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The Rules - Revamped and Reborn
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Author:  Falcon6 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  The Rules - Revamped and Reborn

Welcome to our new forum, Dashed Expectations. The forum's sparkling and new, but the rules are mostly the same. Note that some boards may have specific rules regarding content, as well. Be sure you're aware of them.

*Be polite. Cursing is fine, but we don't need nor desire any carpet F-bombs. No instigating fights (flame wars) or we'll have to deal with both parties involved. Racism is just going to get you banned on the spot. Do not air personal grievances to the forum. Instead, reconcile in private. Finally, don't be a mini-mod; there's a report button for a reason.

*No spam. Posts need meaning. If it has no meaning, it would be spam. If the "meaning" is to derail the thread intentionally, then it would be spam. If the post is unreadable or make its presence annoying (screen stretching on purpose; using huge letters for no reason, etc), then it would be spam. Don't add clutter to the forum.

*No discussion of piracy. What you do outside of the forum is not my business. If you got that latest game illegally, I don't care. Just don’t post about that fact. Don't link torrents, don't link methods of piracy, and don't outright say you pirated something.

*Images: Huge images should be linked or put in a spoiler tag. Don't post images or content that wouldn't be seen in a PG-13 movie. Tasteful (I repeat: tasteful) nudity in artwork and such is allowed, but only in the art board. Porn and shock images are not and will never be allowed.

Finally, some tips on not being a nuisance:

    *Try to remember your basic grammar.
    *Try not to decorate your posts to the point of being blinding or annoying.
    *Keep signatures smallish (go for under 500 pixels in height [including text]; don't make sigs that make people scroll).
    *Search function: good. Duplicate threads: bad.
    *Posting in old threads is bad, unless you have a really good reason for it.
    *Negative criticism is a good thing, as long as it doesn't degrade to trolling or flaming. Basically, say why you think it sucks. And take criticism in a serious manner. Don't act snobbish, thinking "Oh, how dare they question my perfect art or post." It's better to use such criticisms to better yourself than to completely ignore them. Be polite on both sides of the screen.
    *Do not make long quote towers. This applies for both regular chat and roleplaying. Keep the quotes slim, with a minimum of 5 quoted posts. Don't leave images or videos in the quotes, either.
    *If you have questions or suggestions on anything pertaining to the forum, be sure to talk to us and we'll help you. The administrators are Falcon6 and Cruzader, and the moderators are currently Elby and Raxy.

Thanks for reading up on the rules again, and I hope you enjoy!

Author:  Falcon6 [ Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Rules - Revamped and Reborn



((OOC: Actually, no, but I WILL use this post to tell you about the different tags. Remember that it's always best to use the Preview button if you used a majority of these tags in order to make sure they all worked out okay. As most web designers will attest, a single mistake will absolutely destroy the look of what you're posting if you're not too careful.))


Basics: Bold, Italics, Underline, Quote, Lists, Images, URLs, Font Size, Font Color, Center. They're simple enough to work with if you've been in a forum before. Just click them and go. There's a nice list of colors on the side where you can change the color and a drop-down menu for the font size.

Smilies: Yeah, they count! I don't want to make an entire thread dedicated to the list of smileys and the code for each, so I'll just make this brief. Click the smiley you want to use in the post and they will appear on the post in their code. There may not be as many as the original forum, but still be sparse when using them.

OOC: This is the Out of Character font style, used for roleplaying in the RP board! Use this to specify when you're talking out of character versus when you're talking in-character.

Code: If you're working with code for some reason or wanted to show how some BBcode works without activating it, use the code tag to display it.

Youtube: As this is a phpBB board, we can't exactly embed Youtube videos the normal way. Thus, we have the Youtube tag.
Simply use the URL above, take off everything but the part after "v=" and you have what you want to put into the Youtube tag, like so.

And your final result will be:

As mentioned before, don't post more than one Youtube video per post, and don't leave videos in quoted posts.

Spoiler: This is new! The new spoiler tag allows you to post spoiler images/videos, as well as text! You simply hit "Click to Show" and the hidden content will be displayed.
Spoiler: click to show
For example, you can only see this text when you click. You can hit "Click to Hide" to hide the content.

Use this for long images as well!

Highlight: This is the original spoiler tag from the old forum, for those who can't let go of the old. Highlight the box to show the content inside. Example: This is a spoiler.
Good if you want to blanket a spoiler-y paragraph with them if you don't want a name to be noticed, like how Aeris dies at the hands of a sword.


I think that's it. We always have open ears when it comes to special tags for the forum. If you can think of some, don't be shy to message me about it!

As always, have fun.

((OOC: PS: Remember: If, for some reason, your post isn't showing BBCode or smilies, check under the post content box and see if you have "Disable BBCode" or "Disable smilies" checked.))

Author:  Falcon6 [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Rules - Revamped and Reborn

One more note: Word censor is still on by default, like before. Turning it off is still easy!

    1. Go to the User Control Panel
    2. Click on Board Preferences in the Left-Hand Menu
    3. Click on Edit Display Options in the Left-Hand Menu under Board Preferences
    4. Find Enable Word Censoring and choose whether you want censoring on or off.
    5. Submit

We're lax on word censoring on images now. As long as the image is not intended to just bypass the censor so you can be annoying to someone, you're fine to post it.

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