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Author:  Chuckdorel [ Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

So last night/this morning, I had a dream that, wasn't really a nightmare but it still managed to make me lose sleep somehow.

I was with three of my friends, two of which I haven't seen in about 6 years, camping by a river near a giant metal bridge. We were simply talking about stuff that happened that didn't really actually happen, while the sun just kept rising and setting in a matter of seconds. Eventually it stopped and everything went dark, except for the river which was glowing a dark green colour. Obviously this seemed like the perfect time to go for a swim. We just kinda splashed around the surface for awhile until I decided to dive down. Somehow despite my, pretty lousy swimming skills I reached the bottom. It was there that I saw, something. I'm not entirely sure how you'd describe it. It was like a giant, skinny manta ray, except it was bright red and had like, a human face on it's back and on it's underbelly. Naturally I freaked out and swam back up to the surface, but when I got there my friends had vanished. Suddenly the ray monster breached out of the river and just, floated there above the water, starring at me with it's belly face. Next thing I knew the bridge just, suddenly explode and the pitch black sky turned orange. Then the ray screamed at me.

And THEN, I woke up. Except I didn't really, because I woke up to find everything my house had a hand jutting out of it. But I treated it as completely normal and just, went to take a shower. When I did the ray monster came out of the shower head, only this time it had a handprint were it's back face was, and it wrapped it's papery wings around me.

Next thing I knew I was, in an underwater city, working as a secretary for some big name sales manager. Said manager turned out to be, the ray monster only this time he was....a manta ray merman. He talked to me about a big mistake he made in his past, and how he was planning on correcting it. Next thing I know we're plotting to blow up Neptune.

Then my alarm went off and I had half an hour to get ready for work and aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Author:  Super Penguin M [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

So I had a weird sort-of Harry Potter dream last night (not really). It started with me in my high school cafeteria. I kept trying to get something from Fred and George Weasley, but they kept switching it with something random every time I tried to take it. One time it was a pair of magnifying glasses, the next time it was a glass trophy. You get the idea. After about two minutes, they let me have it and I went back to sit next to Harry and Ron. Harry begins mentioning that he's been feeling like something has been odd, but he can't put his finger on it. I asked him more about it in a way that made it obvious that I knew more than I was letting on (I didn't know what I knew at this point in the dream).

Then an announcement is made on the PA system about strange letters that people have been receiving that claim to be from Death. He asks the recipients to find a way to travel back in time and stop someone from being born in exchange for a certain something that was also different for each person. That someone is different in each letter. The announcement says that anyone who receives one should immediately bring it to an authority figure to have it examined. Immediately after the announcement was finished, letters began appearing in front of several students including one nearby. I grab it from him and read it. I then run through the halls to a specific class and ask if anyone had received a letter. One girl said she did, and then I asked her what was in it.

And my dream ended there. A shame, really. I would've liked to know where it would have gone.

Author:  Raxy [ Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I had a dream I was sitting on a couch in rainbow place with close friends I didn't know and we we're passing around a magic ring that made people love the wearer if you told them to. A guy and a girl agree to try it out, one wears the ring and uses it on the other. It works. The ring is passed to me and wearing it makes everything I see ripple like water. I think about the pop song 'Everybody Loves Me' and realize that actually saying that would be a bad idea. I take it off and pass it to the next person and then the dream ends.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

A few nights ago I had a couple of dreams. The first dream had me in some sort of school facility where the walls were made of red bricks and the lighting was pretty poor. It was also nighttime. I and a bunch of other students--I guess--were standing out in the back in uniforms. There were tents everywhere, filled with "prisoners", my mind told me. And I was one of the guards. I remember sitting on a chair near one of the tents, and this one girl prisoner under my watch took a romantic interest in me.

Then I was inside the building in the bathroom. A female teacher--I guess--was in there too, although I'm pretty sure it was the boys' bathroom. She said she was on the lookout for some runaway kids who were hiding around. I approached one of the sinks and in the mirror I saw some little boys peeking around corners of columns and then making a dash for the exit. The teacher just stood there, watching them. I assumed she was going to do something about them, but she didn't; at least, not that I saw. I just went on to use one of the urinals and the next time I looked over in that direction, she was gone.

Now, there were a couple of kids that each had a reputation for doing one thing and one thing only. One kid's shtick was grabbing people's arms and holding them behind their backs. The other kid I kind of forget what he did. Maybe it was pick-pocketing. Anyway, I was vaguely aware of the other kid pick-pocketing or whatever outside, but while I was going to the bathroom, the hand-grabber sneaked up behind me and grabbed my arms. Even though my arms were more or less immobilized, I managed to grab a used Kleenex from my pocket and fling it at the guy's face, which distracted him enough for me to get away.

The next I remember seeing was a third-person perspective of the bathroom as the arm-grabbing kid and the pick-pocketing kid tried to use their special talent against one another, resulting in a tangle with the one of pickpocket's arms being grabbed but the other one was flailing around wildly, I guess trying to reach the arm-grabber's pockets but being unable to get a good angle. Eventually they broke apart and the pickpocket, who always spoke in rap for some reason, said to the other guy something like:

"Woah, that's some skillz there, yo
We ought to go pro
And put on a show
Maybe we should asso-

And the arm-grabber was like, "Okay." And so they became like a supervillian team in a really low-budget superhero movie.

The rest of the dream I remember in pieces: I know that at some point, one of the villains--I think it was the arm-grabber--had a change of heart and ended up sitting in the company of us "good guys" but was still kind of nervous and mostly just watched us all. I also know that the girl with the romantic interest in me lay her head on my lap at one point, and also that she was sort of thin with black hair and a larger-than average nose. However, she eventually changed into a much wider girl with blonde hair, some glasses, and a smaller nose. At that point, I was living in some sort of fraternity cabin with a bunch of other people. The girl had just fixed the antennae on a TV and everyone hailed her as a hero.

That's pretty much where the first dream ends.

The second dream was about Animal Crossing New Leaf. I saw everything from the same perspective that you view the game from, with my own character moving around my own town and stuff. It was dark out and the river was really rushing. I (Or should I say my character? Eh, they're pretty much one and the same) walked past the suspension bridge to the west and saw Peaches walking and somehow she glitched her way into the river, where she went on walking as normal except with the water up to her neck. My character somehow transformed into an angelfish--on land, no less--and then slid over to the river and plopped in to rescue Peaches. By this time, the water was up to her eyes and she turned to me and she said, dialogue box and all, "Bret... Help me..." Then she started drifting away with the flow of the water (which was in the opposite direction as it should've been, now that I think about it) and my angelfish self tried to get around her and push her back, even though I was about one-eighth the size of her. She ended up drifting into this section of the ground that had been cut out in a square, almost as if somebody had removed a house and the ground along with it, and water was rushing into it. Peaches starting swirling around in the middle of the hole, and then she sunk.

The next thing I knew was that I was back in human form, wandering the banks of the river, which was now at an all-time low. Downed trees were slowly drifting along. All of the bridges were gone--washed away, presumably. Normally this would've prevented me from crossing over to the other half of the town at all, but with the water level so low, I discovered there were slopes leading down to the river bottom so I could easily cross anywhere. As I explored the devastation, I saw Queenie walking around on top of one of the banks as if this was just an everyday thing.

Then I went to the recycling shop, Re-Tail, to sell an old ham shank and a red Koopa shell. Gaston was the shopkeeper for some reason. It must have been way after hours (and yet I was still able to enter the store) because he seemed way out of it. When I spoke to him, he went, "No no no no no no no. Not fun. Wish...I was...elsewhere..." Then I gave him the two items I wanted to sell and he rattled them off: "Dried old meat. Ick. Red shell. Better. Some old, aged, piece of meat..." And then he looked at me with a confounded expression and said, "No. Unsanitary! Ill-fit for consumption! Will not process!" Then he went, "However..." and proceeded to open a large cardboard manual that was resting against the counter and he looked at it and went, "Hmm... What do you mean, it can be recycled?" looking at me with a question mark over his head. Nonetheless, he agreed to take the items off my hands.

In return, he gave me an old lamp that he said I could hang outside my door. Changing to a first-person perspective, I was doing that, hanging the lamp outside a wooden door in a dim hallway while I could feel the eyes of the arm-grabbing kid from the previous dream watching me.

And then the radio alarm came on and I woke up.

Author:  Raxy [ Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Raxy wrote:
On the last episode of Falcon6 Dream Puppet Theater:

Locked in a golden tower (well, a yellow tower. Think Prospit) in a purple void there are four people that look like characters from a medieval fantasy. They still have their weapons (and just realized they had them), including a large war hammer (Like Ramona's from Scott Pilgrim but with a design that looks more like Thor) to break out with. They are discussing which wall to break. The tower is occupied by things that look like ghosts of people who are either living or dead, but are not actually ghosts at all. They are scheming or in some sort of battle against someone but it is unknown who or what. They do not accept the fact that they are not ghosts. Outside the cell is a ghost who is sweeping, I believe he was called a 'reagent' but looking up the definition he might not have been.

I think the actual word might have been 'revenant' now that I'm looking back on it.

Author:  Raxy [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I just had a dream that involved an old man skateboarding through different planes. It was really cool and trippy and hard to describe.

Author:  Chuckdorel [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

that sounds an awful lot like something that would happen in Saint's Row.

Author:  Raxy [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

He kept trying to find ways to insult me cause I was trans but I kept turning it around, and then he seemed to be mad or upset because he was skateboarding. He broke out of the plane and onto earth in the middle of an ocean where a giant spider left a different tear and then he went through it.

Author:  Falcon6 [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

That sounds like a radical old man with a mindset stuck in the 50s yet a 'tude stuck in the 90s.

Author:  FSLAR [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Falcon6 wrote:
That sounds like a radical old man with a mindset stuck in the 50s yet a 'tude stuck in the 90s.
That sounds about right.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image All these Smash Bros. updates are starting to take a toll on my dreams...

I've actually had two separate dreams now where I saw a Smash Bros. update that I wanted to post but couldn't because it wasn't real.

First one was on Miiverse, where Sakurai basically just loses it and says that the community has ruined his passion for posting updates due to how unruly they were (specific mention went to Ridley fans, apparently) and thus, would no longer make pics of the day and that fans are just gonna have to wait for the game to launch to see what's in it (or E3 I would assume).

The second one, the main website glitched and showed that every one of screenshots were planned ahead, so I got to see what several screens in the future would look like in thumbnail form. If I had to guess, I'd say there were enough to last until E3's press conference. No brand new characters from what I could see, but I definitely saw returning ones that haven't been revealed, specifically ZSS and Yoshi.

...My dreams are lame.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I dunno, that first dream actually gave me a laugh.

Author:  McKnackus I [ Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I had a really long dream like I was watching/was in a movie as different characters. I can't remember exactly what happened but it kinda skipped around anyway from what I could remember. First it was about an armadillo (probably Dylan knowing my mind) who used to be someone's pet but through a series of misunderstandings was thrown out of his home and had to live with other armadillos undergound. Two more intimidating armadillos convinced him to come back up to mess with him and he got lost somewhere.

Then I guess the movie cut to a completely different story about a guy named Mike and his pet squirrel who was raised by some other species I forget. Oh, and Mike kept insisting he was "part tornado" because apperantly he could create tornados. I don't remember all the details but I recall the squirrel and another squirrel escaping from a lab in a cool action sequence and somehow the first squirrel fell into water and woke up on a beach, where Mike was. Apperantly this was setup for a sequel?

And then part of the sequel happened where Mike and the squirrel stowed away on a cruise ship to who knows where but were eventually caught and catapulted off of it.

It wasn't a very cohesive dream but I could totally see it being a hit with young kids.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: I've got to mention this one I just woke up to.

Firstly, most of you know I work very late at night, right? Like, graveyard shift stuff? Well, my dream started with me one my way to work, like I usually do for those shifts. However, a few steps down while walking in nearly pitch blackness, I realized I forgot something vital and started walking back. Along the way, I slipped on some really black ice. Cursing the fact that Winter apparently was still here despite it being April, I got up and continued my way home. As I got closer, the night sky started to get brighter, strangely enough, making it look more like a traditional night sky, though stars were very hard to see. Stranger still, there were apparently two full moons out. I shrugged it off, thinking maybe one of them was just the Sun taking a very long time to go down and went inside my home.

After finding my things, I was stopped by my grandmother, who wanted to know what kind of Leatherworking armor my WoW character could use. This is the part where the back of my mind called "This is BS. No one in my family would even think about playing World of Warcraft, least of all one of my grandparents." Yeah, not the pitch blackness to sudden lightness, not the fact there are two moons: Just my family members playing WoW was the part that set off my alarm bells.

Nevertheless, I played along, explaining to her that I don't need any of that low level stuff because my character was 90. Seems she only plays it for the crafting, not the actual leveling and quests. By this point, I check the time on my phone and realize that if I don't hurry to work soon, I'll be late.


This is when I woke up, but the fun doesn't end there. I decide to look at my clock, like I always do when I wake up, to check the time and notice that it is actually very close to the time that I should be leaving for work (close to 10:30 for those wondering). I questioned why my alarm didn't go off, but got out of bed regardless. So I got up and got myself dressed and ready to leave but by the time I got upstairs, I realized something was wrong: The Sun is still out. That's when I realized that it wasn't my alarm that was incorrect: It was me. I forgot to change the "A" to a "P" when looking at the clock. It seems dreaming about being late for work (a common occurrence, much like dreaming about failing an important test for school in the past) made me think I really was late for work in the real world.

So now...here I am, explaining the shenanigans of my morning to you guys. Hope you enjoyed that.))

Author:  Raxy [ Sat May 31, 2014 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I had a dream at one point that was like The Breakfast Club but with ghosts.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image Just had this odd dream about me doing a short stand-up comedy routine that centered around Tomodachi Life. I barely even remember some of the jokes I said, but the audience seemed to like it. Someone recorded it for YouTube and I saw I had roughly 346 views.

I know at least one joke involved mocking a guy wanting a steak knife to solve his friend troubles...

I guess I had this kind of dream since the people around me think I actually am legit funny. Not sure how that happened. The other day, I did tell a couple of ladies to "part like the Red Sea" and someone did bust a gut from that...

Author:  Raxy [ Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Well I've always thought you were a pretty witty guy, so I can see why people would think you're funny.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: Now this is interesting...

Lately, I've been having a recurring theme in my dreams. While they've all looked different, the message I get from it at the end is always the same, which is: Stay home.

As some of you know, I work late at night, full on 40 hours. It's why I can't go on Skype like I really want to since I gotta leave at around 10-10:30PM EST and am not usually home until 8AM EST. It's a bit exhausting to say the least and has led to that stint of depression I had earlier.

But now, even my own subconscious is getting fed up with this, it seems! Here, let me give examples...

First, there was one I had where the lights flickered pretty badly before I got a phone call basically telling me "Yeah, don't bother coming today. Weather is brutal out right now." Sure enough, when I looked outside, the rainstorm was so bad I couldn't even see anything. Just water every which way. I actually almost thought this was real, too, since when I woke up, I almost decided to just stay in bed before reality finally hit me in the face.

And now a similar one just happened not too long ago (this was easier to see as a dream since I'm pretty sure I saw some snow...and it is August). The difference here was I was already at my workplace, but not for long as the lights suddenly went out because some dude hit a telephone pole, knocking out power. And I was sent home because what's the point in staying.

What could all this mean? Am I just so tired that even my mind is saying I'm not getting enough sleep?))

Author:  Raxy [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Maybe you're just feeling fatigued in general? I know when I get that way I don't really want to interact at all.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

((OOC: But I do wanna do stuff. I'm pumped for tomorrow night's Direct, for example. But I do feel maybe work has been taking it's toll on me lately. Summer time is busy time.))

Author:  McKnackus I [ Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

I think we all want to stay home. Unfortunately, money is required to live in this day and age. But maybe this means trying to get some better sleep, or perhaps a change in perspective on your work. I tend to have ups and downs with my job where sometimes I have a positive outlook and I take everything in stride, and sometimes I just loath being there. Obviously the former is preferred over the latter, so maybe just thinking about the good points of your job might help? Who knows.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

So I had an interesting dream.

It started off in this Starcraft-like world, where there were separate camps that were being built up in order to battle enemies and it was all sci-fy and stuff. Only it had some League of Legends/DotA elements too where there were some specific strong units on each team that would respawn every time they were killed, but it was essential to kill the enemy ones as often as possible so that they didn't do too much damage. I viewed the dream through the perspective of one such unit on the human-technology team, I'm pretty sure it was. We were fighting against this race of Zerg-like aliens that had bodies that glowed like magma; I think we called them the Darzerg or something. They were constantly trying to set up base just around the corner of our home camp, and a special unit of theirs, some ground-serpent thing, was keeping our troops from successfully repelling them. I was the one who finally killed that unit.

From there, I started venturing through this metal complex on my way to this human town that I suppose was our hometown. It was a bit of a long jaunt, and as we passed by some rooms (I think I had a partner, or not, I can't remember), I heard some guns shooting at us, and an occasional bullet flying out the doorway, most bullets being stupidly aimed at the wall between us. I backtracked a bit out of caution and saw a machine lying on the ground that I first thought was a Cherubot (from Kid Icarus: Uprising) and I was like, Awesome, and jumped in, but it turned out to be some drive-able dolly with a gun mounted on it. Which was okay, I mean, it was better than nothing. So my partner (I think) and I rode the dolly into the rooms and shot the enemy humans down.

One human survived and we were able to glean from him that they were allied with the Darzerg (however that worked) and that they were launching their own attack on our hometown. We made haste to the town, and from here the dream starts resembling Xenoblade Chronicles for the most part. I don't know if anyone besides me has been avoiding spoilers for that game, but just in case, I'll spoiler-tag the rest of my dream in case it gives a few things away (I've just made it past Fallen Arm in the game).

Spoiler: click to show
So we arrived in our hometown, which very much resembled Colony 9 from the game, except with the underground metal complex attached to it. We found the place being attacked by Mechon and we ended up joining up with characters not unlike Dunban and other party members from the game. I distinctly remember Reyn being there; at one point we were surrounded by enemy humans with guns and Reyn mocked them by saying they were holding their guns backwards, which angered the humans into firing and all but one shot themselves dead.

The remaining human, apparently the smart leader, sprouted a giant Mechon from his back and started piloting it. We started to fight him, but we were held back by this one Nopon (that's one of those plump furry creatures like Riki in the Smash trailer for those who don't know) and her younger sister, whom I distinctly remember being a hot pink color with dark red at the tips of her wings. They took on the boss by themselves, and somehow a large pink blanket got involved in the fight. It was got attached to one of the Mechon's arms while the two Nopon squirmed around underneath it. The Mechon made jab after jab at them, but whenever it seemed like he got them, lumps would appear elsewhere under the blanket.

Finally, the younger Nopon started climbing up the inside of the blanket to the Mechon's arm, and the Mechon finally pulled off the blanket with its other arm, but the Nopon already made to the arm and climbed up to the human piloting the mech. I'm not quite sure what happened there, only that the Nopon unleashed a series of attacks that ended up toppling the Mechon, and then she used an attack that actually did some damage, and then the fight was over.

We took the lead enemy human into custody, and I believe he may have joined as a temporary party member. It was either him or the enemy human who had survived our encounter in the complex. Anyway, it was later revealed that the older sister of the Nopon who kicked butt had exchanged letters with the enemy leader, with the leader saying he would agree to a one-on-one fight as long as it was with her younger sister.

Afterward, we took the temporary-party-member-enemy-human, who I believe rode around in a tiny mobile artillery wheeled machine styled after the Mechon, to Dixon, who told him, "I know just the place for you," and sent him to help collect ether cylinders or something.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image I think I just had a sign that I have played a bit to much WoD lately... To think I wasn't interested a year ago...

I had a dream that the forum had just been taken over (or maybe "sold" by Anhs or something) and the new place was now called Dashed Expectations: Admins of NSider. And the new runners are exactly who you think they are: NOAs. Andy, Alan, Shaun, Rufus... The whole gang was there! And they seemed power hungry, perhaps they had been laid off by Nintendo.

If you thought NSider's rules were strict before, it only got worse with this "expansion!" We couldn't talk about games, manga, or any sort of nerd culture that might link back to Nintendo in general (again, they seemed bitter). Falcon, our "beloved" admin however, did absolutely nothing to stop this. It became a "no fun allowed" zone. Most decided to just leave.

But me, being me, refused to give up and I ended up embarking on a quest...through time to stop this from happening. Even meeting up with my old human self (before the transformation from Darkrai), who was still a naive young guy, excited to try out this NSider. Eventually, I lost track of what happened because it was too much fun to chew the fat with, well...myself. Kinda surreal.

I do know that Shaun was chasing us for some time. He would probably be Raid Tier boss for the first major patch or something.

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Not gonna lie: that actually sounds like a pretty awesome tale.

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dream Thread

Image Had a dream about trying out some new sort of Survival-Horror game in the style of Amnesia called "Fatigue." Found myself alone in some sort of office complex (yes, an office complex...dunno why my "horror" dreams always puts me in someplace mundane like that) when night fell, found some sort of tomb that released all these Lovecraftian creatures all around the place.

Chief among them was some thing that kinda looked like a Gonarch from Half-Life...minus the giant egg sack underneath it. It just hid in a room and seemed to speak in my head (and sounded a lot like the Nihilanth...again from Half-Life. What's with the Half-Life references?) and seemed to give me hints on how to move around the complex, yet at the same time, at the back of my mind, I felt like I was being used. There were apparently multiple endings though so...yeah.

The chief mechanic was the "fatigue" system, requiring various difference forms of energy. Needed to drink coffee to stay awake (can't sleep or you'll get murdered), eat snack bars (it's an office complex, not a restaurant), drink water, take a moment to sit down once in a while...or else you'll start weakening, and as you weaken, crazy stuff starts happening in front of you in a bit of a psychological horror kind of way. Reminded me like a first-person Eternal Darkness.

Woke up around the time I got deep enough and skilled enough that I wanted to try fighting the Gonarch-like thing.

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