
EV: Things have been pretty crazy.
TC: oh so you fought those spider-things too?
TC: mustve been tough you dont even have a weapon!
TC: i had my drill at least
TC: i mean not that thatd be any problem for you of course hehe
EV: Oh, uh... yeah!
EV: It was no issue.
EV: More than that, though, I met someone!
EV: It was... in my sleep, I guess.
TC: oh so you had a dream?
EV: Well... I don't think so.
EV: I don't know why, but it didn't seem like one.
EV: I mean, I guess dreams don't half the time, but still!
TC: its ok i believe you
TC: crazier stuff has happened already
TC: what was this not-dream place even like?
EV: Well, purple, mostly.
EV: But like I said, I met someone!
EV: A girl, even!
EV: I woke up with her sitting on my chest, and she's totally my girlfriend now!
TC: wow that was fast
TC: to be expected from a smoothtalker like you though hehe
EV: Hehe, yeah, I guess so!
TC: whats even her name
EV: Uh...
EV: She didn't tell me.
TC: and shes your girlfriend??
EV: Yes!
EV: She didn't want to tell me for some reason, I don't know why.
EV: Just said she's the "horror that flutters in the dark."
TC: wow that makes her sound scary though
EV: Well, she's not! I think it was just a joke or something.
EV: That whole place was a dark purple, and I guess we could fly there, so it fits.
EV: She's certainly no horror though.
TC: i should hope not
TC: and you can fly there?
TC: are you sure this wasnt a dream??
EV: Yes!
TC: ok just making sure
TC: geeze that did just happen so fast though
TC: what did you even talk about??
EV: Well, about the not-dream world, mostly.
EV: It's apparently a pretty scary place. She had been there for a while and was waiting for someone to wake up, mostly me.
TC: you were asleep there?
EV: Apparently.
EV: I told her I'd protect her, though, and we went for a walk.
TC: hehe yeah im sure the place isnt scary for a guy like you
EV: Exactly!
EV: I intimidated this weird black guy out of attacking us, even!
EV: Black as in, like, literally black, it was pretty strange actually.
EV: I'm not sure he was even human.
TC: huh cool
TC: but yeah i doubt any of them would want to mess with you!
EV: Yeah!
EV: Then after that, she made me promise...
EV: Oh...
TC: what?
EV: Um... nothing, don't worry about that.
TC: ok
TC: if you say so
EV: Yeah. I actually met another girl in this world, too!
EV: She said she was a friend of yours.
TC: oh yeah my server player!
EV: Yeah, I guess. I'm her server player, now, so yes.
TC: oh cool!
EV: Yeah! Her room was really dark, and she seems a bit weird, but... she's cool!
TC: hehehe yeah
TC: so wait did you teleport her house too?
EV: Oh, well, she...
EV: Uh...
EV: Erm...
TC: what??
EV: Oh! She's contacting me again now, actually!
EV: Hold on a second!
TC: oh ok

Spoiler: click to show
-- counterfeitOrigins [CO] began pestering extremeVelocity [EV] --

CO: i guess im in the game now
EV: Oh, good!
EV: So the bomb didn't kill you?
EV: Well, I guess I can see that, actually.
EV: But yeah, that's good.
CO: im in this weird swamp now
EV: Huh, no kidding.
EV: Could be worse, at least the water looks pretty calm.
CO: yeah but these little small guys keep bugging me
EV: Oh, yeah, those guys.
CO: but me and sailor robin have been taking care of them
EV: Oh, right, that, yeah!
EV: Great.
EV: I'm sure I could help, too.
CO: i guess shes also my mom now??
EV: Wait
EV: what?
CO: well she lead me to this glass tube thing and there was a dead woman in it, and i guess the sprite wanted her
CO: so i gave her to sailor robin and now shes tooks kind of different and tells me shes my mom
EV: Oh...
EV: Well, she's alive now! That's the BOUNDARIES being BROKEN ALREADY!
EV: Boundaries between LIFE and DEATH! That's a pretty big deal.
CO: oh wow i guess it is
EV: Yeah!
EV: Cool boundaries and a cool sprite for a cool girl!
EV: Well, they were broken, so I guess they're not that cool, but...
EV: I mean...
EV: The boundaries, I mean, because, you and your sprite are too cool, but, um...
CO: anyway im not sure what to do about these green guys
CO: i guess they wanted to fight so ive been shouting at them with my collectors edition sailor robin starwand with real soundeffects
CO: but they just look confused and walk away
EV: Oh, well, at least they're not hurting you.
EV: I could probably squish them or something, though, I guess.
EV: Although that seems a bit harsh if they're just walking away anyways.
CO: i was helping your sister fight some and i guess they drop gushers
CO: and then the gushers make the gushersmeter on my screen go up
EV: Oh!
EV: In that case, those things are delicious, let's KILL THEM ALL!
CO: yeah but when you touch it they just disappear
EV: Oh.
EV: Well, that seems pretty counter-productive.
CO: i think you can uses the gushers to build things on the clients house
EV: You can do that?
CO: sailor robin says we have to
CO: reach for the stars!~
CO: like on the show but i dont know what she means right now
EV: Maybe we can build a rocket.
CO: maybe i couldnt figure out how to do much with it
EV: Alright, I have some experience with games, let me see if I can figure something out.
EV: That should do it.
CO: i think you broke it
EV: Nonsense!
EV: Just have to hop in, press some buttons, and it's OFF TO THE STARS!
EV: Oh.
EV: It fell through the floor.
CO: I guess thats a deeper part of the lab but its so dark i cant see anything
EV: Well, let's not worry about that for now.
EV: I wonder if there's any other use for the gushermeter.
CO: i dunno
CO: i think you can use them to make things with the machines
CO: if im looking at the manual right
EV: Oh, cool, what kind of things?
CO: like you can combine objects if you punch your captchalogue cards
EV: Awesome, so you could combine, like...
EV: Uh...
EV: One of your toys, and...
EV: Another toy.
EV: Er, figurines, sorry.
CO: i could let me try that
CO: ...it looks weird
EV: That... yeah, that's pretty weird.
CO: like it just mixed the traits of each character into a new figurine
EV: Maybe you could make it an original character and sell it as a new line of toys?
CO: sell it to who
CO: the green guys?
EV: Uh... sure.
EV: Maybe that's all they want.
EV: Just some toys.
EV: Figurines.
CO: well ok ill try
CO: back
CO: just made like 10 boondollars
CO: thats what robin calls them
EV: Awesome.
EV: Although I guess there's not really a way to mass-produce them or anything.
EV: Since this would basically half your collection as it is.
CO: i think i can just make it again with the code
EV: Oh, cool.
EV: I think it makes the gushermeter go down, though.
EV: Not by much, though.
CO: im going to try mixing my wand with some science thing...
CO: which makes me wonder where father went
EV: Yeah, I haven't seen anyone else yet.
CO: the labs big i think theres actually a large part of it under the water so he could be anywhere
EV: Guess I could look around down there.
EV: Or not. That makes your room look like the Sun.
CO: yeah its pretty dark down there just looking through that hole you made in the floor
EV: No kidding.
CO: i guess i got this wand called supernova
EV: Awesome!
EV: Does it do anything special?
CO: i guess im just like blasting imps with starpower now or something
CO: its really fun shout robins attack names
EV: Oh, so you can actually fight them now, sweet.
CO: yeah pretty easily
EV: Also, we can build more stuff.
CO: sounds good
CO: are you building anything
EV: Oh, no, I haven't even seen any imps yet.
CO: doesnt mean you couldnt have fun with it!
EV: I guess that's true.
EV: Haven't seen my server player in a while, so I don't even know how high my gushermeter is.
CO: hey ive got an idea for something you can make
EV: What's that?
CO: try combining belts and clothes
CO: trust me
CO: ;)
EV: Um, alright.

And so, Hamilton scurried off to do just that. After a bit of digging around in his closet a bit, he managed to find a belt and made his way off. Thinking nothing of it, he decided to use his own shirt, flashing its many colors, as it defaulted to white when he took it off, as if it were actually working.

A few moments of tinkering later, and Hamilton quickly found himself wearing what could only be described as a horrible hodgepodge of belts put together in some sort of cruel imitation of a shirt. Much to his dismay, they kept the "mood-detecting" aspect of the shirt his father had given him so long ago, and it worked just as well, each belt now flashing rapidly between every color of the rainbow as he wore them.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: This is... entirely inconvenient.
EV: I probably shouldn't have used the shirt I was wearing.
EV: I really need to get some clothes that don't flash different colors, this is hurting my eyes just wearing it.
CO: one sec dont look at me on the screen
CO: i want this to be a surprise
EV: Alright.
CO: here have this code bIg5w0Rd
EV: Sounds good.
EV: A giant metal sheet?
CO: thats a sword
CO: see the handle
CO: its nimbus' breakerblade from Hindmost Historia
EV: Oh, yeah, there it is.
EV: I can't even lift the thing though!
EV: I mean
EV: Yeah, it's great.
CO: ):
CO: just
CO: try a little harder
CO: ok?
EV: I'm sure I can kick all kinds of butt with it!
EV: Yeah, I totally have it just fine now.
CO: oh cool!
EV: Was just messing with you before.
EV: Yep.
CO: you probably look super extra awesome
EV: Oh, definitely.
EV: Thanks for the gift!
CO: youre welcome lol
EV: I'm sure I'll get... lots of use out of this.
EV: Yep.
CO: so did you make anything for yourself then?
EV: Not yet.
EV: I'm sure I'll come up with something to go with the... ensemble you've given me.
CO: maybe a portable computer?
CO: actually i think ill do that too
EV: Good idea.
EV: Think I can combine it with my hat.
CO: oh that sounds cool
CO: i need something to combine mine with
EV: Uh... How about one of your toys again?
EV: You have a lot of those, so.
EV: Not entirely sure how it'd work, but...
CO: their not toys!
EV: Right! Figurines. That's what I meant.
CO: i told you that remember
CO: okay well i tried it but...
CO: i just got this monitor with a colorful wig stuck on top and big sparkling anime eyes on the screen
EV: Does it... work?
CO: well as a monitor
CO: its not portable at all
EV: Ah, dang.
CO: okay i think ive got it
EV: Awesome, what is it?
CO: i ordered this online once itll work great
CO: their my nekomimi brainwave cat ears
EV: Oh, that's cute!
CO: and they have this eye scanner thing that works as a computer on them now that i combined them
EV: Sweet.
EV: Alright, I'm going to try mine now.
EV: Switched over to it now. Seems to work great, and

-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering counterfeitOrigins [CO] --

Hamilton cursed to himself as the little holographic screen coming down from his hat's bill disappeared. Whacking the hat a few times made it flicker slightly, but it stayed off for the most part. Frustrated, he just walked over to the edge of his hallway, sitting on the edge as he looked out over the ocean. As terrifying as it was, it was kind of pre-

There it goes! The screen was finally actually on again. Hamilton excitedly sprang up and ran back towards his room, ready to chat some more... and then it went off again. Cursing to himself once again, he began heading back and- oh there it goes again. He stepped back towards his room, and off it went. Then towards the outside--on. Inside--off. Hmm.

Was it water-powered, from the rain? No, that made no sense. What else... the wind? What, did he have windmill on his head or something?...

Realization striking, Hamilton quickly used his finger to spin the propeller atop the hat. Yeah, that did it.

With that, he decided to contact his sister again.

Spoiler: click to show
EV: Yeah, I guess she did get teleported!
EV: She's in some swamp place, apparently.
TC: oh huh cool!
EV: I guess we all get teleported to different places, then.
TC: i guess so
TC: where are you then?
EV: Ugh, it's terrible.
EV: There's raging water everywhere, I'm only safe because I'm on some high-up cliff pillar thing, which there are a bunch of, but they're really spread out.
EV: Plus, it's raining constantly, and most importantly, there's this huge web everywhere!
EV: They might end up being my only way of getting around here, actually.
EV: Although I don't even see anything on the other places, so exploring doesn't really seem worth it.
TC: wow that does sound pretty terrible
TC: i have no water here at all though
TC: its actually really hot
TC: like the ground is super dry and cracked and stuff
TC: i thought it was sand at first but no its just really dry dirt!
TC: i also have giant webs everywhere though thats weird
EV: Huh. That girl I'm servering for doesn't have any in her place, so that's very weird indeed.
TC: i guess its just special to us then!
EV: Yeah, I guess so.
EV: Wish it was something else though. I just hope whatever made them isn't around.
TC: oh yeah geeze thatd be scary
TC: im sure you could handle it just fine though
EV: Oh, yeah, of course!
EV: I'd just... rather not risk the half of the house I have left.
TC: oh yeah that reminds me
TC: did you get half the dairy queen too?
EV: I haven't checked.
TC: you definitely should then there might be people in it!
TC: mine had some weird guy that was surprisingly ok with the whole thing
EV: Oh, wow, so you've actually met someone already, too?
TC: yeah i guess so
TC: hes definitely not my boyfriend though hehe
EV: Hehe, well, cool.
EV: I'll go check really quick though, yeah.
TC: ok cool
EV: Alright, checked.
TC: sweet!
TC: did you find anyone?
EV: No, but I did find a note.
EV: It just said "DEAR CUSTOMERS ;)" and had some ice cream by it.
EV: Not really sure who could've left it.
TC: huh thats really weird
TC: well
TC: was the ice cream good at least?
EV: Well, yes.
TC: hehe thats good
EV: But yeah, that aside, the girl helped me make some stuff.
EV: Apparently one of the machines from the game can let you combine items to make cool new items.
EV: I got this new... shirt, I guess you could call it.
EV: And a big sword weapon from her, although it's so big I can barely even drag it around.
EV: I mean, I can swing it around if I really want to, of course! But it's kind annoying.
TC: huh that does sound like kind of a pain
TC: you might want to make a weapon you can use more easily in case a big spider thing does come
EV: Yeah, probably.
TC: im sure you could handle it either way but still it doesnt hurt to be careful
EV: Exactly!
TC: well you could try combining the sword with something youre more comfortable with i guess
TC: whats something youre really experienced with using?
EV: Uh...
EV: My keyboard, I guess. Don't really need it anymore, anyways, since I also made this new hat-computer I'm using.
EV: It's why I took a bit to come back, as I apparently have to keep spinning the propellor to keep it running, and I have to wear it normally when I want to use it since the display comes down from the bill, but aside from that, it's great!
TC: oh huh that is cool
TC: can use it wherever you go then
TC: i should make something like that too
TC: then we can talk to each other whenever we want!
EV: Hehe, yeah!
EV: Huh, the Wordgrinder.
TC: what?
EV: That's what the machine called the result of the sword and keyboard.
EV: I guess it's, like... some kind of keyboard chainsaw.
TC: haha wow that sounds amazing!
EV: Yeah, it does seem pretty great.
EV: Sure as heck a lot lighter than the sword was.
TC: can it actually even cut anything though?
TC: i dunno how good a keyboard would be at that
EV: Yeah, it cuts just fine.
EV: Makes a bit of a mess though.
TC: hehe yeah my drill is the same way
EV: Well, I'm going to see if I can get back with counterfeitOrigins, her ghost thing seemed to have a good idea of what we should be doing next.
TC: oh huh, reminds me i havent seen casper in a while
EV: Casper?
TC: yeah my ghost thing turned into a spiderghost but its still friendly!
TC: so i call it casper
TC: i dont know where she went though
EV: Oh... I think it came to me.
EV: I refuse to trust that thing, though!
TC: hey she doesnt appreciate that
EV: It's a spider! How would you even know?
TC: she just told me
TC: i guess she just now teleported back to me or something
EV: Oh...
EV: Yeah, he's gone from here now.
TC: yeah she helped me fight the other spiders even so shes cool by me
EV: I guess that's good, but still...
TC: hehe well as long as you dont try to kill her
TC: im telling you shes nice though
EV: Yeah, sure.
EV: Well, I'm going to contact counterfeitOrigins now and see if I can figure something out.
TC: ok bye!
EV: See you.

-- extremeVelocity [EV] ceased pestering trivialCelebration [TC] --


"Well that was a pleasant surprise!" Shammy cheered to herself, happy to find out her brother was okay. With that done, though, she turned to Casper, thinking maybe her ghost would have some wisdom on where to go from here, as well. "So where do I go from here?" she asked. Yep.

"Fortifying one's web would be the way to go for now." the spidersprite hissed, "Strengthening the web you have, and stretching it further into the sky."

Shammy just kind of stared in reply. "Well, I guess I can mix some stuff together like Hammy was doing." she finally said to herself, making her way over to the game's machines.

Cut to a few minutes later and she'd have computer-pants (yes) and a new drill by the name of I Scream that looked like a large ice cream cone and was cold to the touch. Satisfied with these, Shammy decided now was a good a time as any to go explore outside and see what those pink bugs in their hives were up to.


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