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 Post subject: Playmates
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:54 pm 
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You know, I laughed at them. I thought they were funny. They sounded like schizos. They demanded attention. Anyone who did not understand them was just discriminating. Another thing I thought was that they were just crying for attention, playing games of pretend as a way to tell everyone, "Hey, I'm special too!" I mean, I suppose before they started emerging on the internet, I had met a few people who met their description. Just a few really, never thought anything of it. I just thought that they were crazy. Everyone did, even them. Yet the ones I saw online demanded acknowledgement. They were not insane, that was just a way to suppress them, they were just different. At least, that's what they said. The change they demanded simply would not come. It started with them creating long titles, strings of made up words as new ways to define themselves and telling people about how people lived in the head and sometimes took control of them. They called them headmates and said they sometimes took control.

It was childish, it sounded like 'playmate.' These people called themselves 'multiple systems' or just 'multiples' and everyone who was not was a suppressor and a 'singlet.' But it got stranger from there. Some of them started saying that the people in their head were fictional creatures like fairies or vampires. It was like they read too many paranormal books and they could not handle being told that they were not real. Then there were crazier ones who said they had living places in their head, sentient stars and galaxies, or even crystalline beings from other dimensions. At the time, I just heard this and thought, "Are you kidding me?"

Until one day, I tried to meet with one at a local cafe. I thought, maybe there was more to it than what I assumed. I would try to be considerate and find out. I realize now that this was a huge mistake. All the horrible things that happen after this was the result of my choice to meet them. At least, I hope it was. That gives me something tangible, a point where I can say, "Yes, I messed up and this is where it happened." Because the other possibility is not one I'm willing to entertain. So, I went to them. They were a young woman, probably in her mid-twenties, really Spanish looking. She arrived early and was waiting here for me, I guess. I don't ask because I immediately start asking questions. I, after all, am a very curious person.

It started with basic questions, mostly about the medical or logical side of it, "Do you have a family history of schizophrenia? Are you aware that this is not how Dissociation Identity Disorder works? Have you ever told a psychologist about this?" She told me that she did not really know much about the scientific side of it, though she had seen others online who had their own ideas on what it was. Honestly, except when she was talking about her headmates, she seemed pretty normal. Naturally, that's where the conversation went to next. She began to tell me about the intricate relationships each had with the other and each of their names which were stylish and oddly fitting of their personalities like they were characters in a novel as opposed to some person's head. The oddest thing was that the way she described them, they did feel like real people. Fully formed with lives and fears and hopes and dreams and love and loss. I found it kind of boggling to think that this woman, all by herself, took all the small things that make a life and fabricated them over and over to make several people where as I can barely remember my friends when they are not around.

Then things got weird. All the ones she talked about were human except for the last one. She had called him a demon and said she could not really recall any details about him in general. That was fairly off putting since I heard almost too many details about each and every other one. She did not really want to talk about him, but my curiosity had not been sated and I asked more questions. She said he was silent and always there and when she thought about or focused on him it felt like a hole was going to be burned into her head. After that she got silent and unresponsive. I tried talking more and no reply. After I waited a few minutes I left, but not before telling someone who worked here that the woman might not be okay. Perhaps I should of prefaced my question with 'Trigger Warning: Demons.'

Then after that is when things started going down hill for me. It was because she infected me, I knew it. I knew it because they told me. They told me that her mind contamination leaped into mine and now I too am one of them. I see many people coming in an out of a room. Or is it a building? Maybe its even sentient? Denny, is that you? Sorry, its all blurring together now. I feel them, I feel them all pushing. I was wrong about what the multiples were, we all were. And now here at doomsday we will pay for not heeding the warning and for not seeing the signs.

This is the price we pay and it goes far further back than any of us can imagine. As early back as the beginning of civilization we have believed in gods and monsters and as soon as we did, that is when they began tearing through the walls of nonexistence. It gets worse in the modern age as the difference between fact and fiction grows thinner each day because of our own willful ignorance. Soon, the barrier was all too weak and then all of the demons could begin to grasp our minds in their hands. Now all those impossible creatures all wanting to exist have torn a gateway through our minds and into reality and this is our undoing. I am writing this in case any remnants of humanity survive the hellscape the world is being twisted into, as I lie hear crippled by the holes burned into my mind. But I am able to write because I had not fully given way into madness. I would hate to see what the other, further gone, people have been put through. My advice for the children of man:

Do not interact with the infected.

And if you do, and you hear that knocking in your mind bellowing to you and calling your name




He's back and slower than ever.

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