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If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos
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Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

So, after having looked through the old forums for signs of people's avatars and the like, I realized that there were a lot of carbon copy threads, and I've never attempted one of my own.

And I have the perfect franchise to do it with: one that's chock-full of characters, each one brimming with personality. Kinda.


Let's start off, shall we?

Falcon6 - Anasaze
Image Anasazeans, like the one pictured here, are resilient life-forms that can survive long periods with a minimal amount of water, an adaptation they need for the desert planet of Anasaze. Falcon, likewise, is hardy and can go long periods without sustenance while playing World of Warcraft updating his comics giving a darn. Also, the wild-west theme of the planet complements his heroic demeanor.

Raxy - Layazero
Image Layazerans get energy from holograms and the planet Layazero may in fact be a hologram itself. Raxy likes paranormal Lovecraft, and while the Layazerans aren't necessarily ghosts, they're close enough. Plus, she's practically a ghost herself, having vanished to find a job. Layazerans are also cute. Like Raxy. Bluh.

Elby - Dawndus
Image Dawndus is a unique planet where the sky is perpetually in a state of dawn/dusk, hence the name. Perhaps because of this, Dawndusians are insomniac and like to feign sleep. Elby is similar due to his unique factor and that he can go into "lurk mode", similar to the Dawndusians' act of feigning sleep. Also, Dawndusians can cut a little jig. I dunno if Elby can do that, but I sure can picture him.

Cruzader - Hevendor
Image Psychic. All-powerful. The sages of Hevendor are among the mightiest of aliens, much like admin Cruzader is to this forum. He created it, maintains it, and if he so desires, could destroy it too. Don't let that give him the idea...

animemangavg - Luna=Luna
Image Luna=Luna is named such because it is actually two moons that are stuck in a waltz like a pair of lovers. Luna=Lunans like to try to jump from one moon to the other. Anime not only gives the impression that he fancies himself a lover, but he also seems like the type to gaily jump about like the Luna=Lunans.

DoM - Jeljel
Image The magma planet Jeljel is home to one of the lowest populations in the game. As a result, Jeljellians are among the loneliest of races. Sounds a lot like DoM, doesn't it? Even his grimness matches Jeljel's rather haunted atmosphere.

FSLAR - Boggob
Image Due to living on a jungle planet full of wild predators, Boggobians are very warlike and have to fight for their survival. FSLAR, while not offhandedly as energetic as Boggobians, is at least confrontational and likes a good battle. So they fit.

The Great B-Man - Thirnova
Image Thirnova is an ambiguous planet that emerged from the collision of two supernovas. It may not even be a material planet. What it does have, though, are 36 trillion Thirnovans living on it, which are half energy. Due to the speculation that the planet and its inhabitants come from a different dimension, I assigned this one to B, as he also went through a dimensional warp. Also, Pokemon are incredibly populous.

Chuckdorel - Lumious
Image A planet filled with lights and sounds and where the native Lumians are driven by music seems fitting for Chuckdorel. I mean, he listens to a lot of music, right? Hold on, let me check the "what song are you listening to" thread just to make sure. ...Actually, not as much as I thought. Well, I honestly don't know much about the guy, so this is about the straightest shot I can give.

McKnackus I - Forte
Image Forters are very timid and often take refuge in the many crevasses of their barren planet. McKnackus is self-admittedly timid, and he lives in Texas. Perfect match.

Andres - Arod
Image Arod is in fact a collection of asteroids where its inhabitants drift lazily throughout them. Andres, as much as I know of him, seems to be a calm guy who drifts around at his own pace, never going out of his way to post or whatnot. A good match with the Arodians.

Alpha StevO - Freaze
Image Freazers are gigantic beings composed of more matter than organism, and they like to slide their bulk across the ice of their planet. StevO, being a liquidy being, could also count for being more matter than organism, and like the Freazers, he also loves to have fun despite his intimidating body.

Azure - Suburbion
Image Suburbions are so combat-oriented that they ended up losing their own home planet in a war. Now they live in a giant glass-dome city floating in space. Azure is similar due to his penchant for fighting wars, fighting characters, and dystopian futures.

Super Penguin M - Bavoom
Image Bavoomians live by riding on the wind currents of their perpetually windy planet. Super Penguin M likewise seems to go wherever the wind takes him. Who knows where he goes or where he'll show up?

Mecha - Dejeh
Image Dejeh is a home for criminals, all of them violent and with a reputation of laying waste to worlds. Now if that doesn't make you think of Mecha, you've got a screw loose. Speaking of which, the planet seems to be made up of two giant gears with some sort of energy connecting them. Also fits Mecha.

Mamma Peach - Starrii
Image Starriians are all oracles who live to serve and protect their goddess, who shares her name with the planet. Since Mamma Peach is very religious and protective, this one seemed natural.

Shredderman8160 - Firim
Image Fiery Firimes live on a quickly-rotating mass of lava and can command lava flows at will. Shredderman8160 has often depicted himself with fire powers, and plus, the background music of the planet is positively rockin'.

Moogle - Vubble
Image The planet Vubble looks like a giant bubble, and the fairy-like Vubbles like to go skating on its soapy oceans. Makes me think of Moogle, for not only are Moogles fairy-like, skating on soap seems like something he'd do. Don't ask why.

TechnoDragon64 - Mekks
Image Mekkans are technologically-minded aliens that decided to produce their planet's landscape with metal wires after they mined everything out of it. TechnoDragon is also technologically-minded and may be partially mechanical. I'm not sure if he relates any more than that, but he may appreciate the background music, called "Famicomic".

Ruki Motomiya - Gigagush
Because Ruki is a perverted parasite who sucks and poisons everything--wait. Wrong person.

Longshoreman X - Gigagush
Image Longshoreman is a perverted parasite who sucks and poisons everything he makes himself a part of. Much like the Gigagushers, except they're not perverted. They're just doing their natural parasite thing. Seriously, Longshoreman was the main reason I didn't want to join this forum at first. Good riddance to him.

Oh, yeah, and now for Ruki's real carbon copy...

Ruki Motomiya - Hanihula
Image It was a tough call, but Ruki's attraction to sweet things...like candy, girls, etc. eventually led me to match him up with Hanihula, the planet of space bees. Hanihulans fly about in search of sweets and appear to have colonized half their planet. Ruki is also a somewhat domineering force in forums, always wrapping his head around one thing or another.

The Challenger - Megadom
Image Megadomans are known as eternal optimists, perhaps because of the gases that surround their planet. I remember The Challenger being quite the optimist and being a StevO-esque flavor of fun. At least until he became more cynical... Guess that's what happens when the gas wears off.

Night - Unknown
Image This is really just a placeholder for a planet that's yet to be identified, but since it exists, might as well use it. Night, the mysterious detective, fits it perfectly due to him being so...well, mysterious.

MKAX - Brabbit
Image Being shapeshifters and living on a colorful, gaseous planet makes me think the Brabbiters are closest to MKAX. MKAX is an eccentric artist who uses colors, of course, and like a gaseous shapeshifter, can disappear without anyone knowing where or what to look for.

Jesus of F6 - Gravitas
Image As its name may imply, Gravitas is a planet known for its gravity, which is extraordinarily intense. The Gravitases live lives of little leisure, constantly fighting the pull of the planet. I related Jesus of F6 to the Gravitases because...the real Jesus had to undergo harshness too, right? I mean, he was crucified, for Pete's sake. I also read the history of Jesus of F6's character, milesXFK, and he sure didn't have a very leisurely life.

LordCrump - Geolyte
Image Lord Crump has horns. Geolytes have horns. Boom. Match. No, in all seriousness, the Earthling-like Geolytes and Lord Crump seem to share jolly attitudes, which makes them fit even more. Yes, the horn thing still stands.

Snes - Cavious
Image Caviousians use their heads to hammer rocks in the massive cavern of Cavious. They are also quite stubborn. Snes is stubborn and sometimes has a tendency to beat himself up. Get it? Ehh...

Bacon Supreme - Hotted
Image For being rather hot-blooded and imposing, but dutiful (sometimes), Bacon matches the Hottedians, whose personalities blend in with the planet of molten iron they live on.

Andy - Florias
Image A beautiful planet befits an artist like Andy, and the Floriasians, being sentient flowers that can supposedly use their petals to tell the future, match up with Andy using his medium as a tool on his journey of self-discovery. Supposedly.

Nekomusume~chan - Limotube
Image This choice was unbelievably easy, because Limotubians are happy little cat-like aliens that skip and dance until they drop. Heck, the whole planet looks like a giant cat paw. Instant connection.

Pikmanipulator - Oleana
Image The jellyfish-like Oleanans live on a watery planet teeming with life, and they're highly advanced and peaceful. I like to think I'm a peaceful, life-loving person, and having an avatar with a power suit, the highly-advanced part speaks for itself.

Other people not of Dashed Expectations:

NintendoKitsune - Gelyer
Image An ancient, shuriken-shaped planet with natives that are essentially ninjas. Boom. Connection made.

Master of Horses, Tanis - Grannest
Image Grannest was a planet that thrived on industry until it sullied its environment and forced the native robots into space. Sort of like how Tanis took up the industry of WoW and it forced him out of the forums. Heh?

Xalithar Daskel - Yooj
Image A towering planet of clouds with larger-than-life life-forms suits somebody like Xalithar, who was often overly verbose and grandiose with his presentation. Yoojics similarly think big, but probably because most other planets and races out there appear small to them.

Regalli - Lastar
Image I actually don't know who Regalli is, but she had one of the highest post counts on the old forum. How. I'm pairing her with Lastar because she is the SHINING STAR THAT NEVER WAS or something to that effect.

43110 - Wiral
Image Wiral draws many similarities to an electronic brain, and Wiralons travel by channeling themselves through its nodes like electricity. 43110 is smart and computer-oriented, closely resembling Wiral's affinities.

Rena - Wuud
Image Wuudites live symbiotically with this giant tree of a planet, never harming it. I don't think I've seen Rena get confrontational once, reflecting her peaceful nature a la the Wuudites. She's soft-spoken and faithful. Also, she role-played as a Tropius once, so there's that.

Hikaru - Ranbarumba
Image Ranbarumbans are somewhat firefly-like aliens that are always dancing. From what I know of Hikaru, she's a bubbly, fun-loving girl whose avatar was Marina Liteyears of Mischief Makers, commonly known to shake enemies. I do think Limotube suits her a little better, as Ranbarumbans are just constantly dancing, but Nekomusume fit that one too perfectly, so.

Shin - Globin
Image This might be a bit of a stretch, but I matched up Shin with Globin due to a couple of characteristics they remotely share. For one, Shin adores the color scarlet because he believes it means "blood-stained" (although it's really just a deep red) and Globin is a planet that's essentially a giant blood cell, red and everything. The Globinese fight off intruders and supply the planet with nutrients, similar to how Shin supplies himself with video games and then never finishes them oh, who am I kidding? Of course he never finishes them!

And that's it. And just because I actually went through the effort of jotting it all down, here are the users who have posted the most music on the "what song are you listening to" thread.

1. The Great B-Man
2. Azure
3. DoM
4. Shredderman8160
5. Falcon6
6. Chuckdorel

Author:  The Great B-Man [ Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

Image Whoa... Didn't know Meteos was this...deep with its characters.

I'm impressed at how well you matched up...well, everything really! Mecha's, DoM's, and Knack's in particular are pretty accurate.

Author:  Bacon Supreme [ Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

> Xalitahar Daskel


Author:  FSLAR [ Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

Bacon Supreme wrote:
> Xalitahar Daskel

I did too till Raxy brought him up randomly while we were talking about some Lucario icon I had

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

The Great B-Man wrote:
Image Whoa... Didn't know Meteos was this...deep with its characters.

I'm impressed at how well you matched up...well, everything really! Mecha's, DoM's, and Knack's in particular are pretty accurate.

Thanks, man. Truth be told, I've tapped these characters for just about everything they could give. At least there's plenty of them. I don't think any carbon copy thread before has come to accommodate so many people.

In fact, I just found some info on Jesus of F6 that gave me an idea of where he'd fit, so I assigned him the planet of Gravitas. See the first post for the edit. With that done, only three planets are still unused: Darthvega, Globin, and Meteo itself. I wonder if I can fill them out too.

...Say, wasn't there someone who tried to "destroy" the old forum by...spamming it so much that it would get taken down or something? He apparently hated the place and Falcon described him as "the kind of person who does something about the things he doesn't like."

Author:  Pikmanipulator [ Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: If DE was a carbon copy of Meteos

I double-post to bring you this update: I've found pictures of the previously picture-less races and I added them in. They may not be the best quality since I had to get them by taking screenshots of the website itself, but at least they're there. Also, I added two more people to the list.

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