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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:27 pm 
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So, i've been writing down my writing and comic ideas, because I have no memory at all, and I decided to share them on the site, just to have a place to store them, basically.

-World terrorized by explosions, chemical reactions cause unusual mutations in certain people. A few decades after the terrorist bombings have ceased, a unique task force is put together to start documenting the various odd powers that the mutated are showing. One squad, however, has been tasked with retrieval and removal. With one member trying to save a new species, and the other convinced that he is saving the world by purging these demons, can the two overcome their differences to work together and not die in the process.
-Two teenager rivals group up after learning each other has a crush on the other one's best friend, and work together to end up with them. After some shenanigans, it doesn’t exactly work out like they want. Some harsh realities become apparent, before someone suggests, "wouldn't it be easier if you were all in a relationship together?"
-Young plant girl has her coming of age party, but her bud fails to blossom. Thinking herself a failure to her people, She goes on a journey of self discovery. On the way, she makes friends with a plethora of strange and wonderful people, becomes the captain of a large airship, and begins the search for a lost treasure that may hold some answers for her, The Last Hidden Garden.
-Child gets abducted from Earth, and is given to people as a slave. He is raised as such until he has a chance to run away to try and find his way back, only to be forced into a galactic competition to defend his honor, and his planet, from destruction. Creating the first ever team of random aliens, he has to fight his way through multiple waves of opponents, while also combating infighting and attempts on his life outside of the ring, to ultimately face off for the safety of his planet, and becoming a legend along the way.
-A lab created experiment finally escapes containment and begins his life fresh, but it is chased by the scientists latest creations, and a duplicate of himself. It needs to abandon their new life if it has any chance of evading its captors, but that is proving harder for it to do than originally thought after the experiments start attacking civilians it had become attached to.
-Humanity suddenly comes in contact with a violent alien species, and starts preparing for war. At the last possible moment, a ship crashes in a suburb, and an alien retreats into a house for cover, only to encounter a man who has just finished making his dinner. When armed forces arrive to subdue the creature and possibly start an intergalactic war, they find a passive alien and the man simply talking. After easily taking the alien into captivity, it demands fair representation. The main alien swarm that had been just baring down on Earth suddenly stops, and the UN receives a transmission from the Queen herself, simply requesting the return of her daughter. With an uneasy truce in the works, the Princess has one request, to continue seeing the man she first contacted on our planet.
-Man is pulled into a room and the mafia demand their money back, the money that he had just stolen a few days prior. However, the man hasn't done it at all. As he is escaping, he runs into himself, from the future, and learns all about the most complicated heist he ever had to pull off, and how he set himself up to take the fall.
-An American, in the not so distant future, connects to a game in virtual reality, a recently released MMO. But, when the game gets too real for him, he realizes he cannot disconnect, along with the rest of the population of the game. With the horrible realization that he is stuck with a population he cannot understand in a game he can’t read, it will take all the patience in the world to make it out alive. Maybe he can even learn a thing or two from a group of really persistent foreign friends.
-Demon spends a millenia running from paladin warriors assigned to destroy all sources of evil. After getting tired of the constant combat between the two groups, the demon strikes a deal with them. They let him live in peace, after he shows them how to get to the biggest group of demons, and what their weaknesses are.
-Man finds tiny child with animal parts in the middle of a deep forest and takes her in to protect her from the dangers of the modern world and the forest both. As she ages, the man lovers her as a father, and teaches her everything she needs to know to live and survive. Then, one day, her mother suddenly returns and demands her daughter returned to her.
-Ex-mafia “boss” is contacted by Japanese police, brought to Japan to diffuse large-scale mob and yakuza operations.
-Two girls fall for each other, but have no idea that they are interested in one another. One girl is a star sports athlete, and the other is a quiet nerd, and they both have no idea how to express interest for one another in a school environment that would likely tear them apart for such a relationship. Between private tutoring classes, two school trips, and a dance, these girls can hardly stand it. until, one day, their friends lock them in a room together, and all their feelings come out after a few hours stuck together.
-A legendary hacking organization has just recently had their headquarters raided by police and swat, but the only thing of note in the location is a single TV, and a robot. The robot explains that she has Artificial Intelligence, and is the first of her kind. Her creator was the leader of the terrorist organization, and is trying to escape from other members that want to use his AI code for evil. The robot confirms that the man, her creator, will get immunity from his previous crimes, and leads them to where he is hiding. But, the government quickly becomes wary of him, when they find he has created several hundred of these sentient robots, and they are all loyal to him. Not only that, but his facility is stocked for a war, and his robots are armed to the teeth.
-A group of co-workers awaken in the woods with no recollection of how they got there. Someone approaches them, introducing themselves as a God, and explaining their predicament. He gives them an opportunity to become Gods themselves, all they have to do is reach the bottom of the “Endless Dungeon” before any other team. This proves to be way more complicated than anyone could have anticipated because the entire planet is the dungeon itself.
-Children are put in charge of a “Goddess,” a being that can upgrade their stats to create powerful warriors, in a sense. The children soon learn that they aren’t the only ones with a goddess, but some other groups are going around killing the children and their goddesses. This group, can they defend against endless monsters, braving dungeons for more powerful gear, all while keeping their goddess safe? And, will they help the other groups?
-Man is approached by a woman while on the job, and only barely escapes a brutal attack. His only hint is her calling him “The Silent Death,” and that he killed her brother. Only problem is, he has no idea what she is talking about. In fact, he has never even been in a fight before that day. Despite that, he instinctively knew what he was doing, almost like it was second nature.
-Family adopts a wild child, a child raised by wild animals, after their youngest son goes missing. They raise the child as a girl, even though he is a boy. After some years, the child runs away, back to the original county where they found him, and gets into a series of odd mishaps, before he makes it lack to the original spot where he was picked up. It is also the original site where the first boy was buried-by him.
-A meteor crashes into a ravine, and when search teams finally find it, they discover a beautiful crystal in the middle of the meteor. When they touch it, they hear a mysterious voice, that grants them whatever power they most desire. People come from all over as the military tries to set up a perimeter around the crystal. But, before they can the last person touches it, and uses all of its remaining power. Now, “villains” with super powered gifts are terrorizing the nation, and its up to the “heroes” to stop them, but the last person has other ideas. A massive floating island is assembled over the White House, and he contacts the president with a simple request. The equal rights of all affected by the crystal, including a fair trial.
-Two men get Genies, beings whom will grant unlimited wishes to their masters. One of the Genies is aspected towards Light, and begins helping the Hero of the story defeat the evil Genies, her sister. The evil Genie, however, is less than happy about her new master, a man who really doesn’t seem evil at all in her eyes. The story follows the two, as they work together to become incredibly close, and the evil genie becomes less and less evil. But, as they get closer, and the date of the good and “evil’s” final showdown draws near, the villain reveals that they have no chance of winning. Because evil never wins. And he decides to use that as his final weapon against the hero.
-Man who discovers he has powers decides to use them for various activities, usually ending up getting caught up getting caught up in some evil scheme.
-Person with 10 minute precognition saves the president’s life, and the President hires him on as his staff, where the person continues to predict crazier and crazier things, until one day he predicts something they cannot stop.
-Princess goes on a quest to save a far-away prince from a dragon, fighting against incredible odds and the blatant sexism that existed in her time, only to find that her prince is incredible incompetent, and incredibly cute.
-Guild disband after their healer is brutally murdered in the middle of a dungeon by a rival guild. One by one, the guild members start getting murdered themselves, but by an unknown force. They band together again to stand against whatever is offing them, only to find out that it is the ghost of their healer, and someone in the group paid to have him silenced for an unknown reason. So now, they are fighting an enemy they cannot hurt, and the only way to placate it is to find the villain amongst themselves.
-The first ever virtual reality tournament has assembled hundreds of contestants from all over the world in one huge building to compete for a massive cash prize, and a chance to win the very first Full VR unit. Problem is, no one has ever played the game before, besides the developers. Players are thrust into a chaotic world where they have to fight for their lives to win. Temporary alliances are formed, players slaughter one another as crowds look on, and watch in horror as their real bodies die.
-Brother gives up dream to become a professional chef after his parents are in a fatal accident that leaves his sister on her own. He returns home and takes up a baking job just to put her through school and support them both. When she expresses desires to chase after a culinary degree herself, he vows to help her in any way he can. But, after showing her everything he knows, and watching her excel at everything he struggled with, he turns to her for guidance in following her footsteps.
-Seven cursed weapons are created by demon lords, and distributed amongst the human population. Armed with these weapons, six rival clan leaders wage war on the world, destroying cities as they claim land in their demon lord’s name. The seventh weapon, a mighty axe, is lost in a forest until a lumberjack stumbles upon it. Armed with a righteous will, the man makes his request of the weapon, to assist him in destroying the other weapons, and then the demon lords that created them. With every step forward, however, he is influenced by more and more evil through the axe.
-Person realizes that they have the ability to override anyone’s body and control them as if they were their own body. But, after a fatal accident, the person hops from their own body at the last second, and begins their journey across several personas, living their lives, until they have no idea who they are anymore, or if they were even human in the first place.
=Woman gets magical engraving on a wedding band that makes the wearer fall in love with the wearer of the other band. After their wedding, and a few years pass, the wife can no longer stand the guilt and breaks the enchantment, determined to win his hand honestly. However, can he even trust her again after she betrayed him so thoroughly? And, were those feeling seven there to begin with? Things become especially complicated when she announces that she is pregnant.
-Powerful wizards gather together and created a council of Elders, where they elect promising new wizards and witches to protect the future of mankind from ferocious demons. The most powerful two wizards are gathered and told they would be working together, but the witch refuses, claiming the wizard murdered her family. The wizard responds that he does not remember this, but he does know of a far worse crime she has committed, she has stolen his soul for power. Now, the two must work together to survive, and try to overcome their hatred for one another.
-Demon spends several millennia gathering power, orchestrating wars and eating souls to increase his status, until one day he simply vanishes. The church celebrates his departure as his defeat, but he suddenly appears again during our modern times. The church dispatches their very best to defeat him while he is seen as weak, but instead they find a worker in a casino, living at basically minimum wage. After confirming that he is indeed the dangerous demon, he explains that he was tired of all the conflict and power struggle, and just wanted to be left alone. He even starts using his power for a good purpose.
-Boxing prodigy finishes his career at the top of his game, holding multiple championship belts and awards. He is approached by an unknown organization to be a part of a team of current fighting legends and martial artist experts, and compete in a championship...with the rest of the universe.
-Boy gets interested in a girl in his class, but she rejects him completely. After giving up hope on it, he finds himself in an actively dangerous situation with her, and protects her by shielding her with his body. Near the bring of death, he finds out that the quiet shy girl actually has immense power, and she saves his life along with defeating the terrorist. She agrees to start going out with him, but on one condition. He shows her how to be brave and selfless, so she can be a hero.
-Several men end up on a reality TV show where they are tasked to find their female contestant counterpart, and successfully woo them. The females, unknown to the males, are all serial murderers, and their task is to kill all other competitors. One contestant manages to stumble his way into his counterpart’s heart, only to be told her mission. Together, they begin the monumental task of destroying their enemies, until only the two of them are left. Then, they must fight a broken system to escape.
-Brilliantly intelligent thief gets away with an incredibly daring heist from Fort Knox, even after publicly announcing his intentions. But, when the man hunt begins, he ends up returning to the scene of the crime, with everything he stole. After being imprisoned, he explains that he wishes to improve the security of the government to better protect against terror threats. The government refuses, until he thwarts a terror attack on the white house, after escaping his maximum security cell. His demands are simple. Immunity from any past crimes he and his team have committed, all weapons are replaced with paint ball guns when he and his team run a security check, and a steady payment for each “crime” that is committed. Things start going wrong when an equally skilled thief pops up and starts stealing under the first’s name.
-Legendary soldier goes around the world at the behest of the American government, destroying terrorist cells with an excellent team. He is eventually betrayed by his team and left to die in enemy territory, but manages to fight his way out, only sustaining minor injuries. After some consideration, he decides to keep traveling the world, and starts recruiting the best soldiers to join in his own private military. After a particularly vicious fight with an intensely good sniper, he loses his eye and asks her to join his army as his second in command. With the largest group of unstoppable soldiers collected together, they form their own country and demand rights as a country, before being attacked by the American government, and his old team, while they strike out to claim their own land.
-A woman’s arm is taken over by a parasite that starts to spread to the rest of her body. Alien in nature, she finds out that several thousand have been infested like her, but have been infected in their brain first, which gives the parasite full control. She manages to regain control of her body, and, armed with the unnatural powers of the parasite, starts cleansing the planet of them.
-Young man is abducted from his family during a vacation, and is put in an enclosure with a tiger. Expected to survive together, they form a bond and start protecting one another. After a few years, the duo are released, only to find themselves trapped on the vacation island he went missing on. Even worse, the island is now infested with what appear to be zombies. The duo secure a location on the island in a penthouse, and start hunting for food and supplies, trying to fight the zombie infestation for survival, when they discover that they are not the only pair of partners on the island.


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