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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:28 pm 
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so I have this character called Cevell, maybe you've heard of her, I dunno
so I heard this song a while ago and it kinda reminded me of her/inspired me
so I made this dumb little story detailing what made her who she is today, maybe it's cool?? probably not, have it anyways


"Everything happens because someone wanted it hard enough."

"But what if I want nothing?"

"Then you will get nothing."

I suppose she wasn't lying: nothing is exactly what my mother gave me. How old was I when she left? Four? Ten? Who knows, the years have stopped being meaningful a long time ago. All I know is, while she may have given me nothing, I took from her the most important thing, the thing that has kept me here: the desire to live one more day.

And now, on this day, countless days after I had rid my life of that wretched woman, I finally find myself wanting something else: to find out what the hell is going on over there, for on this wild place some would call a planet, before me stood something I had seen only one of before in my life. Something that brought only pain.

A person.

I just stood there, staring at the back of his head through squinting eyes. It took him a moment, but he eventually noticed me, his expression quickly traversing from being surprised someone was there, to being taken aback by my lack of clothing, to awe at realizing just what this meant. "Do you speak?" he asked, "No, of course you wouldn't... Suppose I should just be careful not to impose on her territor--"

"Understand fine." I grunted back, still staring at him. It had been a long time since I'd actually had to speak, so I was definitely a bit rusty, but I made myself clear all the same.

"What? You... that doesn't... how would... Just, stay here. I'm going to... get my friends! They'll... be able to help you!" the man managed to stutter out.

"Don't need..." I began, but the man had already scurried away. Angry, but curious, I stayed put for a minute before the man returned.

"It's better than any rock, Ms. Toffel! It's a human, who talks somehow... maybe they were a stowaway? I don't know, but she doesn't make any sense, and..." the man rambled on, but I was no longer interested in him. Behind him was a woman. Pale skin, to contrast my own tan, dark blonde hair, quite unlike the bright orange of my own, and seemed pretty scrawny to be out here, quite the opposite to my weathered body... and yet, there was something about her...

"She's filthy." the woman bluntly said, staring at me.

"O-oh, I-I mean, I could clean her, if you want, Ms--" the man began, scrambling over his words once again.

"No. She could have all kinds of unique bacteria on her, but that's not the point. That clearly proves she's been here much longer than us, and we definitely would've smelled her on the ship if she came aboard like that." the woman explained, meeting my squinted stare with her own. After a pause, she finally spoke to me directly, "Do you have a name?"

For once, I finally smiled. That was one other thing I had taken from my mother, something she would never, ever be able to get back for as long as I lived. "Cevell." I stated proudly, "Never forget."

"Mhm..." the woman trailed off, rubbing her chin as her eyes managed to narrow further. "Are there more of you?" she went on to ask.

"Only one Cevell." I quickly replied with a grin.

The woman sighed. "I mean... more humans. People like you."

Without hesitating, I pointed at them.

The woman glared. After a pause, she asked again, "I mean BEFORE us. People that... live like you do, on the land."

I pondered the question. "Nothing I seen before you is human." I finally answered.

"...M...hmmm..." she pondered aloud again, seeming skeptical, "So how were you raised, and who taught you how to speak?"

Rolling my eyes, I spoke back, "Not important. Enough of your silly questions, questions mine now. Why you here? Where'd you come from? How many of you are there? Why your hair stand up in ba--"

The woman laughed, interrupting me with her answer, "We're here to learn, we came from the sky, there's about six of us here (but many, many more in the sky), and it's called a pony tail. Now, before you go on, if you just come with us, we'll be able to answer any questions you have as well as ones you don't, and show you all sorts of things you've undoubtedly never seen before. It'll be great."

I squinted my eyes again. "You just kill me and steal my food. Probably eat me, too."

The woman let out another sigh, but assured me, "We won't kill you or steal your food. In fact, you'll get all the food you'll ever want, for free."

It was in this moment that I felt something that made absolutely no sense at the time. Something what went against the entirety of what I had lived for so far, yet couldn't be more logical to me now, as it had gone on to shape the rest of my life. In that moment, I was offered everything... but that wasn't enough. I felt a desire for more.

I continued to stare, but I couldn't help but chuckle. "I must be real important to you if you go that far. I go with you on one condition, then... you take me to the sky. Where you came from." I explained, giving a confident nod.

The woman smiled, holding out her hand. "Glad we could come to an agreement. The name's Professor Eclair Toffel."

I hesitated. That certainly took me off guard, but I slapped the extended hand, not wanting to show that I was thinking any more of it. "When do we leave?" I asked, trying to speed things along.

Eclair seemed a bit perturbed at first by the hand-slap, but simply laughed it off before explaining, "Oh, I can set something up when we're done studying this planet, which should be in a few weeks, but until then--"

"No, we leave today. We leave now." I interrupted.

Eclair was a bit insulted at the interruption and demands, but tried not to show it as she continued, "Well... that wasn't quite the deal. We still have important busin--"

"That not what I agreed to. If it's so important, I'll just leave." I interrupted again, giving an indignant frown along with another confident nod.

Eclair simply stared. Then, she took a deep breath, followed by a heavy sigh. "Alright. Fine. You alone can probably tell or show us more about this planet than anything else we could find, anyways." she said, waving her hand dismissively as she relented, still seeming disappointed despite it all.

My frown turned to a grin as I gave yet another nod. "Shall we be going, then?"

Eclair took in another deep breath, followed by "Let's."

What followed is not important. I could go on about the long trip between planets, my first exposure to society at large and the kooky ventures we had as I adapted and all the amusing embarrassment everyone had whenever I'd have bad manners or show up naked or whatever else. But that's not what you're here for. It sure as Hell isn't what I'm here for, no. The only thing of import during this period was that Eclair taught me. And I learned. I learned everything she'd teach, and then I learned more. About people and the world, sure, but above all that, what I took from her was the knowledge of science.

Robotics, in particular, was a subject we both took to quite well. Before Eclair was hired to study that largely unknown planet I came from, it was apparently her main line of work, and she'd been working on a particularly complicated project for a while, now. It wasn't long before I became a partner in this endeavor, to make a robot with the capacity to think, judge, and decide as a human does. Tarot, she called it, convinced that it would be a sign to the very future of technology and even society as a whole, or Tarot0 as she called this particular prototype. I thought it was a dumb name, which I made sure to tell her every time it came up, but Eclair was set on it.

I, however, was set on something very different.

This robot had another function. After all, telling people something has the ability to judge you isn't exactly a good marketing scheme. Aside from its robotic core, or "brain" as Eclair insisted on calling it, the robot was largely made up of a gelatinized version of a mysterious, colorful stone Eclair and her team had found on my planet in their short time there. It was to use this slime to capture criminals, and generally serve as a peacekeeper. This made it oh-so very, very easy to change things ever-so-slightly for my own purposes. The slime could harden, intending to make the membrane inescapable, but all it took was a little tweaking of the AI to allow it to harden all of it--to crush whatever was inside. There were quite a few other scientists working in the building--some even knew Eclair and I quite well and even worked with us on occasion.

They made excellent test subjects.

Eventually, Eclair showed up that day. I showed her what I had done. I showed her what our creation was capable of. I explained to her, with this, this entire world, and beyond, could be ours. All we'd have to do is make more, make them bigger, and no one would stand a chance. I invited her to join me, we could be the sisters to rule the universe. This was the first time I had told her that we were sisters, that I knew that this whole time, and she was very clearly confused. By that, and all of this, but she did not hesitate to reject my offer. To reject me. Above all, she did not hesitate to knock me out cold.

When I eventually awoke, I was in a dark room, lit up by a single overhead lamp. A man in a dark suit sat across from me. Eclair was also in the room. The robot, too, albeit currently deactivated. A lot happened in that room. Questioning. Roughing up. The whole bit. None of that's important, though. What was important was that it was decided that I would be exiled, sent back to that planet I was found on, left to rot, and our creation was to be destroyed... at least, that's what was said in that room. In reality, the machine was to be sent with me. I was to make more, to study the planet further, to do science in the name of conquest. But no one could know. No one could be with me. As long as I did this, I would receive supplies, parts, everything I'd ever need, but the moment anyone found out even a hint of it, they would deny everything, and I would be left to die if I was lucky, or hunted down and killed if I wasn't.

To say I accepted would give the impression that it was an offer, something I had a choice in the matter of, but I absolutely would have either way. At the time, I assumed they overestimated me, and I was happy to simply get away from the society I've grown to loathe, the society--and the sister--that had rejected me. But no, now I can tell you with confidence, they underestimated me. The conquest my creations and I would attain would be solely in my own name, not theirs. Perhaps not on this world, perhaps not in the next, but one way or another, whatever world has me last better be ready to bow to me and me alone, or at least, what's left of it.

Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself. It should be no secret that my story ended quietly there--oh, no. That wasn't the first time I was rejected, and it wasn't to be the last, either. The next one was quite special indeed--the rejection that lead to my death.

To preface it, it should come to no surprise that Eclair's project continued. Tarot1 wasn't too far down the road--and whereas Tarot0 (or Merrmer1, as he came to be called in my possession; I assure you it's a much cooler name that stands for something great) spoke constantly and yet had its intentions under my control masked, she made the Tarot1 as silent as a mouse, yet its intentions always incredibly obvious. Tarot2 came a while later, serving a different function from the original peacekeeping ideals--it was a robot designed to keep people company, to be fun to be around, I can only imagine to appeal to civilians and be mass-produced for their entertainment, but whether that ever happened, I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is that I made sure the Merrmer2 was all business, all the time, just to spite her. Regardless, Tarot3 eventually came long, then Tarot4, and so on, and I made sure my Merrmers were always everything the Tarots couldn't be, all the way up to number seven.

Of course, creating this complicated of robots takes a great deal of time... greater than any normal person could live. Eclair and I, of course, are not normal people, as such, neither of us could simply let our legacy die, oh no. Somewhere along the line, we both dabbled in cloning--just enough to make new, younger versions of our bodies. Only the bodies, though... we could never let our glorious brains be replaced. And so, time after time, with the technology at our disposal, we made copies of our bodies for our brains to be preserved and renewed in. I couldn't tell you how many times we were reborn, how many times we died--they all started blending together after a while. All I know is, eventually, civilization began forming on the planet I was exiled to, even Eclair herself moved to it eventually, although I made sure I never ran into her. Regardless, it's because of all of this that I'm certain that Eclair knew of my work. The timing always matched up a little too well... and whenever I'd get supplies, with it would be a note telling me of Eclair's own work, so it only makes sense they'd tell her the same. I'm not sure how they convince her not to rat them out, but I can only assume they want us to rival each other, to keep us working harder and in different ways than we ever would have together.

But whatever, this isn't about conspiracy theories. This is about me, and I... wanted it over with already. I wanted to show Eclair, and everyone else in the world that I was the superior force, the one to be feared, the one that would be their undoing. So Merrmer7... haha... I made that thing smarter than me, as hard as that may be to imagine, but even the most genius of us all have much to learn. Oh, did he ever have much to learn. He was to become Tarot7's friend, to get him at his most vulnerable and destroy him. To put it simply, that... failed. I'm still not entirely certain what happened to Tarot7, but he had gone crazy, or... something. I considered it a victory at the time, but Eclair... she took it as an opportunity, and simply made another one, almost identical. I was going to have Merrmer7 just do the same thing again, but he... refused.

It didn't take long for it to be clear that no amount of intelligence would replace my experience and wiles, so I simply took it upon myself to befriend this replacement Tarot7. And that's... exactly what I did. I... befriended him. It was... it was... not to last, is what it was. He cared for me, and I... I could've destroyed him, but that would've been too easy. Wouldn't have accomplished anything, so I needed him to see me for my true self. Eventually, I destroyed the town we hung out in, and feigned that I, that his "friend" was captured by the force that had destroyed the town. After running about, searching for my whereabouts, he eventually found me, right in my little secret lab... Haha, I got a new body all ready for him and everything. Rid myself of that wretched orange hair I inherited from my mother, and if I was to be the villain in the world's eyes, well... I wanted to look the part. Black hair, dark skin, red eyes, oh, I was ready. Hehehe, I still remember the look on his face when I showed him the severed head of the me he was familiar with. But, in the end, he... rejected it. All of it. He rejected me.

I could've killed him there, but... again, it would've accomplished nothing. I had to make him work for it, though. Many would say that he killed me on that day, but no... I was ready. The whole process would be automated, take my brain and put it in another body I had in reserve, but... he is the one that truly killed me, Merrmer7, the sneaky !#%$, halted the progress and destroyed the reserve body, throwing my corpse out to rot with my brain still inside.

Haha... of course, you'd have to try a lot harder than mere death to keep me down, oh, no, that wasn't near enough. Perhaps you've heard of the rest, or perhaps not, but all you need to know is that it was no mistake that my remains ripped through the world and brought to a necromancer, it's only by sheer determination, by truly wanting it bad enough that I still stand to this day, as I simply refuse to go down so easily.

So, if you missed it, remember the name: Cevell Toffel, because I assure you, I sure as Hell won't remember your name when you're either dead or bowing beneath my foot.

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What a rude little macguffin.

Nice story, Elby.

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