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After taking a quick glance at Death, Steg scooted over to his brother and poked him in the arm. "Psst! Who is that?" he asked, trying to covertly point at her but failing miserably.
"That's Death," Gene replied, tilting his head away from Steg. "Not that you would know," he quietly mumbled with a sigh. Pressing his hand against Steg's shoulder he shoved him a bit away, waving his other hand as he addressed The Reaper. "Apologies, but we had some inconveniences to overcome first."

Caitlin, rubbing her hand against the rough texture of her burnt arm, was busy looking around the cavern. Her face showed she wasn't trying to hide the fact that she was feeling conflicted about something, and for that matter she had been mostly relatively quiet for a while now. Unusual for her, at least. At last she turned to her mother, resting atop her new throne, and approached her with a careful step. "Mom," she started, looking her straight in the eyes, "I want to try my hand at this. I know I can run this place just as well as you did yours, ALONG with my pirating career. If you just help me get use to this for a few months, I bet I can a Devil that you'll be proud of."


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Sarah slowly curled her fist, watching the skin crack around the burnt parts of her flesh. Sarah had gotten burnt a lot worse than her daughter, and the wounds were healing agonizingly slowly. "Hon, you can be whatever you want to be. And I'll walk you through this step by step. But first, let me get this !#%$ running again."

Sarah waved her arm at the Reaper, watching her chest bounce lightly. "My my, miss Reaper. What a bountiful bosom you have." sarah's smile lowered a bit, looking at the woman who was clearly in some pain. "Sorry dear, but I was busy. You know how it is, having a little case of being dead." She waved her arm at the woman again, watching her chest bounce once more. "Sorry we took so long. How bad has it been out there? Amber kept this place on lockdown for way too long. Something possessed her...some kind of odd demon, something I've never seen before. I can't imagine that did any good to the demon population on the planet."


Hope moved in for the kiss, and it felt as though she would never break away from Lina. Minutes passed, the gentle, sensual kiss turning more and more passionate between the two girls as Hope worked her hand further and further into Lina's clothes. She wasn't really reaching for any private areas first, no. Hope was a tease. She rubbed Lina's back, worked her shoulders and the backs of her arms, running a finger along her waist and around the small of her back. Lina found herself off of her feet after a few more minutes, Hope finally breaking the kiss to put Lina on the bed.

Hope stood at the end of the bed, standing over Lina, staring at the usually professional woman. She grinned, and carefully laid herself over Lina, tracing circles on Lina's clothes, working her fingers around Lina's front. She made her way up to Lina's chest, and gently worked around Lina's erogenous zones, making sure to avoid the center of her breasts, those all important bits being teased at the moment. After a few minutes, minutes that seemed to stretch on for hours, Hope lifted herself slightly off of Lina. She played with the rim of Lina's shirt, but Hope refused to pull it up. This was important.

Lina had to do this herself.


The Old Man curiously smiled at Vanessa, eyeing the board. "If only you could know...what a world without Chaos would be. Perhaps you might. I have a feeling Order may come to you, soon." He sighed, running an ancient hand through his beard. "The dreams of one such as I are nothing you could understand. Or maybe you can? I dream...of a united world. Fragments banding together to fight off an evil as old as I. The evil...the Fear." He sadly looked over at Vanessa, sadly chuckling. "Perhaps one day, you could be the one who united all the pieces? I could only wish that finding glue could be so easy..."

The Old Man idly sipped the alcohol he had been presented with before looking down at the glass, noting an odd light reflecting in the liquor. The Man turned his head, looking out the window. "Ah."

On the edge of the horizon, slowly tearing a hole in the middle of the sky, they could clearly see the edge of something that had never before been seen by this planet.

The Old Man downed his glass, frowning. "The lunar eclipse. That, my dear, is the beginning of my dream. And the end is quickly approaching."


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The Reaper chuckled lightly and stepped to the side, her back to the group. "Hold that thought, please." She opened her robe slowly.

And then there were a multitude of the hell-bound hosts pouring out from the front of her. Souls of every shape, size, and quantity, all expelling from herself. Commoners, nobles, mercenaries; man and beast and even some other, rare types of long-forgotten species; and some higher-form spirits and demons lost to age. For an instant, there was pure equality pouring from her chest.

The Reaper screamed in agony and relief for a few moments, but she did not relent. Soon enough, she stopped the onslaught and brought herself to one knee, heaving heavily. Her figure was already slowly becoming more reduced and even, but she was still a few moments from it.

"Oh, my...that was...really needed..." She moved her hand over her brow, wiping it slowly. "Mmm..." After a moment, she stood, turning her head to the group. "It has been...horrible. To finally have such release from this burden has been...a relief, to say the least." She smiled. "I apologize...Am I correct in hearing that I may be addressing a new devil at last?" She looked over to Caitlin, remembering her from the island. "I would be honored to help."

"Just....please give me a moment to ease myself once more." She turned around and continued her relief. Scours of souls continued to fly out of her body.


Lina reacted as much as you'd expect the young guard to. The kiss was rocky at first, wracked with uncertainty, but as it continued the final walls of fortitude fell and she melted into the kiss with the girl.

She didn't know what was coming over here. Soon she was whisked off her feet and brought to the bed, her eyes closed tight as she was being teased. This girl, she knew she had her.

She opened them to see Hope playing with the rim of her shirt. Without a word, she brought the shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. Still a few bandages laid over her breasts. While not as vuluptuous as one would think from her needing to bind them, she was still of a medium size. The bandages still covered her from Hope's knowing gaze as she looked to her.

"Ah...mn..." She bit her lip lightly.

hey I think we should shift focus to the real stars


Vanessa's eyes widened as her vision focused on the rip in the sky. "Lunar...eclipse?" She turned her head back to the old man. "You're saying your dream starts with this?"

Her grip on the drink seemed to tighten. "And where does this...end occur? It seems as though you'd be wanting t' tell me something if you came in so suddenly. I figure it wasn't because of my looks."

Her eyebrow rose up slowly for a moment. "...right?"


John was slowly walking down the beach, the wind suddenly picking up slightly. "Hm..." The wind slowly blew through him as his coat slowly blew through the wind. "Windy...and a little...brighter?"

It did seem like the darkness of night was slightly brighter, if only by a miniscule amount. John looked to the sky and saw this giant piece of white pierce the sky.

"...huh? What time is it, Ghosty?"

After a moment, he sighed. "Never mind, you probably think it's like...noon." He looked up to the sky. "Still, that doesn't seem...natural."


Meanwhile, in a far off settlement that we haven't seen in a while...Sehn'ardor...

Jerry couldn't believe his eyes. He looked up to the sky and saw the giant rock in the heavens. "Whaddah huh? Whaddah 'ey? Whadda' 'ow?" He scratched his head with his giant hand, frowning. "Dat don't seem right. Were I n' I negotiatin' dat long?"

He walked into the tavern and waved to the bartender. In clear trollish, he stated his desire for the heftiest drink they could muster. He walked over to the table of his bestest buddy in da world and sat down in the tiny chair. "Oy, Rizzah. Takin' care not tah be drinkin' too much of yer/me riches away?" He pointed out the window conveniently next to them. "Check it out, bruddah. Light in da heavens jes' peekin' out."


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At some point, maybe. For now, let's just consider her a Devil-to-be. She has a lot to catch up on first. She needs to gather the other devils in her order, her siblings, in fact. She needs to grow her powers, and crush a few of her enemies. And then of course, the massive sacrifice." She looked over at Caitlin, watching her curl a lip at the mention of a sacrifice. "Oh don't worry dear. It can be a sacrifice of flesh. You know. Big ol' orgy." Sarah paused for a second, watching the reaper empty her tits out all over the floor.

"You know," she started again, tapping her lip, "there has been an excessive amount of sex going on lately." Sarah bit her lip, frowning. "Normally, I'd just blame hormones and be done with it, but...something may be going on behind the scenes." She looked over where Chaos was writhing on the ground, a distance away from the group. "Maybe...but why would they....hm. Hmmm."

Hm indeed. A question so needed I had to ask it myself.


Hope looked at the nearly bare-chested girl in front of her, leaning back onto Lina as she carefully ran her fingers up under the remaining bandages. She lifted them off, carelessly discarding them, taking in Lina's beautiful body. She ran her fingers along Lina's sides, tracing circles around her exposed breasts, paying very close attention to her nipples, making sure to give them the treatment they so desperately needed. She leaned her head up and kissed Lina again, breaking the kiss to trace kisses down her neck, and use her mouth to play with one of her breasts, playfully nipping on one of the teats.

Hope's free hand was working its way in between Lina's waistline, only just reaching a few fingers in between the pants while she was tracing circles on her skin. As she felt Lina's body squirm and build up more and more energy, she suddenly dragged herself off of Lina, tugging at her pants. But again, no. This was something Lina had to do. Lina could look down and see Hope, her tail wagging in the air, her seductive grin, her suggestive eyes...


The old man !#%$ an eyebrow, his focus on his empty glass. "My dear, if I am anything else, I am a showman. I pride myself in having all the cards, and only revealing the ones necessary for people to survive. I've tipped my hand to you, and you have gotten greedy. In an hour, you will receive another guest. I suggest you stay in this room. Otherwise, i have no idea what fate will have in store for you."

Vanessa will have looked back at the sky tear. Who could blame her? It was captivating, it was unexplainable. "By the way? That's your moon. Don't look directly at it when it comes into full view. Friendly advice." She would turn back around to question him about it...but he was gone. The only thing remaining were 5 chess pieces, situated around a map. Only Vanessa could possibly know what the pieces were, and what they related to.


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The Reaper made quite an inhuman noise for a few moments longer before she finally stopped, covering herself once more. She turned to the group, her form returning to a satisfied form. Though still endowed. Her face still kept hidden under her hood, but if it were at all visible she would probably have a look of relief on her face.

"I hope I never have to handle such a long wait again, dears." She leaned on the staff, smiling.


"Nnnmm...H-Hope...you're being much more of a tease than usual...it's very...m-mean."

Lina moved her hands down from her side, blushing heavily. She moved her hand to the pants and undid them. "I...can't get them off with you on me."

Still with the uncertainty. When John was commissioned for this, he jumped right in.


Vanessa frowned as she looked down, taking a look at the figures on the map. Each one situated in their distinctive places. It was only for a moment, but she recognized them.

Tanner of the West.
Ursankt of the North.
And Ketai of the East.

Two pieces were distinctly different from what she's used to. She would figure that the southern captain piece would be hers, but it was definitely not. The person the piece represented seemed incredibly familiar. Yes, she remembers working with this person before. They were a fine tradesperson, and had the capabilities she needed to boot. Maybe that's what he wanted to show?

And finally she focused on the fifth piece. It was also not her.

...but what does this mean?

She slumped and held her head up with her fist, looking at it. "...is this where I'm heading? Is this what I need t'-"


Spoiler: click to show
Keep calm, I don't know who this person is. Do you?

"I am here, and not here at all at the same time." This guy...seems like something completely different if I can't sense anything off of him. I somewhat felt it with that devil captain person...Caitlin?

"I liked it better when I could see your stripes." H-...H-....How DARE he see what a woman should only show her lover!? And also to get past customs?! Can you really believe that??


"You think you can be so dismissive of fears. It saddens me to see such a whelp, so lost in the clouds. He thinks we're lost? He thinks we're nothing?? Ignorant is she, comparing true Gods to false idols. The game is a metaphor, merely a tool. The pieces are our instruments, and the field our sorrow." It just feels like he's not even talking to us.

"Ah, but I'm rambling. The death? Quite gruesome. Threatening us? I don't know, what do you think? They say that having every nerve pulled out of your body is an agonizing experience, that minutes can feel like years. I wouldn't know. But the end of this story could be comparable to such a fate." He doesn't realize how far you have yet to go. This may be unwise, but you should slash him.

...and seriously, couldn't we find him something to wear? His legs really scare me and I'm averting my gaze at what he has in-between. You have those skirts, don't you? Can't we just...y'know, use them for him? You never wear them anyway. I think Jessie didn't really think you would be in that outfit all the time when she bought them for you. What does it matter if she never notices you gave them to some old geezer?


"If only you could know...what a world without Chaos would be. Perhaps you might. I have a feeling Order may come to you, soon." He doesn't know what we're capable, Vanessa. I think he's willfully ignorant of it. He doesn't want to think he's wrong.

"The lunar eclipse. LUNAR? That, my dear, is the beginning of my dream. And the end is quickly approaching." What is this? I've only heard stories about a rock in the sky, but I figured they'd be fairy tales the church try to use to...I dunno, scare people.


"My dear, if I am anything else, I am a showman. You show too much, mister. I pride myself in having all the cards, and only revealing the ones necessary for people to survive. I've tipped my hand to you, and you have gotten greedy. Does he not realize who he is talking to??? In an hour, you will receive another guest. I suggest you stay in this room. Otherwise, i have no idea what fate will have in store for you." GRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA FATE FATE FATE BLAH BLAH BLAH

Suddenly, the stone sparked into a brilliant yellow light and an unknown figure appeared to Vanessa. Whoever she was, she was huffing up a storm.

"Urrrrgh, the nerve of that guy. Ignoring me like that and talking down to you!"

"We've been over this a thousand times. You can't be seen by people normally, and only when I let them see you. Besides, I think he was partly ignoring me anyway," Vanessa said.

"It's not faaaair. You deserve a lot more respect than what that guy gave!"

"Calm down." Vanessa said, sighing. "Not everyone needs t' fear me."

"But he was...he had no pants and-"

"I said calm." Vanessa pointed at the figure, frowning. "In the world he can't see, I will conquer anything that comes my way. You and I don't need t' fight for anyone's approval but our own."

She moved her hand forward and took the unknown fifth piece. "...well, at least not his approval."


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Sarah snorted, pointing at the Reaper's bosom again, noting the lack of bounce. "You could just leave those hanging out hon. I barely know what modesty is anymore to begin with." Sarah waved one of the white wisps away from her face, frowning at the abundance of formless souls, and the lack of places for them to go. "Well, this is step one complete. Hell has opened again, and lost souls will start flocking here. Reaper, I'll be counting on you to keep bringing groups of souls in while we rebuild."

Sarah turned to her daughter, waving her over. "Right, so, now we choose deco...." She paused, frowning. "Ah." Sarah looked up at the ceiling of the cavern, and made a circle with both of her hands, carefully expanding the circle. As she did so, the roof of the cavern opened wide, showing the night sky to the group.

And the beginnings of a lunar eclipse.

"Oh." Sarah looked over at Caitlin, and then made a sheepish smile. "Ah, but, we can ignore that, right? Haha! Let's...uh. We can, like...choose walls! And...fire...skulls?" Sarah looked over at the Reaper, grasping for words. "Ahaha, right?...Heh? Help me out here!"


Hope quickly yanked off Lina's pants, eager to get to the main event. She paused though, looking down at Lina's adorable white panties, noting the little bow on the side of her hip. Hope ducked her head down, making sure to spread Lina's legs slightly further apart as she inspected the tiny sodden cloth. She could see right through it, every last detail. Hope carefully ran a finger down Lina's inner thigh, stopping just short of the line of her panties. Poor Lina was practically thrusting towards Hope with every touch, her face giving a look that told Hope everything, that she was begging to be brought over the edge, to end this insanity.

Hope gave Lina one last grin before she ducked her head out of sight, kissing the inside of her thigh, higher and higher, until...

She tugged on the bow, and tossed the undergarments aside, her head sinking back down. She had to keep a firm grip on the very lively girl, making sure to use her free hand liberally while the other continued to pry Lina's legs apart.


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The Reaper leaned onto her staff, a chuckle eminating from the hooded figure.

"You know, as much as I am happy about the relief, I would rather not have to deal with a world massacre so soon." She looked at the sky for a moment. "I assume that's what this indicates, at least."

This Reaper lady is pretty sassy to her superiors.


Lina moved her hand over her chest, her breathing rapid and her body glistened. "Please...Hope...I..." Her legs slowly opened to give Hope what sh-


She moved her hand over her mouth for a moment, and in a low tone whispered, "Oh, no."

"Hope? Are you okay in there?"


Oh no. If he finds us in here, he'll...

....oh no, Hope's mostly in control of the situation and if she were t-



"Do you know anything about the 'moon'?"

Vanessa turned her head towards the stone as she asked this question. The figure shook her head. "Not really. Just that only holy people can see it. Not really much about it I'm aware about."

"Dear, you're an all-knowing stone. You're telling me you don't know anything about this?"

The figure shrugged. "I can only know what is of the capacity of a human being to know."

"I...I know that." Vanessa frowned. "I just want some indication of...something I can use."

"Wellll..." The figure floated in the air, a look of pondering on her face. "Oh! I know! We know about planets and stuff. Maybe the moon is like a planet!"

"...maybe." Vanessa smirked. "All-knowing stone says 'maybe'."

This made the figure huff and make a face. "Hey, I'm trying, alright? Unless it's related to alchemy, I have nothing." She frowned.

"Can you sense magic or anything?"

"Oh, there's something magical about this event. No doubt about that."

"...I mean if you know what it's going t' do." Vanessa clarified.

"Nope." The figure shook her head, smiling. "Nothing, really."

Vanessa sighed, tossing the figure of the fifth mystery person in the air and carefully catching it each time. "As much as I hate this, I guess I gotta work with what the old man said. No looking at the moon." She stood up. "I better let the crew know, as well."

The figure floated behind her a little, tilting her head. "You think something's about to happen?"

"No doubt, and I want manpower for it." Vanessa said, walking out of the room.

Something of note, the woman in the bed had mysteriously disappeared once the stone started to do its mysterious little thing. I wonder


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"Yes something like that I'd imagine," Caitlin grumbled, putting her hand against the side of the throne as she put her weight on it. "Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually okay with not having a moon now. Suppose I should head back to the ship now, unfortunately." She leaned forward slightly to glance at her father who stood on the opposite side of the throne, only to see Steg waving a hand at her spasticlly. "If you want to come with then you're driving. Shall we reschedule for another time then, Mom?"

Gene had whipped out his sunglasses in the meantime, placing them securely over his eyes before glancing up at the moon. The little LED squares began to spin in a slow white spiral as the man wearing them silently seethed. He had unfinished business with the one up there, and he intended to finish it. Though he didn't think he'd have to so soon! 'Suggestions on the fastest way up there, anyone?' he thought in his head, obviously to the other two listening in on his mind. 'Seems to be time to give Source that punch, after all.'


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Sarah dismissed the reaper's childish comments, waving a hand at her. But in the end, she was forced to agree. Sarah leaned forward slightly, waving another wisp out of her face. "Right. This was nice bonding and all, but mommy is going to need to heal for a bit." She reached down onto her arm, peeling off another piece of burnt skin. "Amber did a number on me, and..." Sarah looked down at Gene, who was giving her a look. "Shush you. I know I can heal by myself under normal circumstances, but holy magic is different. Not even Captain Klutz over there can help me right now." Sarah shifted in her seat, then looked down at all the wisps settling on her chest, shooing them away. "Little formless perverts. Anyway," Sarah pointed at her daughter, "You will be fine. You've got enough of your father in you to let Steg heal you. Luckily. More human than I am, etcetera. I'll stay down here and heal. With all these tiny !#%$ floating around, I'll be able to replenish my power and force my healing. When that Inspector arrives, I should be back."

Solid plan.

"I suppose we should reschedule, yes. Perhaps sometime after you finish your encounter with the Inspector?" I wonder how long that might take.

Deep inside Gene's mind, a similar conversation was occurring. That feminine voice was speaking again...'We need you to stay on this planet. Up there, you will be exposed to anything She may have planned. She'll be expecting you to leap up there, to confront Him. None of this is happening how we predicted it, this is all wrong.'

That...is disconcerting, actually.


Hope's ears flipped backwards as the knock echoed, and her entire body rocked against Lina's when John talked. This....this wasn't fair. She looked back down at Lina, who had a look of absolute terror on her face, her hand over her mouth. She looked back at the door, a sharp shudder going through her lower body as she thought back to her night with John. This really wasn't fair for Hope. She looked back down on Lina, and then grinned at her. God, that grin, hng.

"I'm sorry Master John, but I must request some privacy. My day has been long, and I have...important matters to tend to right now." Hope ducked her head down, not even waiting for John to go away, as she began to work on Lina, who was so wound up at this point she shook with each touch.

Poor John, everyone is ignoring you right now.


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The Reaper slowly walked around the small chamber's many holes where a few inquisitive souls peaked their heads. She moved her hand down and gently guided them out.

Mother and father and daughter and reaper and uncle need their kind-of alone time.


John frowned slightly. He thought he heard some shuffling in there. "Well, I didn't mean to intrude but don't stay up too long. And just...sleep well."

He slowly walked away from the door, as Lina finally let out a stifled groan. "You are...are....hnn..."

This continued for a while.


John walked into his own bedroom, holding 'his' magnificent spellbook in tow.

Slowly he flipped through the pages. "Hmm....it's an eclipse at night. I know there's a few accounts for an object in the sky that only holy people would see..." He moved his hand over to a small notepad, writing down a few things.

He knew by instinct not to look at an eclipse, but one at night is definitely a new one. Maybe Miharu would be able to see such an object and catalog it.

....nah, she's the opposite of holy. Still, she'd at least be aware of it, right? Maybe she manipulated a holy man to tell her everything about it. Or maybe she could see it and she was the holiest person in the world. Or maybe it's magic-based, who knows.

He attempted a few lines of reasoning, at least. He asked the book for anything related to this specific object. Curiously, he also decided to ask about gods, specifically describing the woman he just met that evening, seeing if the book had anything related to the woman who was Caitlin's mother.

In another world, the writer above me is really annoyed at these questions that must be in-depth for characters yet probably already covered months ago.


Vanessa had already returned after ordering everyone inside.

It was a long hassle to do so and Shin in particular was very adamant about not being able to see such a spectacular sight, but just assume she ruined him with a pun about socking it to him and he was brought down below deck in the throes of wreckage.

The figure popped up behind her when she closed the door. "So now what?"

"We wait, like we were 'told'." Vanessa said, sitting down in her chair.


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"O-oh, yes. Sometime after that, yeah." Caitlin scratched the side of her burnt face, looking away from Sarah idly. It sounded like Sarah would be cutting it close, which worried the good captain. Though to be fair, it was just a few days ago they were sailing the seas and being at odds with the Inspector without the help of immortal godlike beings. Perhaps having family around was starting to soften her up? Well that won't do! Punching the Inspector square in the jaw was now a priority to reassert of position as top badass of the seas. Walking across the platform the throne rested on Caitlin punched Steg roughly in the arm, grinning at him with her fried face. "Come on Uncle. I haven't got all day." Rubbing his arm Steg frowned, but gave a small nod as he grabbed her shoulder at teleported the two of them out of the cavern.

Leaving Gene.

He continued to stare up at the eclipse behind those strange glasses of his, crossing his arms angrily as the voice replied to him. "That's not what I was hoping to hear," he uttered aloud, probably catching Sarah's attention for a brief moment before she remembered that, yes, Gene was looney. 'There's two precautions that are getting into position though, correct? That's something, I suppose...' Lowering his arms he clenched and unclenched his hand for a moment, finally turning away from the moon. 'If they work, at least. Otherwise things will be much livelier down here.'
Approaching the throne Gene bent down from the side, poking his face in front of Sarah's view. "Hey there, beautiful." Probably not the best time for that one. "I'm getting out of your way now and heading back to the ship. Can you do me a tiny favor though?" He indicated at the hole she had made with his thumb. "Close that up until that moon goes away? Thank you. If you need me you know how to reach me." Before she could protest he gave her a quick peck on the forehead, stepping away as he too left the cave in an instant, a small spark of electricity fizzling away where he was a moment earlier.


"Uuugh." Caitlin steadied herself as Steg and she appeared on the deck of the ship, moving a hand over her stomach as she felt its contents shift around. "I hate all that instant-transport nonsense the lot of you can do. How do you keep your insides where they belong doing that?" Steg shrugged "Wonderful. Let's go poke in on Sunny and see if...uhhh..." She paused, holding her hands up as she looked them over. "Well, after we make me not the thing of nightmares."
"That's possible?" A voice replied from behind. Sotas'.
"Oh SHUSH you!" The captain spun around, wanting to elbow her so badly but knowing she'd have to bend on one knee to do it right. "I'm back for a second and you're already snappy. Humph! ...I suppose that's why I like having you around though. Now, I want all hands below deck until this eclipse thing blows over. Nobody is so much as to acknowledge that thing is up there, understand?" As she issued the order Sota gave a half-hearted salute, looking both ways at all the people on deck (Zero. Zero people were on deck). Sota then scurried away down stairs and out of sight as Steg began to do his healing thing while the two walked over to Sunny's room.


Gene sat himself on the edge of his bed, folding his hands together as he stared at the wall ahead of him. While the moon was going about and doing its thing, he could only sit there and seethe. Why was he upset though? This was a chance for MORE REST! Yeah! Or he could bother that voice again. Yes, that seemed to be a thing he could do.
"So," he said aloud, relaxing his shoulders as he leaned back, moving his hands onto the bed, "I have to apologize about earlier. I was drawing from your strength without meaning to. That...wasn't my intention... Would you uhh...mind doing an actual introduction now? Or is that too dangerous as well with the moon out?"


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Sarah smiled lightly as she watched her husband vanish, and then turned to address the Reaper again. "Alright then, let's get this over with." She waved her arm, and her wounds instantly healed. "I hate lying to my family. I want to know how, exactly, Amber managed to seal off the lower chambers, and why I can't access them." Sarah glared at the wall, a sealed door taunting her with its hideously complex locking mechanism, a door that hadn't been there previously.

Sarah groaned, looking at the stupid awful door. "If we can't get into there, how are we supposed to make enough room in hell for all these new spirit...s..." She looked around the room, noting how few souls there actually were. She also took this time to close the gaping hole in the ceiling. The roof looked slightly indented and weakened at that point. "Hm. You know, I feel like something is off about all of this. I really can't put my finger on it. There should be loads more souls here, but there aren't. It's almost as if they're being sucked out of here...like they found another place to go."






Sunny was, predictably, in her room, laying against Kimmy. It was more than a warmth togetherness, though. Sunny was curled up against Kimmy's chest, her head pressed up under Kimmy's chin. Kimmy, in kind, had her arms wrapped around the girl, and occasionally rubbed her back. Kimmy was still awake when Caitlin opened the door, and her face turned a bright red as Caitlin caught her mid-backrub.

This was, of course, when his royal mightiness jumped up to protect...no, he was still dead asleep. The best door guard. Kimmy looked over at Caitlin and whispered a, "What do you want, we're busy!"

busy being adorable hng~


Gene wouldn't even get an answer. Right now, his head was full of static, and he quickly traced the disrupting sound back to his headmate Eris. Something was incredibly wrong with-

Knock knock knock.

Wow, who could that be at this hou-


Oh, its Eris.

Oh god, she's naked.

The static sound was much louder from this point. Gene could barely hear himself think over that grating sound. Eris stood there before him, literally dripping on the ground as she stared at him with empty eyes. Gene would stare at the woman, noticing the demonic black thread pinned to her heart. Someone was fueling her hormones, for some reason. Eris' hand extended, and Gene felt his belt unbuckle itself and whip off of his body, slamming against the wall of his room.



Hope was wrestling with Lina, trying to keep the poor girl under some form of control. To her credit, she was still being incredibly quiet, but all this thrashing around was making Hope's job unbearable. Hope finally pushed Lina's lower body upwards, and mashed her face against Lina's groin, making Lina cry out. In response to this sudden inability to keep quiet, Lina grabbed a pillow and put against her face, biting into it as she squealed and moaned, feeling the flood building up in her body. Her back tensed up, and Hope braced the girl, right before...

Lina's face was frozen in a face that could only be described as pure release. Her body violently shook, and she could only manage a few quiet squeaks as Hope guided the beauty back down to earth. Hope reached up and removed the pillow, allowing Lina to just lay there, gasping for each breath, her entire body covered in sweat. Hope dragged herself up onto Lina, smiling down at the girl, her face pretty sodden at this point. That didn't matter to these two, though, as they lay against each other, panting, and embraced in a long kiss.

After they parted, Hope ran fingers along Lina's chest, smiling down at her. "You really shouldn't hide your body with those wraps. It's too beautiful for that."


The book divulged a few facts about Moons, and what they did to help the planet with tides and such. The book touched on a few facts, but didn't really specify why this moon was out of sight, or why it was appearing now. All it said was that this planet has always had a moon. Further down the page, there were a few lines in red text, detailing pages John could research this moon further. But, when he turned to those pages, he found that they were coded with a password. How annoying.


If this is an all knowing book.

Could he just...ask it for....

It couldn't be that simple, could it?

Similarly, everything on the Sarah pages were password locked, as were pages on Gods.


Pam stood in front of a blue barrier, frowning at it. She could stick her hand through it with no damage to her body, and that made her feel better about it. But, she was still uneasy. Why was there a second barrier? No one mentioned this at all. What even the !#%$?

Pam took a deep breath, and began dashing through it.


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The Reaper slowly walked behind her. The hooded figure was clearly upset about this development. "After so long, they immediately disappeared? How distressing." She gripped her scythe, slowly walking along with her.

Eventually, the Reaper spoke up in a more expressive voice than before. "How are you doing, my friend?" She looked over at Sarah, the frown still prominent as she felt like there was a lot she's missed. There's not a lot of people who would willingly befriend Death, but the Devil can certainly be one. "It's been so long. I would have come to you sooner, but...it was such a pain to walk through the world like that. And I didn't want to impose on your lovely daughter's hospitality. She most likely has her hands full up there, and I'm sure she wouldn't like death around so close." There was a tinge of sadness in her voice again.


Lina felt warm.

The warmth and afterglow of such an experience and all she had was warmth. She was too exhausted for any other sort of feeling. For a time, she kept herself steady and in control, out of habit. Most likely, she would have let loose a bit more if John wasn't next door.

"Mnn..." Lina brought herself up to Hope and gave her another well earned kiss. The odd mix of flavors there was-[redacted]

She breathed in a few times, watching her ferocious and tender lover for the evening as the hands and conversation idled over her chest. "Mn...I...when I was in training, it was really hard to keep them in check. Painful, even. I just felt it...better this way." She moved her hand to her arm, rubbing it slightly as she attempted to look away from Hope's gaze.

I...I don't know what to do now. What can you do after that?

What indeed.


John frowned, watching the journal. The glowing text was unfulfilling, and he just noticed he'll probably need James to set up a mousetrap.

He tapped the journal, then thought of something.


Miharu wouldn't...would she?

He sighed, brought up a notepad, and asked the book to speak the password for those pages.


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"Ohhh I can sure tell you are," Caitlin teased, wagging a finger playfully at the child. "I was hoping Sunny could take a moment out of her very busy cuddling schedule to speak with my Uncle for a quick moment before I sent him on his way." As she looked over her shoulder to gesture towards Steg she stopped, seeing the man about ready to poke Heart in the forehead for no apparent reason. "Hey, none of that. Kid needs his sleep."
"But he's supposed-" poor Steg tried to defend his poorer action with a whiny tone to his voice, only to get shushed by Caitlin.
"He guards all day. Even the most perfect guards need to sleep sometime."

Unless of course they're THE perfect guard. Like Issac. Boy that guy would NEVER fall asleep while guarding EVER.


Gene was on his feet, but was unfortunately situated with his back to the bed. Not the best moment to have that there. He tried to take a step away from the door, but Eris raised her hand once again and Gene knew she wasn't going to have any of that. Unfortunate. Seemed his only options were the bed and approaching her.

Neither sounded good at the moment.

"Eris, what-" he managed to get out before his thoughts became clouded once again. Thinking could be a challenge occasionally for the young god, doubly so without Eris assistance.

Steadying himself he focused on the thread stuck to her chest, deciding that whatever that thing was, it had to go. He managed to get that far into his plan at least. How to remove it, though? Gene's mind was still putting the pieces together while his body decided to take action, taking quick steps towards the woman who was hungering for him. Placing a hand on her shoulder he gently ran his fingers down the side of her arm, swiftly gripping it as he grabbed the thread and pin with the other hand, giving them a yank away from her heart.


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Sarah frowned at the door, running her fingers along the blue paint. "It feels...otherworldly. Cold, almost." Sarah shivered, pulling her hand back as she turned to address the Reaper. "Dear, my daughter may not be the best host, but she tends to extend a warm, welcoming hand to any member of our remaining family. Most of the time, anyway. I assure you she fears no Death." Sarah turned back to the door, running fingers along the paint. She noted that the edges of the paint were turning a deep red color, as if...


"It's a gateway." Sarah's face went blank as she took a step back from the door. "Ah. That's where the souls have been escaping to. The other side of this planet. We...may be in some trouble here in a minute."


Kimmy rubbed Sunny's back, turning away from Caitlin as her face turned an even deeper red. "She's...tired. She needs her-" Sunny snorted, nipping Kimmy's neck, who made a face and quieted down, looking back towards Caitlin. "Can't this wait?"

More quiet shuffling, and more cute adorable oh !#%$ theres a trident against Steg's neck and a very pissed off fish guard. He didn't say a word, but his trident dug against Steg's neck as he glared at both him and Caitlin. How dare they interrupt Sunny's sleep! They would pay for this horrible transgression.


Eris cried out as Gene touched her, and Gene himself felt overwhelmed with emotions, a deep longing for the touch of another. His wife was the first who popped into his mind, but another quickly took her place. The person who kept him sane so many years, the person who protected him and trained him mentally...the person who was desperately trying to unbutton his pants, completely forgetting that she had psychic powers while she fumbled with his stupid buttons.

But there was more. While Gene dared to hold onto this thread, he could see a vague image of the person on the other side. Some sort of...demon? She felt...familiar. But, there was something blocking his vision. No, not Eris' cleavage she was mashing into his face. Some kind of...barrier. She was wearing something around her neck that was keeping him away?

Maybe Gene could just...if he could reach his guitar...cut the thread...but she felt so nice...


Hope just lay against Lina, not really wanting to move much after their intense moment. If ever. But, Hope still had a great longing, a severe need to be loved the same way she had loved Lina. She made a quiet whining sound after a few more minutes of cuddling, slowly grinding against Lina's leg. "Lina...Mistress...please...I want to...have you with me, always. Please let me...have your scent...and your love."

Her voice didn't dare go above a whisper, but her hands were far more adventurous, once again returning to Lina's erogenous zones.


The single password for unlocking the entire book flashed up on the book, written in some weird squiggles John had never seen before. Luckily for John, the book auto translated it for him.


What could be the meaning behind this mysterious string of characters? It didn't seem to be random, but...

On the side of the page, that settings gear popped up again. it gave John the option to enter the password permanently, saving a lot of hassle. There were a few more options, including one for...


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The Reaper was preparing herself for whatever laid ahead, knowing Sarah's tone indicated something bad was about to happen, but continued her conversation anyway. "It wasn't her fear I was concerned about." Hm.

Her scythe was primed and ready as she kept close to her friend. "Do you happen to know what we may be facing shortly? As much as it'd pain me further, yet be a joy to you, I would rather guide those souls back to their rightful new home with haste."


Lina breathed in the hot air, moving her hand to Hope's face. "My...love?"

There was something...off about this. She was certainly very important to her, but...

"O-oh...scent...you'd be able to...hn-wait wait wait" She moved her hands to Hope's exploratory hands, keeping them from their primal destination. "You'd be able to...see me. Sense me anywhere...right?"

This may be a problem to her. To a ninj-...Blackguard, her ability to hide undercover was a boon. She would trust Hope with her life, but what if...what if someone were able to get her scent from her? She doesn't know the specifics about it, but it was a heavy risk. Could she take it?

Her face was full of doubt. Maybe she still needed coaxing.


"Huh. Guess she would. That seems ill-thought out." John looked over the password, tilting his head as he wrote it down. Taos seemed like a pretty important name for a character only a total dork would be.

He looked over and saw the gear. Maybe that meant engineering spells...pffff, what a joke. He knew that engineers don't get spells because they can't handle magic like real magic users, like himself totally.

When the option popped up about password protection, he decided to do that.

He looked down and saw an odd option: an odd sort of speaker crossed out with a checked box to the side. Curious, he decided to uncheck the box. Near the bottom was a button marked "INITIATE THE SETTINGS?!". John shrugged and hit the button.

"Alright, that's over and done with. Book, could you bring up the notes about this moon that were locked?"


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"Hmph." Caitlin glanced over to check on Steg, who seemed to be handling the situation well enough. A nervous smile on his face as he lightly gave the tip of the spear pressed against his neck a light tap. Seemed just fine. "Enough, Heart," ordered the captain roughly, turning her attention back to the cuddling girls. "No, this can't wait. Tomorrow we'll be scrambling to keep the !#%$ from hitting the fan and I need my damn beauty sleep tonight. Either wake the kid up or...or I'll take your books away," she insisted as she crossed her arms, staring Kimmy down. The best parental figure, this one.


"Uh-mph!" At this point, one must wonder if the static or the cleavage is making it harder for Gene to think. Probably the static! Probably. Though Gene wished to get away from this situation, a small part of him really didn't. This turned him into a bumbling mess for a moment as he tried to step back and away from the psychic temptress, but forgetting about the bed that was right there caused him to fall back onto it. Thankfully he still had a hold on Eris' arm, so he pulled her down with him.

Wait no that's not a good thing.

His hand fumbled between the bed as Eris arm as he hazily tried to figure out what he was trying to do, the thread now atop his chest as well not helping the situation any. Finally he took hold of Eris' shoulders and rolled with her, now placing himself above her on the bed. This was, admittedly, not any better. At least he was away from that...thing! His brain was trying to tell him to do something about it. Strings? Slice? ...Slice the strings? Slice with strings?

...Gene got up and stumbled back away from the bed, holding onto his poor throbbing head. Wasn't he trained for something like this? Suppression emotions? Well he normally had a cold demeanor, so it couldn't be that hard for him to do! But that's not even something we'll have to worry about (For now at least), for Gene had now summoned his guitar. Before Eris could protest he step forward and swung at the pin, trying to knock it out or at least cut the string attached to it.


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The Old Gods have overstayed their welcome. Overstepped their boundaries. Shaped a world they had no part in.

The New Gods are finally taking action...


Back on The Prancing Devil, Sunny recieves the necklace meant for her. After a quick ceremony, Amber appears one final time and unlocks all of Sunny's powers. The chance of Caitlin's face getting burned off in a freak magic related accident increase twelve-fold.

Meanwhile, Gene comes to find out the true cause of the above average amount of sexual incident occuring; upon cutting the thread embedded in Eris it gets tangled within the strings of his guitar, allowing him (by happen chance / accident) to get a bird's eye view of the string's manipulater. The source, as it turns out, happens to be Veronica. Using the excess of Hope's incoming heat, she causes others to go into lust. Though not necessarily her primary reason for doing so, Veronica is keeping Hope alive through this process. Gene sees Veronica with Urithsk, the former trying to keep her mind off the later's rock hard body with casual chitchat.
Veronica reveals that the New Gods are planning to purge the Old Gods from the world once and for all: using the newly aligned moon, they will release Source onto the world. When the Old Gods are weak from fighting him, they will swoop in and kill anyone not anchored to the world.

Being anchored to the world is as simple as being born in it, having a child in it, or having your line continue on in it. A problem for those from the old world, then, since Mi stopped creating souls.

Hoping for any more info of interest, Gene eavesdrops a little longer on the two. Veronica, as it turns out, is highly infatuated with Urithsk and tries coming onto him. Her attempts fail quickly as Urithsk at last admits to her that he doesn't like women.


The moon finally comes out. The sight would leave one trembling no doubt, seeing this strange new orb up in the sky with a big red spiral on its surface. Despite being warned, many of the crew members on the deck of The Prancing Devil stare up at the surface of the moon. Within seconds they...errr...do nothing. Nothing happens. The moon, despite the fears of many, turns out to be nothing more than just a very frightening looking moon.
Back in Locura, the moon was used to "defeat" Source. At the time there was an entire space station on it, and large rocket thrusters were installed into the satellite to move it if need be.
One of those rockets remained.

With the final rocket strapped to his back, Source rockets down to the planet. Reacting quickly, Sunny moves to intercept the monster before the good captain can even protest. The young Child of Light tries to use the full extent of her newfound powers and her body reacts violently to the attempt. She begins puking golden feathers and bleeds from every orface on her body. Source makes contact with the planet and drags himself up onto the ship. Strangely, no gods are around to stop his attack as Source begins to go berzerk on the crew of The Prancing Devil. Violet attempts to fight off the monstrosity and gets utterly defeated - Source grabs her by her one good arm and uses her like an axe to cut through the ship's mast, then slams her carelessly down to the ship's hull.
As Source makes his way to Captain Kil De'Moore, Sota confronts him. His rampaging instantly comes to a halt as he sees her. Source advances and tries to touch Sota's face when the little monster appears: Euri. She single handily incapacitates Source and then eats him. This finishes her viral evolution, and with a satisfied smirk she vanishes...

Somewhere at sea, a church ship sinks. Its precious cargo, a strange guitar, is never recovered from the wreck...

As the moon reveals itself, the strange door in Hell opens at last. Out of it steps none other than The Goddess herself - Mi, carrying the severed head of Pam. Sarah flies into a fit of rage as she tells Death to scram, withdrawing her scythe. The two women clash, but Mi hardly puts in any effort as she handily defeats Sarah. For some (no doubt twisted) reason Mi lets Sarah live and escapes through the hole in Hell's ceiling.
Her destination: Captain Vanessa Augustine's ship, The Conviction.
Mi enters the captain's quarters, coyly mentioning how she's heard a rumor about some measly trade captain wants to take over her world. As Mi prepares to dispose of Vanessa, The Old Man manifests himself into the room from the eyeball he had planted in the room. The two exchange words, Mi noticing the spirit missing from the Old Man, who responds by informing her it is now with Gene. Despite putting up an applaudable fight, Mi wins in the end and kills the Old Man. Feeling satisfied Mi leaves Vanessa's ship after some parting words, heading to another familar ship...

As the crew of The Prancing Devil begin to recover from Source's attack minutes earlier, Mi appears on the deck of the ship. After a fair bit of taunting and reveling in her power, Mi informs everyone just what exactly lies beyond the barrier. On the other side of the planet, for the past three thousand years Mi has been crafting a world of her own; shaping the lives and the believes of the people there, building up an army, and recreating her own brand of Sources.
Tired of hearing her crap, Rose takes a stand and pummels Mi for a minute before being beaten to the brink of death by The Goddess. In a desperate bid Rose uses some quick alchemy and sacrifices herself to permanetly negate Mi's immortality. Weakened and humiliated, Mi manages to retreat just as Gene arrives on deck to defeat her. Sarah arrives soon after, having dragged herself out of Hell.

As the day comes to a close, Sarah, Eris, and Gene sit down and have a talk. They realize Eris is not anchored to the world, and there's only one way to fix that...


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The Devil is cornered.


At last, The Prancing Devil exits Eddius Gap. In one room, Kimmy cares for the injured Sunny, while in another Gene and Sarah accept Eris into their family. She breaks down into tears, overwhelmed by the whole event. Issac continues telling Jesse how to be a man while avoiding Cevell, who seems to be the only chipper crew member this morning as she drags Alicia around the mess hall.
Before the ship can put any real distance between it and Eddius Gap, The Inspector's Ship appears from behind and just misses The Prancing Devil. Their dancer begins chanting and within an instant hundres of ships appear and surround the poor Devil.

Sarah makes her way to the ship's deck and amplifies the light rainfall to create a massive storm. She attacks the bows of the newly appeared ships directly, taking out many of the dancers. After such a spell Sarah finds herself weary and has to rest, and the remaining enemy forces close in. The Prancing Devil's crew get their act together and man the cannons, fending back the oncoming ships and even managing to down a ship before The Inspector recalls his forces.
The Inspector has his ship head towards Caitlin's vessel, and he alone boards the ship. Seemingly driven by his ego The Inspector draws his sword and challenges Caitlin to a duel. With a grin the good captain accepts, excited at the chance to finally have a true fight with her pursuer. The fight proceeds to disappoint her, however, as The Inspector seems more in the mood for banter than actually putting up a challenge. He draws the fight out, and Caitlin finds it easier and easier to land blows on her opponent while remaining unscathed herself. The fight ends with Caitlin disarming The Inspector and backing him into a corner. All seems to be going well.

Someone shouts for Caitlin's attention. As she turns her face is stricken with a look of dismay. The Inspector was no more than a distraction. During the fight Faith had snuck aboard and had taken Sunny, easily getting past Heart and Kimmy. Now she stood there on the deck, holding Sunny up high with a sword pressed along her throat. She gives Caitlin a very simple choice: surrender, or forfeit Sunny's life. Caitlin pleads for them to take her instead, but Faith laughs in her face. She belittles the dreaded pirate captain, taunting her. Heart tries to sneak attack Faith after recovering, but she shoots him in the chest. He falls overboard, and Sunny screams and cries as nobody is able to help him. Faith, not missing a beat with her taunts, then reveals...

She is the true Inspector. Zach never was. After Zach found her, she helped him climb the ranks in the Church's ladder until he became the Church Inspector. All the information Zach needs, Faith feeds him.
(For those who may be confused, this means that Faith is the next incarnation of the Detective line)

Thankfully Sota is in the crowd, and upon hearing this she acts swiftly, stepping into Faith's sight. Because of her affect on The Detective, Faith gets momentarily stunned just by the sight of her. Caitlin does not let the opportunity slip by and disarms Faith, getting Sunny away from her and nearly taking the woman's eye in the process. Snapped out of her daze Faith and Caitlin fight, the latter confirming that a Detective really is more than a match for her. As the two scuffle, the rest of the crew decide to intervene and go to help Caitlin before she can get rocked.
Assessing the situation Faith transforms into a wolf and is now easily larger than anyone there - even Issac's perfect physique is petite by comparison. She begins holding her own against the entirety of the crew on deck (Cevell's shotgun arm almost at risk of being chewed apart at one point!) as the ships come back to attack The Prancing Devil.

Things begin to look bleak when Mecha shows up. Those who came with Zach and Faith immediately drop to one knee in reference, recognizing him from legends of old. He raises his hand, and the world around them warps; The Prancing Devil splitting cleanly in two.
Sarah, Gene, Eris, and Sota find themselves far from the ship on another island. Sunny and Kimmy find themselves alone on a lifeboat a few miles from the site of the battle heading north. Heart emerges alone in the ocean, his wounds healed. His gift from The Oracle was a locket that would mend his broken heart, but only once. It worked in a literal sense, it seemed. The rest of the crew wound up in various parts of the world.


Cas and James finally wake up from their night of romance, and who should be there but everyone's favorite spirite: Chaos. Through tears Cas angrily yells at him, reminding him about her egg from so long ago. Chaos apologizes, but he was there for a reason it seemed.
This time, the egg would hatch...


"Caitlin is out cold. We actually got De'Moore."
"We missed catching The One again. As in, The One that actually mattered."
"I know, Faith."
"You know this was our last chance. They're going to hang you now."
"...We just need to come up with a plan."
"I already had one, just in case. That's the easy part, though..."


End of Act 1


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The quaint tavern of Sehn'ardor gets a lot of business in the evening. The nearby trolls who worked in the harbor were more than gracious to continue lining the coffers here, which helped continue the tavern's tradition of keeping a heavy stock. Famous troll ale lined the wall behind the hume-influenced bar: Vol'meister, Gin'jin, Drakengooze, Eagle's Rum, Scorpioness Lager, The Arrogant Troll, Shimai's !#%$, The Banshie Spirit, The Frozen Fairy, Crixalis' Reprieve, White Guano, White Guano-Strawberry, and the ever-popular Budd's Draft. When the trolls prepare their food, they do so with a barbeque spit located a few yards outside the tavern. The smell attracts all, from the trolls who desire a fine meal to the animals that would attack and become later meals.

It was a shining jewel of the troll culture: A mix of great troll symbols and silly human conventions that they didn't have much reason to attempt improvement on.

A few hours before Jerry's ship, the Y'manzo's Coffer, appeared in the harbor, an old man walked into the tavern. The man kept his face covered, hoping not to attract any unseen attention.

"Ahhhh, an' the gods granted me a unique customer today!"

The old man looked over to the bar, seeing the voice belonged to an older troll female. Her fangy grin seemed to exude a warmth that the old man hadn't felt for a few weeks.

"Hahaaa...welll, I dang'ol don't know about that. Talkin'bout me bein' unique just...just a copper coin in a sack of it from th' south, miss." The old man had an interesting way of speaking. To the readers, it seemed familiar and/or insulting.

"Ah, but yer a hume!" The female troll continued, reaching for a mug. "These places don't see much in ways a' humies. Dey pass by unknown most a da time."
Looking over the man, she whispered. "Yer not wit' da church, are ya? Dey say dey have ta' tell ya if dey are."

"Maan, I tell you what man, those church guys ain't me, man. Walkin' around, takin' whatever they want. Alls I wanna do is just...just fish, miss." He shrugged.

This brought a laugh to the female, as she walked to the back. "I like ya, humie. Ya tink like da trolls, so I treat ya like da trolls. First round's on yer lovely hostess." She gave the man a wink, causing the old man to chuckle. "What'll it be?"

The old man looked over the wall. "Wellllll...I'll try...the ol' Reprieve, miss."

The woman stopped and looked over at him for a moment, then shrugged. She grabbed the bottle and filled up the stein, handing it over. "Y'know, I'm guessin' yer not entirely up on th' troll culture, but-"

The man moved his hand up, smiling. For a moment, his voice seemed to straighten itself out. "I know exactly what it is." He took a long drink.

The Crixalis' Reprieve is a drink that, while tasting like an ordinary tonic, has a heavy bittersweet taste to it. It's not entirely uncommon to drink said beer normally for some people.

However, in their culture, Trolls usually save this beer for a special occasion;

The last hours of their life.



"She's what?!"

John was a disheveled mess. It was a few hours into the day after the moon appeared and brought about all that nasty business, but it was still enough time for John to not care at all about how he looks. He woke up early struck with inspiration. It couldn't have been because of his book, could it? Nah. Still, not only was he able to solve the demon fruit problem, but he did so in record time. Now the spiders were going to have access to clean fruit that was untainted.

In front of him was James, who was also pretty tired for different reasons entirely. He didn't look his best, but it was a far cry from how John looked, and James probably did more.

"Look, she just...she needs a place to stay. It's all...really, really complicated, okay? I..I want her to stay here."

To the side, Hope was no doubt tending to whatever Cas required. She was an excellent host and hugging Cas's belly for some reason.

Lina was to the side of the two brothers, seeming out of it as well. God, she was tired.

"We can't...we can't bring everyone on board the ship, James. And...and Cas tried to kill me once!"

"You kind of asked for it. She said so herself." James replied as he nodded once for affirmation.

"I was protecting myself. And she was going to eat you in retaliation!"

"Well, thank goodness I left a good first impression!"

Aside from them, there was a suppressed giggle from Hope. After that, there was a bit of an awkward silence. The two brothers eventually looked over at Lina.

"...what?" Lina sighed. "We almost have an inn available. It isn't like she doesn't have enough room to join us on the island."


Lina interrupted John. "And if we had a dragon available, we may actually have a leg up if you-know-who shows up ready to kill us."


"And look at her!" She pointed over to Cas, who looked absolutely glowing. "You know and I know that you won't leave a poor girl like that to dry, especially since she means so much to James."


"Not to mention-"

"Not to mention I want this, too!" James said, pointing at his older brother with an angry look on his face. "It's always been your ideas with how we live our lives. You sold the potion that caused us to go on the run. You became the face of our merchant business after I created a super engine. You deigned to become this hitman in order to save me from death. You bought an island so that you can do your work without worry. It just felt like I was always a side benefit to things. Just...just a tag-along!"

"B-...but I thought you liked messing around with the ship."

"I love messing around with the ship, but...I just...for once, I want you to just agree to let me do my own thing. Let me have a say..."

The silence after this felt as thick as an alchemist's blue fog, a fog that was created specifically to be blue that had the added side effect of being thick as !#%$.

Finally, John moved his hand over his hair, sighing. "Alright...fine, she can take one of the inn rooms for her personal effects. I dunno if we can fit another person in our ship for living, though, but...ah, who am I kidding, you'll probably figure out something." He smirked. "Just...if it's what you want, I'm sure it'll be fine."

James' smile glowed like a furnace "Ahaha, thank you! The ship will be in tip-top shape, promise."

As James ran over to tell Cas the good news, John moved his hand over his eyes, sighing. Lina, taking that as her cue, walked so she was in front of John's view.

"So what now?"

John looked over at her in-between his hands. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we seem to have dealt with the spider issue quite rapidly. We now have another occupant on this rag-tag island of misfits. We're about to have a functional inn, and yet another person coming back to join us...hopefully."
She looked John up and down for a moment before continuing. "So what is the grand alchemist going to do now?"

John grinned. "I already told you. I'm going to create a Philosopher's Stone. But first..." He moved his hand to the book. "I have to do something."

And so he did. With a few moments of time, he went to his table. With a few encouraging words from the textbook, he was able to seal his newest friend Ghosty into a doll without a hitch! He was incredibly happy that he was free from nights knowing he had a thing in his head, but frightened at the prospect of yet another presence on his tiny ship.

A team of two became a veritable crew. John's become quite a captain in his own right.


Meanwhile, a captain by actual law, Captain Vanessa Augustine walked through the disheveled mess that was her room. The presence she had been greeted with the evening prior was not a courteous guest. I mean, look at her prized teacup set. It was ruined.

Also, her head was ringing in pain. She felt like the ship had shifted a lot, but that doesn't happen.

"M-Miss! Captain Augustine!" There was quite a loud rapping at her chamber door.

Vanessa opened said door, rubbing her aching head as her annoyance was visible. "What is yer problem, Despontent?"

"M-Ma'am, I think you should...see this."

Vanessa sighed, moving her hand over to the hat nearby as she moved it to her head. She followed the freaked-out little man as she walked to the small crowd that has found themselves surrounded by the Conviction's broken mast.


The what?

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" Vanessa was aghast at what was in front of her. The entire mast of the ship had bent down and slammed into the houses nearby. This was going to cost a fortune. "Who the hell dares to...to...t-"

As the crowd naturally moved aside at the behest of their captain, what appeared before her was a giant oaf of a man smashed head-first into the mast.

..."Issac Sentin."

Issac was veritably stricken with the calling of his name in such a disgusted tone. He was awoken from his sudden slumber as he looked up, seeing who it was who spoke his name in such a manner. "A-ah! S-so this is the Conviction, then? And..and you're...Miss Vanessa Augustine!"

"Were ye stricken dumb by the mast?!" After a moment, she sighed. "No, yer always like this, aren't ya?"

"N-now see here, my mind is sharp as ever! I just...your mast kind of knocked some sense out of me."

"Sense?! What you have is almost insulting to the word!" Vanessa moved forward and brought the disheveled perfect soldier up from the mast with a forceful grab. "Why the hell did you...no, wait...how did you do this?"


"Admiral" Vanessa said coldly.

"Admiral Augustine....congratulations!" Issac smiled at her, then coughed awkwardly, seemingly choking in his perfect throat. "Well...it's like this."

And so Issac recanted his thrilling tale of what just happened throughout the last two posts. He detailed the Inspector's ship appearing, the reveal of Faith as the true Inspector, and Mecha's exchange of blows. For some reason, he seemed to appear back in his hometown of Seline. As if there was some sort of divine justice to it.

This brought more headaches to Vanessa as she grumbled slightly to herself.

"So...De'moore is probably captured. And her ship is probably sunk."

"M-maybe...I...I really worked hard on that ship." Issac sighed, seemingly defeated in a perfect fashion.

Vanessa moved away from Issac, grasping the railing of her ship, staring at the sea. "...the devil loses...the mast of my ship blown down...as the sheep's clothing is sheered..."

"Ma'am?" Shin looked to his captain, unsure what her mind was working on.

"...hm. Hmhmhm..." Vanessa smiled, letting out a few light-hearted laughs. "Hahahaha...hah...so this is how it begins? The greatest criminal on the seas is captured by a wolf in sheep's clothing and her gullible boy toy, and I get a giant oaf crashing into my ship. This is what that cryptic !#%$ meant...what he told me..." She smacked her fist into the railing, sighing. "...it's finally beginning. After all these years..."

"...should I leave?" Issac asked as he pointed to the entrance.

"No....no, no. You'll not be leaving unattended. In fact..." Vanessa moved her sword out and pointed it at the perfect man. "Issac Sentin. By the power deigned to me as Admiral of the Trader's Guild, through the venerability of my station and the Court of Trades...you are under arrest for aiding a known wanted fugitive of the law...and admitted acts of piracy."

Issac was visibly shocked. How could she...but...that's not...it's not like he wanted to...to...

Slowly, he brought his hands into the air. "Fine. I will not resist if this is what the...law dictates..."

"I sure hope you wouldn't."

As Issac was soon escorted away, Vanessa stood against the railing once more.

"Mr. Despontent."

"Yes, Admiral?"

"Relay a message to the Trade Captains for me. Tell them it's time we make some changes."

"Yes, ma'am!"

Shin had no idea what was going on. But hey, every trade captain gives him some coin for delivery, so whatever.


The old man dropped a coin onto the bar towards the barkeep. "Y'all been very gractious to me today, ma'am."

"Ahahaaaa...t'was th' pleasure a' dis one." The bartender moved her hand to her chest and did a small bow, smiling. The hours had passed by in the blink of an eye, as troll after troll left the tavern after getting their fill. Two trolls in particular seemed to be an interesting pair, with one being a monstrous behemoth and the other being rather thin and lanky. "Yer stories, dey were amazin'. Tell me, why did ya leave those boys yer boat?"

"Heh....well, ma'am, tell you what, they needed a way out an' I dang ol' gave...gave it to them, ma'am, y'know sometimes y'gotta leave somethin' for th' next generation, ma'am. It's all like all they got in their dang ol' inheritance were a house that burnt, turned all their memories t'soot, ma'am. Like dang ol dust in the wind."

"Aye, aye." The barkeep nodded.

"An' they worked hard and got nowhere. Maybe this was some...dang ol, once in a lifetime chances. If'n they find happiness...well, that'd be alright to me."

How sentimental. It's almost like he thinks they were his kids.

The room suddenly felt like all the warmth of the room became as cold as ice. The barkeeper seemed visibly shaken. The old man, however, only had the look of resignation. "Listen, ma'am. Remember what I said. Get out of h-"

Before he could even say the words, the doors seemed to all slam shut.

Now, now. Why let our lovely hostess leave us unattended?

"I swear, if y'hurt that girl..."

The room suddenly felt a stinging sensation of silence as the wind flew through the tavern.

Footsteps began to slowly echo through the slowly darkening room. There seemed to be only two sources of light left: A single candle left on the bar, and a stone glowing red. The stone floated over an open palm of a well-dressed older man, his hat covering his eyes. The stone landed in the man's hand as he began to walk forward.

The old man kept his strength and looked at the man. "...what do you want...Jacob?"

The well-dressed man smiled and brought his hand up to his hat, showing his ruby red eyes. "Edward Swanhaur, old friend. Let's have a drink, for old time's sake. Barkeep, we'll have two !#%$s. He's quite fond of mine, after all."

The barkeeper walked slowly to the bar and brought the bottle over. Despite the great fear that was in her eyes, she kept her composure. The man named Jacob moved over next to Swanhaur, who was watching the man carefully. The look on Swanhaur's face was, to be frank, like he was staring death in the face. Finally, Jacob spoke.

"Let's talk."


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Slowly, Widstor's eyes opened, his eyelids feeling as heavy as anvils. It was the first time he had gotten any rest for longer than he could remember--after all, it would be no understatement to say he hadn't rested since this world's inception.

Of course, there was good reason for that.

With a sudden start, Widstor leaped to his feet, looking around in a panic. Had it finally happened? Had he passed on to the afterlife?

Looking down into his hands, though, Widstor let out a sigh of relief, holding the heart he held--entrenched in blackness as it was--close to his chest. In some sort of poetic bit of irony, the heart which he had pumped so much of his own life force into had managed to keep himself alive for these precious few minutes he was unconscious.

"Good, you're finally awake." came a familiar voice as Widstor turned around, coming face to face with Cevell. "I have something to tell you. I presume you've filled my heart with life, as I've asked?" she went on to ask, holding out her organic hand.

With a bit of realization, Widstor nodded, smiling as he placed the heart into Cevell's hands. "Now I understand why you wanted this. It's nice to know that through that cold demeanor of yours, you're finally thinking of others. I suppose it is about time I get some res--"

As she took the black heart, Cevell ignored Widstor's words, paying no mind as she brought her shotgun-arm up, interrupting Widstor with one simple word:

As Cevell turned back around, staring out into the deserted island she now stood upon, she frowned. As nice as it was to finally get that out of the way, everything else wasn't exactly going as she hoped. She had no idea where Alicia was, the good Captain managed to be bested by someone other than herself, and now, Cevell was truly alone. It wasn't the first time, so she knew well that she'd be able to manage, but it never got any easier. Yes, this was just like last time--save one thing. Yes, there was one person that could make this worse--

"It's time at last, Ms. Toffel."

As Cevell turned around, she was greeted by that woman with her dumb pink hair, and her dumb pink clothes, and her dumb pink voice. Cevell could totally sense the very essence of pink in her voice, that was... that was definitely a thing... Also, her clothes are mostly white, looking at it, but... Look, Miyana was here, and Cevell was less than happy, alright?

"So now you see just why this world needs you, and you specifically. Best way to defeat a god of a world is to enlist something from another world, after all, and between your scientific expertise, and Widstor's unique magical properties, you two were quite the steal." Miyana went on explaining.

Her look of absolute distaste wearing off a bit, Cevell let out a snicker as Miyana finished her sentence. "Widstor too, huh? Well, might be a slight problem with that, I may have... gotten rid of him." Cevell coyly said, letting out another small laugh.

"Oh, no, I figured that would eventually. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, to be honest, but that's fine. I know fully well that that won't stop him." Miyana replied, letting out a light laugh of her own as she looked upwards, above and behind Cevell, "After all, you said it yourself: you simply have to want something badly enough, and it'll happen."

Her slight smile faltering, Cevell turned around once again, slightly confused. To say she wasn't prepared for what she saw would be... quite the understatement. As would saying that she saw Widstor, still alive. What she saw was not simply Widstor, it'd be a stretch to call it that at all, really: Widstor's body was there, to be sure, but coming out from where most the head was now missing was... a monstrosity, would be the only real word to describe it. "A massive, chaotic mass of black energy, swirling around in some formless mess, yet still somehow seeming to be staring directly at her" would be another good way to describe it. Before Cevell could even react, though, the mass reached out and grabbed her with an arm (?) and held her up close to its face (?).

"Want... you, want... need... want... Cevell... want... inside me..." the mass stuttered out, its voice a strange, hoarse-sounding noise that seemed to echo all around Cevell, who looked a bit disconcerted, but probably nowhere nearly as much as she should.

With yet another snicker, Cevell replied, "That's not how it works, Widman. Even in double-death, you're still as clueless as ever." Completely undeterred, however, the mass slowly opened its mouth (?), craning Cevell up over it. For as black as this thing was, its "mouth" was somehow an even darker, far more empty of a black abyss. Not wasting another moment, however, Cevell aimed her shotgun-arm directly at the mass' own "arm," blasting away. Immediately plunging downward, Cevell practically did the splits as she caught each foot on either side of the mass' "mouth," blasting her shotgun a second time, down into the mouth, using the force to help her spring off to the side (plus, anything resembling an opportunity to shoot Widstor in the mouth was never to be wasted).

"Well, that's cute and all," Cevell casually said towards Miyana as she brushed herself off, "but I do hope you don't plan on me working with him."

"I don't know," Miyana immediately replied with a smile, "all things happen because someone wanted it hard enough."

With that, as Cevell went to brush off what was left of the "arm" around her leg, it suddenly tightened its grip, quickly lifting Cevell back up into the air as it levitated back up towards the mass. "Want... Cevell..." the mass repeated.

Letting out something between a sigh and a small laugh, Miyana went on, "Of course... if enough people want something, it becomes a lot easier to overcome the want of one." And thus, on cue, the smell of death wafted over the area as a massive boat composed entirely of bone and flesh--its sails a black energy not unlike the mass'--drifted ashore, centered perfectly behind Miyana.

"We will be fakin--rake--track--taking that." a voice of a similar sort of feel to the mass', albeit more human, and just... more, as if coming from multiple people, to the point of stuttering over itself as it tried to find its words. Regardless, as this came, the boat began to morph, a particular skull coming forth from the center, along with a massive arm constructed of various parts that outstretched itself towards Cevell.

With a look of disgust, Cevell spit at the arm, commenting "Excuse me, but I don't belong to anyone, not to this ugly mug behind me, not to pinky, and especially not to whatever the Hell you are."

With that, the bone boat's arm faltered, its voice coming up once more, "Ah, you must forgo--forgery--forgive us, ma'am, we were not referring to you, but the... being behind you, currently holding your leg, we should hope that no offen--"

"Ahem." Miyana's voice came, now, clearing her throat quite blatantly, nudging her head towards the mass, which was taking the opportunity of the bone boat's politeness to reconnect with the arm holding Cevell, quickly flinging her into the air, arcing her in such a way so as to land in the mass' "mouth."

"Er, right." the bone boat spoke again, with a bit of embarrassment, its arm now outstretching once more towards the mass, quickly snatching up what remained of Widstor's body from its base, the mass' energy now rapidly swirling down and around the bone boat's arm, absorbing all of the mass just in time for Cevell to land safely in the bone boat's hand. Slowly lowering her back to the ground, the bone boat spoke once more, "We apologize for the illconceiv--inconspic--inconvenience, ma'am, we knew not--" With a start, though, the bone boat's grip tightened on Cevell, the skull that was at the front and center suddenly falling down, black energy rapidly leaking out from where it once was, as if it were some kind of plug. "Such... desire, we... I... want... Cev--"

BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, is what sounded out as Cevell wasted no time in blasting her shotgun right into the arm holding her, quickly detaching it from the bone boat as it fell limp to the ground.

"Ah, yes... we do apologize, ma'am--hnn... Cevell... I... no, we were not quite prepared, but you--Cevell--should be safe n...now. Yes." the voice spoke once more, the black energy that leaked out now draining back into the skull that fell as a second arm--this one just a simple, human-sized skeletal arm--reaching down and replacing the skull to its rightful place.

Cevell rolled her eyes, sighing as she spoke, "Yeah, yeah, sure. I was perfectly fine before you showed up. Just would've taken a few more shotgun blasts--perfect solution to any problem, and that dork was no exception."

"You can keep him under control, yes?" Miyana asked, chiming into the conversation.

"Yes, although we mean no offer--offense when we say that we hope this dark-haired woman--Cevell--does not plan on keeping our company, as his--my--our desire is quite strong.

"Oh, between your lovely smell and your beautiful body, how could I ever keep myself away?" Cevell remarked, her voice dripping with sarcasm--or maybe that was just the leftover bits of flesh she was brushing off of her from the arm.

"Right, yes. We certainly could be more preset--prehens--presentable." the bone boat spoke again, its body now shifting as it formed into a more humanoid shape, growing more dense to make itself smaller and forming into more of a mound, the particular skull now placed atop where one would expect the head to actually be, and the black energy now into a cape, or even cloak of sorts. "Regardless, we were under the impression we would be along--alert--alone on this island--at least, as alone as we can be--so we imagine you ladies will be off soon, yes?"

"Indeed." Miyana chimed in once again, "Soon. But first--that casket you're transporting. You have life energy to spare, now, so I'd like you to raise its contents."

"Erm..." the bone golem spoke, a bit unsure, "We apologize, but we can't do that. We promised we wouldn't, to a woman who proved both general--generatio--generous and trustworthy. To go back on our word would be completely represe--repris--reprehensible."

Miyana sighed, shaking her head as she responded, "That woman gave you nothing more than a promise of her own. Of supplies that you may not even need. I gave you a specific location, and the seed of life that will guarantee you're able to sustain. And how did she prove trustworthy? By saying your name? Is that really all it takes, Etheren?"

For a moment, the bone golem, Etheren, remained silent. Eventually, he spoke up again, "Your point is made. We would be willing to compris--compro--comply, but are you absolutely sure this is necessary? We would hate to go against such a kind soul's wishes if it can be helped."

"It may not be," Miyana admitted, "but when the army of the next world over come to destroy all we know, I feel like anything that has a chance of being necessary should be taken advantage of, wouldn't you agree? What you have in that coffin is nothing short of an abomination--something the Goddess of this world had no hand in creating, and that is what we need. That is no doubt the reason she was denied life, as well, which I'm sure is something you can relate to all too well, Etheren, and now, only you can change all of that."

Etheren paused in silence once again, finally replying with "We may not be fully aware of all the things you speak of, but your logar--lodg--logic is hard to argue with, our fair lady. It shall be done."

"Excellent. I shall leave you to your devices for the moment, as I have our clothing-hating friend to attend to." Miyana went on, now turning back towards Cevell. "Now then, are you ready to offer your services?"

Cevell stuck her tongue out in disgust at the thought, but nodded regardless. "I guess. Not like I have much choice." she grumbled.

"Don't be like that. Think about it like this: when you take over Hell, what good would it be if there was no world left for it to serve as an afterlife to? I can't imagine the Goddess would simply let Hell exist in whatever world she has in mind, after all." Miyana went on, walking up and patting Cevell on the back with her one arm.

Cevell grabbed Miyana's arm, slowly removing it from her back, but responded nonetheless, "Fair enough. Only appropriate that the future Devil take down the God of the world, after all." she said with a chuckle.

"That's the spirit." Miyana said with a smile, "Shall we get going, then?"

"Well... one more thing." Cevell went on, biting at her lip as she looked away, "You were clearly tracking me and such... and I was thinking, you'd probably know where the others on the ship ended up, and..."

Miyana raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly as she spoke, "You're not worried about the rest of the crew of the Prancing Devil, are you?"

"No!" Cevell quickly refuted, shaking her head, "I mean... I was just thinking, like, if any of them owed me something, or... one of them--"

Miyana chuckled slightly, interrupting, "You need not worry, I already have the devil girl back where we're going, ready to get working on finding that fountain you two need."

"G...good." Cevell said, gritting her teeth slightly. The fact Miyana knew exactly what she was talking about frustrated Cevell way more than she would've liked.

"Then we're off. I'll leave you there for a bit to catch up with the devil girl as I finish with the bag of bones here." Miyana said with a wave of her single hand, Cevell disappearing in a puff. Walking back towards Etheren, she spoke up once again, "So, Etheren, are you ready? I'm sure we both have business we'd like to hurry and get to."

"Hm... yes. Let us get this over with, for better or for worse." Etheren replied, holding out a hand over the casket he had prepared in the meantime. Slowly, black energy began dripping out of his fingertips--eventually working up to full-on flowing after a few moments, going directly through the lid of the coffin.

"Very good." Miyana said with a nod, walking up to the coffin, watching idly for a few moments as Etheren did his thing. After a few moments, she raised her arm, slowly lifting up the casket's lid as she peered inside.

"It's time for your second chance, dear. Are you ready?"


"Yessss! I'm ready for my second chance at last!" Ghosty McGee shouted, triumphantly holding his fluff-filled arm to the sky. "... So, wait, how exactly does this work? Do I need to eat? Or poo? Or breathe? How am I even talking?" he went on to ask, his arm faltering as he pondered these questions. That didn't last long, however, as he now leaped up on to John's head, his arm now firmly back in the air as he shouted, "Whatever, we can worry about that later, this stage of our lives is coming to a close, and our journey's only just beginning! ON TO ADVENTURE!

... What exactly are we doing, again?"

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[Soon after the crew split.]

Hello? A voice echoed in the darkness.

Who's there? Alicia called back.

The voice replied, It's me, Gale.

Am I... am I dead? She wondered.

No. And neither am I. The voice told her.

Frantically, she asked, Whats going on? Where am I? What do you want?

I'm not quite sure how to explain but I have a message for you.

What is it? She said, worried.

You need to find-

The moment had been cut off by a loud, pink voice crying out, "There she is!" Light flooded her eyes as she squinted, adjusting to the change. She was lying on something wet. Blood? But she didn't feel like she was on the ground. She glanced to the side and saw an endless expanse of ocean. She glanced to her other side and saw what looked like a ship in the distance.

He's back and slower than ever.

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The Doctor

Edward Swanhaur watched this man walk over and scanned him carefully. His outfit seemed to be almost like a true homage to early sea fashion from years past, from the padded boots to the basic leggings covered by a very long, dark blue coat that covered a dress shirt with a red tie. To his hip on either side was an interesting pouch and a seemingly everyday sword in its adorned scabbard, though the hilt seemed to be made with a strikingly odd material. His shoulders were adorned with silver epaulets and his hands covered by gloves that seemed to have distinct markings to them. His dark grey hair and unshaven face seemed to mask his true age, as his face held no wrinkles nor blemishes. His hat seemed to echo the look of Vanessa's, but with a few design differences. It also seemed to be made with a more sturdy material than most hats, as it seemed to be older than most.

After a moment, the old fisherman turned away from his new drinking companion. "Man, I got nothin' to say to ya, Jacob." Edward said, taking a drink of the !#%$ from his glass, wincing slightly from the bitter and warm taste.

The man frowned. "'Jacob'. It sounds so unimpressive now. Unfitting." After a small moment of thought, he looked over to the man. "My boy, you seem distressed. What have I done to deserve such piss-poor treatment?" He took a drink as well, letting the hot sensation flow down his throat with no problem. The face contorted back to a smile as he looked back to his 'old friend'.

"You know what y' did," Edward replied, deciding not to look at him. "Dangit, ya been gone fer over nineteen years, man. And now here ya go, walkin' in like ya own the place, like it's been only a few days from sea. Leavin' the boys to their own devices...not that ya ever cared about that."

"Hah, so that's what she said? Bah...those boys turned out fine, didn't they?" The man replied back, smirking. He held the small glass aloft, motioning for the bartender to fill it up again. She hesitantly did so, keeping an eye on him. The man continued, "They had their mother."

This comment caused Edward to smack his fist into the bar as he looked over to the man, his face pinched in anger. "Their mother's been dead since they was learnin' to crawl."

"Bah!" The man took a long drink from the glass. "They still learned. Look at ol' Johnny. I'm hearing he's making his legacy proud." He smiled. "Makin' quite a show and getting quite a few lady friends along the way." The man started to laugh. "And the alchemy...I've heard he's aiming high." He stirred the drink around with his hand, watching the liquid swirl around the glass. "He's quite a marvel. I knew he'd take after me."

"...and James?"

"Hm? Oh, right, him. Heh. I'm sure he's doing fine, too."

Edward took another long drink, grumbling. "Of course..."

Jacob brought the glass to his face again, smirking. After a moment, he noticed the bottle was already half-empty. "Dear, you can leave the bottle," the bartender gulped and left the bottle down on the bar. "Thank you. The back door is open. You can leave now. I would take the opportunity." With a flick of his finger, the sound of a door flinging open was heard. The troll looked over to the other man, then nodded at the guest, fleeing as fast as she could.

Once she was clear, the door shut just as fast as it opened. Now the only patrons of this little tavern were two gentlemen. The guest moved his hand to the bottle and began to fill up his own glass again. Edward kept his eyes on him, slowly turning his attention towards the stone that was on the bar. It glowed a low red aura even when it wasn't being active.

"Do you know about the gods, Edward?"

This brought Edward's focus back towards the man's face. "Eh?"

"You know, Mia. The Brother. The floating island that housed the Oracle."

"Don't tell me ya spent close t' two decades just to find religion," Edward said with a sardonic tone. "That never seemed like you."

This brought a chilling laugh from the man, grinning. "Oh, no. Partially, maybe, but it helps to wait things out. Besides, I was just asking."

"Well....I never kept up wit' that stuff. All I know was, some good people and some bad people follow those gods. I tend t'be fond of the good'uns. They don't bother me an' I don't bother them."

"I see." The man took another drink, looking at the bottles along the wall.

"What about you? Do you believe?"

"I do not believe, Edward," the man replied with a smile. "I know."


I know about the gods of this world.

How they act in their own, vested self interests. Be it to destroy or to preserve...it matters not what they adhere.

They are entities of a single goal; control. They want nothing more than to control this world they had no part in.

They are parasites, feeding off others in order to achieve their goals.

The Reaper stood in the doorway to Hell, leaning on her sickle. She seemed out of breath, which makes sense considering how quickly she was told to run away.

"Damn it, Sarah." She smacked the wall, holding herself while she leaned on the wall.

She sighed, knowing that Sarah was most-likely correct in making her leave. Without a Reaper, the souls of the world would be lost. They would senselessly roam the earth, losing their very being in the process.

Still, she mused, it was not like she wasn't capable. And if Caitlin is to take the throne, she is going to require more than just her aid as a Reaper. She moved her finger to her chin, contemplating her next move.


Maybe she needs a knight.


I have seen how the world works now, through my long, long life. My stone has shown me much. It has allowed me a vast knowledge.

It has shown me the Truth: The only way to truly shape this world is not by a god's hand...

...but our own.

The regal-looking casket that the bone golem Etheren was given seemed very important. After all, the then-Captain Augustine had expressly shown a great deal of hidden interest in bringing it down to Seline's depths.

After all, the best way to keep a body from being tampered with is to give it to the entity known to raise a great many undead.

As Etheren's energy pooled around the body in the casket, there was a sudden intake of breath eminating from the inside. And as Miyana opened the casket, she was surprised to see a giant tentacle reach out to her neck. It grasped her tightly as the nude form of a female slowly rose from the casket. Her skin was a pale blue and her silver hair reached down to the bottom of her back, which also had a large fox tail with a reddened color to it. The arm that grasped the woman was a tentacle up to her shoulder. Her other arm was a regular human arm that was grasping the side of the coffin. Her legs were also mostly normal, save for a few patches of fur along the right leg.
Her eyes were the most changed. One eye was bigger than the other and had scales along it. It seemed like the eye of a reptile. Her other eye was one of a normal female. Her mouth seemed to also be like a female's, but the teeth seemed to be in the process of changing into fangs. The woman was breathing heavily, screaming out in agony, her eyes slowly forming streams of tears down her malformed face.

Cevell looked at the scene and sighed. "Great idea. Stellar job." She brought out her shotgun arm and pointed it at the screaming woman. "Raise some failed science fair project. That's just perfect." However, she paused when Miyana held her hand up to her. "tsh...fine." she relented as she rolled her eyes.

Miyana moved her hand over to the woman's face. "Hush now. You're in...quite a lot of pain, are you? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I'm making you suffer so, but I want you to join me."

The woman continued to scream loudly, causing Cevell to groan and bring up the shotgun again. Miyana once again held her hand up. "Not noticing a pattern? At all? She's just-"


"Oh, you're speaking now." Miyana smiled, moving the tentacle arm away from her neck. It seemed the rush of adrenaline from being raised had subsided and the creature was slowly losing her strength. "I know it's hard...but I want you to focus." She moved the woman's head to keep its focus on her eyes. "Now speak for me again..."


"Looks like you caught a broken one there," Cevell noted snidely, letting out a small snort of laughter, "Seems preeeeetty useless."

"My dear, I can't help you...if you can't speak to me." Miyana's tone was gentle and soothing. For a moment, the woman had kept her eyes on the woman.




The woman slowly crumbled, moving her hands over her body in a fetal position. The three onlookers looked at her as she started to repeat it clearly.


The woman looked up to Miyana, her eyes wide open and tears streaming.


Miyana frowned, moving her hand to the woman's human hand. "Alchemist? Did an alchemist do this?"

The woman nodded.

"Then if you join me...you will have your chance to find this alchemist again. To make them pay for this. Will you join me?"

After a moment, the woman slowly nodded, her face wet with tears. "...alchemist....pay....Make....him....pay."

Miyana smiled, moving to wipe some tears from the woman's face. "Good. See, Cevell? All things happen because someone wants it hard enough...and when someone doesn't know what they want, you just need to remind them."


That is what my Philosopher's Stone has shown me. For most alchemists, it is the destination, but for me, it is the start of a real journey. A true Great Work awaits me.

Along with all the alchemists in this world.

Including my dear son.

The bottle was finally empty as the man smiled. "The world is going to change. I am going to make it change." He moved his hand to Edward's shoulder, smiling. The stone sparked slightly. "You can finally rest knowing that the world will never be unfairly ruled by the undeserved."

"....w-...what did y-" The old fisherman tried to speak, but his mouth was suddenly dry. He began to cough, holding his hand over his chest. He felt as though a hand was holding his throat from inhaling oxygen, but he was breathing just fine. In a short amount of time, the man fell to the ground, holding his hand to his chest as his heart slowly began to give out. He looked up to his old friend as his vision started to fade.

An image of a woman...his daughter, lovely and sweet...with a toddler to her side as she held one in her arms...and the woman behind her, black hair...striking red...as the red slowly envelops his vision...and turns to black...


The man stood, looking around the bar as he sniffed the air. "Hmph...didn't want it to be completely full so fast. I suppose my body is adapting rather well to it, wouldn't you say?" After a moment, he looked to his side. "Hm? Oh right...you make an excellent point." He took the stone into his hand and began to walk to the front door. As he walked, he moved his hand up and brought out a small spark in his hand. In an instant, the spark ignited the entirety of the atmosphere in the inn, engulfing it in a massive explosion.

This brought immediate attention to the trolls of Sehn'ardor as they ran to see their favorite drinking hole destroyed in an instant. It's always nice to have a crowd.

He casually walked out of the inn, dusting off his unsinged clothing. The massive amounts of attention surrounding him only made him smile. They were clearly upset that this lone hume had somehow destroyed their favorite drinks.

One troll spoke up. He was a mighty burly one at that. Of all the trolls, he seemed to be more...unstable.

"Whatchu doin' dere, humie? Dat was full'a good ale!" The crowd seemed to be agreeing with this large troll. He also reeked of the alcohol.

"Was not me that did it. Maybe it was one of your angry gods, hm? Y'manzo didn't much care for that rinky-dink stuff." He looked around, enjoying the look of disgust when he invoked them and their taste in ale.

The big one, however, just laughed. It was a cold laugh, which would bring even great men pause. "Tryin' t' start a fight, ah? Ya be messin' wit' da wrong village at da wrong time." He popped his massive neck with a slight cracking sound as he stepped forward, taking out a small flask from his side pocket. "Well I've been meanin' t' work some kinks an' pent-up aggression since me mate won't be talkin' to me."

This brought the attention of a second troll, who was more lanky and older than the others. "Nah nah sweety. Weh be havin' dah pleasen' ti'-fo'tat last nigh, aye?" He gave the big troll a smirk as the behemoth rolled his eyes.


The troll brought his lips to the flask and took a drink. Slowly his entire form began to darken as he seemed to be getting even bigger. His grin began to expand along with his tusks. Above him there appeared to be the shape of an eight-headed snake. The vision brought many trolls to their knees and bowed in reverence, save for the old lanky troll, who only nodded his head down. He can't very well get to his knees in his old age, no doubt.

"This iss a bad placce t' be makin' trouble, hume. Dissss be da lasssst time ya gonna breeeeeathe..."

The man looked the troll up and down, frowning. "This is what you trolls call 'flippin out', eh? Invoke one of your smaller, lesser gods into your fights? Not incredibly impressive, though I guess considering what you call it..."

"YOU INSSSSSSULT Y'MANZO, FATHER OF DA TROLLSSSS. ENTITY OF DA MORTAL COILSSSS. DIE, HUMAN, AND LET YER SSSSSSPIRIT BE CONSSSSSUMED BY JIN'ZAKK." The giant behemoth began his assault, his mouth pooling a black smog out of the corners of his tusk.

Interesting! It seemed like the big behemoth was letting the so-called beast god speak through him. What a fascinating species.

But he doesn't have time to learn their wily ways today.

In an instant, he moved his left hand back. As the troll was about to grab him, the man spread his back hand straight across the troll's face in a single strike.

For a moment, time seemed to have stopped.

One of the troll's giant tusks was sent flying through the sky, leaving behind a trail of blood. The eight-headed snake spirit that was enveloping the troll was shrieking in pain as it dissipated in the air, as if the slap had pushed them away forcefully. The troll's massive form had significantly been reduced back to its original form. His eyes went white and even before his feet were lifted from the ground, he was knocked unconscious. The troll that could only have weighed a ton before was now almost floating through the air as he crumpled with a loud thud onto the docks. The wood started to splinter around him, but it still held him up from the water.

This guy must have been able to smack this behemoth 50 feet backwards. He certainly didn't seem impressed by it, but the trolls were more than amazed.

"This was a fascinating development. This village was a host to a bit of intriguing characters for me." He began to walk away from the scene as the trolls just stood in astonishment. They dared not even attempt to strike at this hume after what had just happened. Even the lanky old troll didn't dare make a move against him and went to poke his stick at the defeated troll instead.

As Jacob walked slowly down the dock, he stopped short of a man who was near a ship, staring at him. Before he could step forward, a man came out with a broom.

"Oy, stay back. This ship is private propert-"

Jacob grabbed the broom and snapped it between two fingers.

"...uh....property that is also available f-for renting?" The older man forced a grin as he immediately ran away. "K-Ken, come!"

Ken was about to walk away before the man grabbed him by the collar. "Hold a moment, boy. You have dark magics about..." He looked to his side towards what appeared to be nothing. "What? Are you sure?" He waited a moment and smiled, looking at the man called Ken. "Well, well...what a small world it is." He brought Ken close and brought the stone up to his eye. "Why don't we see if we can't have you tell my boys 'hello', shall we?"

The stone gleamed.


The talking resumed on John's next big move. There was a lot of joy to be had there.

Ken-cow was grazing for a time beforehand and was walking over until he started to stumble. All that seemed to come out was a shakey moo which alerted the others. They all turned their attention to the cow who seemed to be walking funny.

James was the first to step forward. "Hey, Ken, are you okay?"

For a moment, the cow lowered its head, shaking it lightly. He looked back up towards James and John.


As he spoke, Ken-cow lost balance and fell to the ground before anyone else could react fast enough. What they didn't hear were a few bones cracking in the older cow's body.


Jacob watched as the man called Ken began to convulse. "Oy. I wasn't finished yet." He shook the boy lightly.

The eyes seemed to be more dull than before. "Damn. Broken contact before I could even see where you two were..." He dropped Ken to the ground in a heap. "Hmph...ah, well. That will come when I need to know, I'm sure."

He moved his hand in front of him as the stone gleamed once more, causing a portal to appear in the center of the dock. He began to walk towards it, taking one last look at the village before stepping through.

Ken the human was sputtering, shaking on the ground. Whatever had just happened, it felt as though he was being assaulted by all sides from senses in locations he's never been before. As if his mind was trying desperately to catch up to it all.

The feeling was slowly dissolved as the dark magic that flowed through him before was manifesting yet again. It was taking hold once more, bringing the man's emotions down and causing him to fall into a deep slumber.


Meanwhile, in a rather far-off area, a beastly white bird monster screeches a horrible, glass-shattering noise as it attempts to break out of its cage, reaching out towards a man with its human-like hand.

The man was wearing a black robe with a long-nosed mask. He poured out a small liquid near the cage as the liquid began to burst out into a smog towards the cage.

In an instant, the screeching from the monster seemed to stop.

Hee...hee...heeahaha...the final ingredient...my stone is almost done...

The man walked away from the now-empty cage, stretching his arms up into the air. He took off his mask and yawned.

Ahhhh...I'll figure it all out soon enough...true equality...just need to fix them...my homunculi...


The Gods have overstayed their welcome

Now is the time for the world to return to its true owners. The ones that had been granted it by birth, but stolen from them by the so-called gods.

The ones called human. The ones called beast. The ones called mortals.

They only need to be led to their promised lands. They need someone to remind them of what they truly desire.

By the guiding hand of Doctor Methisus. And his Philosophers.

Wherever this man is now, he smirked and looked into the stone that reflected back at him.

That sounds good enough to him.

To Be Continued...Whenever Someday


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