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1. Art is art, but keep the art near a PG-13 level. No nudity, excessive bloodbaths, or really, really odd stuff unless you link it or put it under a spoiler tag with suitable warning. I'm talking bold letters, different sizes...anything to convey the message that what you're posting is not safe for work. I reiterate from the rules thread: Porn and shock images are not and will never be allowed.

2. Gallery threads are fine. If you want to create a gallery, do so. Just keep it to one thread.
Writing is fine for secondary posts if they encompass a single story. So a writer with three active stories is allowed to post three threads if they continuously update.

3. Links to galleries allowed. If you already have a gallery on another site, like DeviantArt or Tumblr or even your own personal site, you may post a thread with a link to that gallery. Don't forget to fill us in when you update, though!

4. Keep the pictures at a fair size. Spoilers are good for larger items in terms of width and height, but even then, if you have an image that is very big, then try to link it.

5. No whining. Just going "I can't draw" or "I can't write anything less than a paragraph" isn't going to help you improve and it certainly isn't going to make us sympathize. If you post something and immediately say "this sucks, I hate it, why can't I do better", then that's whining and really, really annoying.
It's fair that you have certain standards set for yourself, but all that is doing is making us assume you just want us to say "oh, no, it's okay. We like it! You did okay! I'm sure you're not bad at all!". We're not a super serious art community (hell no), but there IS a line. If you don't like something you've made, then just say something like "It's not my best. Any ideas?". Boom, no whining AND you ask for critique. You are automatically my favorite person for a few seconds.
And don't be overly self-deprecating. Low self-esteem is never going to make you a better artist in any medium. Be confident in your work, but know you're not infallible. Learn from the success and the mistakes.

6. Group projects and contests are allowed! Got a cool collaborative project idea? Maybe a cool contest? They are both allowed here.

7. Post your own work. Kind of a no-brainer. The creativity board is for work that you made. If you want to post about stuff you found online, then post in General Discussion.
Criticism Ins and Outs

Giving Critiques is not a science. Don't say "I don't like it". That is by far the worst form of help imaginable. It avoids the big question and isn't really helping either the artist or the viewer. Look at the piece and examine it, then give advice to help that person. Don't tell them they're just flat-out wrong - It's your opinion, but it's not helpful at all. Tell them why they're wrong in your eyes. Give your reasoning behind it. Treat them as you would want to be treated if they were commenting about your work.

Taking Critiques is also pretty straightforward. Maybe the person's critique is something you personally don't agree with? That's fine. Accept their critique graciously. If they went to a lot of trouble to examine your work and give you a lot of helpful tips, don't try to discredit them by being rude or dismissive. Treat them as you would want to be treated if you wanted to comment about their work.


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