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We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!
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Author:  Elby [ Sat May 30, 2015 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!

Well, I can guarantee I won't be available on Friday nights now due to recently taking up World of Warcraft and my guild having raid nights then (as well as Wednesdays), but yes, things.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Sat May 30, 2015 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!

Well, now that I've had some time to recover, I think I can answer some of these issues more convincingly.

The Great B-Man wrote:
Pikmanipulator wrote:
But c'mon, B-Man, you're at least available on weekends, right...?

Image No I'm not actually! I got work to do every weekend! I've noticed a pattern, and when the jobs pile up big time, it is on the weekend. Not to mention, having to deal with graveyard shifts again (

I didn't know that. Graveyard shifts, I knew, but there'd been no mention of weekends before to my knowledge.

The Great B-Man wrote:
Let me reiterate what is required for a proper game form the JackBox Party Pack to work:

-1 copy of the game from somebody
-A streaming service (Twitch and UStream are the popular choices)
-A processor that won't fry up when you try to do this (an i5 model will do, but for the best quality it is recommended you get an i7)
-An Internet upload speed connection that won't lag every other second (I currently have 10Mbps, which is actually not too shabby for streaming)

If you can find someone besides me that can fill in all these requirements, then you can play it. I have nothing against Fibbage itself.

I knew all of that, I guess was hoping either:
A) You'd have an opening on your hands, which didn't have to be Friday. It wouldn't be the first time we adjusted a game night time.
B) Somebody else who fulfilled the requirements would speak up.

The Great B-Man wrote:
Image I do however have a big problem being put in the spotlight like this!


I didn't mean to put you in the spotlight. I was only wondering if you were free on weekends. But if you feel like you've been inadvertently thrust into the spotlight every time Fibbage has been brought up, then I'm sorry I took part in it.

The Great B-Man wrote:
Image For Arceus's sake, I never even intended this to be a weekly thing... Why are you pushing it like that? In case you have forgotten, I said "a Game Night!" That means singular! This was supposed to be an occasional thing, not an all the time thing!

I figured that the problem with the first game night was that it took too long to come together. If there was a scheduled game night that became routine, I figured it would be a lot easier for people to get in on some playtime. Obviously, not everyone would be able to make it, because as you proceed to mention, people have lives, but I wasn't forcing everyone to participate. People could attend or not attend as they pleased. At least, that was the idea.

Perhaps making it a weekly thing was too much, though at the time I thought it was a generous enough amount of time in between nights for both winding down and preparing for the next one. And of course, the same person didn't have to go to every game night. I think I got more stressed out by this project than anyone else!

The Great B-Man wrote:
Because, and I'm sorry if this might come as a surprise, but people have lives. People have jobs. People have family to worry about. People have things to do. We can't just dedicate a day every week to do this thing. We could, however, dedicate a day every once and a while with enough preparation, which believe it or not, was my initial intention of this thread! I never wanted it! Why was it being forced like this? Did you even ask? If you did, then I missed that post.

I kind of asked here, but FSLAR was the only one to give an answer, which was in the affirmative, so I figured that was good enough.

Still, no effort was made to actually revive this thread, so I decided that if no one else was going to take the initiative (a general problem with this forum as far as I could see), then I would do it myself. You hadn't had a problem with me hijacking your threads in the past, so I thought I was safe. Now I know that's a habit I should break.

The Great B-Man wrote:
Let's be frank here, it's hard enough to get people to even post on this entire forum! Do they even see this thread? I have it on good authority that, actually, not that many that you contact with a Skype message saying "Hey, it's game night" do know about it. Leaving the name anonymous, one such person did ask me who the hell you even were when they got that message!

I'm fairly sure that had to be on Steam, since I can guarantee that everyone I have on Skype from this forum approached me first to add them (maybe with you as the exception), not to mention that I have my username here as my Skype username, so why wouldn't they know who I was? My Steam tag, as Mecha personally pointed out to me, is a lot more unrecognizable.

...I should probably see if I can change it...

But yeah, I took it for granted that most people looked at this thread beforehand, or would look at it once the subject was brought up.

The Great B-Man wrote:
...If this whole thing seems so sudden, it's because, honestly, I've been waiting to say these words for a long time now. But I just was trying to be nice...but I think the Fibbage push has finally got me the nerve to finally call out this hijack of my thread for what it is: A failure! And then you try to guilt trip us when each week comes out with nothing!

Well, I do admit I found it frustrating when something I tried to set up fell through...multiple times... I tried to hide it, but as the failures stacked up, I got less tactful.

I did feel that letting people know how each game night turned out might encourage them to participate, for the right or wrong reasons...which, in hindsight, maybe wasn't the best practice.

I wouldn't call the operation a failure altogether, though. There were a few successes.

The Great B-Man wrote:
But as I said before, it was only a week. I was willing to give months when I tried to establish a Worms one, but never got responses.

I got the hint pretty quickly... How about you? Could a game night work? Absolutely, but not if you forcefully shove things down peoples throats.

Because that induces vomiting...


Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sat May 30, 2015 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!

Image Alright, let the dust settle, see how this thread turned out...


Not as broken as I imagined. Alright then. Glad I didn't do to much long term damage with my words, but I think they were things that needed to be said for a long time now.

I don't really have anything else to add, really, other than to take this back, think it over, and maybe cooperatively with everyone else, we come up with a way that makes everyone happy. A weekly thing isn't gonna cut it as it can cause yet another pile of stress to the week of things that happen in life. Other than just a general lack of participation in the thread itself (btw, hi Elby, nice of you to stop by), that's probably why no one ever really showed saved for maybe Azure.

I know for me, when my workload was all over the place (BTW, that's why I never mentioned always working weekends until now; This is actually a very recent thing where I have a clear vision of what days I work and what I don't now, which is also better for my health, I feel. Before, work was all over the week), all I ever wanted to do on my days off was just sleep and maybe pull out my 3DS or iOS device for some PAD.

Let's take a long break from this and look back into in the future. I know this can work. But we need to approach from the proper angle, not rush headlong into it.

Author:  FSLAR [ Sat May 30, 2015 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!

I wanna clarify one thing. I said a game night would be nice...but I never agreed that a weekly game night would be good. I honestly wondered where it suddenly became weekly, cause I did not sign up for that or see where it became weekly. I wondered if it was a thing agreed on Skype or somewhere else that I missed. I didn't think my one post would count for the whole forum >.>

That said...I do feel for B a bit, at least with how he explained things. I don't have anything against Pikminpulator for what you tried, except maybe the methods taken but whatever. I have been curious as to hearing about what's been going on with B as well, cause you haven't been that active, so this is actually nice to know. But B still has some valid points. I guess some other time this could work but with how dead the forum really is, it's probably not really worth it. I really do think the forum has slowly been dying since 2008 when we first started losing members for good, and it slowly continued to the point of today where people are barely active.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We Need Activity: Let's Have a Game Night!!

FSLAR wrote:
I wanna clarify one thing. I said a game night would be nice...but I never agreed that a weekly game night would be good. I honestly wondered where it suddenly became weekly, cause I did not sign up for that or see where it became weekly. I wondered if it was a thing agreed on Skype or somewhere else that I missed. I didn't think my one post would count for the whole forum >.>

There was no formal agreement to it becoming a weekly thing. After the first game night fell through, I tried again for the following week, and after that, I thought, well, why not make it a weekly thing? It would give more people more opportunities to participate, after all! There was no requirement that everyone had attend every game night, they could just attend whenever there was a game scheduled that they felt like participating in and that they had time for. Honestly, I saw nothing but benefits from the system, except for the strain it would probably put on me trying to keep it going.

As for your one post counting for the whole forum, bear in mind that this forum has over 40 members, but out of them, only around 8 were active at the time, if even that many. Was I supposed to interpret every non-response from every active member as a "no"? Maybe it didn't help that I asked in a thread that wasn't dedicated to the subject, and looking back at this thread, my first post that revived the thread was basically going through with the idea as if it was a given. (Though I distinctly remember being that assertive on purpose in order to actually make the thing happen, as I was frustrated with the first attempt's failure.) So yeah, that would be my bad.

[/late reply is late]

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