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Author:  The Great B-Man [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image Just had this odd dream about me doing a short stand-up comedy routine that centered around Tomodachi Life. I barely even remember some of the jokes I said, but the audience seemed to like it. Someone recorded it for YouTube and I saw I had roughly 346 views.

I know at least one joke involved mocking a guy wanting a steak knife to solve his friend troubles...

I guess I had this kind of dream since the people around me think I actually am legit funny. Not sure how that happened. The other day, I did tell a couple of ladies to "part like the Red Sea" and someone did bust a gut from that...

Author:  Raxy [ Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Well I've always thought you were a pretty witty guy, so I can see why people would think you're funny.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: Now this is interesting...

Lately, I've been having a recurring theme in my dreams. While they've all looked different, the message I get from it at the end is always the same, which is: Stay home.

As some of you know, I work late at night, full on 40 hours. It's why I can't go on Skype like I really want to since I gotta leave at around 10-10:30PM EST and am not usually home until 8AM EST. It's a bit exhausting to say the least and has led to that stint of depression I had earlier.

But now, even my own subconscious is getting fed up with this, it seems! Here, let me give examples...

First, there was one I had where the lights flickered pretty badly before I got a phone call basically telling me "Yeah, don't bother coming today. Weather is brutal out right now." Sure enough, when I looked outside, the rainstorm was so bad I couldn't even see anything. Just water every which way. I actually almost thought this was real, too, since when I woke up, I almost decided to just stay in bed before reality finally hit me in the face.

And now a similar one just happened not too long ago (this was easier to see as a dream since I'm pretty sure I saw some snow...and it is August). The difference here was I was already at my workplace, but not for long as the lights suddenly went out because some dude hit a telephone pole, knocking out power. And I was sent home because what's the point in staying.

What could all this mean? Am I just so tired that even my mind is saying I'm not getting enough sleep?))

Author:  Raxy [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:38 am ]
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Maybe you're just feeling fatigued in general? I know when I get that way I don't really want to interact at all.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: But I do wanna do stuff. I'm pumped for tomorrow night's Direct, for example. But I do feel maybe work has been taking it's toll on me lately. Summer time is busy time.))

Author:  McKnackus I [ Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I think we all want to stay home. Unfortunately, money is required to live in this day and age. But maybe this means trying to get some better sleep, or perhaps a change in perspective on your work. I tend to have ups and downs with my job where sometimes I have a positive outlook and I take everything in stride, and sometimes I just loath being there. Obviously the former is preferred over the latter, so maybe just thinking about the good points of your job might help? Who knows.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

So I had an interesting dream.

It started off in this Starcraft-like world, where there were separate camps that were being built up in order to battle enemies and it was all sci-fy and stuff. Only it had some League of Legends/DotA elements too where there were some specific strong units on each team that would respawn every time they were killed, but it was essential to kill the enemy ones as often as possible so that they didn't do too much damage. I viewed the dream through the perspective of one such unit on the human-technology team, I'm pretty sure it was. We were fighting against this race of Zerg-like aliens that had bodies that glowed like magma; I think we called them the Darzerg or something. They were constantly trying to set up base just around the corner of our home camp, and a special unit of theirs, some ground-serpent thing, was keeping our troops from successfully repelling them. I was the one who finally killed that unit.

From there, I started venturing through this metal complex on my way to this human town that I suppose was our hometown. It was a bit of a long jaunt, and as we passed by some rooms (I think I had a partner, or not, I can't remember), I heard some guns shooting at us, and an occasional bullet flying out the doorway, most bullets being stupidly aimed at the wall between us. I backtracked a bit out of caution and saw a machine lying on the ground that I first thought was a Cherubot (from Kid Icarus: Uprising) and I was like, Awesome, and jumped in, but it turned out to be some drive-able dolly with a gun mounted on it. Which was okay, I mean, it was better than nothing. So my partner (I think) and I rode the dolly into the rooms and shot the enemy humans down.

One human survived and we were able to glean from him that they were allied with the Darzerg (however that worked) and that they were launching their own attack on our hometown. We made haste to the town, and from here the dream starts resembling Xenoblade Chronicles for the most part. I don't know if anyone besides me has been avoiding spoilers for that game, but just in case, I'll spoiler-tag the rest of my dream in case it gives a few things away (I've just made it past Fallen Arm in the game).

Spoiler: click to show
So we arrived in our hometown, which very much resembled Colony 9 from the game, except with the underground metal complex attached to it. We found the place being attacked by Mechon and we ended up joining up with characters not unlike Dunban and other party members from the game. I distinctly remember Reyn being there; at one point we were surrounded by enemy humans with guns and Reyn mocked them by saying they were holding their guns backwards, which angered the humans into firing and all but one shot themselves dead.

The remaining human, apparently the smart leader, sprouted a giant Mechon from his back and started piloting it. We started to fight him, but we were held back by this one Nopon (that's one of those plump furry creatures like Riki in the Smash trailer for those who don't know) and her younger sister, whom I distinctly remember being a hot pink color with dark red at the tips of her wings. They took on the boss by themselves, and somehow a large pink blanket got involved in the fight. It was got attached to one of the Mechon's arms while the two Nopon squirmed around underneath it. The Mechon made jab after jab at them, but whenever it seemed like he got them, lumps would appear elsewhere under the blanket.

Finally, the younger Nopon started climbing up the inside of the blanket to the Mechon's arm, and the Mechon finally pulled off the blanket with its other arm, but the Nopon already made to the arm and climbed up to the human piloting the mech. I'm not quite sure what happened there, only that the Nopon unleashed a series of attacks that ended up toppling the Mechon, and then she used an attack that actually did some damage, and then the fight was over.

We took the lead enemy human into custody, and I believe he may have joined as a temporary party member. It was either him or the enemy human who had survived our encounter in the complex. Anyway, it was later revealed that the older sister of the Nopon who kicked butt had exchanged letters with the enemy leader, with the leader saying he would agree to a one-on-one fight as long as it was with her younger sister.

Afterward, we took the temporary-party-member-enemy-human, who I believe rode around in a tiny mobile artillery wheeled machine styled after the Mechon, to Dixon, who told him, "I know just the place for you," and sent him to help collect ether cylinders or something.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image I think I just had a sign that I have played a bit to much WoD lately... To think I wasn't interested a year ago...

I had a dream that the forum had just been taken over (or maybe "sold" by Anhs or something) and the new place was now called Dashed Expectations: Admins of NSider. And the new runners are exactly who you think they are: NOAs. Andy, Alan, Shaun, Rufus... The whole gang was there! And they seemed power hungry, perhaps they had been laid off by Nintendo.

If you thought NSider's rules were strict before, it only got worse with this "expansion!" We couldn't talk about games, manga, or any sort of nerd culture that might link back to Nintendo in general (again, they seemed bitter). Falcon, our "beloved" admin however, did absolutely nothing to stop this. It became a "no fun allowed" zone. Most decided to just leave.

But me, being me, refused to give up and I ended up embarking on a quest...through time to stop this from happening. Even meeting up with my old human self (before the transformation from Darkrai), who was still a naive young guy, excited to try out this NSider. Eventually, I lost track of what happened because it was too much fun to chew the fat with, well...myself. Kinda surreal.

I do know that Shaun was chasing us for some time. He would probably be Raid Tier boss for the first major patch or something.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Not gonna lie: that actually sounds like a pretty awesome tale.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image Had a dream about trying out some new sort of Survival-Horror game in the style of Amnesia called "Fatigue." Found myself alone in some sort of office complex (yes, an office complex...dunno why my "horror" dreams always puts me in someplace mundane like that) when night fell, found some sort of tomb that released all these Lovecraftian creatures all around the place.

Chief among them was some thing that kinda looked like a Gonarch from Half-Life...minus the giant egg sack underneath it. It just hid in a room and seemed to speak in my head (and sounded a lot like the Nihilanth...again from Half-Life. What's with the Half-Life references?) and seemed to give me hints on how to move around the complex, yet at the same time, at the back of my mind, I felt like I was being used. There were apparently multiple endings though so...yeah.

The chief mechanic was the "fatigue" system, requiring various difference forms of energy. Needed to drink coffee to stay awake (can't sleep or you'll get murdered), eat snack bars (it's an office complex, not a restaurant), drink water, take a moment to sit down once in a while...or else you'll start weakening, and as you weaken, crazy stuff starts happening in front of you in a bit of a psychological horror kind of way. Reminded me like a first-person Eternal Darkness.

Woke up around the time I got deep enough and skilled enough that I wanted to try fighting the Gonarch-like thing.

Author:  Elby [ Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I'd play that.

Author:  Raxy [ Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I had a dream I stole a gallon of milk. It was an accident. I felt remorse.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I just had a dream where I was in my kitchen, receiving a phone call from McKnackus. He had selected me for his newest voice meme among two other people, and he started asking me questions. I remember hearing at least one other person on the phone answering the questions (sounded like a little kid), but my sister apparently had something so exciting to tell me about, right there in the kitchen, that she wouldn't stop talking, never mind the fact that I was on the phone. I could barely hear anything, so I told her to "shhhh!" and she got angry.

I eventually took the phone into the laundry room (mind you, this was a phone with a cord, so it shouldn't have stretched that far; I guess it was a cordless phone by that part in the dream) and closed all the doors so I'd have some peace and quiet to hear McKnackus's questions. But wouldn't you know it, my mom was in the garage just beyond the other door with a vacuum or something, making enough noise to still drown out the voices.

So I went back through the kitchen and looked into the living room. I was surprised to see that the room was completely overhauled with the furniture--it mostly looked barren with a couch, chair, our old TV in the media center, and one lamp on the floor in a corner--and the entire family of neighbors that used to live behind us--whom I haven't seen in about a decade--were sitting in there. They looked at me as I looked at them. I was wondering what the heck was going on for our old neighbors to show up and replace most of our furniture in the time it took me to go to the laundry room and back.

So finally, I told McKnackus over the phone, "You know, this is a bad time for me. I'll have to call you back."

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image Had an unusual one that starred my main MMO characters at a tavern.

My dwarf from WoW was drinking away (as you expect dwarves to do) bemoaning that his days are over, my Chua from WildStar was trying to fiddle with every little thing while constantly getting kicked out (Chuas are known to make things that explode) and my Miqo'te from FFXIV just sat there stoically watching everything happening, not saying a word.

Perhaps I should expand on this in writing...?

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: Binge playing Xenoblade Chronicles X made this next dream an inevitability.

KP started to visit my home a bit more often. An unusual, but not unwelcome thing since it's nice to see family every once and a while. It's possible she came to see Poe but she never pressed the matter and, for some reason, Poe was always away when she showed up. Nevertheless, we had a good time together, eating lunch, just hanging out. Was nice.

One night, rather late at that, she said she wanted to show me something really cool. I was a bit torn due to how late it was, seeing as she's never up at these awful hours, but was intrigued to see what this thing was. Before I left, however, I wanted to make sure Poe was safe and had plenty of food. She has a habit of trying to run out of the house these days so I like to be extra careful. I also figured this would be a good time for her to see her former owner as well, since she loves people.

But, in a very unusual twist, Poe was actually growling and hissing at my sister. She never does that to anyone other than other animals! Poe is actually affectionate to a fault almost (it's theorized that she's a Bombay, who are notorious for being overtly affectionate) so to see her outright angry at what I've seen as one of the kinder human beings out there raised a lot of alarm bells in me. It wasn't until I brought Poe right up to her face and she scratched her that my worries really came to light: Her blood wasn't red.

She said there was no point hiding it anymore before her body was engulfed in light, showing her true form as a Definian, a race from Xenoblade Chronicles X that can shapeshift into any form, usually taking the role of a spy for the Ganglion, the villainous group in the game. Apparently, the Ganglion were real and had apparently saw some sort of prophecy regarding me and them. Apparently, I would be key to the Ganglion's demise, so they sent someone specifically after me to try to kill me without setting off alarm bells that alerted the other humans to their presence. Of course, with the cover blown, she had to make a hasty retreat. I wanted to alert other people about this, but who would believe me that an alien race has made contact with only me?

Woke up around that point.))

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